SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 6

Bumper to Bumper

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Nov 17, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Mr. Lawrence's first time writing a Boating School-themed episode since the Season 2 episode "No Free Rides"

    My intro was a fun fact I wanted to share with you. Anyways, I honestly was NOT looking forward to this episode because I thought it would be the same as "Demolition Doofus" where Mrs. Puff is a complete jerk and psycho trying to kill SpongeBob.... still lost that huge amount of respect of Mrs. Puff after that episode. but this episode was WAY better than I expected. I really enjoyed this episode and I'm glad Mrs. Puff wasn't exactly a jerk here... well in the beginning she was but not compared to "Demolition Doofus". Anyways, I'm glad that she actually attempted to teach SpongeBob and help him instead of trying to kill him. I thought the desert backgrounds while SpongeBob was saying "Focus on the road, there is nothing but the road" was so freaking cool and it blew me away. The two idiot guys watching a 3-D movie and thinking that Mrs. Puff and SpongeBob are part of the 3-D movie was hilarious. There were some more funny moments here and there but I honestly didn't laugh much. The storyline was very well-written and such a fun time to watch. I just DIDN'T like the ending... I was about to give this episode a 10 and then the ending just had to happen. Mrs. Puff actually passed SpongeBob for the first time and SpongeBob got his license but then that cop had to arrest Mrs. Puff, rip off SpongeBob's license, and it ends with Mrs. Puff saying "I'll get you for this SpongeBob, I'll get you for this". WOW!!! Mrs. Puff went back to being a jerk saying that in the end. I know I would be pissed if someone got me arrested a bunch of time but she is SpongeBob's boating teacher. I LOVED every moment in this episode EXCEPT the ending so....................

  • technically..he did it. after 13 years..he drived sucessfully.

    once again spongebob takes his test..and fails. ms.puff after years of pain and anger tells him to leave. but at the same time just wants him out of her life. so she thinks of a new method. isolatioin and free the mind. and it actually works. but then he then HAS to drive on the road. and after a poice chase with no damage..he parks. he actually drives well and PASSES the test. ive been waiting years for this and its amazing to see it happen. even though the cop arrested puff for going past country line and rips up his liscence. he STILL passed. he still drove well.

    i did enjoy this episode cause it was one we all needed.
  • Season 9 is improving

    This was very interesting and great. The best of Season 9 by far, and it was great. Well done episode!
  • Good Boating school episode

    This was yet another boating school episode and yet another successful one. It was nice to finally see SpongeBob drive correctly for the first time! Way to go SpongeBob! The episode was good and nice to watch although I did think that the episode didn't have much details to make this episode amazing but don't get me wrong, the episode was still good. I only wish that SpongeBob would finally get his drivers liscense and keep it like that. Overall, I give this episode an eight out of 10: Good Boating School episode.
  • i am so mad

    this is a great episode! it could have finally ended the boating school thing! I would have given this an 8... if it weren't for the SINGLE WORST ENDING IN THE HISTORY OF SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!! if you don't know what I mean go watch it. that cost this episode 3.5 points! making it a 4.5 F+
  • Makes up for "Demolition Doofus"!

    I liked this one. When I heard about it the night before it aired, I was flipping out because of "Demolition Doofus" when Mrs. Puff tried to kill SpongeBob. "Bumper To Bumper" was not like that. Well, Mrs. Puff was a jerk in the beginning when she made SpongeBob cry, but at least she did not try to kill him like she did in "Demolition Doofus". Phew, thank goodness. I found it nice that Mrs. Puff tried to be nice to SpongeBob at his house and help him overcome his fear of driving. That made me happy.

    I also thought the "Focus on the Road" mantra and SpongeBob getting his license was pretty cool. SpongeBob has tried so hard getting his license yet never succeeded, which is sad when you think about it.

    Now here comes the spoiler. While SpongeBob did get his license, it then got ripped by a cop and Mrs. Puff got sent to jail for violating her parole. While I felt bad for Mrs. Puff (and SpongeBob) I did not like how she threatened to "get" SpongeBob. It almost sounds like she wants to kill him again. Other than that, "Bumper to Bumper" is a great episode.
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