SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 5

Eek, an Urchin! / Squid Defense

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 01, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • Squidward learns karate!

    I thought this episode was quite enjoyable and I liked the idea of Squidward learning karate. First Patrick and now Squidward. I liked the gag, where SpongeBob kept splitting himself in half and how Sandy made Squidward do chores to teach him to do karate. I do agree that Squidward was being a butthole by abusing Sandy's teachings and using them for revenge. I felt bad for the man who got beat up, but at least Squidward got his comeuppance. I thought it was funny when the cop said, "You have the right to remain silent," Squidward screamed, and the cop said, "Or not I would not consider this Squidward abuse because Squidward did deserve this. Overall I give this episode a 10.
  • Great episode until terrible ending.

    This episode was pretty great until the ending came. This episode and "Little Yellow Book" kinda ruined my day.
  • A fairly good episode

    I liked this episode, I didn't feel sorry for Squidward at all in the end. He committed a crime of assault, and didn't care, so what's there to feel sorry for? This episode has Squidward getting scared one night, after walking down a dark alley, trying to get his groceries home, he gets scared by a big fish, and runs off, while dropping his groceries. He begs Spongebob to teach himself Karate, so he can prepare for possible encounters with rough people. Spongebob feels a bit too fragile to teach Squidward, and suggests Sandy teach him. Eventually Squidward learns karate, but ignores Sandy's words on "Only use Karate for self defense" So Squidward goes into that alley again, and encounters that big fish walking towards him. Squidward harshly beats the guy up, only to reveal that he wasn't a thug, he was just a big fish, and wanted to help return Squidward's groceries that he dropped the other night. Spongebob and Sandy walk by, and saw the whole thing, and walk away ashamed, but Squidward, ends up saying "whatever" Then Squidward gets arrested in a humorous way, where he's bragging about how great of a karate master he is, while the police officer is handcuffing him, while playfully replying "oh yeah? Is that so?" to everything Squidward gloats about.

  • Something is missing in this episode...

    Like the title says, somethings missing here and I just can't put my finger on what it is. Oh well, on with the review. I felt that this was another great episode for this season and as a matter of a fact, there hasn't been one bad episode. I felt that it was nice to see a different character learn karate and who knows, maybe Plankton is ha, but seriously this episode was pretty good overall and not the best but still good. The streak for season 9 lives on!!!
  • Not bad, but could've used more in the introduction and ending.

    It has been a long time since a SpongeBob episode cam, hasn't it? Well for Nick, it has at least. Anyways in this episode, after Squidward is frightened by a giant fish in a dark alley, he comes to SpongeBob and asks him to teach him karate, as well as Sandy. The episode was good and is better than some of the episodes in 2012, but I still can't say I like it. My main problem is how the plot is set-up. It seemed.... to predictable this time. I mean, when did SpongeBob ever talk about defending yourself from creepy people in alley ways with karate? And why was the big fish angry and threatening in the first place and walking towards Squidward threateningly if he all he wanted to do in the end was give him the groceries he left? Despite this, I can't say it was bad episode. The episode had its fair share of humor, such as SpongeBob and Sandy talking negatively about Squidward's body as well as Squidward's conversation with the police officer in the end of the episode. I also enjoyed the originality during the mid-section of the show, when Squidward used the methods of cleaning to his advantage, when Sandy gave him orders to clean up the dojo after he says he wants revenge (Sandy doesn't want karate to be used for revenge apparently, which is something I also felt never really happened in the past of this show). The animation is nice as always, but the plot, I felt, was rushed near the end. However, despite a poor introduction and ending, the episode was still really neat and should be watched if you like good humor.
  • missed a spot..

    the first day of 2013 what do we get? squidward learning a great new years gift to me.

    so squidward apparently gets "attacked" by a creeper! he then asks for spongebobs help) to learn karate. the episode is filled with good quick gags and jokes. it felt rushed but hey its 11 minutes what more do ya want? in the end squidward wanted to use the skills for revenge(figured but I liked that) in the end he beats the crap out of the poor guy who wanted to give him his food back. that made me laugh. but the real kick was him getting arrested, poor squidward "why is it whenever I have fun, its wrong!?"

    personally I would of loved if it was squilliam who idk took his house and squidward had to fight him to get his home back (I would of liked that but hey still a great episode)
  • The first SB episode of the year 2013

    SO FAR, 2013 is better than 2012. You wanna know why??? because 2012 made us wait until the last week of March 2012 for a new SpongeBob episode and it made me extremely angry that we had to wait 5 months for a new episode and it still angers me. Meanwhile, 2013 is already on my good side because they decided to give us a new SpongeBob episode on the first day of 2013 which is January 1, 2013 so thanks so much for treating us right 2013. Anyways on to my review. I really enjoyed this episode. I thought it was a SUPERB start to the year 2013. I enjoyed the fact that Squidward was learning karate from SpongeBob and Sandy. Also good to see Sandy again since her last appearance (NOT counting "It's a SpongeBob Christmas" since it was clay-mation) since "Squirrel Record" and I hope they use her more often... I'm tired of Sandy being underused. The episode was very funny, Squidward learning karate was funny. The most hilarious part, even though it felt a bit rush and unfinished, was the ending because Squidward hurting that big guy who wasn't a bad guy at all just wanted to give him back his groceries which was actually messed up and I felt bad for the guy but it cracked me up plus the fact that the police officer was smiling and being normal arresting Squidward was hilarious as well. My problems was just the ending feeling a bit rushed and unfinished AND the fact that Squidward never took karate seriously not even by the end... he just wanted to learn it for revenge so Squidward did anger me a little here so I was actually happy that Squidward did all of Sandy's chores which was another part that made me laugh. Overall, it's not a perfect episode but it is a very superb start to the year 2013 and can't wait to see what this year has to offer... go check it out if you haven't seen it. 9/10