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Why do people demonize SpongeBob?

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    There is already a topic like this on sbmania.net, but I thought I would do one here. I have read a lot of reviews and comments trash talking the "New" SpongeBob. Not only that, but there are people who trash talk the protagonist too. I am not talking about people who think he is a stupid crybaby. I am talking about how people treat SpongeBob like Satan and how they actually believe that the trouble and annoyance he causes are intentional (which are not). I also hate it when anyone says that SpongeBob has became an antagonist and abuses Squidward for the sake of it. I agree that SpongeBob can be annoying and troublesome, but he never really means it. In fact, his intentions are good, even in the post-movie era. SpongeBob is also selfless and forgiving. For example, in "Little Yellow Book", SpongeBob forgives Squidward for embarrassing him and stands up for him to the people who called him "Diary Reader". He also sacrificed his perfect day in "Best Day Ever".

    Most of the time SpongeBob is innocently insensitive. He may have been flanderized and has had some OOC moments before, but he is still a good sponge. However, there are people who demonize him even when he does not cause trouble or causes trouble, but had some good intention behind it.

    In conclusion, it is safe to say that SpongeBob is a Ron the Death Eater.

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