SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Mar 05, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When SpongeBob wakes up and finds that Gary is gone, He finds the rest of the town is gone. After he finds out it was a national holiday to get away from SpongeBob.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • I really hated the 2nd half of the episode

    The beginning was ok, I liked how SpongeBob tried to honor everyone by imitating them. Then, when he treated the boat like his best friend, that was creepy. Why did everyone leave, even Patrick and Sandy? They are his friends, why did they do that to him?

    1st half- 5/10

    2nd half- 1/10

    Overall- 3/10
  • SpongeBob finds out everyone is gone

    I thought this episode was superb like Not Normal but I found this one a little enjoyable than that episode. It is treated well either and no one didn't gave this a perfect score due to the citizen getting away from SpongeBob (that will be my major con and one more problem was probably the slow beginning). But to me, it's seem to be a well done episode having just SpongeBob for the entire episode until the last couple minutes (there weren't any that much voice actors here Kenny, Bill ***erbakke, and Clancy Brown only worked on the voice acting here). I liked SpongeBob impersonating his friends, those were my favorite parts. There were other great here as well. Overall, I can understand why this episode wasn't perfect but that's okay for me. The score I'm getting for this episode is going to be 9/10.moreless
  • Really went off-course.

    Why? Because it's very ironic that almost of whole people in Bikini Bottom loves him. Why are they hiding from him? The reason: The writers' fault. Blame it on them, they lack ideas. The people in this episode are celebrating National No Spongebob day. Why? Patrick is SB's best friend. Did he really got more dumber? He's supposed to help Spongebob in these kinds of things! And Mr. Krabs! He really needs Spongebob around to run his own fast-food. And Sandy too! She mostly gets help from Spongebob in her inventions and problems! And the whole citizens of Bikini Bottom also receives help from Spongebob. Why? eggh. Not a good joke, that's so cold and very bad. There are some funny things in this show, but the concept is just too.... infuriating.moreless
  • Pretty sadistic, when you get right down to it

    SpongeBob wakes up one day to find that everyone else in Bikini Bottom has disappeared. He attempts to live out everyone else's lives, gives himself a boating license, and begins thinking a boat is stalking him. Then, at the end of the episode, everyone comes back, only to reveal that they were off burning SpongeBob in effigy, and they ended up milking the day-long event for weeks.


    So let me get this straight: everyone SpongeBob knows and cares about is willing to leave town for weeks to burn down a wooden SpongeBob and dance on the ashes, while poor SpongeBob is left behind to slowly go mad from loneliness? Sure, SpongeBob has gotten more annoying in recent years, but geez...

    So, yeah. One of the more sadistic episodes of SpongeBob. Bottom line, even if your like of SpongeBob has decreased over the years, this episode was still pretty mean-spirited.moreless
  • Did the producers get lazy halfway through the episode?

    This episode of Spongebob could have been so great, but something went wrong when this episode was in production. It starts off with Spongebob noticing that Gary isn't around, but ignores it completely. Then when he goes to the Krusty Krab he notices there are no customers as well, and thinks it was a slow day. It isn't until Spongebob notices that Gary's food is still untouched he figures Gary is missing, so he goes to Squidward and Patrick but they are gone as well. He goes around the city, and finds that everyone has disappeared without a trace. Spongebob decides to honor the citizens by pretending to be like them from Mr. Krabs, to Patrick, to Sandy Cheeks, and even Mrs. Puff. I have to say that Spongebob doing all these impressions of the citizens were great, and he did a good job doing so. Spongebob decides to give himself a driver's license and even gets a boat. Now here is where the episode takes a plunge it will never recover from. Spongebob goes crazy and does everything with the boat like taking it to work, and even going to bed with it. Now you can argue that Spongebob needed a friend, but it comes off as creepy. It doesn't help that Spongebob also makes a Patrick doll out of Krabby Patty meat. Eventually the boat chases Spongebob (just go with it), and Spongebob runs into a bus that has all the citizens of Bikini Bottom. Apparently everyone was celebrating a holiday known as National No Spongebob Day, an entire day without Spongebob, but instead everyone was gone for months. Even Patrick decided to go with the town to get away from Spongebob. Now this is so out of character with everyone. Spongebob may be annoying, but he never really means it, and he always tries to help his friends. Did Patrick forget about the time Spongebob tried to help him win an award? How about Squidward? Spongebob made Squidward's band so great it caused his rival, Squillium, to faint. Sandy Cheeks was homesick and Spongebob brought her home Texas into Bikini Bottom. So why doesn't she remember that? How about the events of The Spongebob Squarepants Movie? Spongebob saved Bikini Bottom from Plankton. Did everyone forget how Spongebob did everything for his town? Obviously so. It's not only bad and out of character, but it comes off as rather mean spirited as well. The episode ends with Spongebob and everyone going to celebrate National No Patrick Day, and Patrick is knocked out, and tries to wonder where everyone is. This was such an awful episode. While it has a good plot, and some funny moments like Spongebob impersonating the town citizens it doesn't excuse how cruel and out of character everyone acted. Seeing Spongebob go crazy all over that boat, and his Krabby Patty meat statue came off as creepy. The fact everyone was celebrating a holiday of no Spongebob was awful, and cruel. If you can avoid this one, and stay away from it.moreless

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