SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 9

Boating Buddies / The Krabby Kronicle

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Aug 07, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Really bad episode


    Oh my god, this episode was so unwatchable. It was really bad in my opinion.. The plot made no scenes at all. I hated it. Just a bad idea to me. A Squidward Boating School episode was a lame plot. SpongeBob was really annoying the living heck outta me. I hated the way Aaron Springer (who did this episode) drew SpongeBob very weird. Anyway, the plot was about Squidward being sent to boating school after he got caught speeding. I think only laughed a few times.. The parts that made me laugh were SpongeBob saying chocolate rain and the part with the scientist. I did laugh or enjoy any rest of the parts in this episode. It was just dumb. Besides those few parts that made me laugh, I thought this episode was bad. The plot and SpongeBob's cheeks were the reason why I hated this episode so much. 3/10

  • Horrible

    So the writers main goal for this episode was to torture Squidward. They throw all logic out the window just to humiliate and maim Squidward until he's in a full body cast, because Spike beats him up. But it wasn't Squidwards fault, it was, of course, SpongeBob. SpongeBob is really creepy in this episode, he even makes a rape face while breathing deeply and looking at Squidward. At the end, he can't pick up a pencil because he's in a cast, and he has to spend another day with SpongeBob, probably being tortured even more! Also, Mrs. Puff doesn't care that Squidward is in a cast, he HAS to take the test. Like I said, all logic thrown out the window to torture poor Squidward.
  • I Hate this EPISODE!!!!!!

    Spongebob looks like he has a RAPE FACE!!!!!
  • What a piece of S***!

    Oh my god, this episode was just Awful! This is easily in my top 5 worst episodes ever. I don't see how anyone could like it! all this episode was was basically Squidward getting the middle finger. And that expression on SpongeBob's face............. Just............ WHY?????!!! this episode makes Sanjay and Craig actually look like a decent show. This episode was just awful for several reasons and if it wasn't for the fact that Good Neighbors and Little Yellow Book were worse, this episode could be a possible canidate for the WORST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, Squidward gets his license taken away all because he wanted to get away form someone who was stalking him and now he has to go to boating school with him? Just why do people even like this episode? You're just seeing bad slapstick, and poor Squidward constantly getting tortured and hurt. In the end he's in a full body cast and can't even take his exam, thus has to spend another week at boating school. Just why do writers love to torture Squidward? Stuff like this would be logical if he was an arrogant asshole, but he's just trying to live his life. Why do you hate him writers?
  • A complete fuck up

    This is easily the most painful Squidward Torture Porn to watch as of now. It starts with Spongebob brushing Gary's shell and then stalking Squidward. Yeah that was fast. Then guess what? Spongebob chases Squidward when he gets to his car and can't get in because... Spongebob had the keys. He runs into a stop sign and gets tortured by Spongefuck Rapepants through out boating school, beated up twice for being rightfully pissed off and fails so he must spend another week in hell with Spongebob. Let me tell you my fucking ass could type better than the writers with this sack of whoreshit.
  • Its unbelievable how this episode got such good reviews

    This episode SUCKED, are you people smoking crack???? no one over the age of 4 would enjoy this!. The new writers have killed this show, and this episode is one of their worst disasters ever created, for one, spongebob is an annoying, creepy bastard in this episode who stalks squidward and stares him down in a disturbing manner, for two, the writers of this episode seem to think that if they put squidward at the ass of their jokes, that automatically makes them funny, i mean, squiward gets beaten senslessly for no reason except to provide cheap slapstick that doesn't work, and he gets in trouble because of spongebob stalking him around like a creeper. 1/10
  • Sorry guys, but this episode is overrated, the writers went way too far on Squidward abuse in this episode

    I know a lot of people love this episode so I'm not going to be harsh on it. But the writers went way too far on Squidward abuse on this episode. There were a few funny moments I will admit, like the "Chocolate Rain" joke (Which younger viewers won't understand), the part with the scientist,, and a few others. I don't remember every other funny moment because I haven't seen this episode in a while. The main problem with this episode was not just Squidward abuse, I despised that creepy face Spongebob Aaron Springer drew (Aaron Springer wrote for Band Geeks! My 3rd favorite episode throughout the entire series! So why would he want to work on this!?!?!) And I'll admit I'm not a big fan of Squidward, you all know how livid I was at him after seeing "Little Yellow Book" but I actually felt bad for him in this episode. It felt like a day in hell for Squidward. I wasn't even looking forward to this episode because when I heard it was all about Squidward going to Boating School, I knew there was going to be a lot of Squidward abuse in this episode. And I was right. He got injured (twice), he was pulled over by the police, and he had to take his test again the following week. Sorry guys, but this episode was too overrated. Even if there were a few funny moments. The writers went way too far on Squidward abuse here. Overall Grade: (5.5/10) C-
  • my fav storyline, ive always wanted squidward to go to boating school

    this episode was perfect nothing bad about it. and i have always wanted squidward to go to boating school and when you think about it you know its going to be good coz squidward and spongebob in the same class, lol!! chocolate rain!!!! lol!! anyway, squidward gets a speeding ticket and has to go to boating school and they do their side of the story on the board and spongebob writes, squidward and spongebob best boating buddies for ever, lol. then they had lunch and spongebob wont leave squidward alone and he gets beaten up in the toilets and the at the end he has to stay for another week. these are the kind of episodes that should be watched and given a good review. final grade a+
  • Yes, I can see why this one has all good reviews.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of season! It's one that leaves you wondering, man will Squidward ever win? Lol! My favorite thing about this episode is Spongebob's facial expressions throughout, especially near the beginning when he is chasing Squidward and near the end when Squidward is chewing him out and saying he doesn't need his help and all that. The "Chocolate Rain" reference was also funny even though it's an inside joke that younger viewers probably wouldn't understand. Overall, this is a great episode that only diehard Squidward fans would dislike, and it's episodes like these that keep the show alive and well!
  • Abysmal


    While trying to run away from SpongeBob, Squidward gets a speeding ticket and gets sent to Boating School, where SpongeBob is happy to have him as his new friend in class.

    While trying to run away from SpongeBob, Squidward gets a speeding ticket and gets sent to Boating School, where SpongeBob is happy to have him as his new friend in class.

    1 out of 1-0

  • This is the worst Season 6 episode I've ever seen.

    In this episode, Squidward is caught speeding and is sent to boating school where he has to deal with Spongebob. This episode is horrible. I hate the way Spongebob acts. He's so annoying in this episode! This is just like a remake of Funny Pants only without the laughing because Spongebob is so annoying and poor Squidward. I love Spongebob but this episode makes me hate him. I don't really mind when Spongebob is annoying to Squidward, but this one is so bad and Spongebob acts like a jerk to Squidward. Overall this episode's final score is an F------! (10%)
  • I would have given it a perfect score but one thing just ruined that chance of getting a perfect score

    For the most part, I thought that this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". I would have given this episode a 10 because it was so dang hilarious all the way but one thing ruined my chance of getting a perfect score. The one thing I didn't like in this episode was SpongeBob's face. Why the did the writers make SpongeBob's face look dumb in this episode. SpongeBob didn't smile or cry or anything else. He just had the face of a clueless person. Besides that one thing I didn't like, I really enjoyed this episode and it really was hilarious. It was hilarious when SpongeBob said "Chocolate Rain" and then Squidward said "It's hot chocolate"... some viewers probably won't understand that joke though but I understood it. Although, it was predictable but it was hilarious when Squidward went to boating school after he got a speeding ticket and that means that he is going to boating school with SpongeBob. SpongeBob drawing on the chalkboard "SpongeBob and Squidward... Best Boating Buddies Forever". Squidward repeatedly getting hurt that muscle guy was hilarious. It was very funny when Squidward riding with SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff. It was hilarious when SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mrs. Puff went through the store such as the grocery and the costumes that each of them had on were hilarious. The scientist scene was also hilarious. It was also hilarious when one of the fishes were playing a recording tape when Squidward "I don't need your help and I don't need you" and then Squidward told the fish "jerk". The ending was also funny when poor Squidward has to go to boating school next week with SpongeBob. Overall, besides that one thing the writers shouldn't have add in this episode... this episode was just gosh darn hilarious all the way. 9/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.
  • Didn't see that coming!

    I was really expecting much of this episode, but it took me by surprise. Squidward tries (and fails) to get away from SpongeBob. Well, Squidward gets in his boat and breaks a stop sign and gets a ticket and is force to go back to boating school, WITH SpongeBob! I always wanted to see Squidward in boating school. Usally, in new episodes the stuff I want to see doesn't work out, not this time. The episode works out pretty well. Squidward goes through a bunch of twists and turns at boating school, espially when SpongeBob tries to drive a boat. These stuff are pretty funny, espically with Squidward and the tough guy. I'm not gonna revel the stuff. The episode made my day, and I hope Season 6 will improve by tommorow's episode.

  • I didn't hate it, but it was pretty bad.

    I say this is one of the worst episodes of the season. But, wow, this is a really great idea, a classic one at that. But it just wasn't done too well. Spongebob acted really dumb. I thought it was a lazily written episode. I don't see how anyone could like it. I liked it only because it was a SpongeBob episode. I hate episodes where spongebob acts as if he knows nothing. I thought it was just creepy the way spongebob was staring at Squidward in some parts. well , could have done better, should have been better .
  • Nicely Done!

    Squidward was trying to get away from Spongebob in the beginning and took his boat to get away, he accidently ran over a stop sign and the police came. The officer gave Squidward a ticket, and recommended he takes Boating School again. When he gets there, SPongebob starts to annoy him as usual, and when they are about to test the boating exam Squidward gets paired up with Spongebob! Sponegbob wreaks his whole day during Boating school, then a test is given out at the end of the day, Squidward lost his poencil and time ran out, making Squidward come back to Boating School next week! A nicely done episode! Final Grade: A+++
  • Even though there was some Squid abuse, this episode was awesome nonetheless!

    Is it just me or did this one remind anyone else of the old SpongeBob, before the movie? Well, maybe it wasn't AS classical as a season 3 episode would be, but it was one of the better ones out there. Course, there were some boring parts in this episode, but it was still wonderful and funny. And even though there was a lot of Squid abuse, I don't think the writers overdid it as much as they could've, which was good. It was cool seeing Squidward in boating school. The one thing that got on my nerves was SpongeBob's face. It was like every single face he made, he had huge very huge cheeks. Even when he had a normal face on, he looked creepy. But I liked the brief Chocolate Rain reference in this episode. I think one of my fave parts of this episode was this; "Mrs. Puff: Alright, Squidward, you will be paired with...SpongeBob! Squidward: Yeah, like I didn't see that cummin!" Oh man, that was hilarious! My final grade for Boating Buddies is an A+! Teen_Tomboy out!
  • sciencegirl09 The Bottom Line: Best Episode Everrrrrrrrr!!!!

    This episode was my absolute favorite. It was hilarious and it shows what's like to have Squidward in boating school. We already know what it's like to have Patrick in boating school, who ruined everything for Spongebob. According to most people, this was one of Season 6's most decent episodes, and I totally agree. Nobody was out of character, and it was certainly not boring. I have this episode along with Krabby Kronicle, another good episode, on my ipod and after watching once a week for the past three months, it's still not getting old. Yay new writers! Keep up the good work!

    Final score: A++++++++
  • It might have constant squidward advantage, but it is still very funny.

    I really liked this episode. Squidward going to boating school. What will they think of next? It was a creative episode. I didnt like it when squidward got beaten up by that tough guy. Squidward advantage! The creators have got to stop doing that. But aside from that, this episode rocked. First it was patrick at boating school, now squidward! Whats next? Probably mr.krabs. This was an awesome episode, and I would recommend it to anybody. But if you are offended by constant squidward advantage, and you are a squidward fan (like me), you might wanna pass watching this episode.
  • Season 6 might not be the best season, but this episode was awesome!

    Like the description says, this episode is absolutely hillarious. It had a lot of funny parts. There was quite a bit of witty sarcasm. I found it funny when SpongeBob said "cucumber bicycle". The refrence to Chocolate Rain was suprising and proved the new writers aren't totally childish.

    I also liked the plot. Squidward going to boating school was an awesome idea and something that actually crossed my mind before.

    The only part I did not like was the ending. I usually don't mind Squidward abuse, but not letting him pass the class was just too cruel. But still, great episode!
  • Pretty good...

    So it starts off with Spongebob annoying Squidward to no end, so he trys to escape from him, but of course he didnt succeed and got a ticket and was sent to boating school to learn how to drive. Spongebob is of course very excited about it and cant wait until he sees squidwars Smiling (Depressing) Face! But Spongebob takes it to far with his happiness and turns into a...psycotic squidward fanatic. I must say this was a very funny epsisode, except that Spongebob was just to creepy and I just wanted him to stop all the nonsense, but it was still a funny episode. B+
  • Oh god this episode was so hilarious! First Spongebob won't stop bothering Squidward like always and then Squidward decides to take action by jumping into his boat and then proceeds to speed away where he gets a speeding ticket! (Laughs Unc

    I wonder what poor Squidward will have to endure in this episode.
    Spongebob: Hi Squidward!
    *Squidward sighs*

    For the rest of boating school Spongebob continues to make him angry and also gets him beaten up and also eaten by a mailman!

    Doctor: It's a mailman's favorite snack.
    Mailman: *Growls loudly and licks lips*

    Now the episode was downright hilarious and is exactly what got this show to where it is today.

    I love it when Spongebob bothers Squidward with such ease and Squidward just makes witty remarks as he starts to eat his lunch.

    Squidward: I guess I'll have to sit over here, just like in grade school!

    Squidward freaks on Spongey and tells him not to say anything to him ever again(ever) and then when it comes time for Squidward to do his test he doesn't have enough time because of his bathroom injuries.

    Then he has to spend another week at boating school with his worst enemy.

    A great funny episode nonetheless.
  • Squidward gets a speeding ticket, and is now enrolled in the same class as SpongeBob.

    OK. I was expecting more from this plot. But, I gave it a 9 because, well, it kinda deserved it. SpongeBob looked so creepy in this episode. Every facial expression he made was the weirdest face I've ever seen. Even when he just had a normal face on, it looked weird. Don't let the start of this episode fool you. It started out so slow, I thought I was going to die of boredome. But then, it got better once Squidward got sent to boating school. Squidward fans I need to warn ya, Squidward gets hurt in this episode. And it was all because of SpongeBob. But, it was funny when they were in the costumes and when they shrank. So funny. I didn't enjoy the ending, because it ended with Squidward having to stay in boating school for a long time until he passes his test. But, I liked the rest of the episode, even though I felt it was too rushed. This was once again another episode of SpongeBob I enjoyed. SpongeBob is making its come-back after season 5, and I hope it stays that way!
  • Squidward in school!

    Boating Buddies: Spongebob's facial expression was creepy in this episode, his cheeks aren't suppose to act like that! This starts when Spongebob bugs Squidward after hearing him breathing, while trying to escape, Squidward gets a speeding ticket and sent to Boating School, I find it funny when Squidward was in class, so Spongebob ruins Squidward's day, theory, and lunch, and Squidward gets more frustrated when he's behind the wheel with Spongebob, the crashing scenes freaked me out! The costumes, and a shrinking machine(what the heck? LOL)The episode ends when Squidward says that he never needs help, until he admits it for Spongebob, after a failure test, Squidward has to end up in Boating School for another week. This episode was good, although I did miss like 20 seconds of it because of a warning from the satelite. Another round for Season 6. Like it or not, this was written by Aaron Springer, and he's one of the good writers, and we're lucky that we still have him.

    Episode Grade: C+
  • Squidward is caught speeding while trying to get away from Spongebob, and ends up in boating school right next to him!

    This episode was one of the funniest in my opinion! I loved it when Squidward looked over at Spongebob and Spongebob was making that face of his when he "Admires" squidward! Then the last part I thought was hilarious when Squidward couldnt take the test because that guy beat him up! AGAIN! Spongebob acted like he knew the answers and he could help him! Come to find out, he never got a single question right at all! Squidward now has to take boating school with Spongebob..... AGAIN! I wonder what will happen this time... Poor old Squidward. I wouldnt be happy either!
  • Defently a good episode!

    Trying to get away from Spongebob, Squidward gets in trouble with the law! So, he heads to Boating School. But, he figures out that Spongebob's in Boating School. So, trying to pass. Spongebob think Squidward and, him are Boating Buddies! But, he trys to tell him that they're not. Till, he gets in trouble with a tough guy and, gets pumbled. Then, the passing test comes and, he's in a cast. So, he trys to get Spongebob to help him. But, the only way to convice him is if their Boating Buddies. So, it works till, the test is over. And, must come back next week to take it. And, the episode ends with a "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

    Final Score: A, 10