SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 11


Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Mar 16, 2013 on Nickelodeon
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Plankton teams up with his inmates to escape from jail and try to steal the krabby patty secret formula.

  • Funny as hell

    I laughed so hard when that criminal was disguising himself as Squidward.
  • Not amazing, but decent

    While I don't appreciate seeing another, quite literally, formulaic episode for the series, I thought this was done pretty creatively. I liked the idea of Plankton being in jail and the gag with Karen was somewhat interesting. I also really liked the chum disguise flashback - I was not expecting that! The last half of the episode isn't that exciting, however. It's decent, but it's definitely lacking in some areas.
  • Why Are All The Episodes About Plankton?

    I'm getting very tired of the writers of SpongeBob thinking that Plankton is a good character. Do you guys notice that 80% of the episodes from the most recent seasons are about Plankton trying to steal the secret formula? They rarely do an episode about Sandy Cheeks, who is actually an interesting character. In both episode sypnosises I read that were about Sandy, it's an episode where Sandy is used as a plot device in a Plankton episode. This is my opinion why SpongeBob is going downhill. Plankton needs to get killed off of this series, because this shtick has beaten the dead horse for so long. If you want to devote most of the series to Plankton, why not just make a spinoff about him? It will suck, but that way, at least 100% of the episodes of SpongeBob are devoted to characters I actually give a f-ck about, and not a terribly written villain character whose over-the-top performance falls completely flat.moreless
  • okay..

    This episode is okay... Nothing special but slighty feels like a classic episode of spongebob, It was only funny at the end. I didn't laugh very much in that episode.. I guess this is the only modern spongebob episode that is good.
  • i love this episode

    I love this episode. Is my favourite episode from season 9.

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