SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 17

Are You Happy Now? / Planet of the Jellyfish

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 31, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Band Geeks had a suicide joke

    Are You Happy Now: This episode has problems. It's not funny: Hell it's not disturbing anymore. It's just depressing. This episode is watching a realistic portrayal of depression. I mean, this story had potential if they didn't go the realistic route. Instead, they're trying way too hard to shock. The suicide jokes are forced. It's kind of like Life Of Brain in that regard. It was offensive in One Course Meal because it felt like they built the episode around it. Here, they just put them in just have them in. But the episode's biggest problems is that it's just depressing.

    Planet of the Jellyfish: It seems like whenever SpongeBob uses horror intentionally, it always manages to churn out the best stuff, like "Scaredy Pants", "Ghost Host", "The Curse of Bikini Bottom" and even "Planet of the Jellyfish". This is right away what I consider in my top 5 SpongeBob episodes of all time, not just Modern episodes, but all of them. This actually managed to trump over Looney Tunes' Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers' plot by miles! We get a good look at the villain causing these clones to spread: an evil jellyfish overlord nestled deep within Jellyfish Fields as a queen bee to MILLIONS of horrible jellyfish pods! Its goal: replicate every creature in the sea and conquer the world.

    Never did I think they went too far with the creepiness factor here, because it's also pretty damn funny! This is why episodes like "Squid's Visit" fail: they don't mix any real humor with their frights. I mean, when your aliens' main weakness is MAYONAISE, it can lead to all sorts of creative possibilities. The Jellien was actually pretty smart to have that as their weakness; since not many people really like mayo, it can be inconspicuous. And if anybody asks about the eyes, just say "sunglasses"; that's how SpongeBob and Sandy were able to infiltrate after all. And by the by, this episode is how you have Mr. Krabs come out on top in the end and give logic to it
  • Interesting episodes


    This episode really depresses me and is defiantly in my top 10 worst episodes of SS. When squidward says he doesn't have a happiest memory, hello? Band geeks? House fancy? He was happy in them episodes. So squid really wants a happiest memory so sponge helps him which is probably the only thing I like in this episode. But everything goes wrong for squid and he locks himself in his house for 2 weeks. The writers then made suicide jokes? That is a new low! Suicide isn't funny it is serious! So then squid finally loses it when sponge takes him to the krusty krab where there are lots of paper mch spongebobs. Squid tears apart the paper maches and at one point has 2 chainsaws in his hands! I love it when characters go mad but this wasn't done right. Squid says he never wanted a happiest memory but in the beginning he said otherwise..... Terrible episode 0/10


    This episode is certainly unique. I actually really like this episode because of how original the plot is and I like the unpredictable jokes 'hold the mayonnaise'. The jelliums take over bikini bottom but sponge and sandy is the only one left. I love when sponge and sandy are together but in Squirrel Record it was a car crash. The action scene at the end was well thought out and this episode is one of my favourite post movie episodes. Not bad writers.... Not bad. 7/10
  • I'm not sure what to say

    'Are You Happy Now?' gets a 8 out of 10. As we already know; suicide is not funny, it's really serious stuff. I mean, who want to see Squidward sticking his head in the oven or even watch him make some kind of noose? Suicide is really not funny, people, there are those who have a rough time in their lives.

    'Planet of the Jellyfish' gets a 9.5 out of 10. It's just plain funny. "Hold the mayonnaise! I hate mustard!", LOL.
  • Suicide is NOT FUNNY

    How could they use suicide to make a joke in a kid's show? It's not funny anywhere. Yes I know Squidward doesn't actually kill himself but the implications are still disgusting.

    Planet of the Jellyfish is no gem either but it doesn't anger me like Are you Happy Now. It's just boring. It's basically what would happen if the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers happened in Bikini Bottom.
  • horrible

    Steve: I hate Planet of the Jellyfish. The reason i hate it because it is not funny at all. I dont think the hold the mayonnaise is funny and it is really annoying. The plot is really lame.
  • It's horrible!!

    HOW COME EVERYONE LIKES THIS EPISODE! HOW COULD IT GET HIGH RATINGS!? Suicide is NOT FUNNY AT ALL. It's a another Squidward torture porn, Spongebob was a jerk to him! I feel bad for him even he was a jerk on some episodes.

  • Not my favorite episode.

    My memory of Planet of the Jellyfish is pretty vague, but I suppose it was just another bland generic episode like any other of the new episodes that are being churned out by Nickelodeon's cold money-grubbing factory. 'Hold the mayonnaise' is the most clever line in the episode, though. Yeah. Sad, isn't it?

    This is mostly a review of Are You Happy Now, an episode about Squidward becoming depressed because he can't remember a single happy memory he's had (Band Geeks apparently never happened. Or Squidward has selective memory loss).

    So, anyway, this new happy memory-less Squidward is now going to be helped by SpongeBob who wants to create a happy memory for him. SpongeBob is also very out of character at the start of the episode. Can you imagine the old SpongeBob telling Squidward 'How can you live with yourself?' because he doesn't have a happy memory? Or making fun of him for crying himself to sleep at night? And we're supposed to root for someone who'd sooner bully someone than they'd help him?

    The suicide references were not only mean-spirited and pathetic, but also awkward and didn't make any sense as a joke at all. Also, I spy a copypasta when SpongeBob looks a bit like a robot after Gary puts him back together (SB-129)...

    Anyway, it just gets more and more strange and terrible as it goes on. SpongeBob throwing a party with only paper cut outs of himself for Squidward wasn't necessarily mean, but I don't quite get it. If SpongeBob had asked Mr. Krabs and Patrick and Sandy to show up, I'm sure they would have. Heck, even Plankton and complete strangers showed up to help Squidward in Band Geeks. But in 'New SpongeBob', all the characters hate each other when it's convenient for the 'story'. And Squidward tearing it all up would be disturbing enough if they didn't also have to animate his breakdown as horribly and unimaginatively as possible.

    To top it all off, SpongeBob stares at him with his googly stalker eyes and says 'He's so handsome.' The End.

    Yeah. I have no problem with a character being gay, but this is just the writers being manchildren making fun of gay men. Besides, can they make up their minds? If SpongeBob is a child, aren't they encouraging a child/adult romantic relationship? I thought he was an adult until the movie decided to screw with our minds.

    Anyway 1.5/10. The 0.5 is for the actors and artists and other people who had nothing to do with the writing for putting up with this garbage.
  • Both we're pretty interesting, although I liked the first episode better.

    This time, I'm going to be reviewing two episodes at the same time, with both being very good, but me liking the second one better.

    The first episode is when Squidward is upset about never having a happy memory, and Spongebob tries to help him out. There were a lot of funny parts in this episode, such as when the critic showed up and broke Squidward's sculpture, and also the part when Squidward becomes fully depressed and does not care for anything at all at one point. My favorite part was when Squidward started tearing apart the Spongebob figurines, which was really funny in my opinion. The plot was also really smooth, and worked out really clever in the end of the episode. The plot itself was really clever and worked out smoothly in the end. Overall, one of my favorite episodes Spongebob so far and a downright hilarious episode.

    FINAL SCORE: 10/10

    The second episode was not as good as the first one, but was still a really good episode. The plot is when a new type of jellyfish start replacing the former citizen with jellyfish clones of them, and it is up to SpongeBob and Sandy to stop them before it is too late. The plot itself was really clever and one of the best of the SpongeBob in general. There were also a couple of funny parts, such as when the clone Squidward was acting weird towards SpongeBob and when Sandy was seeing if SpongeBob was an alien or not. The only problem was that the battle between Sandy and Spongebob against the Jellyfish lord was rather anti-climatic and rushed. Other than that, it was a really good episode that flowed pretty smoothly, and another great, hilarious SpongeBob episode.


  • One was okay, the other was...horrifying

    The low rating is mostly because of "Are You Happy Now," but I'll talk about "Planet of the Jellyfish" first.

    "Planet of the Jellyfish" was definitely the better of the two. Basically, the plot is about an alien race disguised as jellyfish that tries to take over Bikini Bottom, replacing everyone with creepy clones with completely black eyes. Soon, the only ones who haven't been captured are SpongeBob and Sandy; thankfully, they are able to save the day...with mayonnaise. Overall, a pretty basic plot; not anything really exciting, but not phenomenal.

    "Are You Happy Now," on the other hand, was just appalling. Basically, SpongeBob realizes that Squidward has never had a happiest memory, and attempts to remedy the situation. However, all the attempts do is make Squidward decide that his life has no meaning because he can't have a happiest memory. He secludes himself in his house and falls into a deep depression, and we get to see two instances of Squidward seemingly consider to commit suicide. But in the end, SpongeBob attempts to cheer Squidward up by throwing him a party at the Krusty Krab, along with a hundred or so dummies of SpongeBob because nobody else would show up. Squidward finally snaps, destroying all the SpongeBob dummies.

    Can you imagine what people who have actually been that depressed would think if they saw that. Sure, Squidward sticking his head in the oven and hanging a rope from the rafters are just fake-outs, but still pretty disturbing, and definitely NOT for a kid's show. This is one of those episodes that the writers should be completely ashamed of. They've got a lot of nerve to pass something like depression or suicide off as entertainment, let alone on something kids should watch.

    "Planet of the Jellyfish" was fine, but "Are You Happy Now" is just despicable, no question about it.
  • Average episodes.

    Are You Happy Now?- So in this episode, SpongeBob learns that Squidward never had a happy memory, so he tries to create it. But everytime SpongeBob try, his plans always fail. This episode was average. The only part I didn't like was the ending. It's a bit too violent for SpongeBob standards.

    6.7 C-

    Planet of the Jellyfish- This episode was better. I liked how the jellions turned everybody evil. This episode was average but some parts dragged.

    7.1 C

  • These episodes explain why spongebob stays on top

    These episodes are the meaning of amazing.

    Planet of the Jellyfish:

    So this creature jellyfish makes clones of jellyfish and has them makes clones of bikini bottom people. are they trying to take over the world? who knows but spongebob finds it out and tries to escape and gets saved by sandy(who is also not a clone) they go to the krusty krab and amazingly save all their friends with....mayo. yes mayo(the jellyfish weakness XD)

    At first i thought this was going to be a special, but it wasnt, wich i dont mind cause this was a fantastic episode with a great ending (Mr.Krabs selling the goo) of course we saw it coming, but thats cause weve learned Krabs character long enough XD

    This episode had a scary movie feeling like night of the living dead or so? but it had a fantastic plot and great feeling of Season 1-3 if it was a special it would of been even better. the characters were great, everyone was amazing.

    i give this episode a A+

    good job spongebob writers.

    i recommend this episode people

    Are you happy now?: another fantastic episode! Squidward DID have a happiest memory (band geeks) but oh well XD it was great. best part was when squidward "commits" activities to get happier (and it looks like suicide!!!)

    but great episode guys!!
  • Superb episodes and finally some new episodes

    Are You Happy Now?: I thought this episode was superb. Not really the best. I somewhat thought the episode was boring after Squidward refuses to get a happiest moment. SpongeBob trying to get Squidward his happiest moment were funny especially when Squidward is scared of heights. The beginning was funny as well. There were only part I laughed after it got boring and it was when Gary slimes over SpongeBob's face. The ending was pathetic (SppngeBob's last line).Overall, a superb episode. 9/10

    Planet of the Jellyfish: Another superb episode and start for this year. My score is lower because it is really not my favorite. Also, the way the clones look with their black eyes was kinda creeping me out. Some parts that were funny were Patrick just standing there turning into a clone, "I hate mayonsie" gag, SpongeBob hates mayonsie and mustard, and a few more. Overall, this episode was a little better than Are You Happy Now? 9/10
  • The yellow sponge gets off to an amazing start for the year 2012

    It's about freakin'' time Nickelodeon airs a NEW SpongeBob. I have been getting very angry these past 5 months because they haven't aired a new episode until now. Nickelodeon, if you are reading this review.... I hope you never do this to die-hard SB fans like us ever again.

    Are You Happy Now?: Squidward can't think of his happiest memory ever so SpongeBob helps Squidward find his happiest memory. I thought that this was an almost perfect episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". While the episode wasn't my favorite, I still really enjoyed it a lot and the storyline is mostly good. However, I do feel like it's unnecessary for the writers to even make this episode. We all have seen Squidward have some of his happiest moments over the past years and you know that. Obviously, the writers have forgotten but that's okay just as long as I enjoyed this episode than that's all that matters. There were some very funny moments in this episode like Patrick's quick brief cameo appearance in the very beginning of the episode, SpongeBob keeping spare books for the Krusty Krab Work Schedule, SpongeBob's line "Squidward, do you cry yourself to sleep?" (that cracked me up), Gary putting SpongeBob back together in pieces (it was a reference to some game by the way but I couldn't remember), Squidward's art getting burnt by the artist named Fiasco, SpongeBob and Squidward on the hot air balloon, and the very ending (at the same time, I kinda didn't like the ending because Squidward was a little too far in that part). I also kinda didn't like the ending because the episode ended with SpongeBob saying "Huh, he's so handsome" (that was to Squidward). There hasn't been a gay moment all Season 8 long and they just had to end the episode like that. Please writers, NO MORE gay moments, not even the littlest. My score is a little bit low because of the ending just a little and the episode kinda dragged a little after Squidward gave up on finding his happiest memory. Overall, an almost perfect episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9.5/10

    Planet of the Jellyfish: SpongeBob and Sandy must defeat an evil Jellyfish overlord who has replaced everyone with clones. I thought that this was episode was a little bit better than "Are You Happy Now?" in my opinion. The storyline, if you ask me, was at a darker and scary tone but in a magnificent way. I don't know about you guys but I love how sometimes there is a darker and creepy tone to a SpongeBob episode and this is definitely one of them. I probably wouldn't recommend the youngsters seeing this episode though since it might scare them a little/a lot especially with the way how the clones of the Bikini Bottom citizens look with their black eyes. This episode had some very funny parts like the running gag with the "I hate mayonnaise", SpongeBob's line (disguised as a clone) "I hate mayonnaise and mustard" and then the fish (that is a clone) says "I like mustard", Sandy telling SpongeBob that she hates mayonnaise and SpongeBob suspects that Sandy is a clone too and Sandy slaps him, Sandy tickling SpongeBob (that part really made me laughing), Mr's Krabs asking "What happened here?" then SpongeBob says "Well, let me tell you" then the French Narrator says "11 Minutes Later" then SpongeBob says "And that's why you're all covered in goo". SpongeBob and Sandy working together to defeat all of the weird-looking jellyfish including the giant King Jellyfish to save everyone was awesome as well. The ending, was however very predictable and kinda weird, but that's really no problem at all since this episode was awesome. Overall, a perfect episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" with a fantastic way to show a dark and creepy tone to the storyline. 10/10