SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 14

Dear Vikings / Ditchin'

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 28, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Hey, I'm the 100th to vote! :D THIS EPISODE SUCKED!!!

    This episode sucked, SpongeBob has no idea what a viking is! He is SUCH A *** IN THE NEW EPISODES! And the worst part is the ending! IT IS HORRIBLE! Season 6, you have failed again.
  • I don't see the hate for DV, but it was okay. Ditchin; was more enjoyable

    Dear Vikings: I think this episode is underrated. The idea is very weird but it is unique to the show. Funny moments: Some of the Vikings antics, all of them being named Olaf expect the leader (Gordon), and probably two/three more. Dethroning moments: SpongeBob kissing Squidward (hopefully that crap stop in the new season) and the ending. I don't really has any more stuffs to say about the episode. I can understand why they hated it: lame storyline and it got nominated with a Phineas and Ferb episode (tough choice) but it was tie. :/ 6/10

    Ditchin: This was an improvement over Dear Vikings for sure. A flawless episode. Funny moments: Patrick drinking all the water, SpongeBob trying to go to the restroom, Mermaid Man stupidly asking what is evil, much to Barnacle Boy's dismay, and the ending. Awesome: I'll say most of the episode especially the volleyball scene. Nightmare Fuel: After the volleyball scene, things start to tget dramatic: a person was eating his own kind, then SpongeBob rushes back to the boating school, but he then fall in a mud. Overlap with tearjerker. 10/10 (BTW, I'm now using tropes from TVTropes website if you noticed in my recent reviews)
  • Dear Vikings was very boring, but Ditchin was great.

    Dear Vikings - I thought this episode was just BAD, very BAD. It made no sense at all! First of all why would there be vikings underwater? Second of all why would they even come just because there was a cup at the Krusty Krab that was Viking Sized? The problem with this episode was that it was just boring! Spongebob made a wrong decision to send a letter to the Vikings. But I liked when Spongebob wanted to know what Vikings are. I liked some of the guest stars too, such as Ian McShane, he played Gordon, who I think is the leader of the Vikings I can't remember since it was a while since I last saw this episode. I liked how Spongebob saved the boat from sinking but it wasn't funny when he said "Now that's what I call a Viking Sized Adventure". Overall despite a few good moments this episode was just boring, uncreative, pointless, and stupid. 3/10

    Ditchin - Okay I haven't seen this episode in a while either. But it was a lot better than "Dear Vikings". I found it very funny when Patrick drank tons of water bottles and was fat (Despite that he has always been fat), it was hilarious how Spongebob was the 100th customer and got to eat as much ice cream as he wanted. The Bikini Bottom hug fest was a little stupid but still cute. I thought it was fun to watch Spongebob and Patrick play BadMinton with Sandy and her friend (I think his name is Dale). And the ending could have been better, same with the whole episode plot. Overall a great episode, better than "Dear Vikings"! 8/10

    Overall Grade: (5.5/10) C-
  • Abysmal


    Mermaidman and Barnacleboy are having a book signing, but SpongeBob can't go because he has boating school. After some convincing, Patrick finally gets SpongeBob to take a bathroom break from - a really long one - so they can go to the signing. But the day turns sour when SpongeBob becomes racked with guilt about ditching

    Dear Vikings:
    There's a new Viking-themed promotion at the Krusty Krab, so SpongeBob is determined to find out everything there is to know about Vikings. Since there's no better way to find out about Vikings than to communicate with them directly, SpongeBob writes a letter to the Vikings, and is surprised when they visit the Krusty Krab to answer his questions in person.

    1 out of 10

  • Two enjoyable episodes to watch BUT I thought "Ditchin'" was a little better than "Dear Vikings"

    Dear Vikings: I thought that this was a great episode. It kind of didn't make sense to me because why would vikings be underwater? BUT oh well... I guess the writers wanted to be a little creative and make something fiction. I thought it was great that Ian McShane guest starred in this episode as the voice of Gordon because he is a great actor. I thought it was interesting when SpongeBob wanted to know what vikings are. I thought Squidward telling SpongeBob the story of what vikings do was very funny. SpongeBob writing a letter to the vikings was very funny. I thought it was plain hilarious when all of the vikings' names were Olive except for one viking whose name is Gordon. The vikings flinging that one viking out of the ship with the catapult was also funny. I thought it was also great when SpongeBob used his absorbentness to save the vikings' ship from sinking at the end of the episode. My score was just a little low because this episode had some parts that just kind of dragged and the plot could have improved just a little more. Overall, this was a great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 8.5/10

    Ditchin': In my opinion, I thought that this episode was a little better than "Dear Vikings". I thought it was interesting when Patrick convinced SpongeBob to ditch one day of boating school so they can get their comic books signed by MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy. I thought it was funny when Patrick was drinking all of the water bottles from SpongeBob's refrigerator. MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy's appearances in this episode were also funny even though they were only in this episode for a minute or so. I thought it was funny that Spongebob was the 100th customer and that he can eat all of the free ice cream he wants. I thought SpongeBob and Patrick playing a game of Badminton with Sandy and their friend Dale was very interesting to watch. It was funny that there was a fish that was getting arrested for eating gummy fishes because he's eating his own kind. The Bikini Bottom HugFest scene was also very funny. SpongeBob bringing the key back to Mrs. Puff was also very interesting. My score is just a little low because I thought the plot could have been a little better and I kind of didn't like the ending. Overall, this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.
  • Almost, but not quite.

    Well, this is one of those episodes that got good at the begging but got horrible at the end. It's pretty triring now.

    Dear Vikings: This episode is another classic one. SpongeBob is determind to learn about vikings, so he invites them. Soon, he and Squidward become part of the vikings crew. The vikings are pretty beardly and funny guys. Still, Mr. Krabs doesn't know about size!


    Ditchin': This episode was what made the entire thing crashing down. SpongeBob wants to be involved in a MM & BB book signing, so he ditches boating school to do this, but he gets pretty staled and distracted. The episode just draged and MM & BB wern't funny, so they couldn't save this episode. And the ending was confussing. Mrs. Puff gets arested for ditching?!


    Almost had it, Season 6.

  • Dear Vikings was horrible, but Ditchin' was actually better than I expected.

    Dear Vikings:This episode is my least favorite season six episode. Nothing in this episode made sense and Spongebob was out of character. He acted like a four-year old and his voice got really annoying at parts. The story was poorly written and the ending was lame. I thought this episode was childish, and not well thought out. Ditchin': This episode was much better than the last one!It actually had a well thought out plot and the storyline had a much better flow. The only part I didn't like was the ending where Mrs.Puff gets arrested for ditching jury duty. I loved her last bit of dialogue though, it was hilarious.
  • Good enough.

    Ditchin' was better in my opinion. Dear Vikings just was sort of weird. I mean, Vikings? Seriously? But I really liked Ditchin'. It kind of creeped me out when SpongeBob fell in the tar pits at the end. I thought this was the end of our old pal Spongebob. But I didn't HATE dear vikings, they just could have come up with a better episode than that. Overall, I think I'll give Dear Vikings a 7 out of 10, and I believe I'll give Ditchin' a 9 out of 10. So this pairing of episodes gets from me an 8.
  • Very very good!

    Dear Vikings: SpongeBob wants to learn about the Vikins, so he wrote this letter, that made the vikings come over to the krusty krab to kidnap SpongeBob and Squidward. Finally! Finally an season six episode that really GOOD is. I liked everything about this episode. I know the ending was not totally thought out, but COME ON! It wasn´t Bad people! It was funny! The whole episode was in my opinion. I usually do not like episodes where SpongeBob is an idiot. It all started with stupid Boating Buddies... But this was pure entertainment.

    Ditchin´: SpongeBob ditches Boating School.
    Another great episode! It made me think of a good season 4 episode. It was an original idea for an episode. The ending was classic...

    Although, good episodes!
  • Dear Vikings is pathetic, and Ditchin was O.K.

    Dear Vikings - I thought this was one of the most lame and pathetic episodes of Season 6. The jokes were really bad for example. Like how all the Vikings were named Olaf. That was stupid. And the Shield toss was down right ridiclious. And that made up story Squidward told about the Vikings was just awful. Althought, I did like the one part where Squidward got to be the Vikings Ship's Bathroom Attendent when he describes all of his vast knowledges to the Vikings. So mainly really dumb episode with a bad plot to it and mainly pathetic humor with a few funny jokes. C-

    Ditchin - Ditchin was a pretty unique plot to it. Basicly he skips school to get a book of his signed by Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. I thought it was pretty funny when Mrs. Puff got arrested at the end. Pretty decent episode, but seemed to go on too long. We've seen a lot of episodes like this before...So overall, good humor, seemed to go a little long, and had a fairly interesting plot to it. B+
  • In dear vikings Spongebob and Squidward are captured by vikings due to Squidward telling Spongebob to write to the vikings. In Ditching Spongebob cuts class to get his comic book signed by Mermaid man and Barnacle boy and later gets side tracked.

    I didn't really have a problem with episode Ditching ,but the episode Dear Vikings was just terrible. There is a writer for Spongebob Squarepants' that always makes the episodes where Spongebob acts completely lame and one dimensional. Episodes like this ,the choir episode, and more just focus on spongebob bugging Squidward and don't seem to care about the quality or comedy of the episode. First of all, the vikings' designs are terrible and look completely out of place to the show. Second, Spongebob acted completely one dimensional and not funny. Third, fans have high expectations for the show because it use to be so great and if the writers can't keep up with the old episodes they should try harder, bring back the old writers, or cancel the show.
  • One was horrible, but the other one was good.

    Let me just start by saying that I think Dear Vikings was one of the worst episodes of season 6, besides The Splinter. I don't think I laughed once when I saw this episode, and it was too weird for me. What were Vikings doing under water, and how did they get to the Krusty Krab in the first place? Hmmm...:/ Ditchin' was a much better episode that had some pretty funny parts, but it still wasn't one of the best of the season. I liked the part where Patrick drank bottle after bottle of Spongebob's water and then looked like a giant water balloon when he was done! I also liked how we saw miniature versions of Squidward waiting to get their books signed and how Spongebob was unintentionally good at badminton. Overall, these episodes were below average in my opinion, but Ditchin' was much better than Dear Vikings. Marebear2009, out!
  • Dear Vikings is highly underated and I also liked Ditchin too!

    Dear Vikings is one of the most underated episodes in SpongeBob's history. I honestly don't get why it is such a hated episode; I really enjoyed it. One scene I could live without, though, is the part when SpongeBob kissed Squidward. C'mon, writers! The gay rumors are bad enough, didja have to go and make him kiss Squidward? OK, besides that, I thought this was a very funny episode. The beginning was very slow, but once Squidward and SpongeBob were on the ship with the vikings, then it got better. Especially at the part when Squidward got stuck with the bathroom job or when he was happy that he was going to be shot off of the ship because he'd be away from SpongeBob. So, anyway, this episode was pretty funny and I don't get why so many hate it. Grade: B+. Now as for Ditchin, I don't really feel like saying what I liked about it, so I'm just gonna jump straight to giving it a grade; A-.

    I really thought Dear Vikings wasn't thought out because it was just unoriginal. Also it didn't have a proper ending, it just wasn't a proper story. all it was were a few facts about the Vikings and Spongebob riding around on a boat. Although I do like to see some new characters in Spongebob because in the old episodes they are no other characters except spongebob, Patrick, Mr.Krabs, Sandy, plankton, Squidward and Gary. Although I haven't seen Ditchin' it looks like a great episode. I hope it will be released in the U.k. soon because they only showed you a clip of it.
  • Both episodes could've had a better ending

    Dear Vikings - Spongebob wants to learn more about the vikings after a viking promotion at the Krusty Krab. So Spongebob writes a letter to the vikings to come and teach their ways of life to him. I can't think of anything else to say about this episode but it was ok. 3/5

    Ditchin - Spongebob wants to get a new Mermaidman and Barnicle Boy book signed but he can't go because he has boating school. So Spongebob sneaks out of Boating School by faking a bathroom break. In the end he returns to school and gets caught by Ms.Puff which then she goes to jail because she ditched jury duty (or something)I just didn't understand the ending on this episode, but it was pretty good. 4/5
  • Two awesome episodes!

    Dear vikings:
    What a great idea. This proves that spongebob is back on track. It was so funny. After I watched this episode, I hugged the tv. I like how they made up stories about the vikings. Hearing made up stories with that humor is super funny. Why do so many people hate this episode? Final Grade: A+

    Very satisfying. This episode rocks beyond comparison. This episode was as awesome as dear vikings. This episode made my day. If you are bored, I suggest you turn on the tv, and enjoy the episode. Final grade: A+

    Total grade:A++. Two satisfying episodes. 101 words!
  • there ok

    Dear Vikings: There's a new Viking-themed promotion at the Krusty Krab, so SpongeBob is determined to find out everything there is to know about Vikings. Since there's no better way to find out about Vikings than to communicate with them directly, SpongeBob writes a letter to the Vikings, and is surprised when they visit the Krusty Krab to answer his questions in person. ehh ok C+

    Ditchin': Mermaidman and Barnacleboy are having a book signing, but SpongeBob can't go because he has boating school. After some convincing, Patrick finally gets SpongeBob to take a bathroom break from class - a really long one - so they can go to the signing. But the day turns sour when SpongeBob becomes racked with guilt about ditching class.

    I liked this one a lot better B+
  • These two episodes were just not that well thought-out.

    First, I'd like to start out by saying that "Dear Vikings" was kind of pathetic. I hope the writers didn't intend to make this episode adventurous and sort of epic, because that would make this episode a disappointment. But since I know they see SpongeBob for the silly show it is, I'll try to not be so hard on this episode. I mean, the idea was rather creative (though it could be offensive to vikings, lol).

    "Ditchin'" wasn't as bad, but it was still below expectations by a hair. The title does make it seem like some kind of "Waiting" duplicate, but it's definetely not. I thought the characters were great, I really liked how they included Sandy in the episode. (And badminton is my favorite sport, by the way.)

    Overall, I'll give these episodes a C+, which is enough to pass high school.
  • Ditchin' is fantastic, Dear Vikings sucks beyond comparison.

    It's kind of hard to grade one of my favorite episodes on this season that, unfortunately, is paired with my least favorite on season 6.

    Dear Vikings- Vikings? Really? Is that all you writers can come up with? Who the heck cares about Vikings?! I hated the idea the moment I heard the plot, and it was as bad as I thought it was going to be. It may have a funny part here and there, but not enough to make up for it's horrid ending, it just leaves you hanging there, total rip-off. 6/10

    Ditchin'- Now here's an episode worth talking about! I really liked how everything on this episode evolved, a lot of funny gags, great plot, and every body was in character, well done. I really liked Patrick's tone of voice, specially at the beginning of the episode, he just sounds so funny. And I liked that Sandy was on it, I wasn't expecting that, along with the Badminton scene, that was cool. For me, this episode is right up there with season 2 and 3. 9.8/10
  • This episode is very entertaining

    I personly think ditchin was my favorite episode of the Spongebob Squarepants Series.It had suspense wondering if spongebob was going to be suspended or not guilty.It's probally the best anyways.And I mean what happened to barnacle boy's voice?Somebody once told that the guy who originally did his voice died.But im not sure.I like dear vikings too.I thought when Mr.Krabs showed spongebob the cups,and they were the same size,was stupid.And I mean,when that viking just wanted to show the king the letter from spongebob,he got put in prison.Whats up with that?But these great new installments are awsome.Spongebob is my favorite show EVER.
  • Undersea vikings capture SpongeBob and Squidward; SpongeBob dithces boating school to go to a book signing.

    I give this episode a 6.5 because it really must stand in the middle when you consider the first half of the episode, "Dear Vikings," is the worst episode ever (asied from "The Splinter") and "Ditchin'" is a terrific episode. So when paired together, the only course of action you can take is to score this episode halfway. "Dear Vikings" was abysmal. Did we even learn what the vikings were capturing SpongeBob and Squidward FOR? I believe not.

    Then there came the final episode of the night. We needed a good one, because we had just suffered through "The Card" and "Dear Vikings." Fortunately, they saved the best for last in this new episode marathon. "Ditchin'" came through wonderfully in my opinion, despite a few confusing parts (who is this Dale character who suddenly shows up? And what did he get arrested for?), but wholly this was the best episode of the night, especially the ending ("I'll never ditch again!" "AGAIN?!?!" :P)

    So, as you can see, I just had to score this halfway because we had an absolutely abysmal first installment, but fortunately, the final episode of the night made up for it all.
  • Vikings and ditching!

    Dear Vikings: The Krusty Krab honors the Vikings who lived long ago, then Spongebob meets real ones, with Squidward. Spongebob meets Gordon and other vikings with the same name. So, in the end, Spongebob absorbs the water which starts to make the Viking ship sink which is caused from an iceburg, but how would Spongebob get out? Another thing, I didn't like how Spongebob kissed Squidward for a moment, you have three seconds to say this one word!

    Episode Grade: C

    Ditchin': A better episode, exciting stuff starts to lure Spongebob away from Boating School: the MM and BB book signing, jellyfish swarm, being the 100th ice cream customer, and beating Sandy at a sport. Later, Spongebob gets wracks with guilt when he sees Daleiar getting arrested for ditching. Spongebob comes back and ends with Mrs. Puff being arrested for the fourth time. I would give a good excuse if I was in her class. This is an episode that looks as an episode with a better plot.

    Episode Grade: C+

    Final Grade: C
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