SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 8

Christmas Who?

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 06, 2000 on Nickelodeon

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  • This is definitely the best special out of the entire series!

    Christmas Who? is truly the greatest Holiday special ever! It is a glowing and shining Christmas spirit masterpiece showing the good deeds of what makes you feel the best during Christmas time! Giving to others the best gifts you can find! Christmas is a very special and spiritual holiday meant for happiness and joy with gifts all the time! And this special of SpongeBob SquarePants proves just how great this show and Christmas can be! Sandy is a land animal, and since she used to live in Texas, she knows what Christmas is and when it is held: December 25th! She is in her Tree Dome decorating her tree house with colorful and beaming lights! Spongebob thinks its a fire, so he goes in and tries to douse it with fire! Sandy talks with him though and realizes that sea creatures suprisingly have never heard of Christmas, and also have not celebrated it before, until now! In this star episode! SpongeBob and all of his friends along with the rest of the Bikini Bottomites are all excited and raving about this special holiday now, and people are now writing wishes on pieces of paper to be put into glass bottles to be rocketed up to the surface of the water so Santa Clause can see them! Squidward is the only one now though who seems to be uninterested in this holiday, so for a while throughout the episode he is sorta like Scrooge, but then the best part happens! Squidward later on realizes that Christmas truly is a super awesome holiday for kindness, sharing, and desired gifts for entertainment and pleasure! Squidward is so happy he got a wooden clarinet with pop-up miniature wooden squids! After seeing that Bikini Bottom is crushed about Santa Clause still not arriving to deliver their gifts, Squidward decides to do his job for him! And best of all is he makes everyone happy and excited to receive their most desired gifts! The end is also funny when the real Santa gives Squidward his letter saying that he's been a real good boy this year, and then rides by over Bikini Bottom waving to him! That was aweesome and epic! And funny when Squidward said this: "Yep, I'm insane." Lol! There was also other terrific parts to this episode, everything in this episode was 100% win and flawless! Great Christmas music, Christmas-themed stuff like angel and fruit cake, Mistletoe, giant candy canes, and reindeer are what truly makes this a wonderful special that the whole family can enjoy and will really knock your socks off!
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