SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 23

It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 06, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Better than Christmas Who. Come at me.

    I think it's safe to say that this is indeed one of the greatest SpongeBob specials ever. The animation is awesome, the musical numbers are fantastic, and the story is just plain simple, but it works! I love all the jokes and the slapstick especially. None of it is painful and can get either get a smile or giggle out of you. I adore this special and I recommend it. Check out Christmas Who? as well. They're both great specials, however, I personally prefer this.
  • WOW! This is better than Christmas Who.

    This was a pretty amazing special and I liked the Claymation and the idea of Plankton giving everyone jerktonium. I also thought that the songs sounded pretty amazing. This special also felt like a Veggie Tales episode and I thought SpongeBob sounded like Larry the cucumber when he sang "Santa's got his jolly little eyes on I liked Patrick in this special because it was so funny when he wanted to trap Santa. Another thing that I found funny was how Patchy stole the mail truck and got his comeuppance for it. I give this special a 10/10. No, better yet, an 11/10, if I could.
  • Wait, back up, a modern Spongebob episode that feels like the earlier seasons... was it really so hard, Nick?

    Seriously, this was surprisingly charming. With the series becoming so mean-spirited ever since season 5 started, this was kind of uplifting. Here, there's a reason for the characters to act like jerks, well, except for Patrick who's still kind of a jerk even without having eaten Plankton's fruitcake. The songs are quite good and actually add to the plot, unlike Atlantis Squarepantis where every single number except for maybe the first one was a complete waste of time and effort. The humor is actually good and while Squidward does get tormented at one point, at least it's the film's antagonist doing it and not one of the protagonists, who the episode would likely want us to believe is in the right. The only downside is that, honestly, I wish this had come out earlier. This special more-or-less pretends that every episode leading up to it never happened. It feels more like something you'd expect from season 2 as the jerkish behavior of the citizens is implied to be out-of-character for them despite a boatload of recent episodes proving otherwise. Also, the animations are really good, and even the Patchy segment wasn't anywhere near as painful to sit through as they usually are. All-in-all, for Spongebob fans, I think this is worth checking out. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, give it a go.
  • Fantastic!

    The episode was fantastic. It begins with Patchy and Potty in a mail truck. They want to meet SpongeBob. They eventually crash. Then the special starts. It begins with spongebob singing "santa has got his eye on me," and wonders what his friends are up to. plankton bakes a jerktonium-laced holiday fruitcake. 10/10.
  • This was actually good

    Agree with most of the reviews here.
  • I loved it!

    This special was great. I loved the music, jokes, and the characters were enjoyable too.
  • dont be a jerk

    "mooncation" and "its a spongebob Christmas" were like life support for season 8. you can finally see EFFORT! 9.0 A- (finally!)
  • Good stuff

    I don't see the problem with this episode. Whilst it is quite short and maybe thought as a little rushed, it epitomises the Christmas spirit. I feel it nicely follows on from the other Stop-Motion animated Christmas specials.
  • overrated

    this episode looked like a horribly animated robot chicken, theres no humor, and the plot is retarted, if you want to see a GOOD spongebob christmas special, then go watch christmas who
  • There's absolutely no denying it...

    I LOVED THIS SPECIAL. It was downright creative in every way, there were very memorable moments (Such as Patrick's attempts to trap Santa), and there were some flaws ( Like Sandy afflicted by Jerktonium, which freaked me out) and Santa's pig-like appearance. But overall, I love it, but it's not as good as Christmas Who.
  • Why the heck is it made of clay

    No, seriously
  • Plankton uses his "jerktonium" fruit cake to turn everyone jerks; Second Christmas special

    This episode looks awesome from the promos and I'm glad that there's a second Christmas special. Obviously, the two lowest scored reviewers are affected by Plankton's"jerktonium" fruit cake, but screw them, they're just not true SB fans. So, this Christmas special was as awesome as the first one. I even liked the stop motion animation in this episode. This is the first special Patchy and Potty are used since Truth of Square. IMO, their segments here were tolerable. There were no flaws in this episode. Even though the writers are overusing Plankton, I didn't mind his involvement here. There isn't that much funny moments in this episode but there were some like SpongeBob feeding everyone in Bikini Bottom with the fruit cake which made every jerks, a few part from the Patchy segment, Patrick hanging from the sleigh, and robot SpongeBob. As for the musical they were very enjoyable especially Don't Be a Jerk. All in all, this was an awesome Christmas special and I am defiently seeing again today. Worth watching every holiday season. 10/10
  • sorry but i

    hate this episode this is theONE OF THE WORST EPISODES SPONGEBOB HAS
  • Not Good

    I started watching this and it was ok. I would rather see Patchy live because the animation of him in between was an awful touch. I don't get why Santa looked like a troll. They made Santa look like Santa in Rudolf. I understand the whole clay animated thing but they could have done it a lot better. I watched the show long enough to see the jerk song which I do love afterwards I lost interest as did my son and I turned the channel. I can't wait to see the other Christmas episode.
  • don't be a jerk, cause this special rocked

    ever since i heard about this special last year i think, ive been waiting so loong! and my was perfect. fantastic. i always loved rankin bass specials like santa is coming to town and rodolph but this really made it my favorite(ok maybe santa comes to town is still my #1) but this is #2. the plot, amazing. dialouge was fantastic and funny as hell. the animation/clay mation was amazing and very well done. i recommend this speical for true spongebob lovers.

    good work guys keep this up! and tis the season to not be jerky!
  • SpongeBob celebrates Christmas in a Whole New Way with Clay-mation form

    After waiting a year and a half for this Christmas special, it has finally come. I remember being really angry last year that I wait another year for this but the year went by fast so that's good. I LOVED this Christmas special and it's 2nd Christmas special from SpongeBob except this time it's in beautiful and magnificent clay-mation and stop-motion form. The clay-mation on all of the characters are very well done. The special was very funny too. I loved this special as much as I loved the Christmas special of "Regular Show" and Christmas special of "The Looney Tunes Show". I also loved the musical numbers to this special... they really went all out with the wonderful musical numbers and made me smile big. The Patchy scenes were good and enjoyable but I still prefer the SpongeBob story over it though. It really has exceeded my expectations with everything that I want in a Christmas clay-mation SpongeBob special. I know clay-mation takes a whole lot of time to work on so I really acknowledge these creators with all of their hard work and effort into it so I applaud to them. Creative, wonderful, hilarious, and beautiful well-done and shows me why I love SpongeBob so much and why I love clay-mation so much. This is one of the most original and brilliant ideas the creators have ever come up with and definitely paid off. My only nit-pick about the special was that it seemed to end a tad too quickly but it really doesn't bug me though but it was a slight issue that I can easily let slide. I would say it's a MUST-SEE... some people find this special disappointing in which, MAYBE, I can understand but I'm sure the majority of the fans will be satisfied by this and even the people that hate on Spongebob might enjoy it as well. I love it just as much as I loved the original SpongeBob Christmas special. 10/10