SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 10

Evil Spatula

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Mar 09, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • A million times better than All that Glitters! :)

    This episode is similar to "All That Glitters" as "Troublemaker" is similar to "Misery". The only difference is that I prefer "Evil Spatula" over "All That Glitters" and most, if not all, people would agree with me. I thought the story line was well written and their were funny moments, such as Plankton being able to smell the litter box through the spatula. I did feel bad for SpongeBob's spatula though when it broke, but I am still giving this a 10. Who cares if it is similar to an earlier episode.
  • The writers way of saying We're Sorry for All that Glitters

    Looks like our terrible duo known as Zeus Cervas and Casey Alexander have managed to create a gem. While this is another cliched steal the Krabby patty formula plot. It actually take everything All that Glitters did, and did it the right way. For example, Plankton sabotages Spongebob's spatula, so we have a reason why it breaks rather than a giant krabby patty. Also, Spongebob doesn't cry for minutes which is a huge improvement from All that Glitters. Also, he seems to get along with the new Spatula quite well, and it really helps him with his job so Plankton gains Spongebob's trust. Then the way they defeat plankton is kinda funny. So yeah, writers you do have a way to redeem a bad episode, so if you make a bad episode, please try to fix it because this episode seems to be an apology for All That Glitters.
  • It's ok.

    One of the new episodes that aren't disturbing or creepy. It's like All that glitters except no annoying crying and instead of finding a new one, Plankton gives him this evil one. This is alright, But it copied All that glitters a little.
  • A quality episode

    The dialogue between "The Sizzlemaster" and Spongebob were very creative, and the way Plankton handled it was very reminiscent of the old seasons when Plankton would always be inside something and it going horribly wrong for him. I also felt, for once, Spongebob's innocence was charming and not annoying. FINALLY! I'm so happy to see an episode where all the characters have their personalities back in place again.
  • At least SpongeBob didn't cry

    I thought this was a very good episode and I enjoyed watching it. This was actually a good plan for Plankton but obviously, it still didn't work. Even though this episode was nice and fun to watch, there has been better for season 9 but again, I still really like this one a lot.
  • A fixed version of All That Glitters

    When I first saw this promo before it aired, I was thinking "why would they use the same plot from the horrible episode "All That Glitters?" But what I saw instead was something good. For example I remember the episode "Best Frenemies" which marked one of the first times in the show that Mr Krabs and Plankton team up, and I remember how similar it felt compared to "The Other Patty" episode. I thought the Other Patty was an awful episode, it was a rip off of Best Frenemies, except it was a dull episode. But comparing "All That Glitters" to "Evil Spatula" I can say "Evil Spatula" was an episode worth recycling, and fixing a previous plot from. I love how Spongebob only briefly screamed when his spatula broke, unlike "All That Glitters" where he crys for about one minute. I also liked how his spatula wasn't a character, like it was oddly portrayed in "All That I also liked Plankton's role in this episode. Plankton making a replacement spatula for Spongebob, with a microphone, and spy gadgets was a pretty sneaky move from Plankton, but of course, his plans on the show never work out.
  • Much better than "Little Yellow Book" and "All That Glitters"

    This was an awesome episode, much better than the previous episode "Little Yellow Book"! Now onto the episode. This is actually a sequel to "All That Glitters", and Spongebob breaks his Spatula (Again), now in a bad episode like "All That Glitters", Spongebob cries throughout the entire episode, you couldn't even go 1 minute without hearing Spongebob cry. Here, he only cries for a few seconds and that's it. And Spongebob buys a new Spatula from Plankton. The only problem is that it burns every Krabby Patty Spongebob makes. And the Spatula needs to know the Krabby Patty formula in order to make a Krabby Patty. Squidward had an actual good cameo in this episode even though I'm still angry at him because of how he acted in "Little Yellow Book", alright enough comparing this episode to 2 bad episodes "Little Yellow Book" and "All That Glitters", although my score is a little low because I know this is a sequel to "All That Glitters", but I don't like how they used the same plot "All That Glitters" had, except this time its another Plankton episode. Overall despite one problem, it was still superb! Please watch this and not "All That Glitters" or even "Little Yellow Book". Overall Grade: (8.9/10) A
  • SpongeBob breaks his spatula...... AGAIN???

    As much as I love SpongeBob, I wasn't looking forward to this episode at all. I always HATE it when writers use another idea from a certain season because (1)it's not original and (2)it gives SpongeBob-haters another reason on why SpongeBob isn't good anymore. The previous episode "Little Yellow Book" broke my heart into a million pieces so I was NOT ready to see another bad episode. I'm very happy to say that this was actually a very impressive episode. It's different from the Season 4 episode "All That Glitters"... the similarities you do get are SpongeBob breaking his spatula (only different is that he does NOT cry for the next 1 and a half minute) and the whole evil spatula thing that talks just like All That Glitters. It's enjoyable though and it's a nice little twist to it. This is definitely the episode I wanted in Season 4 instead of "All That Glitters" because oh my goodness it was a terrible episode. There were many funny moments in this episode, the storyline was very well told, and I thought the ending was completely awesomeness. People seem to have an issue with the ending for some reason but I just thought the ending was awesome because of the little twist that happened to Plankton at the end and not only was it awesome but it cracked me up. It's not a perfect episode though because it does bug me a little that the writers got this idea from "All That Glitters" but change it up. I'm glad this episode was very very good but writers, STOP taking other ideas you've already used... it's makes his loyal SpongeBob fans look very good and you make it very hard for us fans to defend the show when you keep re-using some of the ideas but change them up so please don't do that again. I'm glad this episode wiped off "All That Glitters" from my head for good but I don't want to see another sequel again. At least for "Sandy's Rocket" and "Mooncation"... there were 0 similarities between both episodes which was why I LOVED "Mooncation". Definitely watch this episode, I recommend it and it will help you get "All That Glitters" out of your head. 9.5/10
  • all that gliters: updated and upgraded

    soo many people agreed this sounds so similer to all that gliters(an old episode) but honestly, only a small part was similer, spongebob breking the spatula and cryng about it. that's really it. everything else is different. and it was very funy and I loved planktons plan.

    I also liked how this takes place before planktons pet so phew...

    still though great episode!
  • Nice comback!

    I am really glad that people are enjoying this episode as much as I am. I just hope that an episode like Little Yellow Book will never be made again.
  • One of my favorites!

    That is all!
  • A HUGE leap from last week

    I was really interested in this episode all the way through. After seeing this, I think Season 9 revived itself.
  • Another reason why I LOVE Season 9

    I really liked how everyone wasn't a complete jerk or idiot. These characters did have some logic in their minds. This episode also made me laugh at some points. However, my only problem with episode is the ending. It's not a bad ending, but I would have liked it more if the writers gave Spongebob a full realization of having responsibility. But overall, i really enjoyed this episode. 9.5/10
  • Great Episode

    This episode was funny and great
  • SizzleMaster: BURN, PATTIES, BURN!!!!

    This episode was a HUGE LEAP from the abomination from last week. However, it did have its flaws as well, so let's dive in.

    So, we start out with Mr. Krabs trying to clean his money with the help of Spongebob. However, Plankton sneaks in through the fax machine Krabs has that we've NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Plankton sabatoges the spatula, and when Spongebob breaks 'Fifi', Krabs says if he sees Spongebob talking to his Spatula again, it's the padded kitchen for comment. So, after that, Spongebob runs into Plankton, who introduces him to the talking spatula known as SizzleMaster, who Plankton needs to gain Spongebob's trust.

    Soon enough, Spongebob runs into the KK, where Squidward, still being a jerk, dumps orders on our absorbent protagonist. Soon enough, SizzleMaster shows Spongebob how well they do with flipping patties. Soon, after a hard day at work, SizzleMaster wants to go home with our porous hero, who agrees non-reluctantly.

    The next day, SM comes to work with SB, where SizzleMaster helps with the patties, and tricks Spongebob by burning the patties after putting Spongebob to a nap. However, Spongebob tastes the ashes and tells SizzleMaster that maybe they can whip up a new batch, so they head to Krabs's office, where Krabs is STILL washing money.

    However, when Spongebob tells Krabs about the Spatula, Krabs decides to tell SizzleMaster the recipe..... for THE MONEY-WASHING FORMULA! KA-BLAM!!! Plankton accidentally falls for it, and our protagonist wins once again. Plankton sarcatically remarks "Hardy Har Har," and... That's it. The sequel to the Season 4 episode "All That Glitters" (atrocious prequel by the way) actually turns out having a more abrupt ending than Pet Sitter Pat. Oh, well. This episode was actually pretty good, with Plankton going back to the bad side. :)

    8.5/10 B