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"Chum Fricassee/Move It or Lose It" Episode Discussion

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    [1]Oct 21, 2012
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    POST HERE for your opinion on the new

    SpongeBob episodes "Chum Fricassee" and

    "Move It or Lose It".

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    move it or lose it: nice plot, great how it played out. plankton came up with a smart idea to win. kinda fgured how the endign was gunna be but still laughed. great episdoe

    chum fricassee: the one episode ive waited to see in a long time and it went exactly as planned, squidward doesnt feel impostant at the KK and accepts planktons offer to work at the CB. and its a HIT! squidward becomes famous, the CB becomes fmaous and the KK becomes empty! in the end squidward messes up and he gets whats coming to him. i loved this episode

    both episodes were the kinda episodes u had to know the characters a long time to understand why these aired. and they both went perfect

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