SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 3 Episode 12

Chocolate With Nuts / Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 01, 2002 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The acronym E.V.I.L. stand for "Every Villain is Lemons".

    • The issue of the "Fancy Living Digest"(December 2002) came after this episode released. (June 2002)

    • The lies SpongeBob and Patrick told to sell their chocolate bars were:

      - You rub it on your skin, and it will make you live forever.
      - It will make your hair grow.
      - It will make you sound smarter.
      - It will keep your face from getting any uglier.
      - They will bring world peace.
      - You will fall in love.
      - It will make you fly.
      - You will walk through walls.
      - You will rule the world!

      They also said they need an operation; but they don't, so that's a lie too.

    • The villains Barnacle Boy, Manray and Dirty Bubble were on the news doing bad stuff, but they barely just got out of the Krusty Krab.

    • It is not explained how Sandy could be invisible underwater.

    • In one moment, Patrick was only wearing underwear. But, a second later, he was wearing normal clothes once again.

    • Look Hard: In "Chocolate With Nuts," the part when Tom catches SpongeBob and PK, and screams chocolate for the final time his shirt lifts up a little and you can see that his skin was green as his fins when his skin was supposed to be brownish.

    • In this episode Barnacle Boy had trouble eating a Krabby Patty, but in "Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob," Barnacle Boy ate Krabby Patties just fine.

    • Here, the Krusty Krab has a dark side, but it is never seen in the following episodes or episodes before it.

    • In one customer's house, there is a picture of SpongeBob's pineapple in a picture frame hanging on the wall.

    • In the news clip where the newsfish reads out "Every Villian is Lemons," the word villain is spelt wrong.

    • When Patrick and SpongeBob look at the fancy magazine, Patrick thinks being rich must be having shoes. But in the episode "Your Shoe's Untied," Patrick has just bought new shoes. Also, Patrick thinks he can't buy shoes because he's poor, but when Patrick buys 10 pictures of the fat kid for $5, that would mean he has $50.

    • Squidward reminisces about Makeout Reef, which means he must have had a girlfriend in his teenage past.

    • An alternative name for the episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V" was "Super Friends."

    • "Chocolate with nuts" doesn't mean there's nuts in it, it means that SB and Patrick are nuts.

    • In the first scene with the Mary and her elderly mother, SpongeBob has no pores on his face.

    • Sandy's arms and feet can be shown while wearing the Miss Appear suit. How could that be possible when she is underwater? Her air helmet would be filled with water! (Confusing?)

    • Sandy fell longer than she should have based on the distance from the cliff to the ground.

    • How can one side of the store be dark when it's daytime?! To make this clear, how come there was darkness on the left side when it was partly in the afternoon?

    • In one scene, Patrick at first has 1 tooth, then he has 20, then 1 again, and it keeps doing this

    • In MMABB 3, it was shown that Manray couldn't do bad things anymore, with or without the belt, so why could he do bad things here without getting tickled?

    • Why does Spongebob have to use a wheelchair? HE'S AN ENVERTABRATE FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!!

    • When Mermaid Man went to the ice cream truck he says, "A double scoop of prune with bran sprinkles!" They give him a single scoop.

    • When "Barnacle Man" is making his demands, he suddenly has five fingers on his hand, when normally he has only four on each hand.

    • Manray was seen blowing buildings up with just his gloved hands. I thought in "Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy III" he needed robot hands and junk to blow things up?

    • Wait a sec, the old fish brain or skeleton (Whatever you think of her as) has a tongue! But that's an organ!

    • At the end of "Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy V" there is a "Help Wanted" sign on the window of the Krusty Krab! (The same goof happened in "Just One Bite")

    • In MMABBV the "Dark Side" at the Krusty Krab wasn't in any other part of the episode, or any other episodes for that matter.

    • When the car comes with Manray and the Dirty Bubble, the window is green. But when the window closes when Barnacle Boy/Man is in it, it's purple.

    • Have you noticed how in "Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy V" the Dirty Bubbles shrinks and grows at different times?

    • In MM+BB 5, Man Ray had his tickle belt on. Didn't that come off in MM+BB III?

    • The Gallery Grub was Different.

    • This time Barnacle boy's lunch was a "Pipsqueak Patty" but in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV he had a "Silly Meal".

    • Didn't SpongeBob blow the Dirty Bubble up with a pencil in MM+BB II? But in MM+BB V, he is one of the villains.

    • We learn that Barnacle Boy is 68 years old.

    • In MMABB III Manray appeared and at the end he became good. But here in V he's bad again! Also, His Head (Mask) is Back.

  • Quotes

    • SpongeBob: There must be something to this selling game that we're just not getting. Other people do it, I mean look at that! (points to a billboard)
      Patrick: (reading the billboard) Eat Barnacle Chips: They're Delicious.
      SpongeBob: They are most certainly not delicious!
      Patrick: Not the way I use them.

    • Squidward: Oh, make out reef. Good times, good times!

    • SpongeBob: (to the Old Woman) Hello, young lady. We're selling chocolate. Is your mother home?

    • SpongeBob: Quick, Patrick, without thinking! If you could have anything in the world right now what would it be?
      Patrick: Uh...more time for thinking!

    • (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are eating Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab) Mermaid Man: How is your adult-sized Krabby Patty treating you, Barnacle Man? (winks his eye) Barnacle Boy: Actually, it's pretty big. I'm not sure I can finish the whole thing. (Mermaid Man laughs at Barnacle Boy, Barnacle Boy laughs, SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick and Sandy all laugh together, the fish with the pillow in the car laughs, Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble laugh when they're inside the cage, and in the mermailair on TV, the chief kisses and then he laughs)

    • Mermaid Man: I'll cool you down, Quickster, with one of my waterballs. (aims at Squidward)
      Mermaid Man: Aha!
      Squidward: Huh? No! Wait! I'm not the Quickster, I'm Captain Mag... (coughs and burns) ...ma.

    • Fish: Please stop!
      Barnacle Boy, ManRay, Dirty Bubble: John and Nancy sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g.
      Dirty Bubble: Shine the light on that car ManRay.
      Fish: Hey man! That's not cool.

    • Tom: CHOCOLATE!!!!!
      SpongeBob & Patrick: No! No! Don't hurt us please!
      Tom: (laughs maniacally) FINALLY! I've been trying to catch you boys all day!! Now that I've got you right where I want you...!!!! (changes back to normal voice) I'd like to buy all of your chocolate.
      (several chocolate bars and a Hershey's kiss fell out of Patrick's pants; SpongeBob and Patrick melt)
      SpongeBob: Thank you for your patronage.

    • Salesman in Cast: What can I do for you boys?
      SpongeBob: Hi. Would you like to buy a chocolate bar? We need an operation.
      Salesman in Cast: Really small world. What's wrong with you boys?
      SpongeBob: We have head trauma and internal bleeding.
      Salesman in Cast: Some guys have all the luck. I was born with paper skin and glass bones. Every morning I break my legs. And every afternoon I break my arms. At night I lay awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.

    • Mermaid Man: Once you put on these costumes, their fantastic powers will become yours.
      Sandy: Wow. I didn't think superpowers worked that way.
      Mermaid Man: Sure! Powers are all in the costume. Why else would we run around in colored undies?
      Squidward: I can think of three good reasons.

    • Squidward: KRAKATOA!

    • Squidward: But it's my only night to be fancy!

    • SpongeBob: Face it, Patrick, we're failures.
      Patrick: I can live with that.

    • SpongeBob: (to Patrick when carrying the undercover salesman) Careful, put him down gently. (Patrick drops him)

    • SpongeBob: (to Patrick) If we keep stretching the truth, we'll be fancy living in no time!

    • SpongeBob: (to Patrick after seeing a billboard advertising a product) That's it, Patrick! We gotta stretch the truth.

    • SpongeBob: (talking about a photo in the magazine) This guy's so rich, he's got a swimming pool in a swimming pool.

    • Squidward: (to Mermaid Man) Sir, will you please order up already? You're holding up the line.

    • SpongeBob: Oh, Mermaid Man! Are you okay? How will you ever beat all 3 of those guys by yourself?
      Mermaid Man: You're right. I give up.
      SpongeBob: You can't give up! What if we help you?
      Mermaid Man: No, that's a terrible idea. But what if you help me?
      SpongeBob: Okay!
      Mermaid Man: So, who wants to save the world?
      SpongeBob: I do!
      Sandy: I do!
      Patrick: I do!
      Squidward: I don't.
      Mr. Krabs: Oh, yes, you do! No world means no money! Now go save the world or you're fired!

    • Old Woman's Mother: What?! What, what's all the yelling?! You just can't wait for me to die, can you?
      Old Woman: They're selling chocolate.
      Old Woman's Mom: Chocolate?
      Old Woman: Yeah!
      Old Woman's Mom: What? What are they selling?
      Old Woman: Chocolates!
      Old Woman's Mom: What?
      Old Woman: Chocolates!
      Old Woman's Mom: I can't hear you!
      Old Woman: They're selling chocolates!
      Old Woman's Mom: They're selling chocolate?
      Old Woman: Yeah!
      Old Woman's Mother: Chocolate, I remember when they first invented chocolate. Sweet, sweet chocolate. I always hated it!

    • Patrick: Make way for a couple of ent-re-pen-oo-ers!

    • Patrick: This guy's got shoes!

    • Barnacle Man: You've lost Mermaid Man, and the superhero/supervillain rules say you have to give in to my demands!
      Mermaid Man: Okay. What do you want?
      Manray: World domination! Tell him we want world domination!
      The Dirty Bubble: Ooh, and make him eat dirt! Hmm, hmm!
      (Manray looks at him.)
      The Dirty Bubble: (To Manray) In addition to the domination thing.

    • Mermaid Man: I've made my decision! (the line outside cheers) One Krabby Patty for me and a Pip-Squeak Patty for the boy.
      Barnacle Boy: Now wait just a darn minute! (the line outside groans) I don't want a Pip-Squeak Patty! I want an adult-sized Krabby Patty!
      Mermaid Man: The Krabby Patty is too big for you, you'll never finish it.
      Barnacle Boy: Don't you see what you're doing? You're treating me like a child!
      Mr. Krabs: The boy's eyes are bigger than his stomach! (all laugh)
      Barnacle Boy: And that's another thing! I'm not a boy! I'm so old that I've got hair growing out of the wrinkles on my liver spots! (lifts his hat and shows them)
      Squidward: One Pip-Squeak Patty… And your bib and highchair. (takes them out, he, Krabs, Sandy and Patrick laugh)
      Barnacle Boy: I'm 68 years old and I want a Krabby Patty!
      Mermaid Man: Your Pip-Squeak is getting cold. Shall I feed you?
      Barnacle Boy: Feed this, old man!
      Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Patrick, and Sandy: Ooooh…
      Barnacle Boy: I'm tired of playing second banana to a man who wears a bra! From now on, I want to be called Barnacle Man! And I'm through with protecting citizens that don't respect me!
      Spongebob: I respect you, Barnacle Man!
      Barnacle Boy: That's Barnacle Boy! I... I mean, Man! Forget you people! I say if you're not going to give me any respect as a hero, than maybe you'll give me respect as a villain! A villain who is… EVIL!
      Spongebob: Evil?
      Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Patrick, and Sandy: Evil?
      (Mermaid Man just stands there. Krabs smacks him)
      Mermaid Man: Eeeevil!
      Barnacle Boy: I'm crossing over to the dark side.
      [We see that one half of the restaurant is lit and the other half is pure darkness]
      Mr. Krabs: Why should I waste money lighting up the whole store? (A long car comes out of the darkness. The license plate reads, "Mean 2 U." The window rolls down, revealing Manray and the Dirty Bubble)
      Dirty Bubble: Did someone say "evil"?
      Spongebob: Holy oil spill! It's Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's arch enemies! Manray and the Dirty Bubble!
      Barnacle Boy: Nighty-night, you old goat! (the window rolls back up and the car drives off)
      Mermaid Man: Uh… nighty-night. (to Squidward) Will you tuck me in?

    • ManRay: Come on domination.

    • SpongeBob: It'll make your hair grow!
      Very Bald Fish: Great! My wife's been trying to grow a beard!

    • SpongeBob: Remember Patrick, focus.
      : Yes?
      : Good afternoon, sir, wanna buy some chocolate? (Patrick's eyes move forward and back towards the fish)
      : Why is Chubby here staring at me?
      : Focusing.
      : Back off, Jack!
      : (Eye's close in on fish as he moves back into his house and slams the door on his eyes and they start moving around) Nice place you got here!

    • Patrick: It'll keep your face from getting any uglier.
      Guy who looks exactly like Patrick: Just in time.

    • Spongebob: Good afternoon sir. Could we interest you in some chocolate?
      Tom: Chocolate? Did you say chocolate?
      Patrick: Yes sir, with or without nuts?
      Tom: Chocolate?! Chocolate?!! CHOCOLATE!!! CHOCOLATE!!!

    • Spongebob:(As the Quickster)(Points to mountain) Wanna see me run to that mountain and back?(Moves so fast it looks like he didn't move) Wanna see me do it again?

    • Spongebob and Patrick: Fancy livin', here we come! LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!!!!!!!


    • SpongeBob: We need a new approach. A new tactic.
      Patrick: I've got it! Let's get naked!
      SpongeBob: No, let's save that for when we're selling real estate.

    • Chief: More to the point, we've got news on the whereabouts of EVIL.
      Patrick (Elastic Waistband): The whoseabouts of what?

    • Patrick: I can finally touch my toes! (Feet extend upward and over his head and touch his hands)

    • Sandy (Miss Appear): (While invisible) Does this outfit make me look fat?

    • Chief: You know, Makeout Reef? (starts a fake-out make-out with the air)
      SpongeBob: Floppin' Flounders, Mermaid Man! Makeout Reef!
      Mermaid Man: Those fiends, attacking hormonally stressed children!
      Squidward (Captain Magma): Ah, Makeout Reef. Good times, good times.

    • Dirty Bubble: Uh oh.
      Manray: I don't feel good about this anymore.
      Barnacle Boy: Oh, there goes our toy deal.

    • Barnacle Man: There's no way you can beat us! There are three of us and only one of you!
      SpongeBob: Make that 2!
      ManRay: The Quickster!
      Squidward: 3!
      Barnacle Man: Captain Magma!
      Patrick: 4!
      Dirty Bubble: The Elastic Waistband!
      Sandy: 5!
      EVIL: M-M-M-Miss Appear!
      Mermaid Man: And me makes 10! I think.

    • Chief: Super Aquaintances, we need your help.
      Spongebob: Holy halibut! It's the Chief!
      Chief: Thank you for the introduction, Quickster, but we all know who I am!!! More to the point, we've got news on the whereabouts of EVIL.
      Patrick: The whoseabouts of what?
      Sandy: You just tell us where they are, Chief, and we'll hog-tie 'em faster than you can say Salsa Verde!

    • Fish: It does my heart good...to con a couple of class-A suckerroonies like those two!

    • Announcer: E-V-I-L, Every Villain Is Lemons.

    • SpongeBob: I can't understand what we're doing wrong!
      Patrick: I can't understand anything.

    • SpongeBob: What is it?
      Fish Salesman: It's a candy bar bag, you knuckle head.

    • SpongeBob: So how long have you known each other?
      Really Old Fish: What? What did he say?

    • Patrick: Does this mean we're not getting pizza?

    • SpongeBob: Ah! Get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off!

    • SpongeBob: Remember, Patrick, flatter the customer. Make him feel good.
      Fish: Hello.
      Patrick: I love you.
      SpongeBob: I think you laid him on a teensy bit, old pal. Let me try. (rings bell)
      Fish: Please, go away.
      SpongeBob: How ya doing?
      Fish: How am I doing?
      SpongeBob: Want to buy some chocolate?
      Patrick: We've got it now!
      Fish: Sorry. Chocolate has sugar and sugar turns into bubbling fat. Isn't that right, lover-boy?
      Patrick: Hee-hee, it tickles.
      Fish: As you can see, chocolate and I no longer hang. You can keep that for 5 bucks.
      Patrick: I'll take ten.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When The Fish crazy for chocolate asks for all of their chocolate, a Hershey's Kiss falls out of Patrick's pants.

      This is obviously a reference to Hershey's kisses, a small chocolate the Hershey's brand makes.

    • Magazine: Fancy Living Digest

      This is similar to the magazine Reader's Digest.

    • The Flash

      SpongeBob's abilty to run fast is the same abilty that DC's comics character The Flash has.

    • Barnacle Chips
      The magician on the Barnacle Chips ad looks very similar to Chip and/or Skip from Camp Lazlo.

    • Hermes
      The wings on the Quickster's shoes and goggles could be a reference to Hermes, the Greek god who also had wings on his sandals and hat.

    • Narrator: The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances! A subsidiary of Viacom.
      Viacom is the name of the company that owns Nickelodeon, which airs this series.

    • When the narrator said "Now you see her, now you don`t", it is an allusion from the book called On The Run.

    • A silly meal must be like McDonald's Happy Meal.

    • The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances is a parody of the Justice League. However, the Elastic Waistband and Captain Magma are parodies of Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch from the Fantastic 4.

      Edit: Missappear was also a parody of The Inviable Women.

    • Mermaid Man: ...Kyle...
      This goes with the Star Wars reference. LucasArts and Raven Software have a PC game series called Jedi Knight, where in three of the four games in the series, the main character is Kyle Katarn. In each game, your actions eventually determine whether you join the Light or Dark Side. Since Barnacle Boy/Man's name is Kyle, they could be referencing this game.

    • Squidward/Capt. Magma: KRAKATOA!!!
      Krakatoa was a volcano/island in which the facade blew off in a giant explosion. It was seen up to 600 miles away. A book, The Twenty-one Balloons was written telling about a fictional civilization on Krakatoa.

    • Barnacle Boy/Man: I'm going over to the Dark Side
      This is a reference to the "Star Wars" films. I don't think that I would need to elaborate what the Dark Side is to anyone. Also, Barnacle Man's outfit when he turned evil looked like Darth Vader's cloak.