SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 8

Christmas Who?

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 06, 2000 on Nickelodeon

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  • Not only is it one of the best SpongeBob episodes, it's the best Christmas special.

    When Sandy tells SpongeBob about Christmas, he tells everyone in Bikini Bottom about it and everyone wants to write a letter to Santa except Squidward. The episode is really funny and very heartwarming. It's not just one of the best SpongeBob episode, it's not just the best SpongeBob special, but it's also the best Christmas special. It is much better than the new SpongeBob Christmas special and I will watch this episode every year when Christmas is coming.
  • At least its better than the first one!

    Hey, this one is waaaay better than the new stop animation one. I mean "Jerktonium". yep. thats DEFENATLY funny. I like the first one :) its rlly funny lol!
  • Christmas review #1: Perfect SB Christmas special

    This Christmas special was perfect. Most of the parts were great. My only problem (although I am taking off points for that) was Squidward. He was little mean in the first beginning. At least he become generous after SpongeBob got depressed. It was funny to see Squidward as Santa Claus and then uses his stuffs to bring the people's gifts. I didn't laugh that much in this special. I just enjoyed it. Patchy segment was a little funny especially when Potty ate a lot of food and got fat. I liked the song that everyone sang. It was weird to see Mr. Krabs sing like a girl. Santa Claus showing up at the end was very funny. Overall a perfect Christmas special. Score 10/10
  • Christmas Classic

    Spongebob tries to prove Santa's existence against Squidward's denial. Squidward proves right there is no Santa but he feels bad so he poses as Santa.

    A good episode, Christmas specials of shows are almost always good and this was certainly no exception. Squidward was nice when he was giving people whatever they wanted and the ending, whilst kind of dumb (it's for the children!), gave me a chuckle. Overall, a classic Christmas episode, my overall grade for this is without a doubt, an A+. Funny ,heartwarming, and a very interesting plot, this episode very easily gets a perfect score, 10!
  • Perfect


    It's Christmas time, and Patchy the Pirate is telling the story of how Spongebob first brought Christmas to Bikini Bottom. Spongebob is sneaking up to Sandy's tree dome to perform is new karate move, and sees Sandy lighting up her tree to look like a Christmas tree. Spongebob, mistaking the lights for fire, freaks out and runs in and splashes water on Sandy. An annoyed Sandy realizes that Spongebob's never seen a Christmas tree. Confused, Spongebob asks what Christmas is, and Sandy tells Spongebob about Santa Claus, decorating, giving and receiving presents, and all of that other Christmas etc. Spongebob hurries to the Krusty Krab afterwards and tells Mr. Krabs, Patrick, and Squidward all about what he's learned. Spongebob spreads Christmas all over Bikini Bottom, telling how you can write to Santa, and he'll give you what you want. Then everyone in Bikini Bottom writes their wish of what they want to Santa, and Spongebob uses a machine to shoot the letters up to the ocean surface. However, one certain grinch, Squidward, refuses to take part in this merriment. While everyone decorates and writes letters to Santa, Squidward refuses to believe in Santa and all the Christmas cheer. On Christmas Eve, everyone waits outside singing for Santa, while Squidward goes to sleep. The next morning, Santa never came, and everyone gets mad at Spongebob for filling their heads with fairy-tales and leaves Spongebob. Spongebob, heartbroken, is only made worse when Squidward comes out and makes fun and taunts Spongebob about Santa. Spongebob gives Squidward a present that he would've given him so he wouldn't feel left out if Santa came. Squidward unwraps the present to find a carved wooden clarinet, hand-made by Spongebob. Squidward is touched and feels like a jerk. Spongebob, still sad, starts to undecorate, when he hears, "HO! HO! HO!". Squidward, feeling bad for Spongebob, appears dressed as Santa Clause. Spongebob freaks out and gets all excited, Santa tells Spongebob that he brought Christmas to Bikini Bottom by telling them about it, which makes Spongebob faint with happiness. Squidward is ready to take the suit off, when all the fish of Bikini Bottom appear, asking for presents. Squidward runs in and out of his house giving all the fish his belongings to make Spongebob and them happy, and sharing Christmas spirit. When it's all over, Squidward has nothing left and takes off the suit, and Spongebob appears to him telling him everything he missed, and Squidward pushes Spongebob away. That's when Squidward finds a note at his doorstep. It's a note from Santa! The note thanks Squidward for helping him spread joy, and tells him he's been a good boy this year. Squidward then looks up to see the real Santa in his sleigh flying out of Bikini Bottom, laughing with joy. Shocked, Squidward just tells himself he's insane, and walks back into his empty house playing his wooden clarinet.

    10 out of 10

  • Superb episode!

    First off, I love this episode very much. Spongebob learns about Christmas from Sandy, and decides to convince everyone in Bikini Bottom that there is a man named Santa Claus who brings gifts to everyone during Christmas. Squidward, on the other hand, does not believe Spongebob and does not want to celebrate Christmas with Spongebob. Spongebob and everyone at Bikini Bottom [except for Squidward] congregate and sing Christmas carols all through Christmas Eve while they wait for Santa to arrive, but are disappointed to not see Santa arrive and bring them gifts.

    The whole episode was funny. It is a classic Spongebob episode that should not be missed! I loved the ending, and overall, this was a great episode.

    Rating: 10/10
  • The Best Episode Ever...........

    I just watched this episode last night with my daughter AND my mother. We all loved it. It's become a holiday tradition. I love everything about it. Well almost...I'll get to that later. Spongebob is introduced to Christmas by Sandy who explains in a funny interpretive, animated way, who Santa Claus is. Spongebob is enamored by her story and can't wait to tell all of Bikini Bottom! He encourages everyone to write a letter to Santa and everyone does, except Squidward, of course. Squiddy takes on the role of Scrooge in this episode and is delighted when Spongebob is disappointed when Santa does not show up on his appointed day. Sponge's expression is so mournfully sad, that it's hard to remember that it's just a cartoon. We want to cry right along side of Sponge when his big dream does not come true. Head down, tears flowing, he hands Squidward a homemade gift and starts tearing down the decorations. Squid is horrified that he has been such a jerk when he sees the effort SB has put into making him a classic clarinet. Squid comes to the rescue and dresses up as Santa to assure Spongebob that his dream really did come true. My favorite scene is the one w/ everyone singing and decorating the town. Is it just me or does part of the song's melody sound exactly like Winter Wonderland? I've seen this episode so many times, I can sing along w/ it now. Mr. Krabs surprises us all with his amazing falsetto voice. The only part of this episode that I do not like is at the very end when Patchy the Pirate hangs some mistletoe and is looking for someone to kiss. It creeps me out, probably because it reminds me of an uncle I have that always tried to kiss the girls around Christmas. (but that's my issue and I'm learning how to deal with it over the years). In summary, this show makes me happy every time I watch it. Merry Christmas Everyone! Let's all remember to be excited about the simple pleasures of the season.
  • Merry Christmas SpongeBob SquarePants!!!

    In my opinion, this is one of the most hilarious, most heartwarming, and most classical Christmas specials that I have ever seen. I love the plot to this special and it's a special that I love to watch over and over again every year to bring my Christmas spirit. I thought it was kind of odd that Bikini Bottom has never heard of Christmas but I am glad that Sandy told SpongeBob about Christmas. I thought it was hilarious when Patrick kept breaking his pencil. I thought it was very funny when everyone in Bikini Bottom were giving their Christmas wishes. I also loved the Christmas song that everyone sang called "The Very First Christmas To Me" and it was hilarious when Mr. Krabs was singing in his high-pitched voice. I thought it was very funny when everyone in Bikini Bottom was singing all night long so they can wait for Santa Claus to arrive. I thought it was very heartwarming when SpongeBob gave Squidward a Christmas present and Squidward realizes that he is a big jerk. It was very funny when Squidward dressed up as Santa Claus and had to give all of his things from his house as Christmas presents to everyone in Bikini Bottom. The ending was kind of dumb but funny when Santa Claus flew by Bikini Bottom just to make SpongeBob happy. Overall, the most hilarious, most heartwarming, and most classical Christmas special that I have ever seen... Merry Christmas SpongeBob SquarePants!!! 10/10
  • Awesome Episode!

    One of my favorite Christmas specials of any show since it really captured the true meaning of Christmas. One of the best Spongebob episodes bar none. And it had an epic song to go along with it.

    Great episode, great song, lots of funny moments too. This episode always gets me in the Christmas spirit and I love this quote:

    Spongebob: Gee Squidward, maybe Santa will bring me a dictionary so I can understand what you just said.

    10/10"Spongebob made me a gift? Pfft, it's probably a krabby patty, or an old jellyfish net, or (goofy voice) his favorite underpants!"(I think that's how the quote goes)

    That's my favorite quote. xP Oh, and the song "Spongebob's First Christmas" was awsome!

    Overall, a great holiday episode!
  • It's turning out to be a wonderful episode!

    Christmas Who?: This is the best episode ever! SpongeBob finally finds out about the holiday that people like us love! This episode also has my favorite SpongeBob musical number. Santa didn't come to them. I like the part when they show a donkey over his head to show he is a, well, you know what I mean. This episode is flawless! The first SpongeBob Christmas episode. Maybe they can make another Christmas episode like this. It is just so great! The character development was what I liked. SpongeBob acted totally like himself. That is an episode I want see again. I have the DVD, so I can watch it these holidays!

    Final Score: A++
  • Christmas in Bikini Bottom. Does it work?

    The 2nd season proves to be one of the best so far with Christmas Who?, which is easily one of the all time greatest Spongebob episodes. This episode provided a large number of funny moments from the song "This Christmas Feels Like The Very First Christmas To Me" to Squidward feeling like a "Big Jerk". This could also be one of the all time greatest christmas specials. All that can be said about this episode is that it just kept the laughs coming and coming. If you really are a TRUE Spongebob fan, then you should give this episode a positive score.
  • MY Favorite spongbob episode-and its a Christmas Special!!!

    Ilove this episode because its a Christmas Special and it was really funny. Especially the song and I always crack up when spongebob is singing the son and goes, "LALALALALALALA" and he's dancing and all of a sudden, he appears at Squid-ward's dooray and is dancing and singing at Sqidward is all dubstruck. This episode was awesome and how Sqidward pretended to be Santa and he had a huge nose and wore no pants-well this episode is definetly special considering it's a full 30-mintue episode and Patchy hosts it. I would never grow tired of watching this Christmas special. AWESOME!!!!
  • I am morally against giving 10's. This is how much I love this episode.

    What's to say about this episode? What's NOT to say about this episode! It is pure purfection. Not only is it without a dought my favorite SpongeBob episode, it's also my favorite episode of any show ever. This is the first thing I've ever given 10, and unless God himself starts making TV shows it'll be my last. There are more funny episodes, though this one had me laughing out loud a few times, but there's two things that make this episode a 10: it's touching and it has one of the most catchiest songs ever. Squidward does an extremely kind thing (I know what your thinking, WTF) and The Very First Christmas To Me is arguably the best song I've ever heard. All in all, I love this. Watch it right now. Really. DO IT!!!!!
  • The perfect special!

    This is without a doubt my favorite special on the SpongeBob SquarePants series! It has all the right elements working for it: SpongeBob, Christmas, a great song, and a grouchy character (Squidward) that discovers his nice side. Who doesn't like that? I even liked the Patchy the Pirate segments on this episode, he was funny, and so was Potty, unlike many specials. The song, wow, what a wonder it is, I love it, it's so contagious and Christmas-y ! The episode also has a sweet message, how Squidward learns to sacrifice his material possessions to please others just so SpongeBob wouldn't be heart-broken. Love it, it's perfect, just perfect! 10/10
  • This is definitely the best special out of the entire series!

    Christmas Who? is truly the greatest Holiday special ever! It is a glowing and shining Christmas spirit masterpiece showing the good deeds of what makes you feel the best during Christmas time! Giving to others the best gifts you can find! Christmas is a very special and spiritual holiday meant for happiness and joy with gifts all the time! And this special of SpongeBob SquarePants proves just how great this show and Christmas can be! Sandy is a land animal, and since she used to live in Texas, she knows what Christmas is and when it is held: December 25th! She is in her Tree Dome decorating her tree house with colorful and beaming lights! Spongebob thinks its a fire, so he goes in and tries to douse it with fire! Sandy talks with him though and realizes that sea creatures suprisingly have never heard of Christmas, and also have not celebrated it before, until now! In this star episode! SpongeBob and all of his friends along with the rest of the Bikini Bottomites are all excited and raving about this special holiday now, and people are now writing wishes on pieces of paper to be put into glass bottles to be rocketed up to the surface of the water so Santa Clause can see them! Squidward is the only one now though who seems to be uninterested in this holiday, so for a while throughout the episode he is sorta like Scrooge, but then the best part happens! Squidward later on realizes that Christmas truly is a super awesome holiday for kindness, sharing, and desired gifts for entertainment and pleasure! Squidward is so happy he got a wooden clarinet with pop-up miniature wooden squids! After seeing that Bikini Bottom is crushed about Santa Clause still not arriving to deliver their gifts, Squidward decides to do his job for him! And best of all is he makes everyone happy and excited to receive their most desired gifts! The end is also funny when the real Santa gives Squidward his letter saying that he's been a real good boy this year, and then rides by over Bikini Bottom waving to him! That was aweesome and epic! And funny when Squidward said this: "Yep, I'm insane." Lol! There was also other terrific parts to this episode, everything in this episode was 100% win and flawless! Great Christmas music, Christmas-themed stuff like angel and fruit cake, Mistletoe, giant candy canes, and reindeer are what truly makes this a wonderful special that the whole family can enjoy and will really knock your socks off!
  • The best holiday special.

    I love this episode. Sandy tells Spongebob about Christmas, and Spongebob spreads the word to the people of Bikini Bottom of the holiday and Santa Clause. Everyone believes him, and the town decides to celebrate Christmas and send letters to Santa. The only one who doesn't believe Spongebob is Squidward. On Christmas Eve, everyone waits for Santa, but he doesn't come. Everyone abandons their belief in Christmas and leaves. Squidward then taunts Spongebob before Spongebob gives him a present, a wooden clarinet. Squidward starts to feel guilty about the way he treated Spongebob, and tries to make it up to him by pretending to be Santa Clause. But everyone else thinks he's Santa too, and asks him for presents. Squidward continues his scheme and gives everyone all his stuff {except the wooden clarinet} to make Spongebob happy. After everyone leaves, Squidward finds a note from Santa on his doorstep thanking him for his help. Squidward sees Santa riding on a sleigh, and concludes that he is insane.

    An overall great episode. I loved the musical number and the ending with Santa, which I thought was hilarious. The story was well written and it had a lot of good humour. This is definitely something worth watching on the holidays.
  • A very heartwarming episode with many hilarious moments throughout. Quite possibly one of the best of the whole series.

    Without a doubt, this is my favorite special of the whole series. I wish the more recent specials of Spongebob could be as good as this one. It had so many great moments, such as the song, especially when Mr. Krabs sang in that really high-pitched voice. The actor who played Santa Claus at the end was also very funny! I also liked how, unlike many of the other 30-minute specials, there was not too much of Patchy in this one. The parts he was in were actually pretty funny, like when he read who the letter was from near the beginning. This was also a very heartwarming episode. I liked how Squidward really cared about Spongebob and how he wanted him to be happy. It's one of the very few times Squidward has actually done something nice for Spongebob.:) So, all in all, this is one of my favorite episodes of the whole series,and I would definitely recommend it to anyone! Merry Christmas, everybody!!!!! Marebear2009, out!
  • Spongebob Squarepants's Christmas Special

    In this Christmas episode, Sandy tells Spongebob about Santa Clause, and Spongebob tells the whole town about Santa and they all bottle up their wishes and put them together, and send them to the Land where Santa supposeably lives. The only one who isn't enthusastic is Squidward, who believes Santa doesn't exist. Later, Spongebob gathers the whole town to wait for Santa, but he never comes. Will Santa come, or is Squidward right that he dosn't exist? This is a beautifully written episode, it's funny, it's touching, and it's the first episode ith Patchy the Pirate. A series classic for sure. 10/10 A+
  • An amazing, hillarious, and interesting episode

    This is one of my favorite episodes ever. Sandy Cheeks explains the stoy of Christmas to Spongebob, and then he spreads it around Bikini Bottom. soon, the whole town is sending letters to Santa Clause hoping he would come. Squidward, however, does not believe in him and does not wright to him. On Christmas eve Spongebob and most of the town stay's up all night waiting for Santa to come and he doesn't. Spongebob is heartbroken and squidward starts putting him down and insulting him. Squidward feels bad in the end, dresses up as Santa, and gives gifts to the whole town just so Spongebob can be happy.
  • SpongeBob has done it agian he made me laugh really hard!

    SpongeBob has the best chirsmas eipsodes I have ever seen. It was sad though when santa didn't come. Squideward was very grouchy in this episode. Spongebob rules! Spongebob Rules he is awsome he is funny he acts really dumd which is silly. He rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules he rules Spongebob rocks!
  • The only one episode of an spongebob christmas special.

    Bikii Bottom never heard of Christmas.When Spongebob saw Sandy's treehouse.She was the one that told him about Christmas.Which made the others believed in Santa Clause.Of course Squidward doesn't believed any of those kind of junk.So he just ignored the people and knew that Christmas didn't exist nor Santa claus.When Santa never came.Everyone just got mad at Spongebob and went off.After Spongebob gave Squidward an carved gold clarienet as an present.Squidward decided to do something nice for Spongebob in return as posing as Santa Clause.Of course in the end he gave all his stuff away to the people.Now remembered that this is the only episode where Squidward is extremely nice to Spongebob well at the end of course.
  • It\'s shaping up to be a wonderful episode, Not your normal average Episode, Sounds like SpongeBob found out \'bout holidays, Sandy Cheeks had told him all about this day, The Christmas spirit\'s warming all lovely, Krab

    It\'s shaping up to be a wonderful episode,
    Not your normal average Episode,
    Sounds like SpongeBob found out \'bout holidays,
    Sandy Cheeks had told him all about this day,
    The Christmas spirit\'s warming all lovely,
    Krabs and Plankton seem much more brotherly,
    This Christmas feels like the very first chistmas to me...

    I made it up...

    Anyway, it\'s a great episode. I just love it! I got it on a free DVD, and it\'s hilarious and touching. 10/10!
  • Hillerious

    I have never seen such a funnmier show as SpongeBob, and I\'m yet a teen. SpongeBob finds out about Christmas and decides to celebrate it. Soon the citizens of Bikini Bottum are running about buying gifts and of course, it\'s always Squidward that spoils it all. I found the last part to very touching and lively tearing on the eyes.
  • When Sandy tells Spongebob about the wonderful story of Chirstmas, he tells it to everyone else. Then, Biniki Bottom wants to get Santa to visit! Also, they try to get Squiward to write a letter, but he refuses. After a cute little song, no Santa! Them, S

    Best one ever! Personally, this is my favorite. I love the Chirstmas song. I keep singing it in school all the time! XD I hope I can get this episode on DVD sometime soon. I like how Gary has a part. It's just a "Meow" but, it's still really cute!
  • After all the time that's gone by, I still love this Christmas special...

    This episode is great; it has a lot of hilarious moments and others that tug on your heart strings a little. It also shows how nice Squidward can really be, posing as Santa Claus and giving all his things to the people in Bikini Bottom. The ending with Santa was funny and always makes me laugh when I see it.

    The episode is very heartwarming to me, and one of the best Christmas specials that show on Nickelodeon. It has an original storyline and is very entertaining to watch. When Christmas time rolls around again, make sure you catch it!
  • It was funny and i still like it

    This episode was so funny and original. I liked it so much when it first aired but i wish they would air it so much more instead of waiting til christmas.The Very First Christmas song is one of the funniest songs Spongebob and the other characters ever sang, especially in the middle when Spongebob goes "la la la la la", and when squidward rubs it in spongebob's face that santa doesn't exist. i liked the plot also,anyways one of the best Spongebob Holiday Specials since the valentines one. "Heart on stick! must die"
  • This is without a doubt the greatest SpongeBob special ever.

    Well, since I only have one episode to review, I won't bother writing the title of the episode. :P Anyway, SpongeBob & the gang have never heard of Christmas, and after being taught what it is by Sandy, he tells everyone, and they all come together to decorate, write wish lists to Santa, and all the other Christmas-y stuff! But Santa never shows up and everyone thinks SpongeBob was lying. Squidward feels bad about upsetting SpongeBob earlier that day and dresses up as Santa to give SpongeBob a great first Christmas (yeah, he really does something nice). With the catchiest song you'll ever hear, perfected Patchy scenes, and a lovely wintery feeling, you're bound to fall in love with this episode the moment you see it! Sorry, but I'm not giving it a 10 though. Why not? As great as it was, it just wasn't a 10-worthy in my eyes. Definitely a 9.7 though.

  • The First Spongebob Christmas Episode

    Patchy and Potty celebrate Christmas and he later remember the Time Spongebob celebrated Christmas the First Time Spongebob learns about Christmas From Sandy and everyone gets involved but Squidward who didn't Belive in Santa Claus and when he doesn't show up Spongebob gets Sad and Starts to Cry Squidward saves Christmas.
  • 25th Episode

    In this special episode. Spongebob proves to all people that Santa Clause is real and not a fake. However later he understands that it's not just about Santa it's about the love and passion towards others witch made this a very special episode indeed. One of the best you will never miss.
  • Absolutely hilarious

    This is one Spongebob episode for everyone. Its so just so funny and such an entertaining episode to watch. Spongebo annoying everyone about Christmas and the holiday spirit, also getting Squidward into a comma. But gives Squidward a present anyways, funny Patrick dumbness, Holiday singing "this christmas feels like the very first christmas to me!", this episode was hilarious. Probably next to Fairly Odd Parent's "Christmas Everyday?" and Hey Arnold's Christmas Special, this is one of the best holiday nick special nick's had to offer us. A lot of reviewers seem to be negative on Spongebob, well if you still say the show sucks then watch this one. Its hilarious and one of the finer examples of Spongebob's episodes.
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