SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 12

Barnacle Face / Pet Sitter Pat

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 16, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • I'm only going to critique Pet Sitter Pat, because I missed Barnacle Face.

    If you thought A Pal for Gary was bad, I'll tell you something. Pet Sitter Pat is the worst episode of Spongebob period. You wanna know why? It's because Pet Sitter Pat is a shitty rip off of A Pal for Gary.

    It has the same premise: Gary is being abused. The same fucking writers: Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Richard Pursel. And it even has an oblivious Spongebob. Only instead of Gary being chased down, hunted down and almost eaten, he's being deprived of exercise, food, almost incinerated by a flamethrower, charged by soap and water, pounced by cans on his belly, threatened by being dried off... BY FUCKING SALT, dried by a hair drier, and almost drowned under a water stream. All thanks to Patrick who all me to bring to your attention: Isn't stupid. After the episode "The Card", it's been made astronomically clear that Patrick's stupidity is a facade. He has been actively trying to kill Gary while Spongebob was gone I suppose for the events of Dumped. If you don't believe me, I want you to go and watch the episode again given what I may have brung to your attention.
  • Barnacle Face is an episode I'd never see again

    Barnacle Face: Okay, this episode was appalling. And to top it off, gross. When this aired in the Philippines, my cousins were eating and they groaned about it. I hated how Mr. Krabs turned Krabby Patties in to soap. I also hated Pearl. Her crying over a barancle annoyed me. Worst season 8 episode so far.

    P.S. If you like Pearl, don't watch this episode. Also, don't watch this episode while eating or you'll have to hork.

    1 F-

    Pet Sitter Pat: This episode was very funny, mainly due to Patrick's stupidity. I kind of felt sorry for Gary. The best part is what Patrick said in the ending

    8.6 B+
  • one was good one was terrible


    ill start with the good one which is pet sitter pat, i thought it was pretty intresting to see patrick babysit gary. my favorite part of the episode though is when patrick used a hose as a bath LOL!

    Final grade 8.9/10 A

    Now Barnacle face the terrible one. i dont even know what to say about this episode it was way to gross for me pearl kinda acted like a baby in this episode (no offense to anyone who dosent) and it just did not entertain me

    Final Grade 3.5/10 F-

  • Barnacle Face was superb, while Pet Sitter Pat was perfect


    Barnacle Face: When Pearl gets a barnacle on the side of her face, Mr. Krabs has SpongeBob help her get rid of it before the school dance. It was a superb episode. The only thing that lowered my score that Pearl's crying. It felt that she cried for like the entire day. I has to take out 10 points for that. I did laugh that Pearl scream when she got a barnacle on her face. SpongeBob using various stuffs to get rid of the barnacle was funny. Mr. Krabs was very funny in this episode especially when he put soap on the krabby patties. The last minute was very funny as well when SpongeBob used Mr. Krabs' jewel to cover up Pearl's face. Overall, despite Pearl's nonstop crying, I liked this episode. 9/10

    Pet Sitter Pat: Patrick watches Gary while SpongeBob goes to Gramma's house to celebrate her birthday. It was way better than Barnacle Face and the plot was handled good. Both of the plots were funny. The part with Squidward was funny because Gary ate all of his kelp garden. Patrick messing up with some of SpongeBob's stuffs was funny as well. SpongeBob's grandma trying to blow the candles was very funny. Overall, this episode very funny especially Patrick's stupidly. The ending was a bit rushed though because SpongeBob thought he would come back with a destroyed pineapple. 10/10

  • Barnacle Face: fairly good. Pet Sitter Pat: Nothing new


    In recent Spongebob episodes there is always one laugh riot episode. In others, nothing special happens and it's not that surprising. Let look at these episodes in context.

    Barnacle Face: Grade B-

    This episode has Pearl worried about face acme. Barnacles, the pimples of the sea.(no pun intended) I found that very creative, I also like the part where Spongebob has to use a jackhammer to get rid of the barnacles. I liked the sense of mystery in the episode when Pearl tries to get rid of the barnacles with soap, but she gets more barnacles. There are a fewthings that bug me about this episode. The ending seemed rushed, It seemed creative, yet uncreative at the same time. Mr. Krabs using Krabby Patties to make soap. They could have gone further there, oh well. The second thing is that there weren't many jokes, We've seen recent episodes like Oral Report, A Friendly Game, etc. have good jokes. The only thing I laughed at was the jackhammer part that was it.

    Pet Sitter Pat: Grade D+

    In this episode Patrick petsits Gary. I get that Patrick's an idiot and that's just it. Therefore he would be a bad petsitter. I could have easily seen it from a mile away when Patrick eats Gary's food rather than giving it to Gary.(reminds me of "Where's Gary")Then Patrick struggles to bathe Gary "Gary Takes a Bath" anyone. It seems way to similar. If there's one thing I don't like it's multiple episodes using the same formula. The only part I sort of liked was when Gary(somehow not hungry anymore) reads Patrick a be bedtime story. Besides that, there weren't much that was actually funny. The episode wasn't surprising or shocking either.

  • SpongeBob is back, and better than ever!


    Season 8 surprisingly ended after a short period of time, and season 9 is starting to roll in with new episodes. And they're coming, with 2 new episodes airing already. They're are two of them, so let's take a check on them.

    Barnacle Face- This didn't look great at first, but the thing I liked was that it wasn't surprisingly disgusting. In this episode, Pearl and her friend hang out at high school, and all the mayhem happening was funny there. They are happy, until Pearl's friend notices a nasty barnacle on Pearl's face. Pearl attempts to rush tom Mr. Krabs' help, but as cheap as he is refuses, and has SpongeBob help her. My favorite part was when SpongeBob used a bunch of tactics to attempt to get rid of Pearl's barnacle. IT was funny and great. Pearl finds out the reason why her soap makes her barnacles spread is because Mr. Krabs makes them out of leftover Krabby Patties, which contain grease. He does get hiscomeuppancein the end, which is good. The part where SpongeBob added the jewels to Pearl's face was also funny too. The only thing I didn't like was that Pearl was once again annoying in this episode. Overall, this was a great start to season 9.


    Pet Sitter Pat- This was even a better episode than the one before it. In this episode, SpongeBob has Patrick look over Gary while he goes to his Grandma's birthday. SpongeBob's and Grandma's subplot was funny, especially the part where Grandma tried to blow out the candles. Patrick's and Gary's subplot was funny too. The part where Gary was telling Patrick the story was also funny too. Patrick using the tactics to give Gary a bath was hilarious too. It was little rushed in the end, but I was able to go through it. The part where Patrick was talking with SpongeBob over the phone was funny as well. Overall, this was a great episode and one of the best episodes of SpongeBob.


    Overall, two great episodes that are well worth watching.

  • Awesomeness!


    Barnacle Face: So the Bikini Bottom High School Dance is tomorrow, and Pearl's got a huge barnacle on her face. So Mr. Krabs orders Spongebob to get rid of the barnacle in the cheapest way possible. This episode was hilarious throughout. All the stuff the teens do after school like spitballs, and gossiping was really cute. I love how Spongebob tried a spatula, a shovel, and a jackhammer to take off the barnacle, but they all disintegrated. So after that, Pearl decides to use some soap, but it gives her more barnacles. Spongebob sniffing the soap was hilarious. So Spongebob goes to the basement to find more soap, and then figures out the soap was made out of Krabby Patties, which features grease, which increases the barnacle rate, which was hilarious. So now Spongebob covers the barnacles with Mr. Krab's diamonds in his bathtub of jewels. I don't know if it was an homage to Ducktales or not, but still it was cool. Overall one of Season 8's best. 10 out of 10.

    Pet Sitter Pat: So Grandma's birthday is today, so Spongebob tries to visit her for her birthday. However, he needs someone to take care of Gary. So with this, he relies on Patrick to take care of Gary. Patrick's stupidity was hilarious on how he ate Gary's food, tried to get Gary in the tub by a flamethrower, and managed to overflow the tub flooding the house. Grandma was so cute trying to blow out the candles, and other stuff. If you haven't noticed, it feels like My Life as a Teenage Gary for the babysitting, and Dumped for Patrick and Gary's interactions. Overall, pretty good episode. 9 out of 10.

  • spongebob is still fatastic!


    Barnacle Face:

    The night before the big school dance, Pearl gets a large barnacle on her face. After requesting expensive treatment to get rid of the blemish, Mr. Krabs opts instead to make SpongeBob help her out. He tries prying the barnacle out with his spatula, then a shovel, then a jackhammer, all to no avail. Then, when Pearl washes her face with soap, more barnacles sprout up. Thinking all hope is lost, she locks herself in the restroom and cries violently. SpongeBob then decides to simply hide the barnacles under a layer of facial cream, which ends up making Pearl's face look severely deformed. Finally, when Pearl asks SpongeBob to get her more soap from the basement, he finds Mr. Krabs producing the house's soap from leftover Krabby Patties. Realizing that she's been washing her face with grease, Pearl screams at her father and gives up trying to remove the barnacles. SpongeBob, inspired by something she said, resolves to cover up the barnacles with Mr. Krabs' precious jewels. Pearl's friendsare dazzled by her sparkling face, and they happily depart for the school dance. Mr. Krabs, furious that Pearl is wearing his diamonds, desperately sprints after them.

    Review- Now this episode had a great plot a simple sitcom would have, a teenage girl has a problem and the father makes our favorite main character solve it. first a spatula, shovel..didnt work. i love it when he smells the soap and asks pearl if she wants to sniff (looks like a drug addiction refrence) and the whole basement/dungen scene. i did like pearl in this episode she wasnt mean, she wasnt nasty she was just being a teenager, worried about her apperance. this episode gets a 9.5 out of 10

    Pet Sitter Pat:

    SpongeBob gets the mail and has a letter from Grandma telling him that him that his Grandma is geting older so he decided to go but then he rememebers Gary and then SpongeBob goes to Squidward's house to ask him if he can take care of Gary but when he says he ate his Kelp Garden SpongeBob asks Gary "Is this true" and Gary has Kelp in his mouth then he goes to Patrick's house and he was looking at his "friend" (who is really a reflection of Patrick), then he asked if he could take care of Gary while he went to his Grandma's birthday. He says yes, SpongeBob put Gary in Patrick's hand and he drops Gary in the floor by accident. When he gets to his Granma's house house so far things are going so good back at his house. SpongeBob calls Patrick to make sure everything is OK but when he does call he can tell that something isn't right, so when his Grandma goes to sleep he rushes to his house to see how things are going [2] but the house is actually flooded. He opens the door and water floods in SpongeBob swims to the upstairs to see that Gary was reading Snail Tails to Patrick as a bedtime story.

    review:THIS was prob one of the funniest season 8 episodes. Patrick has to babysit gary while spongebob is out. Now spongebob gives Patrick a list and pat does the opposite of feeding gary and i love it when pat uses a flamethrower to give gary a bath. in the end gary is reading patrick a bedtime story and i love when the house was flooded. very great episode this one gets a 10 out of 10

  • Season 8 just keeps getting better and better


    Barnacle Face: I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It was a terrific way to start off the "NEW SpongeBob SquarePants Every Friday Night event". Pearl usually gets in my nerves mainly because she is a complete brat to Mr. Krabs and a complete jerk to SpongeBob. In this episode, she wasn't a complete jerk or anything. All she did was just cry and yell (which isn't annoying by the way) and I would prefer that than to see her be a jerk. She was a bit rude to SpongeBob in a brief scene but it wasn't too bad and the only rude statement she was made was "In the basement... duh" and that's it. Pearl freaking out about having a barnacle on her face was funny. That whole joke towards the beginning of the episode with "Why wouldn't I mop it?" was very funny. SpongeBob trying to use a spatula, shovel, and jackhammer to get the barnacle off Pearl's face which didn't work was funny. SpongeBob repeatedly sniffing the bar soap made me LOL also. SpongeBob going to the basement and finding out that Mr. Krabs makes the bar soap by using krabby patties is also funny. It was also funny how SpongeBob covered Pearl's barnacles with jewels (Mr. Krabs' jewels) so she can go to her school dance with her friends. Overall, an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10

    Pet Sitter Pat: This is also an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". Just like "Barnacle Face", the storyline was very original with top-notch humor that everyone will love. If you love Patrick then this is definitely the episode for you. It was also cool that Gramma appeared on this episode. Marion Ross always knows how to voice super well whenever he voices Gramma in this wonderful cartoon. Squidward's cameo appearance in this episode was very funny. SpongeBob asking Patrick to watch Gary while he is over at Gramma's house for her birthday was funny. Patrick messing up all of SpongeBob's instructions was hilarious. Patrick is so stupid that he makes me laugh so hard. Patrick using a flamethrower to give Gary a bath was hilarious. Let's just say, everything Patrick did to watch Gary was hilarious. Gramma's part in this episode made me laugh hard especially when she tried to blow the candles off her birthday cake. The very ending with SpongeBob coming home and seeing that Gary is reading Patrick a book called "Snail Tails" was hilarious and classic. The ending did a bit rushed but it was a funny way to end the episode. Overall, an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants"... can't wait for next Friday's new SpongeBob. 10/10

  • Let me make sure this isn't Season 3.......................... Nope, it's not.


    Barnacle Face:

    The episode was really funny, and the titty twister scene had me laughing on the ground, but the episode was disgusting because Pearl had a leaky barnacle on her face, but it was hilarious to see how Spongebob tried to get it off (Spatula, Shovel, Jackhammer, etc.)


    10 / 10 A +

    Pet Sittin' Pat:

    Spongebob is going to see his grandma for her birthday, she turns..........even older, so as SpongeBob tries to find someone to take care of Gary, Squidward refuses because Gary ate his Kelp Garden, so Gary falls into Patrick's care. Patrick ate his snail food, put some of it in the sink so nothing makes the bath water go away, he leaves that on, leaves the bath tub on, and washed Gary with a water hose and left that on, I liked the "CAN I USE YOUR PHONE?" gag, it was funny to see how overprotective SpongeBob was. But anyways

    Hilarious episode.

    10 / 10 A +