SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 12

All That Glitters / Wishing You Well

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 02, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • What a few users said...All that Glitters was awful while Wishing you well was awesome and saved the pair

    All that Glitters: Ugh, this was such an awful episode of SpongeBob. I admit, if a lot of people is bashing on Karate Island as the worst episode ever, then this episode could be ranked that name. However, this episode is tied with The Splinter with that position. In addition to being the worst season 4 episode ever, it is in my top 10 worst episodes ever (both the series itself and the season 4-8 episodes since that era has a bit of weaker episode compared to the first three seasons...that doesn't mean I liked the pre movie era better). I (and most of them here) pretty much hated it because we has to listen to SpongeBob crying over a spatula.which was pathetic. I has to be honest, SpongeBob's crying has been increased in the later episodes (another for those judgmental haters that the show after the movie is not so great...I don't care. This and a few other bad episodes doesn;t change my opinion on him and the show itself) and it had been getting very crying to listen to it. -__- But as I saying, this episode did not made me laugh at all. My only chuckle (a bit of funny but not big laughs) were Patrick's cameo and the doctor's appearance. Overall, just pass watching the episode and watch the wishing well one. Score 1/10 (tied with Splinter as the worst; least favorite for season 1)

    Wishing you Well: After that awful, dreadful, and abysmal All that Glitters this episode came and saved it from the sufferness we dealt with. Thankful no crying so great job Steven Banks for doing an awesome episode (yet he wrote the last one as well which was not as near good as this episode). I liked both of the songs of the episode (and it was funny that Squidward got annoyed by it). Anyway, the funny and great moments for the episode are Mr. Krabs getting hit by the mom's purse, everyone making a wish, Patrick throwing himself in on the wishing well, Squidward and Patrick fighting, all the wishes came true, and that hilarious ending. I has to be honest, it is one of the most funniest ending I've ever seen. (I wish I was steamed, and served with a side of melted butter.") 10/10
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