SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 1 Episode 17

Arrgh! / Rock Bottom

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 15, 2000 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In "Rock Bottom", there is a scene where SpongeBob uses a wooden cut-out of himself to try and trick the driver of the next bus to believe that he is not looking in the buses direction. However, the side of the wooden cut-out that looks like SpongeBob is facing the audience and the other side that clearly looks like a piece of wood is facing the bus. The driver of the bus would know that that is not SpongeBob.

    • "Rock Bottom" is a level in the video game, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom.

    • In "Rock Bottom," SpongeBob doesn't have money for the bus, but then how does he have money for the candy bar?

    • Running Gag: SpongeBob unable to get on any bus, because the bus leaves in less than five seconds when SpongeBob is looking.

    • In "Rock Bottom," SpongeBob and Patrick really didn't need a bus. They could have just walked, because at the end of the show, when SpongeBob floated home, he was within walking distance of Bikini Bottom.

    • When SpongeBob tries to catch the bus since Patrick's on, he doesn't have the balloon. Later he holds the balloon when he waits for the bus.

    • In "Rock Bottom," while SpongeBob is in the bus station and the lights go off, the information sign above the window disappears. A moment later, you can see part of the sign again, then the sign disappears a second time.

    • The red fish who fetches Spongebob's balloon makes the Phsst noise like everyone else, yet he doesn't use it in his talking.

    • When Spongebob sees the candy machine across the street, the candy is facing him. Yet, when he walks up to it, the machine's wall is facing where Spongebob was standing.

    • In "Arrgh" when Patrick looks at the the compass when Mr. Krabs asks him which way is east, Patrick points north according to the compass.

    • In "Arrgh" when Spongebob wakes up in the morning to Mr. Krabs yelling in to his window you can hear a bell going "ding ding" but when they show the boat you can see that there is no bell on the boat.

    • In "Arrgh" when Mr. Krabs digs for treasure he digs up the sand with the "X" on the top then when he says lets play again the sand is molded into a half sphere and the "X" is already painted on the top.

    • The "X" in middle of the gameboard is made of sand/flour/some form of powder - yet when Mr. Krabs makes it into a map, he opens and closes it without any spilling out. If there were a protective plastic bubble over the sand to prevent it from spilling, he still would've been unable to close it completely.

    • Why didn't the driver go down the bus with Spongebob and Patrick when it was falling?

    • After the second bus leaves, SpongeBob throws his hat on the ground. In the next scene, it's gone.

    • In "Rock Bottom" Spongebob says, "Another funtastic day at Glove World!" But when he says, "At Glove World!" his lips aren't moving!

    • When Spongebob got on the Bus there was one person sleeping on the bus and then later when they were falling down to Rock Bottom Spongebob was climbing up to the driver the only People on the Bus were Spongebob and Patrick.

    • When SpongeBob is at home and wakes up, he's in his underwear, after he talks to Mr. Krabs, and it cuts back to him, he has his pants on.

    • On the bus, Spongebob claims not to have any fares. But later, when he's buying the Kelp Bar, he suddenly has change!

    • Isn't the person behind the counter at the bus station the same person who stole Spongebob's Kelp bar?

    • In "Rock Bottom" when the guy behind the counter says that the next bus leaves in five seconds, it really left in one second.

  • Quotes

    • (SpongeBob tries to take the candy bar, but then starts running for the bus)
      SpongeBob: HA HA!
      (the bus leaves, SpongeBob becomes furious, then a fish steals his candy bar)
      SpongeBob:(runs to the candy machine) HEY, that was MINE!
      (four buses stop and immediately leave one at a time, SpongeBob tries to catch the fourth one but fails)
      SpongeBob:(starts shaking the bus stop pole) BARNACLES!!!!!!!!!!

    • SpongeBob: Well, that place will be there tomorrow. I guess I'd better keep walking. (raspberry) Running. Better start running. Running. (raspberry) Sprinting! Yes, I just gotta keep sprinting! (runs into a wall) Sitting... sitting... bleeding.

    • SpongeBob: Patrick, you wait for the bus. Call me when it comes and I'm gonna get a bus schedule. (walks off) Boy, this place sure is creepy.
      (bus drives by with Patrick's head sticking out the window)
      Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob, the bus is here.
      (SpongeBob runs after the bus)
      Patrick: SpongeBob!
      (bus drives up the 90-degree angle road and Spongebob tries to run up the road but falls down. Tries a couple more times but fails)
      SpongeBob: I guess Grandpa SquarePants was right. Don't run for a bus. (puts on Grandpa disguise) "Especially one that's going up at a 90-degree angle."

    • SpongeBob: (reading card) You are a real pirate. Go straight to the X that marks the spot. (to Mr. Krabs) You get to dig for treasure, Mr. Krabs!
      Mr Krabs: Treasure? (gets out a tiny plastic shovel and digs into the X spot in the sand. He finds a small plastic treasure chest) There it is! It's the Flying Dutchman's treasure! Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold!
      SpongeBob: Hey! Mr. Krabs is all sweaty again!

    • SpongeBob: Go home already! I'm done playing that game, Mr. Krabs!

    • SpongeBob: But sir, we need to get back to Bikini Bottom!
      Bus Driver: Oh, well. (drives away)

    • Flying Dutchman: (mumbling in his sleep) I'm the Flying Dutchman... I'm the Flying Dutchman...

    • SpongeBob: Look, it's the X.
      Mr. Krabs: X marks the spot.

    • Mr.Krabs: But did you scrape off the gum from the undersides of the tables?
      SpongeBob: (while munching on gum) We already took care of it.

    • Patrick: Mr. Krabs is all sweaty again!

    • Patrick: What is this place, SpongeBob?
      SpongeBob: Rock Bottom. It sure is weird around here. Kinda different and the soil looks different. (Picks up soil)
      Soil: You mind-- (Raspberry) -- putting me down?
      (SpongeBob gets scared and drops soil)
      Patrick: I don't like it here, it's dark and scary. I don't want to be here, I want to go home! Look, I can't even tell the bathrooms apart.
      (Signs on the bathroom doors are a question mark and an upside-down one for the other door)
      SpongeBob: Uh, that's an easy one, Patrick, just wait for someone to come out and then we'll know.
      (A bunch of weird creatures come out of the bathroom doors)
      Patrick: I still can't read the signs, I want to go home!

    • SpongeBob: I see Mr. Krabs' zipper is undone.
      Mr. Krabs: (Gasp) Shiver me timbers!
      SpongeBob: (Laughs) Just kidding.

    • Spongebob: I'm hungry. (Remembers he has food) Glove-candy dispenser! Good thing I went to Gloveland. (Eats some) Ewww! Glove flavored!

    • SpongeBob: When's the next bus to Bikini Bottom?
      Teller: (Raspberry) What?
      SpongeBob: The bus schedule, the next bus.
      Teller: I can't (raspberry) understand (raspberry) your accent.
      SpongeBob: The next bus (raspberry) to Bikini (raspberry) Bottom.
      Teller: Well why didn't you say so, (raspberry) the next bus leaves in (raspberry) 5 seconds.
      (Bus leaves) Ooh, tough luck kid, (raspberry) that's the last one till morning.

    • Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob?
      SpongeBob: Yeah, Patrick?
      Patrick: Where's "Leaving Bikini Bottom"?
      SpongeBob: Where did you see that?
      Patrick: We just passed the sign. "You are now in leaving Bikini Bottom."
      SpongeBob: What?!
      Patrick: What's wrong, SpongeBob?
      SpongeBob: (gasps) Patrick, I think we're on the wrong... (bus takes a curve of 90 degrees down) ... bus!

    • SpongeBob: (exhausted) 329... I am 329th in line, any nobody forget it!
      (the 328th fish in line spits out an egg with "329" on it & places it on SpongeBob's head)
      One-Eyed Creature: Next. (rasberry)
      (the first 328 creatures move)
      SpongeBob: At least the line is moving.
      (the egg hatches with 3 creatures coming out, taking place of where SpongeBob was about to step)
      SpongeBob: (angry) Dddrrr... (pulls his head into his shirt) ... TARTAR SAUCE! (muffled yelling, screaming, and indistinct gibberish)

    • SpongeBob: Captain uhhh Argh captain argh we argh are argh about argh to hit argh...
      Mr. Krabs: Out With it boy! Argh!
      Patrick: I argh think argh he's trying argh to say (boat crashes) Land.
      Mr. Krabs: From now on only the captain says argh. Status report Mr. Squarepants.
      SpongeBob: The whole ship is underwater, captain.
      Mr. Krabs: Argh, we're marooned then. This journey will just have to continue on foot.

    • SpongeBob: I'm so loyal, I don't mind sleeping on the cold hard floor while the captain sleeps in his nice warm bed.
      Patrick: I'm so loyal, I haven't bathed in weeks.
      SpongeBob: But we've only been out for a couple of hours.
      Patrick: I know. (smiles)
      (SpongeBob scoots away)

    • Patrick: (reading card) One of your mates has been a bad pirate. Send him to the brig. (looking around) It's off to jail for YOU, Mr. Krabs.
      Mr. Krabs: Patrick, you're fired.
      Patrick: But I don't even work here.
      Mr. Krabs: Would you like a job, starting now? (hands him a hat)
      Patrick: Boy, would I!
      Mr. Krabs: (takes hat back) You're fired!

    • SpongeBob: I am first in line, and nobody will tell me otherwise. (sees a monster who was already in line before him) I am second. Second in line. (sees a monster) 3rd is good! (sees another one) ... Fourth, not bad.
      SpongeBob: 329th... I am 329th in line, and nobody forget it!

    • (the strange fish comes up to SpongeBob with his glove balloon)
      SpongeBob: Oh, it's only you.
      (the fish ties SpongeBob's balloon to his wrist)
      SpongeBob: Well, that solves my balloon problem, but I've got a bigger problem. I'm kind of stuck here. I need to catch a bus to get home.
      (as he speaks, the fish blows up his balloon)
      SpongeBob: You don't understand a word I'm saying, don't you? Balloon (raspberry) has (raspberry) enough (raspberry) air (raspberry) thanks. (begins to float up the chasm) Hey! I get it. Balloon travel! (to fish) Thank (raspberry) you!
      Fish: You're welcome!

    • Mr. Krabs: I don't get it, the map said 10,000 paces east!
      : Ohh, EAST? I thought you said "Weast."
      Mr. Krabs: Weast? What kind of compass are you reading, lad?
      : This one, sir.
      (hands him the compass)

      Mr. Krabs: That's west, Patrick... you're fired again!

    • SpongeBob: Look, I'm Peggy the Pirate! (klunks into boat with 2 peg legs on)
      Patrick: I'm Blindbeard the Pirate! (klunks into boat with 2 eyepatches on)

    • Patrick: (as soon as SpongeBob is back home, a red bus passes by with Patrick on it) Hang on, SpongeBob, I'm comin' back for ya!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Monopoly
      The cards for the game like a prison card is a spoof of the cards from Monopoly.

    • The Glove Candy Dispenser is similar to The Pez Candy Dispenser.

    • In one point on the story "Rock Bottom", SpongeBob said "No more Mr. Nice Guy!". Probably it's a reference to Alice Cooper's sons "No More Mr. Nice Guy".

    • The whole action scene where SpongeBob struggles to get to the front of the bus is often seen in a lot of action movies.