SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 2

Growth Spout / Stuck in the Wringer

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jul 19, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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When Pearl has an untimely growth spout, Mr. Krabs has to search for food for her. Being too cheap to buy food for Pearl, he raids and collects food from his employees and Patrick. But soon, he does all that work to realize that she needed one patty.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Pearl needs food. How does the cheap Krab handle this one?

    This episode starts out with Mr. Krabs brushing his teeth, when a fin breaks through the wall and the mirror. Then, straight away, we get the unfunny joke of a character looking like they have noticed something, but have noticed something completely different and irrelevant. So Pearl had to call her dad to actually get her attention. We find out that Pearl is going through a growth spurt, and needs food. We then find out that this is an episode where Mr. Krabs cares more about money than his daughter, Pearl, as he makes up an excuse that the shops are shut. Fortunately, he isn't the stupid hateful crab he usually is, and rather than ignoring the case, he actually tries to do something about it. Unfortunately, we find out that this is a "Mr. Krabs is greedy" episode, where Mr. Krabs steals food from everyone from Bikini Bottom. And he steals a hell of a lot from Squidward. How did Squidward manage to get all that food anyway? I think that I would love a visit to Squidward's. Mr. Krabs' next spot is Spongebob's house, where, unfortunately for the cheap krab, he is caught in the act by Squidward. Squidward threatens to call the police, but Mr. Krabs then gives Squidward his golden tooth? And then Squidward walks away. So, Squidward rather have Mr. Krabs' "Golden tooth" than have him behind bars for stealing a vast majority of his food? And the ending didn't have me too impressed either. Spongebob goes and makes a Krabby Patty taste worth 1,000,000 Krabby Patties and that's it. All that other food Mr. Krabs stole was just a waste of time. So yeah, I'm afraid that "Growth Spout" just isn't growing on me, this episode gets a 6/10.moreless
  • alright episode but boring at times

    growth spout pearl;s growth appetite leads mr krabs into finding food for her now this was an okay episode but it did have some gross parts like the part where mr.krabs picks up mrs puff;s worms and thinks they are peanuts and then they squirted slime on him that was gross but it did have some funny parts like when pearl ate te refrigherator that was funny and the part where squidward tried to call the cops and mr .krabs said if he did he would fire him that was funny i dont have too much to say about this episode but it was alright grade 7/10 kingnicky1 outmoreless
  • Awful

    As Pearl's growth spurt occures, her hunger grows to be as big as herself. Mr. Krabs, wanting to save money, decides to raid his friends' houses to see if there's any free food he can steal that can satisfy his daughter.

    As Pearl's growth spurt occures, her hunger grows to be as big as herself. Mr. Krabs, wanting to save money, decides to raid his friends' houses to see if there's any free food he can steal that can satisfy his daughter.

  • Oh...there was a plot?

    The whole episode was about Pearl going through a growth spurt and Mr. Krabs willing to break and enter into people's houses to feed her.

    Seriously. That's the whole episode. And yes, it's about as bad as it sounds.

    Nothing about this episode was appealing. The close-up shots of Pearl growing larger, Mr. Krabs not only constantly saying that Pearl is his daughter (we KNOW who she is), but acting like a lunatic and running around to steal food from his neighbors, the idiot cops (even Mrs. Puff got annoyed by them), Pearl basically eating anything that she could put in her mouth...what was the point?

    Even worse, the solution was so obvious! Mr. Krabs owns a RESTAURANT. He's perfectly capable of feeding Pearl. And yet he chose to trespass on Mrs. Puff's property, steal food from Patrick and Squidward, and break into multiple houses to get food. We don't hear anyone offer the obvious solution until about three minutes left of the episode!

    Even then, the ending wasn't satisfying. All SpongeBob had to do was give Pearl a Krabby Patty with "love" in it, and she was miraculously cured. And Mr. Krabs just seemed clueless about the whole thing. Does he even KNOW about love?

    Bottom line: when this episode wasn't being gross, it was just stupid. Nobody wants to watch an episode about puberty.moreless
  • This is somewhat good but also somewhat alright

    This episode is overall good but not great and it is somewhat alright in my opinion. Pearl having a growth sprout was a little strange for me. Mr. Krabs was just selfish in this episode... he cared about more saving money then to take care of his daughter Pearl. He took care of Pearl by stealing from all of his friend's house (well... except for Sandy because she didn't appear in this episode). Anyways, Mr. Krabs should go to the store and buy food if he really cares about Pearl. That's what made my score low... Mr. Krabs' selfishness. I also didn't like how Mrs. Puff didn't look like she recognized Mr. Krabs because they did date in "Krusty Love". When she saw Mr. Krabs jumping over her fence, she could of at least said "Mr. Krabs, is that you?". This moment kind of bugged and also kind of made me laugh but it was with the policemen not catching Mr. Krabs for his crime but I thought it was funny because Mr. Krabs tricked them into thinking that he is Santa Claus and they believed him. Mr. Krabs running around saying "food food food" because he is in a rush to help Pearl was funny. I also thought it was hilarious when Mr. Krabs had a gold tooth and SpongeBob said "I never knew Mr. Krabs had a gold tooth" and then Squidward responds "Neither did I". SpongeBob only appeared in this episode for the last 2 minutes of this episode but I thought it was funny that all it took to make Pearl go back to normal is for SpongeBob to make one krabby patty that will taste like a million. Overall, somewhat good also somewhat alright but it also ain't bad. 7/10moreless
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