SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 8

Christmas Who?

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 06, 2000 on Nickelodeon

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  • SpongeBob has done it agian he made me laugh really hard!

    SpongeBob has the best chirsmas eipsodes I have ever seen. It was sad though when santa didn't come. Squideward was very grouchy in this episode. Spongebob rules! Spongebob Rules he is awsome he is funny he acts really dumd which is silly. He rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules Spongebob rocks!
  • Christmas in Bikini Bottom

    Okay, apparently people don't know the meaning of "very special episode". It does NOT mean "special" in terms of a Christmas or Thanksgiving special episode. A "very special episode" refers to an episode that addresses a serious issue in modern-day life (i.e. death, divorce, violence, racism, rape); these episodes usually have zero comedy. It was hilarious to see Santa going crazy for about two minutes in this episode. I laughed like crazy the first time I saw it.

    Spongebob, Patrick: It's shaping up to be a wonderful holiday, not your natural, average everyday.
    Squidward: Sounds like someone felled my old coraltree.
    Spongebob, Patrick, why'd you do this to me?
    Spongebob, Patrick: This Christmas feels like the very first Christmas
    to me.
    Plankton: People are being more brotherly.
    Mr. Krabs: Here's a little present from you to me.
    Spongebob, Patrick: Even all the trash on christmas-- it smells so
    sweetly. This Christmas feels like the very first Christmas to me.
    Spongebob: La la la la la la la la ( Repeat 4x)
    Sqwuidward: What do you want? Can't you see that I'm busy?
    Spongebob, Patrick: Step outside, we've go something for you to see.
    Squidward: Spongebob, take this stuff down immediately.
    Spongebob, Patrick: Chestnuts roasted and burnt to the third degree.
    Spongebob, Patrick, whole cast (except Squidward): This christmas feels like the very first Christmas to me. (2x)
  • The only one episode of an spongebob christmas special.

    Bikii Bottom never heard of Christmas.When Spongebob saw Sandy's treehouse.She was the one that told him about Christmas.Which made the others believed in Santa Clause.Of course Squidward doesn't believed any of those kind of junk.So he just ignored the people and knew that Christmas didn't exist nor Santa claus.When Santa never came.Everyone just got mad at Spongebob and went off.After Spongebob gave Squidward an carved gold clarienet as an present.Squidward decided to do something nice for Spongebob in return as posing as Santa Clause.Of course in the end he gave all his stuff away to the people.Now remembered that this is the only episode where Squidward is extremely nice to Spongebob well at the end of course.
  • 25th Episode

    In this special episode. Spongebob proves to all people that Santa Clause is real and not a fake. However later he understands that it's not just about Santa it's about the love and passion towards others witch made this a very special episode indeed. One of the best you will never miss.
  • One of the best Spongebob episodes ever! [includes spoilers]

    "Christmas Who?" was one of my favorite episodes in the series. I like how they extended it out to 30 minutes because then the story has more time to develop. The short segments with Patchy and Potty were also funny and cute. My favorite part was the catchy song in the middle. This episode has a nice, traditional storyline and theme.

    Sandy introduces the story of Christmas to Spongebob, who in turn, tells it to the entire town. Throughout most of the episode, Squiward publicly announces his disbelief in Santa Claus. Meanwhile, Spongebob and everyone else prepare for Santa Claus's arrival. When Santa doesn't come on Christmas morning, Spongebob is heartbroken, and Squidward laughs at him. Spongebob then gives Squidward a fancy wooden clarinet that plays the "dance of the sugar plum fairy" [from the Nutcracker. Squidward starts to feel bad, so he runs into his house and comes back out looking like Santa Claus. Spongebob sees him and is overjoyed, but then all the citizens of Bikini Bottom show up and are expecting gifts from Santa. Squidward, not wanting to upset the people, gives away almost all his possessions. Then, after everyone leaves, Santa appears and Squidward receives a 'thank-you note' from him. The episode ends with a Patchy the pirate scene.
  • The First Spongebob Christmas Episode

    Patchy and Potty celebrate Christmas and he later remember the Time Spongebob celebrated Christmas the First Time Spongebob learns about Christmas From Sandy and everyone gets involved but Squidward who didn't Belive in Santa Claus and when he doesn't show up Spongebob gets Sad and Starts to Cry Squidward saves Christmas.
  • It\'s shaping up to be a wonderful episode, Not your normal average Episode, Sounds like SpongeBob found out \'bout holidays, Sandy Cheeks had told him all about this day, The Christmas spirit\'s warming all lovely, Krab

    It\'s shaping up to be a wonderful episode,
    Not your normal average Episode,
    Sounds like SpongeBob found out \'bout holidays,
    Sandy Cheeks had told him all about this day,
    The Christmas spirit\'s warming all lovely,
    Krabs and Plankton seem much more brotherly,
    This Christmas feels like the very first chistmas to me...

    I made it up...

    Anyway, it\'s a great episode. I just love it! I got it on a free DVD, and it\'s hilarious and touching. 10/10!
  • Absolutely hilarious

    This is one Spongebob episode for everyone. Its so just so funny and such an entertaining episode to watch. Spongebo annoying everyone about Christmas and the holiday spirit, also getting Squidward into a comma. But gives Squidward a present anyways, funny Patrick dumbness, Holiday singing "this christmas feels like the very first christmas to me!", this episode was hilarious. Probably next to Fairly Odd Parent's "Christmas Everyday?" and Hey Arnold's Christmas Special, this is one of the best holiday nick special nick's had to offer us. A lot of reviewers seem to be negative on Spongebob, well if you still say the show sucks then watch this one. Its hilarious and one of the finer examples of Spongebob's episodes.
  • Hillerious

    I have never seen such a funnmier show as SpongeBob, and I\'m yet a teen. SpongeBob finds out about Christmas and decides to celebrate it. Soon the citizens of Bikini Bottum are running about buying gifts and of course, it\'s always Squidward that spoils it all. I found the last part to very touching and lively tearing on the eyes.
  • When Sandy tells Spongebob about the wonderful story of Chirstmas, he tells it to everyone else. Then, Biniki Bottom wants to get Santa to visit! Also, they try to get Squiward to write a letter, but he refuses. After a cute little song, no Santa! Them, S

    Best one ever! Personally, this is my favorite. I love the Chirstmas song. I keep singing it in school all the time! XD I hope I can get this episode on DVD sometime soon. I like how Gary has a part. It's just a "Meow" but, it's still really cute!
  • Topics good for young and slightly older :) Very cute.

    A somewhat rare episode (showing mostly during the holiday season), it is satisfactory and has appropriate topics for the younger children to enjoy. And the subtle hints that appear in the middle are enjoyable to the slightly older viewers such as myself (I am a teenager). Not too many, so the clever little kids don't catch on, not like the episode 'The Grass is Greener.' The younger children, probably 8-10 years, would enjoy the Christmas song that Spongebob, Patrick, and the other characters sing. And then again, the teens would enjoy parts of the song too ('...and burns in the third degree...'). Overall, it's an adorable episode for most ages :)
  • After all the time that's gone by, I still love this Christmas special...

    This episode is great; it has a lot of hilarious moments and others that tug on your heart strings a little. It also shows how nice Squidward can really be, posing as Santa Claus and giving all his things to the people in Bikini Bottom. The ending with Santa was funny and always makes me laugh when I see it.

    The episode is very heartwarming to me, and one of the best Christmas specials that show on Nickelodeon. It has an original storyline and is very entertaining to watch. When Christmas time rolls around again, make sure you catch it!
  • It was funny and i still like it

    This episode was so funny and original. I liked it so much when it first aired but i wish they would air it so much more instead of waiting til christmas.The Very First Christmas song is one of the funniest songs Spongebob and the other characters ever sang, especially in the middle when Spongebob goes "la la la la la", and when squidward rubs it in spongebob's face that santa doesn't exist. i liked the plot also,anyways one of the best Spongebob Holiday Specials since the valentines one. "Heart on stick! must die"
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