SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 9

Don't Look Now / Seance Shmeance

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 14, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • Spongebob and Patrick think that the Fisherman is after them; Spongebob holds a seance to learn about a Rusty on Rye recipe

    These two episodes were really good and make up the good name of Season 9. Don't Look Now is about Spongebob and Patrick seeing a horror film and think that the Fisherman is out to get them. It's kind of like Krab Borg but with a fisherman in it. I thought the fish in the movie who confused his girlfriend's name with others was really funny. Spongebob and Patrick getting scared when the Fisherman hooks the kid's ice cream was typical but still funny. The kid crying over the ice cream was also funny for some reason. I was afraid that this episode would end badly like Squid Defense because Spongebob and Patrick would find out that Squidward is scaring them, but it didn't. They believed that the "Fisherman" was eating Squidward, so they hurt and injure the "Fisherman" and everything ends well, except for Squidward, who has to go to the hospital. I thought the ending with Gary in the Fisherman was pretty funny and clever.

    In Seance Shmeance, Old Man Jenkins asks Spongebob to make a "Rusty on Rye". To learn how to make a "Rusty on Rye", Spongebob must hold a seance to consult the ghost of Rusty Rickets about the recipe. But the delicious odor of the "Rusty on Rye" attracts ghosts and creates a problem that Spongebob can't handle. I thought this episode was good. Not as good as Don't Look Now, but still good. It was funny when Patrick explains that he has to run and scream around the restaurant. I loved it when Mr. Krabs defeat those ghosts like a boss (pun intended). To sum it up, these were really awesome episodes and I look forward to seeing these episodes every October.