SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 20

Best Day Ever/The Gift of Gum

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 10, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Best Day Ever? More like Worst Day Ever!!!

    This episode was on those Spongebob Specials that was nothing more ratings trap.

    Nickelodeon advertise this like it was going to be one of Spongebob's best episodes ever with an entire 100 episode marathon leading up to it. However, instead of a clever, worth wile fiesta we expected from the old writers, Best Day Ever turned out to be a series of bland and unfortunate events that feels about as occurred as the episode Waiting.

    Though Spongebob randomly decides to make this particular day his best day ever, nothing on his agenda seems to work out in his favor. The most comedy we get out of this episode is the scene where Spongebob tries to break into Squidward's clarinet concert. Is it at least funny? Not really. It's about as generic as Mikey Mouse Cartoon that sucks.

    When Spongebob finally does get inside, we see the concert end as soon as he sits down. Which causes him to just like in Waiting, get his panties in a twist.

    But because Spongebob accidentaly helped his friends during his selfish pursuit, they all decide to do something nice for him. Leading up to a pathetic song number that kicked off this so called "special"

    Spongebob: It's the best day ever! (Best Day Ever!)

    Spongebob: It's the best day ever! (Best Day Ever!)


    As cheesy as this sounds, Best Day Ever, is one of the Worst Episodes Ever.

    It's one of the Worst Episodes Ever! (Worst Episodes Ever!)

    It's one of the Worst Episodes Ever! (Worst Episodes Ever!)
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