SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 35

Buried in Time / Shellback Shenanigans

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Sep 18, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Plankton tries to steal the formula breaking into a time capsule.... and disguising as Gary.

    Buried in Time: SB is out of tartar sauce, so he goes to the giant tartar sauce contaier I never knew they had. SB comments on how future generations should see it and Mr. Krabs gets the idea to make a time capsule. Then while everyone is donating stuff, SB and Squid are in charge of recieving the stuff. The plate gag was amusing. Then PAtrick wants to give what I think it was his belly button dirt, and they accidentally get trapped in the capsule. Then, when Mr. Krabs makes thge big announcement that he'll put the formula in the capsule, Plankton goes for it, digging into it. There Squid is going crazy, and everyone begins to wonder how will the future be like. SB imagines it all chrome as in SB-129, Pat imagined it like California and Squid's had a museum of him. After that they go to sleep, and SB and Pat play with shaving cream and give each other and Squid beards. After PLankton breaks in and makes a hole, Squid wakes up and thinking 50 years have passed he, PAt and SB leave through that hole to surface, but after learig it's present, Squid goes back. SB steps on Plankton (who had the formula), so he swallowed it, and the ep ends with him tryign to poop it.

    Shellback Shennanigans: I really don't remeber much about this one, back Plankton disguised as Gary after he sees SB gives Gary Krabby Patties, and goes with him to work. But GAry, who was looking for him ever since they switched, comes in the righ moment and kicks Plankton's a*s. A highligh was Plankton havign trouble meowing at the vet.

    Bottom line: Good pair, but the first was better, IMO.