SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 3 Episode 7

As Seen on TV / Can You Spare a Dime?

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 08, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • My views on this episode pretty much compares to my opinion on Pizza Delivery and Home Sweet Pineapple.

    As Seen on TV: An understatement to say, but I thought this episode was a cruel to Spongebob, spite some of the episode's comedic bits actually growing on me. I disliked the customers during that episode, and it kinda got me a little mad or something, getting me into disliking it. I Didn't like that episode.

    Episode Grade: D-

    Can You Spare a Dime: This episode didn't satisfy me either, as some of the jokes didn't really get a laugh out of me and it was quite rare to see Spongebob frustrated, which kind of messes up his character, in my views. The episode was pretty troublesome over a missing dime from Mr. Krabs. Didn't like the episode, and it bothered me too.

    Episode Grade: D+

    Final Grade: F

    Season 3 not bad, but it does have its flaws.
  • These episodes are great pair

    As seen on TV: There are some funny moments like the beginning (I crack up when there's another Krusty Krab), the commercial (which has Squidward, Pearl, Mr. Krabs, and SpongeBob in a few scenes), Old Man Jenkins thinking SpongeBob was a cereal box, Striped Sweater, and SpongeBob finally ordering the patties to the customers (at the end). My huge complaint was SpongeBob being an entertainer and making the customers angry at him. That's why I didn't thought the episode was excellent. Overall, great episode with an okay storyline. 8/10

    Can You Spare a Dime?: I thought this one was a little bit funnier and better than As Seen on TV, but it still remains the great score since there's some dragged parts. I laughed at Squidward dreaming to become something, SpongeBob kept coming back to his room to the living room, the different time cards (then another narrator is heard), the puppet show, a huge dime coming off, and one more scene. SpongeBob was out of character here once again. This episode overall was great. 8/10
  • great


    As Seen on TV: Mr. Krabs has Squidward direct a commercial for the Krusty Krab. When he finds out how much money Squidward is using, he decides to direct it himself. SpongeBob has a small (and I do mean small) role in the commercial. After the commercial airs (at 3:28am), SpongeBob thinks he is now famous and his ego gets twice as big.

    Can You Spare a Dime?: Squidward quits his job because Mr. Krabs accuses him of stealing his first dime he ever made. Squidward ends up on the street only to find himself being waited on hand and foot by SpongeBob because he feels sorry him. But after a while SpongeBob becomes aggravated by the fact that Squidward has not yet began to look for a job.

    8 out of 10

  • They're both not my favorite episodes but I thought "As Seen on TV" was better

    As Seen on TV: I thought that this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It wasn't my favorite episode but it most definitely an enjoyable episode and I like it better than "Can You Spare a Dime?". SpongeBob watching the Krusty Krab commercial at 3:28am with Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Pearl in the commercial was very funny. That old man thinking that SpongeBob is from the Bran Flakes cereal commercial was very funny. The "To My Tailfin" joke was funny. The ending of the joke was funny as well. My score was a little low because I thought SpongeBob just being just a little annoying for bragging about himself in the commercial and kinda acting like a show-off. Overall, this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9/10

    Can You Spare a Dime?: I thought that this was a great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It wasn't as good as "As Seen on TV" and it's not my favorite episode but it was overall great. It gets a little boring in some parts though. Mr. Krabs was getting mad at Squidward for a stupid reason though because he accuses Squidward for stealing his first dime. This episode was also kinda low on laughs. I guess the only thing I laughed at was SpongeBob being in a maid suit. I also laughed at the "So much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one" part. I didn't like how Squidward was taking advantage of SpongeBob's hospitality. Mr. Krabs finding out that the dime was in his back pocket the whole time was good. The ending was lacking though. Overall, this was a great episode but it's not the best and it was low on laughs. 8/10
  • Two of the most awesome, classic episodes of the talking sponge.

    These were both awesome and two of my all time favorites. In As Seen On TV, Spongebob stars in the Krusty Krab commercial and then runs into an old man on his way to work that tells him he saw him on TV in a commercial. He gets all excited, but turns out it wasn't him that he saw. He saw a yellow cereal box called Bran Flakes. Spongebob didn't know that though. "See you later Bran Flakes. What a nice cereal box." LOL THAT'S SO FUNNY! CEREAL BOXES DON'T TALK YOU IDIOT! YOU OLD COOT! Spongebob then becomes too optimistic and acts silly and unusual at work like he is a famous show performer when he overhears two guys in the bathroom talking about who he thought was himself being a success if he were to come out with a solo record, but who was actually a different person who one of the guys saw on a TV show the night before. Spongebob then causes trouble for the customers who are hungry and want their food but Spongebob won't give it to them and instead puts on a show for them. Can You Spare A Dime? has Mr. Krabs accusing Squidward of stealing his dime which provokes Squidward to quit his job at the Krusty Krab. His life then falls apart and he stays to live with Spongebob at his house, until he becomes a pain and Spongebob explodes and lets it all out on Mr. Krabs to give Squidward his job back. It was just so freaking hilarious to see how Spongebob was so mad at Mr. Krabs at the end and the way he grabbed him and yelled at him. His eyes were popping out and Mr. Krabs shook in Spongebob's hands until his "dime" came out of his pants. This is a dime? LOL. I laughed so hard when Spongebob shook Mr. Krabs and yelled at him, and I also laughed so hard when Spongebob breaks through the TV and explodes at Squidward for wanting him to fix his TV for him after driving him up the walls from other things like eating soup, drinking lemonade, and reading a newspaper. It showed off his steam in a funny way. The TV show that Spongebob put on for Squidward before he broke through it was hilarious. It was a puppet show that tried to teach Squidward to get a job. The things he said. LOL. Oh Spongebob. Yes. Old episodes rock. He acts normal unlike the stupid new episodes. I thought that these two episodes were two of the better ones. Probably my favorite two episodes ever. It was interesting and exciting to see what would happen, and they were both well and creatively written. Out of all the episodes, these seemed to be one of the two that went with each other best. For some reason they seem like the perfect combination. If one of them was to be put in with a different one, it just wouldn't work. I know it sounds weird, but it's true. I feel that way with most episodes in this show.
  • great

    as seen on tv- spongebob is in a krusty krab commercial and lets the 'fame' go to his head.

    can you spare a dime?- squidward is fired because mr. krabs thinks he stole his first dime. so he lives with spongebob and makes his life rather unpleasant.

    both good episodes, but not too great or anything. can you spare a dime was a little better, but to me neither was really funny or anything. Both bored me a little when i first saw them, and they still do a little now, and so they get solid B's in my book. Great
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob . the first part beings with mr krabs wanting to make a commercial and so he puts squidward in charge and spongebob has a little tiny role and its really small and so he thinks he is really famous and his ego grows really large. and the second part is squidward quits his job because he is accused of stealing mr krabs his firs dime thing is squidwards goes to live on the street in box and he ends up livin with spongebob and he gets tired of squidward and he wants him to find a job this was a good ep
  • As Seen on TV was average, while Can You Spare a Dime made this episode fail.

    As Seen on TV: Mr. Krabs has Squidward direct a commercial for the Krusty Krab. When he finds out how much money Squidward is using, he decides to direct it himself. SpongeBob has a small (and I do mean small) role in the commercial. After the commercial airs (at 3:28am), SpongeBob thinks he is famous.

    Score: 7.3/10 B-

    Can You Spare a Dime?: Squidward quits his job because Mr. Krabs accuses him of stealing his first dime he ever made. Squidward ends up on the street only to find himself being waited on hand and foot by SpongeBob because he feels sorry him. But after a while SpongeBob becomes aggravated by the fact that Squidward has not yet began to look for a job. I hate this episode because Squidward took advantage of SpongeBob's hospitality. Avoid this episode.

    Score: 2.3/10 F
  • Hilarious episodes with good share of moments.

    For me the episode had for sure it's good share of moments at least in Can you spare a dime that had the characters fight for a dime. I can start with As Seen on TV. The parts were great in how Spongebob waited for the commercial all night to appear on TV, which I can say that Gary wasn't too interested in seeing it by the looks of him but Spongebob was and it was funny how he thought the big deal of having appear for a short time only but it was at least influential in some of his part. The way the old man on the street compared Spongebob with a cereal was funny and made me think of how Spongebob still appreciated that comment but he didn't care for the most part. Also how he ignored his job at the Krusty Krab by singing made the episode to the title it's supposed to have which in my opinion the performance he tried to do brought all the joy of the episode and the unity of the people that were ordering.

    As for Can you spare a dime? it was all based on the comedy of it but still it made me sad to see Squidward end up in the street like that because of a simple fight with Mr. Krabs. Still Spongebob did a good thing to bring him back to the real life and prosper for a short time. The scene where Squidward asks Spongebob about numerous things to come was hilarious too and made me laugh especially when he told Spongebob that he forgot to turn off the light somehow like he was a kid. And the maid costume of Spongebob was funny to see but it made the scene feel right for the first time.

    Squidward needed to get a job and the puppet show Spongebob did to him made it right for his to decide. In addition I liked how Spongebob can to Mr. Krabs aggressively asking for Squidward's job back which I think that Mr. Krabs became too arrogant in his part which is bad. But the best part was of the dime being hidden in Krabs' pants that was good because it seemed prehistoric. The blaming again of Mr. Krabs and Squidward basically in my opinion made Spongebob as the mediator between the two.

    In conclusion the episode was great and it among my favorites in the season, I decided to give it a 9.2 rating for my review.
  • Good stuff.

    "Donate to the children's fund? Why? What have children ever done for me?"

    Good stuff here in these two very entertaining episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants. Mr. Krabs and Squidward were both at the top of their game and even the Sponge had a few funny lines.

    I was disappointed by the absence of Patrick Star as well some bizarre and unnecessary pop-up gags including a woman handing a cookie to Sponge Bob and not Squidward.

    But these are definitely why the old episodes are better and why the newer episodes are struggling to truly catch on and replicate the show's critical success.
  • Funny! I am not joking

    As seen on tv:
    Awesome! I thought this was funny. Spongebob thinks that he is a super star just because he was in a krusty krab commercial. I laughed uncontrollably at his song "striped sweater". To finish off my review for this half of the epiode, I am going to sing "striped sweater". The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time. One with a collar turtleneck. Thats the time. Cause when you are wearing the one special sweater--. This was awesome. Final grade: A+

    Can you spare a dime?: I liked this one too. It was funny. Do I need to say more? Cause I dont want to go on any longer. I love this episode! Final grade: A+

    Final grade: A+
  • both eps were awsome!!=)..

    as seen on tv: not as good as Can you spare a dime?, but still good. this ep's about Spongebob thinking he's a superstar because he's in a Krusty Krab commercial. my favorite part is when Spongebob sings about a striped sweaterxD final grade:B

    Can you spare a dime?

    i absolutely love this ep! When Squidward quits his job at the Krust Krab because Mr. Krabs thinks Squidward stole his dime. So, Squidward ends up living in a box until Spongebob finds him & offers a place to stay. Spongebob soon regrets it because Squidward makes Spongebob wait on him hand & foot. Spongebob gets annoyed with it so he tells Squidward to find a job. After Spongebob tells Mr. Krabs to make him get Squidward's job back,
    Mr. Krabs finds that his dime was in his back pocket the whole time. So, he hires Squidward back. this ep was hilarious! i loved every moment of it! my favorite part was when Spongebob was chucking dimes at Mr. KrabsxD

    final grade:A++++++++++
  • as seen on tv / can you spare a dime

    as seen on tv: i LOVE this episode. one of my favorites. spongebob is super excited to be in the krusty krab commercial. there's a big budget for it, and when they're done filming he goes home immediately and stays up all night to watch the commercial -- which airs at 3:30 am (something like that). he watches the commercial, only to find out that in every part he was in, only a corner of his head is showing, or something is covering him. this doesn't bring him down though - he is convinced that he's a celebrity! when he goes to work the next morning, an old fish claims that he saw spongebob on tv. spongebob is ecstatic, but the old fish remembers it was just a yellow box of bran flakes. spongebob goes to work thinking everyone saw him on tv. he tries to sign autographs and give performances, but at the end, after serenading a krusty krab customer with the striped sweater song, he realizes that he was born to flip patties.
    can you spare a dime: squidward is fired from the krusty krab after mr krabs accuses him of stealing his first dime. spongebob feels bad for squidward and offers him a place to stay. he regrets this soon after, because squidward takes advantage of spongebob and makes him wear a french maid costume and deliver his every need right away. he even tells spongebob he can't eat a lemon with an odd-numbered amount of seeds in it! spongebob gets so mad he tries to hint at squidward to get a job, but squidward doesn't get it. when he finally does, he refuses to get one, and spongebob storms back to the krusty krab and throws dimes at mr krabs, trying to get him to bring squidward back, but mr krabs won't take them, finally, mr krabs realizes that his first dime (which was huge) was in his pants the whole time!

    these are some of the last truly funny episodes of spongebob... i loved them though.
  • Can You Spare a Dime was great, As Seen on TV was okay as well.

    As Seen on TV: Squidward is in charge of shooting the Krusty Krab commercial, but after he wastes too much money, Mr. Krabs fires everyone and decides to do a different commerical. After making two brief cameos, SpongeBob believes he is a star and soon enough wrecks his career as a fry cook. This episode was pretty good, but there was certain parts I didn't like.
    GRADE: B-

    Can You Spare a Dime?: A great twist to the series, after Mr. Krabs accuses Squidward of stealing his first handmade dime, he quits his job at the Krusty Krab. So when he has big career plans, he soon enough becomes a hobo living out on the streets. SpongeBob then takes care of him, and he could never be happier. But soon enough, SpongeBob is upset at Squidward for not looking for a job yet. I liked who they made SpongeBob angry at Squidward other than the other way around, a great twist I must admit. The only part I didn't like is when the woman gave SpongeBob a cookie, but not Squidward. Otherwise, great episode.
    GRADE: A-

  • good episode really

    i love this episode. it's very funny in as seen on tv when all the worthless non-needed crap was there. spongebob made a huge deal about having a glimpse of his hat and hand. spongebob spongebob spongebob. you are so silly. in the next episode spongebob was probably as angry as he was gonna get. i've never heard him shout like that. this episode shows that squidwards not the hot shot he thought and still thinks he is. i don't understand why he didn't take the lie-detector test. he would've tested negative. both these episodes were hilarious and was one of the most explored plotlines in spongebob history.
  • Spongebob episodes are great, but not this one.

    Okay sure, spongebob is a great show that usually always has good epiosdes. This one however is a drawback. ITs not funny and the plots were pointless. This is worse than some of the other season 4 epiosodes. In fact, this is where it belongs. Sorry for those who liked it but it was just too boring!!! On As Seen on TV Spongebob gets on tv and the next thing he thinks is a big hit, but he wasn't. ON Can you Spare a Dime? Squidward quits only to find himself homeless, so Spongebob decides to help him out. I suppose comparing it to the Best Day Ever, this episode wasn't that bad. Because this one wasnt as pointless as Best Day Ever, even thought this episode is still pointless.
  • Any positive stuff is mostly for As Seen On TV

    As Seen On TV is one of my top fifteen episodes out there that I love to watch. It is funny and it has Squidward and Mr Krabs in it more importantly. It deserves better than it's overall rating because this is an extremely sweet episode to watch. Can You Spare A Dime was okay I suppose. It was not as good as I hoped it would turn out to be. But it is a little bit funny and Squidward mooching off of Spongebob was okay. It really isn't that great of an episode though. I mean if you compare it to As Seen On TV then you may get what I'm getting at.
  • Spongebob thinks that he is famous just because of being in an comerical.

    Tv Comerical:

    Mr.Krabs decided to film an comerical to promote the Krusty Krab to get more customer and money.Than somehow Spongebob got this werid idea that he is an star someone famous.So being an famous person got the better of him.Even though he didn't know that he just an really tiny part of the comerical.

    Can You Spare An Dime?

    Mr.Krabs first dime is stolen! He thinks that Squidward stole it.So Squidward quits and lived life of being homeless.Until Spongebob decided to take care of him.Unfortunelly being taken care of Squidward got him tired.

    This episode title reminds me of Rugrats All Growns Up Episode.Except it is called "Brother Can You Spare A Time?" Something liked that.
  • Squidward, when will you learn?

    Great episodes! In As Seen On TV, SpongeBob has a very, very small roll in the Krusty Krab commercial. (So small it dosen't even show his full body, just the top of his head and his pants.) People treat him normal but he thinks they "demand entertainment". His new act, making Krabby Patty's. In Can You Spare a Dime, Squidward quits his job after being accused of stealing Mr. Krabs dime. He becomes a poor man, and SpongeBob lets him stay at his house. However he becomes his maid, and Squidward takes full advantage of the situation. Mr. Krabs finds his first dime (that is actually a huge stone, he's been in buissness a long time!) The episode ends with Mr. Krabs and Squidward in another figth about if Squidward put the dime in his pants. And there ends another episode. I'm geting REALLY tired of this but yet again don't forget: Flats_flounder has spoken.
  • A commercial for the Krusty Krabis shot;though Spongebob doesn\'t speak in the commercial&is only seen twice(never his face)he lets it get to his head;Squidward\'s accused of stealing Mr.Krab\'s first dime(since he keeps it in the back of the register and

    I absolutely love this episode. I love how Spongebob gets crazy ideas like juggling pattys, the \"Striped Sweater Song\" and the photo op (Limbo limbo limbo!). I think the accusation in \"Can you spare a dime\" was perfectly logical, even though I knew that Squidward couldn\'t havestolen it. Plus, I love Squidwards lame excuses like \"the lemon has 3 seeds\" and \"im allergic to newsprint\". By the way, in another episode, he complains about not being able to read the sunday paper (maybe his reaction went away???)
  • The most underrated Spongebob episode.

    This episode rocks! I really wish it was shown more. In fact, the fact that it is very rarely shown is a big part in making this episode underrated. Many more people would like this episode if it was shown more, and the people who decide what episode will be shown have to realize this. As Seen on TV was the less good of the two, but was still very funny! "The Krusty Krab, come spend your money here!" Very good line. Can You Spare a Dime was incredible. Squidward quits his job because he's mad at Mr. Krabs for accusing him of stealing his dime, so he moves in to Spongebob's house, and makes him work like a beaver! Very good episode idea, and very underrated. Oh yeah, then Spongebob tries to convince Squidward to move out and get a job. It turns out that Squidward never did anything. Hah!
    Overall, two thumbs up! Amazing episodes!
  • This episode is one of the best of the season.

    In as seen in tv spongebob is in a commecial (for about five seconds for the whole time they showed him). He then thinks he's all famous and hears people talking and thinks there talking about him. Spongebob quits and tries to entertain the customers and then at the end ends getting his job back. In can you spare a dime Mr.Krabs thinks squidward stole his frist dime and squidward quits and after some months i think is poor.. and some he lives with spongebob for many months and spongebob gets tired and tries to get him to get a job.
  • Excellent

    As Seen on TV and Can you Spare A Dime were two awesome butt-kicking episodes, but of course, they weren't the best. The Krusty Krab Commercial: It shouldn't have been 60 seconds long... it should've been 60 minutes! If it were a 60 minute program directed by your one and only Eugene H. Krabs, it would be a hit!
  • Another 2 great Episodes

    Mr.Krabs Makes a Krusty Krab Comercial that Parody of Cap'n Cruch and just a Cameo for a Second Spongebob belives he's a Star and Everyone is Restless when Spongebob is thinking of Fame Before Krabby Patties.Squidward is acused of Losing Mr.Krabs First Dime and Squid Quits and now he's living in Poverty and Spongebob takes Squidward in But he is Taking advantage of Spongebob's Hospitality.
  • "As Seen on TV": Mr. Krabs directs an amateur Krusty Krab commercial. SpongeBob's face never shows, but he still thinks he's now a superstar! "Can You Spare A Dime?": Squidward is accused of stealing, quits his job, lives in SpongeBob's home - and

    This is a seriously underrated episode of the series - one of the best ever.
    In "As Seen On TV", the first half is the best. In the hilarious commercial that they make, you get to see Squidward wearing a wig, and their slogan is revealed: "Come spend your money here!" (You'd expect that from Mr. Krabs, now wouldn't you? That's what makes it funny!) SpongeBob shows his love for fame more hilariously than most anyone else (complete with a poorly and humorously sung solo in the middle of it). And in the end, he still thinks he's a superstar - even though he's grilling Krabby Patties again!
    "Can You Spare A Dime?" is another classic. After Mr. Krabs maliciously accuses Squidward of stealing his first dime, Squidward quits the Krusty Krab - only to end up hungry, homeless, and penniless in the streets. This episode highlights SpongeBob's brotherly love for others in that he lets the jobless, smelly Squidward into his home. But his stay - which was only supposed to be a day or two - lasts a long time. ("So much longer that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one.") The later half makes SpongeBob look like an irritable, nagging housewife to Squidward, and gets wilder and wilder toward the end. And in the end, we see a hint that it's going to happen all over again!
    This episode never gets old. This has serious laughs in store for all ages!