SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 10

Evil Spatula

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Mar 09, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • SpongeBob breaks his spatula...... AGAIN???

    As much as I love SpongeBob, I wasn't looking forward to this episode at all. I always HATE it when writers use another idea from a certain season because (1)it's not original and (2)it gives SpongeBob-haters another reason on why SpongeBob isn't good anymore. The previous episode "Little Yellow Book" broke my heart into a million pieces so I was NOT ready to see another bad episode. I'm very happy to say that this was actually a very impressive episode. It's different from the Season 4 episode "All That Glitters"... the similarities you do get are SpongeBob breaking his spatula (only different is that he does NOT cry for the next 1 and a half minute) and the whole evil spatula thing that talks just like All That Glitters. It's enjoyable though and it's a nice little twist to it. This is definitely the episode I wanted in Season 4 instead of "All That Glitters" because oh my goodness it was a terrible episode. There were many funny moments in this episode, the storyline was very well told, and I thought the ending was completely awesomeness. People seem to have an issue with the ending for some reason but I just thought the ending was awesome because of the little twist that happened to Plankton at the end and not only was it awesome but it cracked me up. It's not a perfect episode though because it does bug me a little that the writers got this idea from "All That Glitters" but change it up. I'm glad this episode was very very good but writers, STOP taking other ideas you've already used... it's makes his loyal SpongeBob fans look very good and you make it very hard for us fans to defend the show when you keep re-using some of the ideas but change them up so please don't do that again. I'm glad this episode wiped off "All That Glitters" from my head for good but I don't want to see another sequel again. At least for "Sandy's Rocket" and "Mooncation"... there were 0 similarities between both episodes which was why I LOVED "Mooncation". Definitely watch this episode, I recommend it and it will help you get "All That Glitters" out of your head. 9.5/10
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