SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 17

Driven to Tears / Rule of Dumb

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 19, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • These episodes prove how much I hate Patrick

    Yes,if you may have known,Spongebob has gone downhill lately,and if there is one character I cannot stand,it's Patrick. And these episodes prove my reasons why I hate him. Let's start with Driven to Tears:

    Driven to Tears:
    Okay,so Spongebob has gotten cheat cards from Patrick to finally get his license,but guess what? Patrick eats it. Man,what an idiot. Spongebob tries to pass without the cards,but ends up failing again,and I wouldn't blame him. Patrick decides to do the test,and passes it. He goes to the DMV to get his license,and ends up being the millionth customer,and wins a free boatmobile. And when he get it,he starts to act like a selfish jerk. I mean,half of the episode has him bragging about his stupid license. He even spends all night fixing it,and doesn't realize how much racket he makes. And even worse,wears a daredevil suit while driving. Geez,what a show-off. But it gets worse,he doesn't even look at the red lights. Spongebob finally gets fed up with Patrick,and they end up fighting. Spongebob rips Patrick's license despite the fact that licenses are made out of RUBBER,not paper. Patrick ends up in jail because of littering instead of getting a fine,so Spongebob takes his place. After a long time in jail,Spongebob returns out of jail,and he makes a license plate for Patrick. But Patrick threw the car away because it was on E. Seriously,he can fix a boat,but doesn't even know what E means. Overall,this was just a bad episode. Patrick was such a selfish jerk with his license and to Spongebob. And those are my thoughts.

    Then,Rule of Dumb:
    This was a bigger reason why I hate Patrick. At the beginning,a guy appears to Patrick's house,but he thinks he's a librarian for his overdue library moments,and burns the books. Seriously,Patrick is that stupid? It turns out the guy is someone who has a scroll proving that Patrick is a king. And Patrick mistakes the crown for candy (Sigh) moving on. Then,Patrick realizes that he can do anything he wants too after not paying for krabby patties. After that,Patrick becomes a bigger jerk. He keeps stealing everything from everyone,and even steals a walker from an old man when he is NOT crippled. And even steals pacifiers from babies. What a brain dead moron. Then,Squidward comes in to save the episode. Patrick moves Squidward's house for a ferris wheel,but Squidward gets angry and tells everyone that Patrick is an idiot and he is not a king. I originally hated him for doing that,but he did the right thing. That jerk deserved nothing at all. He even blames everything on Squidward,not him,when he is the jerk of this episode. Patrick finally realizes that he has lost it after he sees himself into the mirror. But it turns out,Gary was the real king despite a cute snail who only says "mow" couldn't even be a king. Overall,this was worse than Driven to Tears. Patrick was a bigger jerk than he was in every single episode. I was glad Squidward stood up to him. Don't even watch this episode,because you know how bad it is. 0\10
    These episodes prove something: Patrick is a idiot. Don't waste your time on these.
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