SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 18

Born to Be Wild / Best Frenemies

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 31, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • One of my favorite episodes ever.

    This episode is among one of the good Spongebob episodes after the movie. It was very entertaining and funny. The best part of it was that Plankton and Mr. Krabs (Despite the fact that they are have a rather conflicted relationship) they work together and form a partnership to combat against the Kelp Shake Restaurant. It was a cool episode. It was very funny and quite entertaining too. Too bad every episode since a few years ago has been nothing but garbage. Bring the old writers back!
  • I liked the first episode a little better.

    The first episode gets a 7.5 while the second gets 6.5.
  • SpongeBob thinks a biker group is coming; Mr. Krabs and Plankton pair up to get rid of the Kelpsheare

    Born to be Wild: This was a superb episode but it is not as excellent as its partner episode. My score is only taken off because some of the parts were a little boring.Also, I didn't like how rude Squidward was when he was telling him to turn around and then kick him out. Funny parts were SpongeBob using the bubble as entrance, SpongeBob and Patrick freaking out about the Wild Ones coming then that clam split them out (while the other clam asks "Hey what's up with you?" "I don't wanna talk about it, man"), SpongeBob and Patrick dressing as bikers while they kept telling Squidward to join, flashback of SpongeBob overreacting, and the ending where Squidward was in the Mild Ones. 9/10

    Best Frenemies: This episode was funnier and better than Born to be Wild. There were no problems at all, so my score remains a 10. Funny parts includes the Kelpsheare multiplying, all the plans that Mr. Krabs and Plankton did together (such as unlocking the door,), Plankton's attempts to get the Kelpsheare but fails (all were hilarious), Mr. Krabs and Plankton tasting the Kelpsheare, and the last minute of it. Overall a funnier episode. 10/10
  • Superb


    Born to be Wild:
    A very bad motorcycle gang is coming to Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob tries to warn everyone, but at first, they won't listen. Then, everyone sees them coming and panic. Now what will they do?
    Best Frenemies:
    A new soft drink causes Mr. Krabs and Plankton to both worry about their restaurants, and they work together to find the secret of the soft drink.

    9 out of 10

  • "Born To Be Wild" was overall great but not the best and "Best Frenemies" was absolutely hilarious

    Born To Be Wild: I thought that this was an overall great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". Not my favorite episode but I did like it. SpongeBob taking the shortcut in the beginning of the episode was hilarious and totally unexpected. SpongeBob and Patrick freaking out about "The Wild Ones" biker gang attacking Bikini Bottom was very funny. SpongeBob and Patrick dressing up as a biker gang was pretty good to see as well. The cutaways with SpongeBob overreacting to Squidward over the littlest things was very funny. It was absolutely hilarious when everyone at the Krusty Krab was freaking out about "The Wild Ones" coming to the Krusty Krab. Patrick running out of the Krusty Krab was definitely the highlight of this episode. It was also funny to find out that "The Wild Ones" biker gang is actually "The Mild Ones". My score was just low because Mr. Krabs was very unlikeable in this episode because he doesn't care if SpongeBob and Patrick get beat up by the biker gang and some scenes could have been better. Overall, a great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 8/10

    Best Frenemies: In my opinion, this episode was better than "Born To Be Wild" and it made me laugh all the way. It was good to see this episode focusing on Mr. Krabs and Plankton. SpongeBob's short role in this episode was very good as well. Mr. Krabs and Plankton trying to see what is going on with the new Smoothie place everywhere in Bikini Bottom was very funny. Plankton getting abused at the Smoothie place like going inside a guy's mouth, drowning in the sink was funny. Plankton calling Mr. Krabs "fat gorilla" was hilarious. Mr. Krabs being greedy to spend $1 on a smoothie was very funny. Mr. Krabs and Plankton being addicted to the smoothie because of that ingredient that it has inside was funny. It was also funny when SpongeBob has green fur all around him because of that smoothie. Mr. Krabs and Plankton having green fur was also very funny. The ending was also funny when Mr. Krabs said "Hey, come over here you little booger". Overall, it ended very strange (in a good way) but it sure made me laugh hard. 10/10
  • great

    born to be wild- spongebob worries bikini bottom citizens that an evil biker gang is coming, called The Wild Ones. When they appear it turns out they are old people known actually as The Mild Ones.

    Best Frenemies- Krabs and Plankton both worry about the future of their businesses when a new popular drink is made. Can they work together to find out why this new drink is so popular?

    good episodes, neither was really sensational or anything but rather very good episodes, i think, others may disagree, anyway, ultimately my grade for this is in the low "B" range methinks
  • Born to Be Wild was the funnier one.

    They were both good, but Born to Be Wild was the better one.

    Born to be Wild: This episode was so funny. I love how in the beginning some random prospector starts talking to Spongebob about The Wild Ones, a terrible biker gang. Then Spongebob starts to freak out. There was so many good sight gags, like when Spongebob rode the scene changing bubbles to the Krusty Krab. I also like when Spongebob and Patrick try to act all cool, with their clothes, bikes, Goofy Goober underwar, and Diet Blood. Lol!!!!!

    Best Frenimies: I didn't really care for this one. AT ALL. Well, kinda. I thought the plot was good, but their wasn't many funny parts. only a couple. It was mostly wierd and kinda creepy. It seemed like the movie Soylent Green to me. IDK.

    Born to Be Wild: A+
    Best Frienimies: c+
    Overall Grade: B+
  • Kelp Stores! They're everywhere!!

    Born to be Wild: Deserves a better grade, I thought Squidward was a little out of character, but in the end, his character got better. Also, I thought it would be cool for Spongebob to be like a biker, but not a tough one.

    Episode Grade: C+

    Best Frienemies: This episode got good(barely)at the beginning, and it was horrible at the end. This episode was also boring! Mr. Krabs, in fact was still cheap, When I heard about this episode, it got me worried. Kelp Shakes, someone stop this madness!! Hello, everyone's drinking it and you will get green, hairy kelp all over you! I do agree with Karen, I WOULDN'T do that if I were you! I would be happy if it never showned again!

    Episode Grade: D-

    Final Grade: D
  • Wild bikers come to Bikini Bottom, and panic ensues.

    I don't get to watch every episode, but peek in on it with my kids. I've always loved SpongeBob, but I worry that the writing may be in decline. This episode just wasn't funny. The jokes were reaches, and the humor involved things such as SpongeBob and Patrick repeatedly running into circles and into each other. Ouch. Fingers crossed it's just a blip. I saw another episode recently that was out of sync with other episodes, also not nearly on par. SpongeBob has always been consistent in its quality, so I hate to see it drop off. That's all from me.
  • Great Episode?! Yeah, right.

    Why was mostly every people saying this is the best episode ever (until spongebobfan200 reviewed this episode)? This isn't "best" at all.

    Born to be Wild: How can this episode be best? All that episode was about was SpongeBob worring about the Wild Ones when they were the Mild Ones. It was boring and not funny. Also Squidward was out of character. He wanted to be part of the Mild Ones? What mostly everyone doesn't know about this episode is when Squidward was holding up a sweater it seemed the design for it was borroed from Yumi's shirt design. Yumi's shirt had a skull on it, and the sweater Squidward was holding had a skull. Anyways there's no reason why many people like this.

    Best Frenemies: Was worst. How can Mr. Krabs and Plankton team up? That seems weird. Kelp Shakes seems weird too. First, how can Kelp Shakes multiply and be everywhere? Also, why is fishes drinking it if it turnes them into hairy guys? That seemed werid. Also what was that secrate ingreedent to Kelp Shakes? The ending was nonsence! Mr. Krabs and Plankton drinks the kelp shakes and turnes hairy, and then Mr. Krabs allowed Plankton to have a ten secound head start to steal a Krabby Patty, and they chase happily. I'm not seeing this episode ever again, and not drinking kelp shakes (I won't allow Ami and Yumi to drink 'em either). This time I agree with spongebob200 on this one.

    Okay, I told you why this episode is mostly overrated.

  • WTH? Born to Be Wild is soooooooooooooo overrated.

    Born To Be Wild:

    So, in this episode, SpongeBob was jellyfishing and a biker gang run past him. And he ripped that guy's letter "M" out and mistaked it for a "W". After that, a stupid old hag told him that the Wild Ones will take over Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob panics until Patrick tells him that they must confront "The Wild Ones". So, in the Krusty Krab, Squidward told SpongeBob he was overreacting. Squidward was right. And then, Patrick commited suicide, forcing me to give this episode a 2.5 because I love Patrick!

    2.5 F

    Best Frienemies:

    So far best episode of Season 4!

    9.5 A
  • disagree with me if you want to but i didnt like born to be wild the other one best frenemies i loved

    born to be wild is very overated i did not like this episode im sorry but i didnt still like some spongebob episodes there are some parts that made me laugh like when spongebob and patrick were running like goofballs but other than that i didnt like this episode grade 5.7/10 now as for the second one i loved it i think its very funny dont listen to others who think born to be wild is better cause i thought when the kelp shakes were multiplying was very funny together and i espically liked it when everybody turned yellow i give this episode a 10/10 i didnt give these episodes a 10 because of born to be wild i loved best frenemies final grade 8.0/10 kingnicky1 out
  • Very good. Born to be Wild or Mild?!

    Born to be Wild: I loved it. I loved how Spongebob was overreacting to the wild ones thing. I also loved how Spongebob and Patrick freaked out and ran, bumped into each other a couple times, then tried to hide in a clam. I also loved how Spongebob and Patrick tried to become tough but ruined everything with their rides being bicycles and I loved the childish music that played during the bicycle part. Final Grade: A! (94%)

    Best Frenemies: Very good. I just didn't like how poor Spongebob and everyone else got all hairy at the end. But I just loved how Mr. Krabs and Plankton were actually getting along a little. Just like New Leaf, why can't they just be like this rather than their constant fighting? Final Grade: A! (94%)
  • I liked Born To Be Wild more than Best Frenemies.

    First off, I liked Born To Be Wild because it was pretty funny. It didn't feel like a season 5 episode, but that's a good thing in my opinion. I liked at the end when the gang was really the mild ones instead of the wild ones. As for Best Frenemies, it definitely felt like a season 5 episode, not really a good thing. It almost felt rushed or something. I liked the fact that Plankton and Mr. Krabs teamed up for once, though. It was nice to see them working together. Anyways, I give these episodes a 9 when I average out the two episode scores that I personally gave them.
  • Both of these episodes are good, especially Born To Be Wild.

    Born To Be Wild: This one was really funny. Both the storyboarding and the gags were well done. I loved the part where Spongebob and Patrick hid in the clam and then when he spits them out, another clam asks him what happened, and he responds "I don't want to talk about it man." That was my favorite joke in the entire episode. The ending needed work though. Why would Squidward want to join a motorcycle gang?

    Best Fremenies: Meh, it wasn't as good. The plot was kind of unoriginal, but it was still clever in areas, and the ending was great.

    Overall, these episodes were above average, and I hope a pair of episodes like this happens again.
  • Wonderful.

    Born To Be Wild - Spongebob finds out that a horrible biker gang named "The Wild One's" is headed straight to Bikini Bottom, and Spongebob tries to warn everyone. When he tells Patrick, Patrick suggests that they dress and act tough to scare them away. They found out in the end that the biker gang wasn't bad , Spongebob just mistook their name.

    Best Frenemies - Mr.Krabs finds out everyone is drinking a new drink called a KelpShake instead of drinking his soda. He finds the store close to his resturant. He suspects Plankton built it but he didn't so they both team up together and try to find out the formula. They try to do everything until they buy one, they drink it then and found out the store was closed for toxic being in the drink, they both turn furry in the end. 10/10
  • Both episodes are good

    This will be kind of a short review, okay?

    Best frenemies:
    I like this episode. I like the combination of "friend" and "enemy". Kelp stores are everywhere all over bikini bottom. I liked it when they were growing hair all over their bodies after drinking all those kelp shakes. I liked this episode. Final grade: B+

    Born to be wild:
    I liked this one too (but best frenemies was better). I thought it was really funny when squidward made his own motorcycle attached to that one guy motorcycle. I thought this was good. Final grade: B-

    Total: B

    I told you it would be a short review!
  • Born to be Wild was hilarious, but Best Frenemies wasn't as good.

    Born To Be Wild: SpongeBob tries to warn Bikini Bottom after he discovers that a motorcycle gang is coming to attack the town. I loved this episode. Everybody is really funny, and the gags were great. Some of my favorite parts were when SpongeBob and Patrick were freaking out about the "Wild Ones" and were running around and bumping against each other, and then hid on a bush and a guy lawn mowed it and cut SpongeBob and Patrick into little pieces and SpongeBob was a bunch of little squares and Patrick a bunch of little stars! Then they hid inside a giant clam and the clam spit them out and then used mouth wash and another clam asks "What happened to you?" and the clam answers "I don't want to talk about it, man" that was hilarious. I also liked how SpongeBob and Patrick dressed up to look tough, that was awesome. I give this episode a 8.7

    Best Frenemies: A new store that sells "Kelp Shakes" comes to town and this is affecting Mr. Krabs' business, so him and Plankton team up to discover the secret formula for a Kelp Shake. For some reason, I am not a big fan of episodes in which Plankton and Krabs are friends. Probably because they're meant to hate each other, and SpongeBob is usually a minor character on these episodes. "Best Frenemies" might be the best one off the group (others being "New Leaf" or "Friend or Foe"). One of my favorite parts was when SpongeBob appears all covered on green fur, and then when it happens to Mr. Krabs and Plankton, that was really funny. The ending was great, I liked when Krabs called Plankton a "little booger". I give this episode a 7.9
  • Wow, two great episodes in a row!

    Born to be Wild: This wasn't really too good...it was ok but nothing too special...the plot was just the "Mr Krabs is greedy" plotline with a new twist. Some good jokes but overall nothing too great.
    Rating: C+

    Best Frenimies: This one was actually very good! I'm surprised Nick let an episode secretly about alcohol to air. But this was really funny...I just enjoyed everything about this episode. This is what Seasons 4 & 5 need to be like. This kind of reminded me of an episode from Season 1, 2, or 3 - it had lots of hidden references. It was funny.
    Rating: A-
  • Panic abounds in Bikini Bottom due to a gang of bikers, and a drink making shop/restaurant with a surprising secret! :lol:

    The characters in the T.V. show of "Spongebob Squarepants" sure do get startled easily. I mean, there has been some times when they generally Did need to be concerned, such as when the Giant Alaskan Bullworm threatened to devour their hometown, or even when the Tattletale Strangler threatened to strangle tattlers with his diabolic hands! But Spongebob has caused a lot of panic over nothing a bunch of times as well! Such as when Spongebob thought robots were taking over the world, or when he thought evereyone in the ocean was an alien! This time however, Spongebob thinks a biker gang is coming, and it is, but these bikers might Not be the vicious, blood thirsty bikers that Spongebob thinks they are! Also, when a popular franchise threatens Both the restaurants that Mr. Krabs & Plankton run, they decide to team up together to take care of a mutual foe that they both have and both mutually benefit from the outcome of taking the restaurant down! But after a bunch of completely complicated plans don't work out for Mr. Krabs & Plankton, (much more for Plankton than Mr. Krabs! :lol: ) Mr. Krabs has to do something he Truly dreads & part with a very valuable dollar in order to get the secret to this new restaurant's success! It seems that it's only Kelp Juice but it's really much more than that, as not only does it get its consumers addicted to the stuff, it also turns their bodies green & furry! :D Man, that is funny stuff! Laughing at the wild antics of this series is something that I love doing, and something I shall continue to do as long as this series is funny! :) Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Better than a lot of other episodes.

    Sorry haven't watched the episodes in a while. In the motorcycle part, Patrick and Spongebob see these really "bad" motorycle riding people come to town, so they get really scared and stuff. So does everyone else. In the end it's only a couple of old guys riding the motorcycles. In the Kelp Shake this new place is making a very addictive drink, Kelp Shakes. Even Spongebob gets addicted. So it's running Plankton and Mr.Krabs out of buisness, so they try to work together to steal the formula. But in the end, everyone who drank it turns into hairy green people things. So it was very above average, better than a lot of other episodes. So that's my review.
  • Whoever said Spongebob was losing its thunder was dead wrongs.

    Born to be Wild was so hilarious. Spongebob and his stupidity thinks the biker gang is the Wild Ones, when in reality they were called the Mild Ones. He warned everyone that a big evil bike gang was coming. Talk about crying wolf. It was so funny how excited Squidward was to ride with the retired, boring Mild Ones. Best Frenemies is definitely a classic. It is my favorite of the two. A new store comes in selling addictive Kelp shakes. Despite their differences, Mr. Krabs and Plankton work together to steal the secret ingredient. I liked the fact that Mr. Krabs let Plankton do all the dangerous things and get hurt, that was pretty smart. At the end the restaurant got closed down because it was hazardous. They realized they worked together for nothing. These episodes were awesome.
  • Great Episode!

    Totally laugh out loud funny! This was a hilarious episode
    ( born to be mild ) and Spongebob and Patrick weren't the only funny ones Squidward was so funny! I don't think I have ever seen anyone so excited about riding with people call " the mild ones " who are just a bunch of retired people. But since squidward is so boring it figures that he would want to be with really old people. Squidward also makes episodes funny by suffering like in the episode the thing or when he got stung by a giant jellyfish or when he almost got killed by a sea bear.
  • Spongebob's still got it...

    Born to be Wild:

    Spongebob finds that a 'Wild' biker gang is on its way to Bikini Bottom, and goes to warn everyone. But when he tells Mr. Krabs, all he could think of is getting money out of them. Although when the gang gets to the Krusty Krab, it turns out they are just called the 'Mild Bikers Gang'. And they are just old, friendly bikers.

    A pretty funny episode, but definetly not one of the bests.

    Best Frenemies:

    A new store called Kelp Shakes comes to Bikini Bottom, with the intentions to steal business from the Krusty Krab and Chum Bucket. So Mr. Krabs and Plankton decide to work together to find out the secret to the addictiveness of the Kelp Shake. But after getting addicted themselves, they start realizing the side effects of this soft drink. Biohazardous material was found in the drinks, and causes the strip of Kelp Shake stores to close down, aswell as cover the drinker's body in a hairy green substance. So Krabs and Plankton go back to their old ways, of stealing the krabby patty, and chasing after each other.

    A very cool episode, which presents something that is not frequently seen in Spongebob episodes, Plankton and Mr. Krabs joining forces. Reminds us how well these two work together.

    Two pretty good episodes, that show us how Spongebob still has a few tricks up its sleeves.
  • A new shop comes in town which threatens the Krusty Krab and the Chumbucket, so Mr Krab and Plankton try all sorts of ways to steal there secret formula. At the end of the episode they find out there was a hidden ingredient which..... Watch and find out!

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    Very good episode.