SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 1

Extreme Spots / Squirrel Record

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 21, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Extreme spots & Squirrel record

    Extreme spots: Very entertaining to watch SpongeBob and Patrick try to do extreme sports. And are corrected by the drasticals. 8.5

    Squirrel record: Sandy want to make records of his book and spongebob receives problems. 8.5
  • think back...

    two words... prehibernation week... >:I
  • Extreme Spots was Not too bad and was fun to watch, but lacked any good jokes

    I liked this episode but it's not the best the reason is because the jokes in this episode that have no purpose For example and scenes of the same gags repeated over and over and some of the jokes are very disturbing like when Patrick rips off his head and starts licking his brain like a ice cream cone for no reason Final verdict Not bad but could have used a tune up in the jokes
  • Two funny, and crazy stories.

    I remember hearing about Johnny Knoxville being in a future Spongebob episode, and when I saw it on the day of that athletic themed Spongebob marathon, I loved it. Johnny Knoxville felt like a natural voicing on Spongebob, he seemed like a regular cast member. I loved how Spongebob and Patrick's childish games became inspiration for Johnny Krill's gang as extreme sports. The only part I didn't like from this episode was when Patrick tore off his head and licked his brain like an ice cream cone, that was a bit disturbing. Squirrel Record was brilliant, and funny. I loved how both episodes didn't have what felt like rushed endings. These 2 were great episodes to start off the new Season 9.
  • Episode 179a and 179b review

    Extreme Spots: Not too funny. I didn't really like it, and there wasn't too much humor.

    Squirrel Record: Hilarious. Sandy's record attempts are really funny.
  • spongebob starts season 9 with a bang.

    jus a updated version of this review

    i loved these episodes. the not as much as i love the last few episodes. but this was a great way to start season 9. that anything is possible and extreme things are coming!

    squirral records did a great job recreating prehibernation week(though prehibernation week was better)

    extreme spots(a play on patricks line in the episode) was "extreme!" i loved the jackass guy he was funny. all the stunts and events were great and spongebob and patricks versions were funny

    great episode cnt wait to see more!

    A horrible start to season 9! They are running out of ideas, stop it, your wasting money on a show nobody likes since they don't know how to made good epsiodes anymore! All the chacters are starting to become more annoying each epsiode because they keep making nick.com worse, the shows are more childish, the good shows contiune to get canceled, and now spongebob. Spongebob was a classic until nick went downhill. Nobody wants to watch nick anymore because of its LARGE downfalls and profits lately. Give up nick because everyone is starting to watch nick WAY more than nick. Have to admit it?
  • Shameful

    I can usually force myself to watch episodes past season 5, I won't laugh, but I'll watch them. But this was just shameful. Some of the characters looked like they were animated by 5 year olds. It also felt like there was no plot to both of these episodes that was worth following.
  • Season 9 premire and it was amazing!!!!!!! ( In HD )

    SpongeBob starts off season 9 with a bang! 2 amazing episodes with a descent plot and it did bring me a few laughs. It didn't have any boaring parts and it certently did not dissapoint me. I really hope that the rest of this season can come out like this with nice details and jokes in each episode so we all can enjoy. Epic season 9, so excited!!!!!!!
  • Johnny Knoxville guest stars in the episode "Extreme Sports" as Johnny Krill in this Season 9 Premiere along with Sandy trying to break world records

    These pairings are the Season 9 Premieres and happen to be shown on HD (high definition) and according to the news, Season 9 and the rest of the seasons will be in HD. As far as HD looked for SpongeBob. It actually looked awesome. The animation looks a little bit more newer and colorful with the HD and it just looks good and I don't mind the fact that the rest of the new SpongeBobs will be in HD. SpongeBob on HD looks awesome. Just wanted to let that out before reviewing this. "Truth or Square" was, however, in HD but that was because it was a TV movie. HD will be all Season 9 long and possibly the rest of the seasons. I give the HD a 10 out of 10 most definitely. :)

    Extreme Sports: SpongeBob and Patrick, who are super fans of the Drasticals, want to show Johnny Krill (voiced by Johnny Knoxville) whatever it takes to join their extreme sports team no matter how extreme or dangerous their stunts may be. It is officially the Season 9 Premiere of SpongeBob as the show will now be in HD for now and I started off awesome with this episode. No problems with this episode at all. I mean, the brief gross out gag with Patrick ripping his head and licking his brain was a bit much but it's not a problem at all or even a nit-pick. I enjoyed that Johnny Knoxville (from the hit MTV show "Jackass") guest-voiced in this episode and he did an awesome job. It was worth waiting for this episode since January. The extreme stunts performed in this episode were awesome and it's one of the best extreme SpongeBob episodes that I have ever seen. Just make sure that kids will, of course, won't attempt stunts like these though parents. That parts in the episode that made me laugh was that "Give me a hand" gag near the beginning of the episode, the stunts that SpongeBob and Patrick were doing like jump-roping and more of that stuff, the extreme stunts that Johnny Krill and his extreme sports team shows SpongeBob (funny and awesome at the same time), that random English fish pronouncing "Extreme Spots" instead of "Extreme SpoRts", the mattress avenging the pillow and beating up Johnny Krill (that made LOL hard), "And if you can see, Extreme Spots are the direct buy-product of the most Extreme Spots" "Who is that guy?" (the random yet hilarious very ending of the episode), and more. I just loved the extreme storyline in this episode and there was a lot of humor that really made me laugh. Way to go!!! Season 9 started off awesome with this complete awesome episode. Overall, if you loved the MTV show "Jackass" then you're gonna enjoying this extreme episode with special guest-voice Johnny Knoxville and it was a perfect Season 9 Premiere of "SpongeBob SquarePants"... how will the next pairing "Squirrel Record" help out? continue reading on to my review of "Squirrel Record" to find out. 10/10

    Squirrel Record: Sandy is determined to break a record number of world records, in record time, for her action-packed weekend and SpongeBob joins along the dangerous fun with her. I thought that this was an awesome episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". Although, I loved "Extreme Sports" (or Spots) slightly more than this episode... I still thought it was well thought-out. I've always wanted to see the day where SpongeBob has a world-breaking episode and it finally came. We have Sandy get in her extreme side in a while so it was good to see that side of Sandy again. It was very funny just seeing Sandy trying to break the numerous amounts of world records throughout the episode and her going a little carried away with it plus there are more hilarious moments such as Plankton's cameo appearance (who acted normal and wasn't an evil genius at all here), Patrick's cameo appearance (stupid Patrick for hitting that House of Cards with a bat), the very ending of the episode when it turned out that SpongeBob broke a world record for "Most Injuries For Helping Out A Friend In One Day" (something close like that). It kinda stinks that Sandy did all of those world records for nothing since that world record book of hers was 30 years old. It was also very cool to see Sandy's robots (from the Season 8 episode "House Sittin' for Sandy") making a returning appearance in this episode and I really hope they show them more often. Of course, how can I forget Squidward's cameo appearance in the very beginning of the episode (that made LOL). i just really loved the episode but SpongeBob really did get injured a lot... poor yellow sponge. Overall, this pairing along with "Extreme Sports" are an awesome start to Season 9 and I hope Season 9 will be better than Season 8 and will continue on with the well written episodes. I definitely these Season 9 Premieres so watch them even if you don't really SpongeBob that much anymore. 10/10
  • Meh :/

    I usually love all Spongebob episodes but I felt like this had too many gags and too little substance/plot
  • Episodes Get Worse And Worse

    I know I sound like Squidward, but really? "The Super Spongy Square Games"? What a stupid name! Squirrel Record was just like Pre-hibernation Week. They just ran out of ideas.
  • Superb season 9 start

    Extreme Sports: SpongeBob and Patrick, who are super fans of the Drasticals, want to show Johnny Krill whatever it takes to join their extreme sports team no matter how extreme or dangerous their stunts may be. I thought this was an excellent start of season 9. It is now in HD (It has those black bars in the top and bottom of the screen) so I'm glad it is in HD (the only other time was in HD was the TV movie Truth or Square). Anyway, this episode has some funny parts like that guy talking weird (the captions said he prouncing the r with a w), all the stunts that the Drasticals, SpongeBob and Patrick trying to do some extreme stunts (but Johnny Krill doesn't consider those), the mattress coming to life and get angry at Johnny (it beat him up...funniest part), and one more. Nitpicks were Patrick licking his brain and the ending, it was a little rushed here. 10/10

    Squirrel Record: Sandy is determined to break a record number of world records, in record time, for her action-packed weekend and SpongeBob joins along the dangerous fun with her. This episode wasn't that awesome as Extreme Spots. The storyline was great but it could done better. Funny moments were the beginning (I had mixed feeling though...barely the second season 9 to air and we get a part where SpongeBob immediately annoy Squidward because he kept telling him it's closing time and SB didn't listen...either way, that part was funny but annoying at the same time), Sandy as the trash monster, some of the stuffs that Sandy trying to break the records, Patrick's cameo, Plankton's appearance (Decent), and the last part. My score is lower because a few annoying parts. 9/10
  • Ok/decent

    Like the title says. That one guy wasn't giving SpongeBob and Patrick at least a LITTLE credit in when they were tryin' to be tough or w/e it was. There was some other things I thought about as well. Very MINOR things.
  • Did all the writers quit?

    What happened? I love Spongebob, but so far this season it is like all the writers are on strike. There are no plots, just random, barely connected scenes of absurdity. I don't think I laughed one time, which is really sad. It is like they hired a group of writers that maybe watched one episode of Spongebob before they wrote these episodes. I hope it gets better, this is just sad.