SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 1 Episode 19

Fools in April / Neptune's Spatula

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 01, 2000 on Nickelodeon

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  • Another great pair of classic episodes

    Aired today at 7:00am.
  • Fools in April was perfect and Neptune's Spatula was good.

    Fools in April: On April Fools Day SpongeBob plays some harmless pranks on people. When Squidward gets tired of his pranks he plays a prank of his own on SpongeBob. I do agree that the prank he played on SpongeBob was mean, but it didn't make me lower my score for two reasons. 1. At least he gets punished for his actions and apologizes to him at the end of the episode unlike that more recent episode of SpongeBob. *Cough* Little Yellow Book *Cough* 2. I rate these episodes by how funny they are and if I lowered my score just because of Squidward's prank then I would feel like I would be nitpicking. Overall, I thought it was a perfect episode with lots of laughs.

    Neptune's Spatula: When SpongeBob pulls the spatula from the grease King Neptune wants to know who did it. He doesn't believe it is SpongeBob at first, but when he does he challenges SpongeBob to a cook-off to see who can cook better. This isn't the best episode of this season, but it still has some funny moments. Like when King Neptune tries SpongeBob's Krabby Patty and says "This is good. I think I'd like to try it a second and spits it out. The ending was funny too. Not the best SpongeBob episode, but an enjoyable one. 8/10
  • poor spongebob

    i like these episodes but the only time its funny to see spongebob get tossed painfuly around the kk is in the new episodes.
  • um....7?

    i'd say neptune's spatula is OK
  • Squidward plays a prank on SpongeBob after he did a lot of April Fools pranks and SpongeBob battles against King Neptune

    Fools in April: This episode was superb. Although no boring scenes, Squidward's prank on SpongeBob because he had it with his pranks was the reason why the score's a little lower. Other than that, an enjoyable for most of the parts. Parts that I laughed were SpongeBob's April fools pranks, Patrick's appearance, Squidward doing various stuffs, and the ending. Overall, a superb April Fools themed episode of SpongeBob. 9/10

    Neptune's Spatula: Decent episode, but unfortunately, this episode was boring towards the end and there isn't anything interesting to say. I didn't think that battle between SpongeBob and Neptune was interesting, it was kinda a waste of time. The ending wasn't that great either. I did like the first few minutes of it though because there were a bunch funny parts. Overall, a good episode which got boring after 7 minutes. 7/10
  • Perfect


    Fools in April:
    It's April Fool's Day, and SpongeBob plays a series of practical jokes. Squidward gets so annoyed with them that he plays a very mean trick on SpongeBob. But now, he has to apologize.

    Neptune's Spatula:
    SpongeBob decides to participate in a cook-off at the Fry Cook Hall of Fame.

    10 out of 10

  • great

    What I liked (Fools in April)- the various practical jokes Spongebob plays, like the ice cubes, the fork/spoon, etc. I also liked Squidward apologizing to Spongebob at the end, despite how hard it was for him to do so.

    What I liked (Neptune's Spatula)- Spongebob winning the competition, Neptune working at the Krusty Krab… this episode is kind of boring in my honest opinion.

    Grade- a low B-
  • "Fools in April" was mostly excellent while "Neptune's Spatula" was just overall good but not great

    Fools in April: I thought that this was an excellent April Fools' Day themed episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". SpongeBob doing the tiniest littliest pranks to himself in the beginning of the episode was funny. Aww... I felt bad when Gary was crying in the beginning of the episode which was part of SpongeBob's prank. SpongeBob doing the littiest and innocent pranks on the customers at the Krusty Krab were very funny. Squidward trying to cheer up SpongeBob after he pranked SpongeBob and made him cry was funny. SpongeBob's tongue laughing along with him was pretty weird but it was funny. The ending was very funny when everyone got Squidward after Squidward admitted that he cares about everyone in Bikini Bottom. The only thing I didn't like was Squidward's prank on SpongeBob... I felt very bad for SpongeBob when he was crying all the way home... that was mean of Squidward to do that to SpongeBob. Overall, I love this episode and it was mostly an excellent April Fools' Day themed episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9.5/10

    Neptune's Spatula: This episode was overall good but it definitely wasn't as good as "Fools in April". I didn't really find the plot that interesting and it could have been a little better. It was awesome when John O' Hurley voiced as King Neptune because I love John O' Hurley. There were a few of very funny moments such as when the lady said "Holy smokes" (in a man voice), King Neptune repeatedly zapping Patrick, and Patrick's face on the back of his shorts. Other than that, this episode was overall good but not great. I didn't like how everyone including Mr. Krabs is betting the money that King Neptune would win... it bugged me because it seems like they have no faith in SpongeBob. I also did not like King Neptune winning the competition. King Neptune trying the krabby patty for a second time was also pretty gross to watch. The ending was kind of good but still could have been better. To end the review, it was an overall good but not great episode. 7.5/10
  • Boy,do I hate NS....

    Fools in April:
    I loved this episode and it would be one of my favorites if it didn't have that stupid ending. This is the episode when I was laughing seeing SB brutally tortured on Squid's ride of death because he was as annoying as my cousin in this episode.

    Neptune's spatula:
    OK,I hated this one. It has no relationship with Spongebob continuity (because of Patrick's look,which is the only funny thing here)and it was just boring and horrible. And I don't care how many thumbs down I get for this.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • I fry these episodes...see what I did?

    Fools in April I'm note sure if I loved this or hated it.
    On the one hand it's a slightly crule episode that really ends odd.
    But on the other hand, it's a nice epidoe that shows that Squidward isn't compleatly heartless.
    It's OK,but not much really happened.

    Neptune's Spatula
    I'm kind of in the same head space with this one.
    I liked the greek god elameant, but the first scene took a little to long.
    Plus I found it weird that Patrick had his mouth in his butt the whole episode and no one noticed.
    Though I did like the end where Neptune has to admit that Spongebob's cooking was good and his has...well not!
  • Fools in April is alright, Neptune's Spatula is a bit better.

    Fools in April: An alright episode. Not that great, but it had it's moments, like the ice cube joke. I felt sorry for both SpongeBob and Squidward. SpongeBob we all know, what happened to him with the prank. But I also fell sorry for Squidward. The reason? Everyone got mad at him, and while he did do something wrong, he was just trying to get back at SpongeBob, not meaning any serious harm. Still, an OK episode.

    Score: B+ 8.5/10

    Neptune's Spatula: A pretty good one. It wasn't spectacular or anything, but I did find it enjoyable. It had some good moments, like the ending, but honestly there was nothing TOO memorable. That being said, it did have a lot of little funny parts, which makes this one quite enjoyable, though not perfect.

    Score: B+ 8.9/10
  • Great

    Fools in April- Spongebob plays pranks on people on April Fools day, and Squidward pulls a prank so bad on Spongebob, it makes cry and avoid everyone. Squidward then has to apologize to Spongebob. Decent episode, the prank and the ending brought it down though. 7.5/10 C+

    Neptune's Spatula- Spongebob is asked to compete in a fry-cook off against king Neptune to prove his worth. Much better, not very funny, and it screws with the continuity, but it's an ok episode overall. 8.5/10 B+

    Overall, 2 decent episodes, but far from being among the highlights of season 1 IMO. 8/10 B-
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob . its april fools in bikini bottom and so spongebob and patrick are playing pranks on everyone and so squidwards gets so mad he plays a really bad prank on spongebob and it makes him really upset and squid has to appolzie. and the second one is when spongebob gets the spacutla of neptoon and thing is neptoon appears and wants to know who pulled it and it turns out to be spongebob and he does not belive him and they face off but thing spongbob wins for making really good pattis and neptoon wants him to come but turn s out he says no
  • An okay episode and a great episode.

    Fools in April:A decent episode.It's April Fool's Day in Bikini Bottom and Spongebob is playing jokes on everyone, especially Squidward.Squidward can't take his nonsense anymore, and he plays a cruel prank on Spongebob that leaves Spongebob in tears. Squidward realizes what he did was wrong, and tries to apologize to him. He spends the remainder of the episode trying to apologize and he does, only to find out that it was just one of Spongebob's jokes. This episode had good moments, like Squidward's prank and Spongebob's ice cube joke, but the rest of the episode isn't that funny. I liked the ending though.

    Neptune's Spatula:Better.Spongebob pulls a golden spatula from a grease pile at the museum and Neptune, king of the sea, appears. He doesn't believe that Spongebob pulled the spatula, no matter how hard Spongebob and Patrick try to prove it to him. Eventually, Neptune challenges Spongebob to a burger making contest to prove it, and if Spongebob wins he gets to live in Atlantis. At the contest, Neptune makes more patties than Sponge, but Spongebob wins because his burger tastes better. Spongebob gets to go Atlantis, but he turns down the offer because he won't be able to bring any of his friends. I love this episode's plot and how Patrick looked after he was "restored" by Neptune. I also liked Neptune in this episode, his character design in this episode was much better than later in the series. A great episode.

    Overall, this is a good pairing. Neptune's Spatula is overplayed though.
  • Very bad! I hated it! April fools! I loved it.

    Fools in april:
    This was funny. An april fools episode sounds like a good idea. Ever since I first watched this episode, I wanted to pull the prank squidward played on spongebob on my older brother. This was a funny episode and I enjoyed it. Final grade: F. April fools! Real final grade: A+

    Neptunes spatula:
    It was good. I dont get why some people despise this episode. This was funny along with fools in april. This episode made my day. I liked the ending. I thought it was funny when patrick`s face was on his butt. Really funny. Final grade: A+

    Final grade: A+
  • I loved these episodes!

    I especially loved April Fools! Fools in April is the title of the episode. But either way its great because its an episode celebrating the special April Fools Day holiday! And it is SpongeBob's favorite holiday! Squidward tries to hide from the prankster SpongeBob, and also tries to skip work. But he gets fooled into going to the Krusty Krab because of a special famous artist was over there, but it was just a prank. After getting tired of SpongeBob fooling everybody, Squidward decides to play dirty and get SpongeBob back. This was one of the most hilarious episodes in all of SpongeBob's history! Well at least this part anyway, when Squidward's eyes and face bulge out screaming with laughter, and also when SpongeBob flys and smacks a customer's fat saggy butt! Ha ha ha ha ha! And then Squidward jumps for joy with cheerleader pom-poms of how awesome and funny that was!:D This episode was super funny and had a silly ending.:P Lololololololololol. Neptune's Spatula involves SpongeBob proving he is superior and worthy frycook material by being able to pry the golden spatula from an ancient bucket of grease where it has remained nestled in its sticky goop for many many centuries. This episode was also funny! Like the parts where Patrick kept on getting zapped by King Neptune!:lol: It was so funny! Burn sizzle sizzle! Eeenoouugh!!! *Zaps Patrick again.* "We'll settle for one." And the best part and finale was SpongeBob making a delicious krabby patty with love!:D Two hilarious and perfected episodes!:D
  • Aww..poor SpongeBob. :(

    Fools In April:
    It's April Fools Day, and after getting annoyed with SpongeBob's constant pranks, Squidward makes such a horrible, painful prank that even I felt really upset for SpongeBob. Squidward tries really hard to aplogize, but he just can't do it. Basically half the episode is SpongeBob laughing, and the other half is Squidward blowing up whilst attempting to apologize. The 8.5 is not for this episode.


    Neptune's Spatula:
    SpongeBob pulls the golden spatula from the grease at the fry cook museum, but Neptune doesn't believe him. They end up doing a Krabby Patty duel, and if SpongeBob wins he can cook in Atlantis. If not, he has to give up fry cooking forever! SpongeBob loses 1000 to 1, but his patty is nicer than 1000 of Neptune's. However, SpongeBob doesn't want to come if his friends aren't allowed, and SpongeBob has another idea. This was a much better episode.

  • April Fools!

    Fools in April
    Spongebob's favorite holiday, April Fools day is here so he pranks everybody. Squidward does not like this so he pranks Spongebob himself but, makes him cry. So, Squidward go's to say sorry but, here's the promblem. He can't say sorry!
    Final Score: C

    Neptune's spatula
    Spongebob pulls a spatula from a bucket full of grease. Then, Neptune comes to take him to royalty. He does'nt think it's Spongebob so he does a test! Who ever can make 1000 pattys wins! Neptune makes it but, Spongebob only makes one. Everyone says Neptune's patty stinks so, Spongebob wins!
    Final Score: C

    Final Score: C, 6
  • yeah preety good episode

    this episode is good its like an average i like this episode cause its one of the first episode i have ever seen in the series and i dont like it THAT MUCH cause the episode "neptune spetula" is kinda bad cause neptune is alittle annoyin but i like this episode cause some parts arre alittle funny especially the episode "fools in april" i was just like LOL! i think spongebob fans will like this episode preety much because of its comedy at some points and its just a good episode i love it so i give this episode a 7.7/10 preety silly episode!
  • This used to be my favorite eisode of Spongebob.

    I really enjoyed watching these episodes. Fools In April was about April Fools day. It's Spongebob's favorite holiday so it makes Squidward really mad. Finaly, after about the whole day of listening to Spongebob laugh, Squidward tries to get him back and it makes Spongebob cry and run home. When Squdward goes over to his house to appolgize, he finds out that he can't say sorry to Spongebob. In the end, Squidward finds out that it was all a joke.

    In the next part, Spongebob pulls a spatulla from grese and than challanges King Netune to a cook off. These episodes were decent. I liked Fools In April the best but both were good and really funny. Most of the main characters were in it so I would recomend it to people that are new to Spongebob and people that are Spongebob fans already.
  • Fools In April

    Neptune Spatula:

    Spongebob and Patrick visit an musuem and Spongebob removes the Spatula from the stone.As he entered the dome competing with King Neptune to see who the best.

    Notice that King Neptune is different from the movie one.

    Fools In April:

    Its April Fools and its Spongebob favorite holiday.When he begin to prank everyone.Which gets Squidward on his nerves.After hitting on his last nerve.Squidward thought of getting Spongebob back.However it end up being an pain instead of an fun april joke.Which made Squidward feel bad.

    Yeah so Squidward acted liked an jerk.This was the first time we see Squidward mother as well.
  • This was a great episode and also one of my favorites.

    Fools in April:
    Bikini Bottom celebrates April Fool's Day, and SpongeBob plays a series of practical jokes, but when SpongeBob starts to get on Squidwards nerves, he decides to play a trick of his own.

    Neptune's Spatula:
    SpongeBob participates in a cook-off at the Fry Cook Hall of Fame, but inadvertently manages to disrupt everything.

    In this episode Squidward decides to do a April Fools trick on SpongeBob and SpongeBob goes crying to his house and everybody becomes angry at Squidward.
    Also in this other one was SpongeBob releases the spatula from the grease but Neptune doesn't believe him and later they go to the Poseidon Stadium in Atlantis and Neptune wins the challenge but the people don't like the patties he makes and then Neptune tastes SpongeBob's Krabby Patty and he said that it tasted better and later SpongeBob decides that he doesn't wan't to go because his friend couldn't go.
  • decent episodes again

    Neptunes Spatula wasn't that great of an episode compared to other episodes because it lacked a ton of action. But Patrick helped this episode go up in comedy because of his idiotness getting him zapped by neptune. It was the way patrick said his stupid things that made this episode good. Fools in April was not a great episode because it just was not what I was looking for in an episode. It lacked comedy and it lacked any really good action and that is why I gave a not so great rating for these two episodes. But no matter it was not the worst ever.
  • Luigi

    These two episodes are pretty good as well. The first episode is about April Fools Day, and Spongebob plays pranks on everyone. Squidward gets sick of everything that Spongebo is doing and decides to preform the ultimate prank on Spongebob himself, making Spongebob cry. The next episode is about a legendary spatula that is stuck in greese. In one has ever removed it. But now Spongebob has removed it. Then King Neptune appears and tests Spongebob to become a god and live in Atlantis. Spongebob versus King Neptune, and whoever makes one thousand Krabby Pattys first wins. If Spongebob wins, he can live in Atlantis, but if he losses, he must give up his fry cook job forever. How can Spongebob find a way to win?
  • 19th Episode

    Fools in April: Spongebob does many jokes to everyone but it gets on Squidwards nerves so he decides to pull a prank on Spongebob which now everyone hates him because of his pranks so he forgives Spongebob and he's now happy.

    Neptunes Spatula: Spongebob removes a spatula from the grease and now Neptune the king of the sea decides to go one on one with Spongebob and Spongebob won by making only one krabby patty which Neptune learns that perfect patties are made with love not magic.
  • episode #19

    fools in april: squidward is tired of spongebob playing april fools jokes, and plots a mean joke against him. after this, everyone gets mad at squid, and leaves. squidward tries to apologize to spongebob.

    neptunes spatula: spongebob pulls out neptunes spatula, and becomes a hero. neptune then challenges sb to a patty-making contest. sponge wins of course.
  • Fools in April was unnecessary...

    Fools in April wasn't such a great episode in my point of view. If I were to give it a rating from 1 - 10, I would give it a 3 - 10. So that's why 7 points were deducted. But I thought Neptune's Spatula was great.

    Neptune's Spatula was a very great episode. Unlike Fools in April, it made sense, was way more funnier and exciting. Spongebob pulls out the golden spatula on accident, which called forth Neptune. Neptune challenged Spongebob to a Krabby Patty duel, and Spongebob happened to be the winner. Since Spongebob didn't want to go to Atlantis, he let Neptune help out at the Krusty Krab.
  • Ummm..... okay.

    It was an okay episode.

    Fools in april-
    Spongebob annoys squidward way too much, and Squidward plays an April fools joke on SpongeBob, causing him to cry his eyes out.

    Neptune's Spatula-
    King Neptune doesn't believe that SpongeBob pulled a spatula from a rock, which only a real true fry cook could only do.
  • Fools in april

    this episode is hilarious! I thought Squidward's attempts to say he's sorry were some of the funniest scenes in the series. in one scene, when he says it, he gets a constipated look on his face that looked so funny. Then his face becomes a donkey's face. And then it explodes! In the next, he writes I'm sorry on a paper, puts it in a bottle, and hands it to Spongebob, and Spongebob was told to open it, but says, "I can't-I don't have a bottle opener." That line was one of the funniest in the episode, compared with the other funny lines in this one. I'm so glad I have this episode on the Spongebob goes prehistoric vhs.
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