SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 1 Episode 17

Arrgh! / Rock Bottom

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 15, 2000 on Nickelodeon

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  • I liked argh! but not rockbottom

    Arrgh was a realy good episode but not rock bottom
  • Rock Bottom may be the one of the best mini episodes

    The humor in Rock Bottom is endless like when Patrick couldn't tell the bathrooms apart and Spongebob quoting Grandpa Squarepants was great I loved it I give both episodes a 10 but I prefer Rock Bottom
  • Arrgh! and Rock Bottom were both perfect.

    Arrgh!: The plot is pretty simple. After SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs that the pirate board game is just a game, he decides to take SpongeBob and Patrick on a real treasure hunt. When SpongeBob just started a pirate-themed episode had potential and it was executed greatly. It was funny when Patrick thought Mr. Krabs said weast instead of east which made them go the wrong way and when Mr. Krabs kicked out a customer and said "Can't you see we're just because he was obsessed with that board game. It was a perfect episode that lived up to it's potential. 10/10

    Rock Bottom: When SpongeBob and Patrick takes the wrong bus after leaving Glove World, they gets sent to Rock Bottom which is much different from Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob tries to catch the next bus, but he can't catch up with the crazy bus schedule. SpongeBob's attempts to get on the bus were funny and it was funny how the citizens of Rock Bottom couldn't understand his accent because he didn't blow raspberries in his sentences. I did say SB-129 was the strangest episode of season 1, but now that I revisted this one I would say it's tied with SB-129. This is just as perfect as Arrgh! and they make a perfect pair of episodes. 10/10
  • SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs play treasure hunting and SpongeBob gets lost at rock bottom

    Arrgh! A great episode but it wasn't my favorite. The plot was interesting, but I thought the episode was getting a bit boring and there isn't that much laughs here either. Also, Mr. Krabs was getting a little annoying near the end. Flying Dutchman's appearance was great. The only parts that I laughed were the fish appearing then Mr. Krabs kicked him out, Mr. Krabs appearing out of nowhere, Patrick reading the compass wrong, and SpongeBob & Patrick reading the map. Overall, a great episode. 8/10

    Rock Bottom: An excellent episode. It was great seeing SpongeBob and Patrick taking the wrong bus and they ended up at Rock Bottom. Even though it was a running gag throughout the episode, SpongeBob missing the bus was hilarious especially when he was a bench. SpongeBob waiting in a long line then he got angry because those three creatures hatched was very funny. It was funny that SpongeBob try to speak their language by blowing raspberry. It was nice that the angler fish tied up SpongeBob's balloon and then he is home. I LOL'd as well when Spongebob try to put a nickel and the very ending. Overall, an excellent episode. 10/10
  • I wonder when an episode won't get a 10 in Season 1


    SpongeBob and Patrick play a treasure hunt game in the Krusty Krab, and Mr. Krabs plays it and wins many times, until he decides the next day to go on a real treasure hunt to find The Flying Dutchman's treasure.

    Rock Bottom:
    After SpongeBob and Patrick make it out of a carnival, they take a bus and are sent to another city that is called "Rock Bottom." They get stuck there trying to find the bus to get back home.

    10 out of 10

  • great

    What I liked (ARRGH!)- the Dutchman giving them tiny chests, Mr. Krabs going crazy while playing that game, etc.

    What I liked (Rock Bottom)- Patrick going to get Spongebob at the end, Spongebob in line for so long, the guy saying "You're welcome!" in a normal voice, amongst other things.

    Decent episodes. Final grade- C+/B-
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob sponge bob and patrick are playing a treasure hunter game at the krusty krab and mr krabs wants to play thing is he is winning all the time and he wants to play constinlty and they get tired of it . and so in the morning mr krabs uses the map as a treasuer map and when spongebob and patrick realize it they hit the treasure and its a real treasuer map and the dutchmen comes and takes the treasure and give them both golden coins and mr krabs a fake one. and in the second part spongebob and patrick are going to the carval and they go right past it and get trapped in this city called rock bottom and are tring to make it back . this was a good ep
  • "Arrgh!" was good but gets kind of boring and "Rock Bottom" was great but can also get kind of boring

    Arrgh!: I thought that this was a pretty good episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" but it's not one of my favorite episodes. I thought SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs playing the Flying Dutchman board game was the funniest of the episode. I thought it was funny when Mr. Krabs didn't want to stop playing the board game and then SpongeBob yells to Mr. Krabs "Mr. Krabs, I want to go to bed". Now this episode started to get a little weaker and a little more boring when SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs started the treasure hunt. I also didn't like how Mr. Krabs wanted the treasure all to himself and didn't want to share it with SpongeBob and Patrick. It was also funny when the Flying Dutchman gave SpongeBob and Patrick the gold dubloons while Mr. Krabs just gets the tiny treasure chest... serves Mr. Krabs right for not wanting to share the treasure with SpongeBob and Patrick. Overall, a good but pretty boring episode. 7.5/10

    Rock Bottom: This episode was a little bit better than "Arrgh!" but it was still kind of boring. It was hilarious when SpongeBob kept on hitting the bus driver with his Glove World balloon. It was also funny when the bus goes all the way down fast, the underwear was on Patrick's face. Patrick got on the bus but SpongeBob missed it so that only leaves SpongeBob all by himself in "Rock Bottom". It was very classical for SpongeBob to leave and then the bus comes to the bus stop and when SpongeBob runs, the bus drives away but it also kind of bugged me. It was hilarious when SpongeBob had to get in line and when he had use some tongue language to communicate with the monsters. It was also nice for that one monster to tie that balloon on SpongeBob so that SpongeBob can go home to Bikini Bottom. It was also funny when Patrick was still on the bus and he says "don't worry SpongeBob, I'm coming back for you". Overall, this was a great episode but also kind of boring. 8.5/10
  • Arrgh, I've hit rock Rock Bottom in this review.

    The whole idea that they follow a map from a board is something that I find really funny and with the added goofy pirate theme, you can't help but laugh.
    I loved the eye patch and peg leg joke.
    I even laugfed at the "weast" joke.
    With good wriiten, voice acting and hidden jokes,this one is on the top of the season pile!

    Rock Bottom
    I've said this before,I like the creepy epsidoes.
    Though this one is more bizzar than scary or creepy,I still really liked it.

    Spongebob yet again does a homgae to old cartoons (More spcicily,Looney Tunes) with the catching bus gag,which I loved!

    Cartoon fact: The law of gravaty only works right after character realize they are defying gravaty-not before!, weird that...but it's really funny!

    Both very good episodes that will stand out as being different!
  • Perfect

    Arrgh!- Mr. Krabs becomes obssesed with Spongebob and Patrick's new "Flying Duchman's Treasure" board game, and uses it to help find the Dutchman's treasure, with Spongebob and Patrick's help of course. This episode is my second favorite of s1, it's pretty funny and has legendary gags, like the "my leg" guy. 10/10 A+

    Rock Bottom- Spongebob and Patric are leaving Glove World, but they've boarded the wrong bus, and are sent straight to "Rock Bottom." YEt another funny episode, good jokes, although some of them get old by the end. 10/10 A+

    2 more perfect episodes for season 1. 10/10 A+
  • decent episodes

    SpongeBob and Patrick play a treasure hunt game in the Krusty Krab, and Mr. Krabs plays it and wins many times, until he decides the next day to go on a real treasure hunt to find The Flying Dutchman's treasure. A decent episode.

    Grade: 8.5/10 A-

    Rock Bottom:
    After SpongeBob and Patrick make it out of a carnival, they take a bus and are sent to another city that is called "Rock Bottom." They get stuck there trying to find the bus to get back home. I like this episode this episode is my fifth favorite all time episode. Grade: 9.5/10 A
  • Excellent episodes.

    This was a funny episode with some boring moments which are not so bad if compared to majority of season 4 episodes. So yeah,it's great to see Flying Dutchman back, but I'll say that the funniest part was when those chorus people dramatized everything that Mr.Krabs gets in the end.

    Rock bottom:
    I have no idea where to start. I'll just say that this is somewhere around 19th place on my top twenty episodes list,and,ummm,that everybody should watch this episode.One thing left,this episode should have been after Your shoes untied,you know why.
    . . . . . . . . . .
  • Arrgh! is my favorite Season 1 episode, while Rock Bottom is superb as well.

    Arrgh!: Such an incredibly super awesome fantasterific episode! So many funny parts, from Patrick VERY quick job at the Krusty Krab to "East, I thought you said weast" to the awesome ending, this one is pure ultimate awesome. I sometimes even put this in my Top 10, either at #9 or #10. If there is one Season 1 episode you are going to watch, this is the one.

    Score: A+ 9.7/10

    Rock Bottom: Obviously not as good as Arrgh!, but still great. I liked when SpongeBob kept missing the bus, and the language of all the people in Rock Bottom. I also enjoyed the bus parts, and the ending when Patrick "comes to save him!". A great episode.

    Score: A- 9.1/10
  • Two more good episodes.

    Arrgh!:An alright episode. It's about Mr.Krabs enjoying a pirate treasure hunt game so much that he goes on a real one with Spongebob and Patrick. They find the treasure, but Mr.Krabs wants it all for himself. They fight over it until the Flying Dutchman shows up. He gives Spongebob and Patrick dubloons for digging up the treasure because they saved him some labor, but all he gives Mr.Krabs is a plastic treasure chest. This episode had great gags like Patrick and Spongebob saying "arrgh" repeatedly and Patrick thinking Mr.Krabs meant weast when he said east. I also loved the ending.

    Rock Bottom:I love this episode too. Spongebob and Patrick end up in Rock Bottom after getting on the wrong bus. Patrick manages to get on a bus back home, but leaves Spongebob behind. Spongebob keeps trying to get on a bus but misses it every time because he gets distracted somehow. This episode was great, the running gag of Spongebob missing the bus was funny and I liked the ending in this one too. A clever episode.

    Overall, both these episodes are great.
  • I love this pairing!

    This was funny! I love this episode! I like the part where they crash on land. This episode had humor throughout. I suggest you watch this episode if you like comedy. This episode will make you laugh very hard! I love every part of this episode! Final grade: A+

    Rock bottom:
    This was funny too. I like how rock bottom people blow raspberry between every word they say. This is one of the best episodes in season 1. This was like any episode that was awesome, creative, and funny. Final grade: A+.

    Both episodes are really funny, and I suggest you watch them.
  • Two more great episodes of season one!

    Arrgh! was a fabulous Pirate-themed episode involving Mr. Krabs obsessed with finding Pirate booty after playing a game of The Flying Dutchman with SpongeBob and Patrick one day at the Krusty Krab! I liked how they went on a cool Pirate adventure! And also when Spongebob was peggy the pirate and Patrick was blind-beard the pirate! That part was funny! And then they walked so many steps after Patrick screws up with the compass. But the ending was awesome when Spongebob and Patrick and Mr. Krabs met The Flying Dutchman and they won two gold doubloons! Well except Mr. krabs, all he got was the plastic toy treasure chest! Which is probably why Patrick said Mr. Krabs was all sweaty again at the end of the episode! Rock Bottom was also awesome because it is the first one that shows Glove World! SpongeBob and Patrick meet all of these cool and creepy creatures in Rock Bottom, where it was always dark! I believe they were in what we call the midnight zone of the ocean. The ocean has different levels of depth and real deep places are darker than others. Like the Twighlight zone and the Midnight zone. Anyway this episode was funny because that bus kept avoiding SpongeBob and when he got mad and shook the bus sign saying "Barnaaacllesss!!!" I also loved that part where he was standing in line and ended up being the 329th person in line! But the ending was great because that one lighted pink fish helped him out by balloon travel! So again these two episodes were great ones too in season 1!
  • I'm finally onto Disc 3 of The Season 1 Boxset in the reviews. Here's my review for the first two episodes.

    Mr. Krabs gets so addicted to a game "The Flying Dutchman's Treasure Map", and he, SpongeBob & Patrick become pirates! SpongeBob & Patrick sneak into the tent at night, and find that the treasure map is actually their gameboard glued to some paper. After they find the treasure, the Dutchman gives SpongeBob & Patrick eacha doubloon for saving him a lot of digging, but Mr. Krabs only gets a plastic treasure chest. Serves the cheapskate right. It was good, but not my favourite of the season.


    Rock Bottom:
    After getting on the wrong bus coming back from Glove World, SpongeBob & Patrick end up in Rock Bottom. Patrick manages to get the bus, but SpongeBob can never get a bus. No matter how hard he tries, the bus always goes when SpongeBob isn't there. Eventually, a stranger blows SpongeBob's glove balloon so much that he floats back up to Bikini Bottom. Unfortunately, Patrick has come back for SpongeBob, not realising he's gotten back! A hillarious episode.

  • I remember when Nick would not stop showing this episode!

    Spongebob, Patrick and, Mr. Krabs play "The flying Dutchman's treasure hunt. Based off a real treauser map. So the next morning, Mr. Krabs talks Spongebob and Patrick into a treasure hunt. Soon. They find the treasure but, The Dutchman takes it away. Poor Mr. Krabs.
    Final Score: A-

    Rock Bottem
    Another good day at Glove World goes up-side down when Spongebob and Patrick get on the wrong bus to a trench called, Rock Bottem. Patrick is able to get home but, Sponge must try to get a bus or else. But, bad luck is in his way every time!
    Final Score: B

    Final Score: B+, 9
  • rock bottom!

    rock bottom has got to be one of the best spongebob episodes ever. It is so hilarious. I love the part, when he is mad about missing the buses at the bus station and says he was not leaving the station until he got a bus. And he realizes that it is too dark and he begins to walk and start freaking out by the sounds he hear in the dark! It is so funny. "I just gotta keep walking.....running....sprinting!!" Oh, what a classic episode. It's one of my favorites. I can watch it like a billion times and still laugh.
  • Arrgh!-Spongebob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs go one a treasure hunt to find "The Flying Dutchman's Treasure" Rock Bottom-Spongebob gets stuck in Rock Bottom, and can't seem to get over the steep hill to go back to Bikini Bottom!

    This was definatly a series classic! It was funny, good, interesting, and a classic. I will review them in the order that they air:
    Arrgh! was one of my favorite episodes. It was a great idea, great episode, and for some reason I really liked the part when Mr. Krabs, Spongebob, and Patrick see the treasure and say "Wow".
    Rock Bottom was great too, and I loved how the Rock Bottomites talked! It was not "frustrating" as some people say, and I very much liked this episode, too.

    This is most likly my favorite pair of Season 1 episode, and both these episodes are in my top 15 of all time. This was when Spongebob really started to get popular.
  • I liked both episodes alot.

    In Rock Bottom, Spongebob and Patrick get dropped off in another town called Rock Bottom. It's dark and weird and the people and restrooms look different! Patrick gets picked up, but SPongebob gets left behind. He goes to a bus station but the time he gets to the front, the last bus leaves! In the end, he goes back home on a balloon while Patrick is still riding on the bus.

    Arrgh was good also. It was about Spongebob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs looking for treashure. In the end, Spongebob and Patrick get the treashure and Mr. krabs gets a toy!

    I liked both episodes alot. It didn't have many characters in it but it was really funny! I would receomend this episode to almost anyone!
  • SpongeBob accidentallys takes the wrong bus and winds up trapped in Rock Bottom. Can he get back home? Watch and find out.

    This episode is one of my favorites. SpongeBob and Patrick get on the wrong bus and get stranded in Rock Bottom. Patrcik gets out, but SpongeBob's luck isn't as good. He nothing but trouble: The buses kept coming when he left the bus stop (it was like they didn't want him on board), he went through a lot of trouble to obtain a candy bar and he didn't get it. When he tried to get information, he had to go way back to end of the line, and when he reached the end, a bunch of fish cut in front of him. When he finally reached the information booth, the fish (who looked like the one who swiped his candy bar), had a hard time understanding him, and while he was trying to communicate with the fish, the last bus left. SpongeBob had nothing but bad luck. My favorite part was when the glowing fish who chased after SpongeBob's glove balloon came up. While SpongeBob tried to tell him of his problem, the fish tied the balloon to his wrist and blew it up. At first SpongeBob didn't know what the fish was doing until he started to rise up out of the chasm. And then came my favorite line: SpongeBob: Thank (rasberry) you. Fish: You're welcome. To me this episode was just plain funny.
  • This episode had me on the edge of my seat! Very adventurous plots for both storylines.

    In "Arrgh!", SpongeBob has brought his favorite board game to the Krusty Krab to play with Patrick after he was done with his assignments at work. He asks Mr. Krabs to join him, and he does; he actually gets hooked onto the game after 17 consecutive wins. And SpongeBob mentioning to him that the board game was a real treasure map made Mr. Krabs want to go search for the treasure. When they find it, Mr. Krabs wants to keep it all for himself, but SpongeBob and Patrick believe that all three should share it. Their arguing wakes up the Flying Dutchman, and he gives SpongeBob and Patrick each a gold doubloon, and a plastic treasure chest to Mr. Krabs.

    "Rock Bottom" was a (pretty much) rocky adventure for SpongeBob after he and Patrick get on the wrong bus and they end up in a town called Rock Bottom. Patrick catches the first bus home, but SpongeBob keeps on missing every bus that comes through. It seems like our hero will never get out of Rock Bottom until a friendly native blows up his balloon with so much air that SpongeBob is able to fly home before the balloon pops.

    These were both great episodes, and I give them both a 9.
  • the good episodes just keep on coming

    The episode so greatly titled Arrgh was a very good episode. I am in shock at how good this episode is. It's not as good as say SB 129 but it is oh so close. It has action it has comedy and if it weren't for the fact that Patrick isn't as funny as usual it would be one of my favorite episodes. Now Rock Bottem was slightly better and slightly funnier than Arrgh. The way Spongebob keeps the unluckiness is pretty cool. Not only that but it also shows us how Spongebob is without any of his "friends" around to talk to. He practically goes insane!
  • Luigi

    Forget what I said about the Halloween special and the Valentines day special, these two episodes are my real favorites in the first season. The episode Argh is about Mr. Krabs taking Spongebob and Patrick on a treasure hunt after he gets obsessed with a board game where you must find the Flying Dutchmans treasure first, at least I think that thats how the board game goes. The next episode, Rock Bottom, is, in my opinion, just as good as the episode Argh. In this episode, Spongebob and Patrick get stuck in Rock bottom, at the bottom of the sea. Thats what I have to say.
  • 17th Episode

    Arrgh!: In this episode Spongebob was playing with Patrick a game called The Flying Duchman's Treasure (based on a real live treasure map). So it's Mr. Krabs turn and he got addicted to it that he's forcing to play with him but instead they go to find a real treasure using the tresure map from a game. Until Spongebob and Patrick know what Mr. Krabs was behind all of this he became mad at them and then they found the treasure which the Flying Duchman took it and gave Spongebob and Patrick two pieces of gold and gave Mr. Krabs a piece of treasure made of plastic.

    Rock Bottom: Spongebob and Patrick tries to get out of Rock Bottom which is a wierd trench.
  • episode #17

    arrgh!: after mr. krabs gets obsessed with a board game, he sets up a hunt for real treasure with patrick and spongebob.eventually, the trio meet the flying dutchman.

    rock bottom: when patrick and spongebob get through visiting glove world, they accidentally take a bus to rock bottom. patrick manages to get on a bus, but every time spongebob tries the bus leaves him.
  • Great

    These episodes were great. They rocked. Arrgh! / Rock Bottom were great additions to the Spongebob Squarepants series. I would love it if all episodes were as great, were as exciting, and were as funny as these two episodes.

    In Arrgh!, Mr Krabs gets addicted to a board game and can't get his mind off it. Begging Spongebob to keep on playing, Mr Krabs is yelled at by Spongebob. So, Mr Krabs asks Spongebob and Patrick to be in his crew to sail for the REAL Flying Dutchman's treasure.

    In Rock Bottom, Spongebob and Patrick get on a bus, but are dropped off in the wrong place, Rock Bottom. They tell the bus driver that it was the wrong place, but he didn't listen. So Spongebob and Patrick tried to get out of the wicked place, trying to look for a bus back to Bikini Bottom. Patrick gets on one, but not Spongebob. So Spongebob, 356th in line, had to wait all night for nothing. But luckilly, a friend helps by using balloon power!
  • Yet again, one amazing example of why i watch this series.

    2 great eps-


    SpongeBob, Mr.Krabs and Patrick go on a treasure hunt after an addictive game about the Flying Dutchman's Treasure chest. They find it after-

    Going on a ship.
    Going on foot
    Going "Weast"
    Going "East".

    Rock Bottom

    Sponge and Pat come from Glove World, but they accidentally go too far thru Bikini Bottom and go to Rock Bottom. Very good episode which cracks several jokes!

  • My mom's favourite episode! I loved it too! No Squidward here but still funny. Rock bottom was da best segment out of the 2 in my opinion.

    This episode would have to be the best episode in the series. Compare the goodness of this episode to Season 2 onwards episode. this episode beats the crud out of those episodes!

    In Arrgh!, I was so shocked that Mr. Krabs threw out a customer! That was hilarious. Anyway, I liked the way Mr. Krabs was potrayed in the episode and my favourite part of the segment was when he fired patrick for letting them go west instead of east LOL! The whole segment was very good and I felt there was no flaw in the episode.

    Rock Bottom was funnier but in my opinion, it deserves the same rating as Arrgh!. I liked the ways Spongebob got stuck in Rock Bottom. I did feel sorry for him and I liked the parts when many buses came at one and the part when comminucating was in raspberries. I did like the ending when Patrick got what he deserved.

    Overall, a series classic episode that isnt shown often anymore. But, if you get to see it, JUST SEE IT!
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