SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 28


Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Apr 09, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • A hilarious, crazy episode! Reminded me a lot of Squidward in Clarinetland.

    This was probably one of my favorite episodes that aired in the two weeks of new episodes. It had a pretty decent plot along with some hilarious, crazily bizarre moments. :) The ending with Spongebob crying mustard and Squidward's final line was rather mediocre, but everything else was fantastic, I must say.:D Patrick's whole part throughout was by far the most hilarious part of the episode, especially when he gave Spongebob coffee.XD I still laugh about that to myself all the time. Spongebob's hallucinations near the end were also crazy, bizarre, and awesome to see. So overall, except for the ending, this was a pretty amazing episode.:D Grade: A. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~

    Great. Hilarious how Spongebob can't sleep at all.
  • little bit scary

    the title card scared me a little bit
  • Meh, not the best

    SpongeBob has difficulty falling asleep, while Patrick struggles to stay awake. I don't hate this episode, but I thought this episode was just alright. I wanted to see this episode since a while back because it was announced on August. This episode was getting very boring and I thought some of the parts went slow. Plus, I don't find the ending that amusing, it was unneed to hear SpongeBob's crying for no reason...not even Squidward's last line save that part. Also, Mr. Krabs was mean at the beginning complaining about the mustard. Anyway, those were the parts that dropped the score steadlly. The funniest part was when SpongeBob having nightmare. It was really funny but the creepiest was when a bunch of Squidwards popped out, taunting at SpongeBob. Patrick was very funny here as well. Overall, this episode could have done better, but the most enjoyable scene is definitly SpongeBob's nightmare. 6.5/10
  • The ending was what made this episode

    From what Squidward thought he was seeing was truly funny. Squidward thinks Mr Krabs is giving Spongebob terrible criticism for bad fry cooking, and causing Spongebob to cry. But Mr. Krabs was just trying to make Spongebob cry out all the mustard he absorbed into his spongey body.
  • Pretty mean-spirited

    In this episode, Mr. Krabs convinces SpongeBob that he's got insomnia, which causes him to have trouble falling asleep that night.

    Sure, SpongeBob has gotten a lot more annoying the longer he's been on the air. But even so, after everything he goes through in this episode, it's hard not to feel sorry for him. First, Mr. Krabs berates him for using something like a drop more mustard on the Krabby Patties than he allows, and then proclaims that SpongeBob is an insomniac just because SpongeBob went to bed "two minutes later than usual." This causes SpongeBob to become so paranoid that he really can't sleep that night. He goes over to Patrick for help...but all Patrick does is be loud and encourage SpongeBob to stay awake, and finally giving him coffee. SpongeBob is forced to run off all the extra energy until he crashes, and ends up having a surreal dream where he's chased by Mr. Krabs with mustard nozzles for eyes and eaten by Patrick, among other things. In the end, SpongeBob doesn't get a good night's sleep, and he begins crying in shame after he goes to work and falls into the mustard. At the end of the episode, Mr. Krabs makes SpongeBob cry some more when he realizes that he's crying the perfect amount of mustard, while Squidward looks on and says "Best day of work ever."

    Okay, I'll admit, there are plenty of times where SpongeBob has exhibited some questionable behavior, and was in dire need of a humbling. Despite this, seeing Mr. Krabs using SpongeBob's misery for his own gain, combined with Squidward visibly taking pleasure in the scene, and all when SpongeBob was just trying to do his job right, was pretty shocking and mean.

    Overall, if you have a soft spot for SpongeBob, this is not a good episode. What he really needed was a hug...and maybe a lullaby.
  • Decent episode

    So, I think this episode was decent. The only problem in here was the beginning. Mr. Krabs was overreacting to SpongeBob's simple mistakes.

    7.4 C+
  • SpongeBob becomes an insomniac

    SpongeBob has difficulty falling asleep, while Patrick struggles to stay awake. It's the start for Week 2 of brand new SpongeBobs and it started off excellently. I thought that this was a very well done episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". Nickelodeon has announced this episode since August 2011 and after waiting so long, it finally aired and it was actually worth the wait. The idea of SpongeBob having insomnia which means that he has difficulty falling asleep was awesome. I'll admit, the episode was a little slow-moving at times but that's not the reason why my score is a tad low though. I can easily ignore the fact that the episode is slow-moving at times but my score is a tad low because of the ending of the episode... it just bugged me a little and could've ended better. While SpongeBob crying out mustard was kinda funny, it was just mostly mean of Mr. Krabs to make him cry just so the right amount of mustard can be on the patties and Squidward's last line "Best day of work ever" bugged me slightly more and that was being kinda mean. As for the humor, I can't really say this is the funniest episode ever because I have twice as much funnier episodes than this one but it was still well done. The parts that did make me laugh would have to be Patrick's part like when he was reading a bedtime story to SpongeBob and singing SpongeBob that "get up, get active" song and (well, you get the point), and maybe 2 more parts. SpongeBob's hallucination was also funny but is also crazy and awesome to look at. I just wish we saw more of SpongeBob's hallucination though because it only lasted 2 minutes and I would've preferred to see at least 4 minutes of SpongeBob's hallucination to add more insane things in there. That's probably my favorite part of the episode. Overall, this was a excellent episode of "Spongebob SquarePants" even though it could've ended better. 9.5/10
  • Werrrridest episode...

    This episode makes me think i'm high! haha but it was very good.! i was hoping there would be a A and B story (spongebob not sleeping and pat not awake) but i enjoyed this more! Patricks part was the best XD he's to funny, spongebobs "dream" was sooo tripy and weird! i loved it! ending was ehh but the last line makes me laugh!
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