SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 10

Chimps Ahoy / Ghost Host

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM May 05, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Sandy: (so long bikini bottom)
      So long bikini bottom
      I cant leave without a good bye
      But please don`t think bad of me
      Even if I start to cry
      So long bikini bottom
      There is so many things I`ll miss
      From your small, decrowded city
      To your stinging jellyfish (stings Patrick in the butt)
      This town is filled with many things
      that I have come to love
      From the birds that fly upon the ground
      to the flowers up above
      Farewell bikini bottom
      Now I really hate to go
      Cause the things I`ll miss the most of all
      are the friends I have come to know