SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 33

Demolition Doofus / Face Freeze

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jul 21, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • You will lose 100% respect for Mrs. Puff after watching the episode "Demolition Doofus" and SpongeBob and Patrick's faces freeze in the episode "Face Freeze"

    Demolition Doofus: Mrs. Puff enters SpongeBob in a Demolition Derby but his bad driving makes him a star. These pairings are NOT Season 9 episodes like "Extreme Sports" and "Squirrel Record" (episodes that started off Season 9). These are still Season 8 episodes so don't get confused and you can also tell since they are NOT in HD like the Season 9 Premieres that aired along with these pairings. Anyways, I really liked this episode and it was enjoyable. In fact, I actually LOVE the episode and would give it a 10 out of 10 if there wasn't one major problem that ruined my score for the episode. my score is still very good but yeah. Honestly, all I can say is that if the people give beyond low ratings for this episode then I understand why. My one major problem with this episode was Mrs. Puff. I have NOT liked Mrs. Puff in the newer episodes and I somehow dislike her the more episodes she appears in and she wasn't that bad. In this episode, however, is where it completely changes. This is the episode where you SpongeBob fans are most likely gonna lose 100% respect for Mrs. Puff because I most certainly did after watching this episode. What really got me angry and bugged me completely was that Mrs. Puff actually wanted to murder SpongeBob in order to get him out of her life forever (I wish it was a joke but it's NOT). In fact, I recommend that parents actually don't let their kids watch this episode. Mrs. Puff was just a complete witch (take away the "w" and add the "b") here and I mean fully. Throughout the whole episode, all she wanted was SpongeBob to be dead. Like in the Demolition Derby scene when SpongeBob is surviving it, she straight up says "Why are you still alive?" (like wow, that is just extremely cruel). I understand that she doesn't like SpongeBob but why does she have to go TOO TOO TOO far to the point that she wants SpongeBob dead. Even in the end, when she got angry that SpongeBob survived the Demolition Derby.... she got a huge monster truck and crashed through the stadium and chasing after SpongeBob in her monster truck while SpongeBob is driving away from her. I wish SpongeBob (sorry to insult you yellow sponge) wasn't so darn stupid, opened his eyes, and realized that Mrs. Puff was really trying to kill him. And top it off, the ending just felt pretty lazy but the ending wasn't really a issue... it was just Mrs. Puff in general so I tried hard not to lower my score even more even though most of you probably think I should lower my score more but yeah, 8 should be fair because I LOVED the storyline. yes, I used the word LOVED because without Mrs. Puff being a huge problem, it would get a 10 out of 10 from me. I just couldn't believe Mrs. Puff, I hope Mrs. Puff (in her next appearance) won't be this cruel or cold-hearted ever again and I don't want to see her like this again. Please writers, think about the kids. As for the positives, I did laugh a fair amount of times. I laughed at the very beginning of the episode when SpongeBob ruining Squidward's garden FOR ONCE was actually a good thing when his "messing up Squidward's garden" turned out to clear it and put carrots in Squidward's basket and Squidward with surprise said "Thanks?". Not only was it funny but it also made me extremely happy that it turned out to be a good deed for Squidward and actually said "Thanks?" to SpongeBob so I hope to see more of that in the future, Mrs. Puff being completely deflated but it also kinda scared me at the same time looking at it throughout the episode, the entire Demolition Derby scene (with the exception of Mrs. Puff's anger that SpongeBob is still alive) was very funny and completely awesome to watch, and probably more. Like I said, Mrs. Puff ruined my score from being a 10 out of 10 when, in general, I was gonna give that. So yeah, I LOVED the storyline, I LOVED the humor, and I LOVED the whole Demolition Derby scene in the second half of the movie, but Mrs. Puff was just unacceptable here. If you don't believe me at all, watch the episode yourself and you'll see how horrible and cold Mrs. Puff was and you might lose respect for her afterwards. Overall, a great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants"... I HATE you so much though Mrs. Puff, I really do. 8/10

    Face Freeze: SpongeBob and Patrick make a bet on who can hold a "funny face" the longest but things aren't good when their faces actually freeze and stay that way. Just like the past episodes "Earworm", "Slide Whistle Stooges", and more.... they are gonna get to the point where some people will either LOVE it or HATE it. From what I saw and had a feeling about it, this episode is a LOVE it or HATE it episode. Some of the SS fans Hate it and some of them Love it. But what do I think? I honestly...... LOVED the episode. What made me loved the episode, though, was the fact that it was a storyline that we've NEVER seen on television before and it was very creative and yet it's a foolish and childish storyline. Even though I am 18 years old (it was recently my birthday on the 13th of July) right now, I laughed my butt watching this episode. Yes, the storyline is different yet very foolish, childish, and scary when you think about it. You already know the storyline to this episode BUT SpongeBob and Patrick make "funny faces" at each other and they eventually have a Face Freeze. This episode doesn't really feel like an episode for kids to watch though (It's not extreme sports themed like the previous three episodes that aired but it's extreme with the funny faces aspect) and some of the "funny faces" that SpongeBob and Patrick make while hilarious are extremely over-the-top and may possibly frighten the younger viewers indeed. But yeah, it's okay some of you hate this episode... I will respect your opinion and it depends on how much it annoys me. I honestly didn't annoy me though. The first 1 or 2 minutes of the episodes was a bit boring but then from there the episode got a whole lot more better. The parts that literally cracked me were the all of the following "funny faces" that SpongeBob and Patrick were making at each other (oh my gosh, they were extreme and weird though), SpongeBob and Patrick freaking out the fishes at Goo Lagoon and then Sandy makes her line "You guys need help", SpongeBob and Patrick's "funny faces" getting stuck, Sandy trying to make massage SpongeBob and Patrick's faces to make it go back to normal but it didn't work at all, and the very ending of the episode when Mr. Krabs got so angry that he had a "face freeze" and Squidward laughed so hard at the funny faces of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs that his face ended up getting stuck (all four of them had a face freeze in the end), and possibly more. I just cracked me up hard at this episode and it's good to see something completely different to television with a storyline never told on television so that's another reason I loved it so much. All I can say is that out of all the weird SpongeBob episodes that aired in the past, this is like the beyond and without a doubt the most weirdest and possibly scariest (due to some of the "funny faces) episode of SpongeBob that I have ever seen. Overall, it's a LOVE it or HATE it episode... If you love the episode like me than that's awesome but if you hate the episode then I'm so sorry that it disappointed you. A perfect and hilarious end to the 4 brand new episodes that aired to form the 1-hour TV event "The Super Spongy Square Games". 10/10