SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 2

Patrick-Man! / Gary's New Toy

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 14, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Very funny

    This is very good and funny episode My only flaw is the Patrick brain part
  • Mean-spirited and predictable

    I think that post-movie episodes are good, but there is one problem, which is Gary abuse. There is too much Gary abuse in the new episodes, including this one. Technically, SpongeBob treats Gary as if he was his son. Okay, it's SpongeBob's fault in my opinion. He was too selfish in this episode. He gets mad just because Gary was spending more time with his toy than with him. As a result, SpongeBob confiscates the toy. This is not a good way to discipline your pet. I think that parents should not watch this episode because it will set a bad example on how to discipline kids. All Gary wanted was to be happy and SpongeBob got in the way. In most episodes that feature Gary, Gary is just seen dull and boring. SpongeBob should just be thankful that Gary is happy. Second worst episode of Season 9.

    To the writers: Stop making any more Gary-centered episodes because most of them are predictable and mean-spirited

    Final Grade: 2/10 F
  • Not the best episode focusing on Gary but it was enjoyable :)

    This was a great episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. Not the best episode to focus on Gary though but it was cute and there were some funny moments. I didn't like that gross out gag with the laser point aiming at Patrick's head and then Patrick's tiny brain comes out, goes inside SpongeBob, comes out of SpongeBob's nose, and then SpongeBob puts it back in his head. It got a little boring and draggy too. The ending also could've been done better and felt a little rushed. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable. 8.5/10
  • Great episode of season 9

    Season 9 has been very impressive lately and if the rest of the show is like this then SpongeBob will be just as good as before. On with the review, this episode was really good to me. I liked the fact that it teeches you a lesson and at the same time it was a good plot although it was a bit similar to the episode Treats but that's still okay. It feels like the writers are trying harder to bring us better and better episodes. It's nice to see an episode about Gary scince he is a main character and I find this episode a little funny but better than Squid baby. This episode gets a well deserved 9 out of 10.
  • really good episode. teaches you obsession leads you to a lonley place

    spongebob notices gary has been biting everything in the house. so they go to the pet store to buy him a new ball. they look, find nothing but gary finds this small red ball and they buy it. gary starts playing with it but soon starts spending more time with the ball then spongebob. he becomes obsessed with it and spongebob leaves the house. hours go by and gary gets hungry, realizing what he has done he leaves the house and reunites with spongebob!

    i loved this episode. one of my favorite gary episodes. patrick was funny (as always) the running gag with animals stealing spongebobs wallet made me crack up and the ball being "possesed" was funny as hell. funny ending also. the house is on fire and spongebob doesnt even notice XD great episode!