SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 17

Driven to Tears / Rule of Dumb

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 19, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • How can Gary, a snail be related to a starfish?

    • As soon as Patrick's demonic reflection says, "Knock, knock..." in "Rule of Dumb", a sound effect reminiscent of the Windows 2000 "ding" plays.

    • There is a glitch in the closed captions for the broadcast version of "Rule of Dumb". When SpongeBob says, "Patrick, I'm not sure if this is what being king is all about," the captions freeze for about 30 seconds. Then, the captions that were missed are rapidly flashed until they catch up to the point where Patrick says, "I love being king!"

    • SpongeBob said he failed his driving test 58 times, but in "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired", it was mentioned he failed his test over 1 million times. Then she said SpongeBob's expedient destroyed on the gas explosion, then she said that it was like he had never failed so this was correct.

    • How is SpongeBob able to rip up Patrick's driving license? It's hard material and SpongeBob is very weak.

    • In "Driven to Tears," Mr. Krabs gets a drive thru, however, through the remainder of the series, there's no drive thru seen.

    • Patrick ripped his pants when he went to take the test. But, when he got his license, his pants were back.

    • If Patrick is king, why doesn't he request a castle?

    • If he passed the test, how come he didn't know what the E stood for?

    • In "Good Neighbor," Squidward thought he was elected president. If there is a president, how can there be a king?

    • How could Patrick pass the driver's test if he didn't even know the basics?

    • When it shows Patrick's house, he has a castle tower on top of it, then it shows Squidward's house, and then it shows Patrick's house again and it is just a rock. Then it shows SpongeBob close up, and Patrick's house suddenly has the castle tower again!

    • How could Gary be king if Patrick wanted to be President of Bikini Bottom?

    • Why did SpongeBob's parents complain about everyone having a driver's license? They both could drive in the early episodes.

    • On Patrick's license, it says Patrick has pink hair.

    • Before this episode aired, these episodes were available for viewing on the SpongeBob SquarePants 4th Season Volume 2 DVDs.

    • SpongeBob was never that tired in "Fear of a Krabby Patty," after one night of no sleep.

    • During the few seconds Patrick and SpongeBob are arguing in the morning, the clock in SpongeBob's room changes from 7, to 3 (according to Patrick), then to 4 in those few seconds.

    • SpongeBob gives Patrick a license plate. The license plate reads, "Bikini Bottom Pals 4 Ever."

    • Patrick's drivers license claimed that Patrick's eyes were black, but in "Wormy," Patrick's eyes were green.

  • Quotes

    • SpongeBob: (half-heartedly) Welcome to the Krusty Krab; can I help you?
      (car horn honks loudly to "La Cucaracha")
      SpongeBob: GAH!!
      Patrick: The horn still works!

    • Starfish: Oh, just as well. I've come to take the crown back, as it seems that you aren't royalty after all.
      Patrick: Huh?
      Starfish: (takes out family history) I've discovered this coffee stain, which upon removal, reveals that Sir Gary is the true heir to the king's crown. (cut to Gary having a crown put on his head)

    • SpongeBob: Uh... (laughs) You know, Mr Krabs is probably wondering where I am...and...
      Patrick: And what...
      SpongeBob: Um, well...it's just that, um, you're kinda being a jerk.
      Patrick: Huh? (laughs) I thought you were going to say I was abusing my power.

    • Fish: I finally did it! At long last, I've acquired issue #2 of Wonder Space Fish, and in mint condition. Now my 40 year- old life and my comic book collection are complete. Mom's gonna be so proud of me. (bumps into Patrick)
      Patrick: No, she won't be, because these comic books are mine!
      Fish: But, I've spent my entire life collecting those.
      Patrick: Yeah, well, now you can spend the rest of your life crying about it. I'm the king!
      Fish: I will cry about it. (sobs) I'll cry to my mom.

    • Lady on TV: Jason, I have to be honest. There's someone else. (grabs an elderly fish)
      Man on TV: Grandpa!

    • SpongeBob: Well, would you look at that, Gary, you're royalty.
      Gary: Meow.

    • Patrick: Fine, I`ll get it myself!
      Monster Patrick: Knock knock!
      Patrick: Huh? A Knock Knock Joke! Who's there?
      Monster Patrick: You!
      Monster Patrick & Patrick: I don't get it.
      Monster Patrick: I`m you, and you`re me.

    • Patrick: SPONGEBOB! HELP!! They're after me!
      SpongeBob: Who?
      Patrick: The guys from the library, and they`re after my overdue books!

    • Patrick: The needle was on "E." I figured it meant "end."

    • Patrick: Hey, can I get a little more ketchup?
      Mr. Krabs: How's about you pay the check, instead?
      Patrick: Oh, sorry, Mr. Krabs. No can do. As king of Bikini Bottom, I am allowed to have anything I want. Isn't that right, SpongeBob?
      SpongeBob: That is correct. Anything you want, and it's all free.
      Mr. Krabs: ALL FREE?!?! (kicks SpongeBob & Patrick out) Nobody eats in me restaurant for free! King or no king!

    • Patrick: Hi, mommy! Hi, daddy!
      Mr. SquarePants: Patrick, how many times do we have to tell you? We're SpongeBob's mom and dad, not yours.
      Patrick: What? I'm an orphan?

    • SpongeBob: I used to have a dream.
      Mr. Krabs: Yeah? I used to have a kidney stone. Everything passes eventually. Now stop dreaming, and get to work!
      Spongebob: (goes to the drive-through window) Hello, how may I help you?

    • SpongeBob: Now what is it, Patrick?
      Patrick: You will never guess what happened to me today.
      SpongeBob: You got your license?
      Patrick: Yeah! But that's not all.
      SpongeBob: You got a new boat.
      Patrick: Yeah. Have you been followin' me? You know, you need to get your own life.

    • SpongeBob: Patrick, what are you doing?
      Patrick: I'm trying to work on my boatmobile. Now, could you keep it down? It's 3:00 in the morning, people are trying to sleep.

    • (Patrick gets in the boatmobile)
      Mrs. Puff: Good morning.
      Patrick: You're not the judge of me!
      Mrs. Puff: Actually, I am.

    • SpongeBob: Patrick, did you bring my flashcards?
      Patrick: Right here, buddy. Everything you need to pass the test is on these cards. (eats flashcards)
      SpongeBob: No, Patrick!
      Patrick: Hey, learning tastes good.

    • Guy-with-Mic: Congratulations, Mr. Star. You're the 1 millionth person to pass the test!
      Patrick: Does that mean I get a free keychain?
      Guy-with-Mic: Uhh, no.
      Patrick: Oh.
      Guy-with-Mic: You get a brand new Boatmobile!

    • Lady: Stand behind the line, sir.
      Patrick: How do I look?
      SpongeBob: Like a winner. (raises thumb)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When the guards escort Patrick away, he says to SpongeBob, "Don't forget to feed Gary. Sometimes you forget to feed him," a reference to the episode "Have You Seen This Snail?"

    • Police Officer: Oww, I got me a runner!
      This line is from the science fiction movie, Logan's Run.

    • La Cucaracha
      Patrick's horn plays the song, La Cucaracha.

    • When Patrick gave back the crown, the man from the royal ministry said, "With great power comes great responsibility." Same as the famous quote used in Spider-Man.

    • Ultimate Boating Machine
      When the announcer said that Crust Blaster 3000 is the ultimate boating machine, it`s the allusion to BMW when it`s called an ultimate driving machine.

    • Announcer: Women will love you. And men will want to be you.
      When the announcer congratulates Patrick for being the 1,000,000th person to get their license, the announcer says, "Women will love you. And men will want to be you." This is a quote from Austin Powers.