SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 19

Jellyfish Hunter / The Fry Cook Games

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 28, 2001 on Nickelodeon

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  • Jellyfish Hunter was good, but The Fry Cook Games was perfect.

    Jellyfish Hunter: When a customer tries a Krabby Patty with jellyfish jelly, he wants SpongeBob to get all the jellyfish he can find, not knowing what Mr. Krabs will do to them. It was funny when SpongeBob reacted to the Krabby Patty with blue jelly and it was funny when the fish starts singing after trying the new Krabby Patty. Not my favourite episode, but I enjoyed it. 8/10

    The Fry Cook Games: When Patrick and SpongeBob compete in the games, their bosses want them to not be friends with each other so they will win the medal. There were some really hilarious gags like the famous my name is not Rick Gag. A perfect episode that never gets old. 10/10
  • The classic Spongebob we love!

    Jellyfish hunter: This episode is pretty good. Great humor and timing. I love the song about the "sandwich filled with jellyfish JELLYYYY". lol And Mr. Krabs getting the living daylights shocked out of him: "I'm taking jelly off the . Great episode. 8.5/10

    The Fry Cook games: I LOVE this episode. This is a classic. Favorite quotes: Patrick: "BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO!" and the running "YELLOW! PINK!" 9.5/10
  • I love it!

    I like lots of spongebob episodes but this one the most.

    Jellyfish hunter: I sorta like this one but not as much as The Fry Cook games. One reason is Mr.Krabs hurts the jellyfish, which is cruel. Second, there wasn't as many funny parts. But overall, it's 8.5/10.0

    Fry Cook games: This one is my all time favorite because of the numerous funny parts. Like when the starting guy catches on fire and has to redo it, then catches on fire again. Also Spongebob says "It's not over yet, Patrick." Then Patrick says "That's what you think, but it's not over yet!" Overall it's 9.9/10.0
  • These episodes are superb

    Jellyfish Hunter: This episode was superb. It was interesting that SpongeBob decided to eat jelly krabby patty. The song was interesting as well. The montage was kinda funny. The blue jellyfish (which turns out to be no name) sneaking at SpongeBob's house was very funny. I thought the ending was funny. My only problems was this episode was boring in a couple scenes and I didn't like Mr. Krabs' appearance here...he acted like an antogstic. Overall a superb episode. 9/10

    The Fry Cook Games: Another superb episode and like Jellyfish Hunter, it is not my favorite episode. I did like the plot but some of the parts were getting a little boring. Also, i didn't like that this is bascially another episode of SpongeBob and Patrick fighting. Other than those, the episode had some funny humor such as the beginning when that fish got burned and he has to do it again, Patrick wanting to try out, Plankton telling the fish what to do, everyone going ahhh, fish turning into fish sticks, and maybe two more. Overall, a superb episode for SpongeBob. 9/10
  • In Depth analysis of episode. Messages it shows and humor. Best read for adults looking this up.

    (Jellyfish Hunter) was amazing. It had plenty of humor for adults as they always do and the message and plot were very well thought out. It gave a good look at how a big business can get started and how it can go from being peaceful and small into a huge monstrosity in such a short time. Was funny watching spongebob figure all this out with the help of his new friend the genius blue Jelly. Great message subtext for kids and adults.

    For (Fry Cook Games) there was once again another great episode. Has to do once again with the Krabs business empire. This time it is Krabs trying to get publicity for his show. This episodes message is clear right away that. Never ditch your best friend over a contest. Do not take things to far. Give a good show but do not get to the point of fighting. Was a well rounded episode with large amounts of humor. Plankton treating Patrick like an idiot (because he is) and mr krabs using Spongebobs great work ethic to his advantage stuck out for me. The entire fight between spongbob and patrick was also great. Pay attention to the last thing Patric says before the episode ends. Very funny if you catch it. Another 2 amazing episodes with great plots and messages.
  • perfect

    What I liked (Jellyfish Hunter)- the guy singing about the Krabby Patty he ate, Spongebob figuring out Krabs' plan, Krabs trying to peddle away from the released jellyfish, amongst other things.

    What I liked (Fry Cook Games)- the revelation that big touch fish wasn't Spongebob's competitor, "These were white when I bought them", "That's what you think, but it's not over yet!", Patrick freaking out when Spongebob erased Pat on his nametag.

    Good episodes. Both had a good abundance of humor and plot. A+
  • "Jellyfish Hunter" was enjoyable while "The Fry Cook Games" wasn't that good to me

    Jellyfish Hunter: I thought that this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It would've been considered my favorite episode but one thing ruined it. The only thing I didn't like in this episode was Mr. Krabs hurting the jellyfish so he can use the jelly to make jellyfish patty (which SpongeBob created). That customer trying SpongeBob's jellyfish patty and then singing that song was hilarious. The blue jellyfish following SpongeBob home was pretty funny. It also liked it when SpongeBob and the blue jellyfish saved the other jellyfishes from Mr. Krabs. The ending was great as well. Overall, a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9/10

    The Fry Cook Games: This episode was just okay but it wasn't that good to me though. The plot didn't appeal to me enough and could've been better even though there were some good humor. The funniest part in this episode was the beginning of the episode when that fish said "I declare these fry cook games... OPENED" and then he gets burned. It was hilarious when the audience turned into fish sticks and the fish says "Fish sticks, get your fish sticks here". Patrick looking like a pink ice cream was a good humor also. Other than those things, nothing else seemed to make me laugh. SpongeBob and Patrick competing against each other was just alright but it wasn't that good to me. The wrestling scene wasn't funny at all in my opinion. I also didn't like the ending. Overall, this episode was just okay but it wasn't that good to me. 6.5/10
  • not bad at all

    These are both pretty good to be honest. Jellyfish Hunters was the episode that was not as great though because it just gets boring after a while. It isn't really funny or that full of action but I still seem to not mind to watch. Maybe it is just a clingy kind of thing. Now the episode The Fry Cook Games is better because Patrick and Spongebob are pretty mean to each other. It was pretty funny too because you know Patrick and Spongebob were fighting but it kind of sucked too when it came to them fighting because they are friends and stuff.
  • Jellyfish Hunter is great, The Fry Cook Games is VERY great.

    Jellyfish Hunter: A great, though not fantastic episode. The best part was Fred's "Hey All You People" song, which was awesome for both being a great song and the fact that it was sung by a background character, which never happens. I also liked when the businessman realized SpongeBob was "onto them". This episode is arguably most well-known for Moar Krabs, which has become a bit of an Internet meme. I honestly think people give that part a little too much praise, however I did find it funny. A solid episode.

    Score: B+ 8.9/10

    The Fry Cook Games: HILARIOUS, HILARIOUS, HILARIOUS!!! It had soooo many great parts, from the giant fish going "AHHHH!!!" to "Square, the shape of evil!" to Patrick's "My name's...not...RICK!". People criticize the ending for making SpongeBob and Patrick look gay but I personally found it hilarious. An all-time great.

    Score: A+ 9.5/10
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob. spongebob shows mr krabs a bout the jellyfish stuff an he comes up with the idea of him puttting on his pattys so he makes a really big factory for it and spongebob gets really upset. and the second part of the ep mr krabs and planton are having the fry cook games and mr krabs choses spongebob and planton choses patrick and they put them against each other to make them mad and they go through it and it comes down to a wrestleing match and there pants come off and it turns out they bother were pink and yellow underwear and proves there really good friends . this was a good ep
  • Moar, More, More, More, More, More!

    Jellyfish Hunter: Who's playing Squidward's records again? LOL. Spongebob runs into an uncatchable blue jellyfish, but later introduces a krabby patty with jellyfish jelly. When Mr. Krabs hears one of the customers would rather eat for a jelly patty everday, Mr. Krabs hatches a plan to get money faster but uses Spongebob to catch every one of them.
    The point is that we an evil side of Mr. Krabs, at the end, the jellyfish are set free and no name intentionally lets Spongebob catch him.


    The Frycook Games: The plot is good, but Mr. Krabs and Plankton were jerks. They've gone overboard and mess up Spongebob and Patrick's friendship and go competitive. The medal is no big deal, I just don't see it. I didn't like the moment at the end, possible controversy if you ask me. It had its moments, but Mr. Krabs and Plankton ruined it by the way the acted and stuff.


    Final: C
  • Square, the shape of EVIL! LOL!

    Both of these were fantastic! I loved the beginning of Jellyfish Hunter when Spongebob is trying to catch No-Name and No-Name says "Bring it on!" in jellyfish language! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I also loved it when that random customer at the Krusty Krab finished singing his song and Mr. Krabs came out and said "Spongebob! Who's playing Squidward's records again???!!!" XD The joke with the salespeople was also hilarious, and I love the part where we think Spongebob is going to hurt Mr. Krabs with the wrench but he fixes the squeaky bolt on the door instead! The Fry Cook Games was also good, but not as good as its partner. It had many funny parts like when Plankton admitted he smelled bad, Patrick tearing the lemon in half and putting the halves on his eyes, and the muscular tough guy got scared and wanted to leave the stadium! Overall, great episodes, but I liked Jellyfish Hunter a little more than its partner. Marebear2009, out!
  • I LOVE Them!!!!

    Jellyfish Hunter: SpongeBob brings a krabby pattty with him one day for lunch break at the Krusty Krab, but on this special day, he tries it with something new and daring, a krabby patty with jellyfish jelly! And the best part is, is that it tastes super good! Like what Spongebob says, it'll send your tastebuds on a journey! So now Mr. Krabs thinks this will be a big hit, so SpongeBob now has to catch all of the jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields so Mr. Krabs can successfully make the biggest amount of cash as possible by selling these jelly patties! After SpongeBob catches them all, he actually misses one! And it turns out this is the greatest and most special jellyfish there is, he is the master of not getting caught by SpongeBob's net, and he is blue, so yeah he is the Blue Jellyfish called No Name by SpongeBob at first. Funny parts were the salesmen! "I told you he was onto us!" Lol! When SpongeBob gets home, the blue jellyfish plays pranks on him by just breathing heavily through the phone and turning off all the lights in SpongeBob's house! When SpongeBob goes in the kitchen, he sees the most special and scrumptious krabby patty ever: a krabby patty with BLUE Jellyfish Jelly! Towards the end of the episode, SpongeBob frees the jellyfish from Mr. Krabs's secret factory, once free they all zap Mr. Krabs! And SpongeBob names No Name: Friend! Another funny part was when SpongeBob tried to fix the squeaky bolt with a monkey wrench! The Frycook games was another great episode that made me hungry! There was so much food and Krusty Krab-related Olympic games! Lol, this part was funny! When the person carrying the torch tries to open up the Frycook Games, but then wind blows by, the screen then goes to "Please Stand By." Adn the Torch carrier has to do it all over again! So basically in this episode SpongeBob and Patrick turn into rivals to see who's better and wins the most games! SpongeBob is on Mr. Krabs's side, while Patrick is on Plankton's side! After many various stunts with all of these yummylicious food games like the dive into the dip and fruit dancing, the final match is wrestling on a giant krabby patty! After seeing themselves wearing opposite color underwear, which means Spongebob was wearing pink ones while Patrick was wearing yellow ones, they say "You DO Care!" And they become best buddies again just like always! They walk out of the stadium but ew! Patrick says his underwear was white when he bought them! That is all!
  • Another good pair of episodes.

    Jellyfish Hunter:
    Mr. Krabs makes SpongeBob capture all the jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields when he realises that jelly patties taste nice and could be really popular. But SpongeBob eventually realises that Mr. Krabs is forcing all of the jelly out of every jellyfish in a factory, and they are treated terribly. Fantastic episode. Haven't seen it in a while, though.


    The Fry Cook Games:
    Excluding the ending, this was a hillarious episode. SpongeBob is at the fry cook games, and Patrick joins the Chum Bucket to compete against SpongeBob, because SpongeBob reckons Patrick couldn't beat him. We witness many hillarious activites, and eventually they realise they've ruined their friendship. So they go home...holding hands?! Yeah, that part ruined it slightly. But I will still give it a grade B.

  • One of the best episodes in the series!

    Jellyfish Hunter: Jellyfish Fields has gained a new population of 4 million jellyfish, and as SpongeBob continues to hunt them down, he gets a jar full of jelly for his lunch break at the Krusty Krab. After slathering it on to a Krabby Patty, SpongeBob really enjoys the Krabby Patty as Fred is curious about it. When SpongeBob gives Fred some of it to put on his patty, he loves it so much that he sings a (hilarious) song about it. I laughed hard when Mr. Krabs said "SpongeBob! Who's playing Squidward's records again?" Now that Fred is going to come back to the Krusty Krab every day for the rest of his life (I laughed hard when Mr. Krabs pictured him as George Washington in a dollar), Mr. Krabs urges SpongeBob to get more jellyfish. Now, all of the jellyfish are gone as the new population is 4. I laughed when SpongeBob said that he didn't want to buy anything someone's selling when he heard a jellyfish, and it turns out there were real salespeople! LOL! No Name, a blue jellyfish that SpongeBob could never catch, shows him that Mr. Krabs is sabotaging the jellyfish and is putting them near extinction. I laughed when SpongeBob used a wrench to turn the screw and said that only that squeaky olt drove him crazy. At the end, Mr. Krabs accidentally releases the jellyfish and SpongeBob finally catches No Name, or as he calls him now "Friend". This episode was really good.
    GRADE: A-

    The Fry Cook Games: This episode was not as good as the previous one, but still pretty good. It's the 21st annual Fry Cook Games, and SpongeBob is representing the Krusty Krab this year. But Patrick is upset that he can't enter since he's not a fry cook. What I didn't like about this part is that Patrick was somehow allowed in the stadium and had no idea where he was. Patrick now decides to work for The Chum Bucket to participate, which starts rivalry between SpongeBob and Patrick. This episode was very funny throughout, but I did think the ending was somewhat cheap. Although it was funny again when Patrick said his underwear was white when he bought it. A pretty decent episode.
    GRADE: B+

  • Jellyfish Hunter-Spongebob catches jellyfish for the Krusty Krab, but soon realizes that Mr. Krabs is hurting them. The Frycook Games-Spongebob competes for the Krusty Krab in the Fry Cook games. His opponent? Patrick, of the Chum Bucket.

    This is a very good episode. Both of these were cleverly written, not something that you could have just thrown together in a couple of seconds. Jellyfish Hunter had a few funny quotes, but I mostly liked it because it showed that even you boss can go too far to make money sometimes. It also showed the meaner side of Mr. Krabs. So overall, this was a very good episode. The Frycook Games was an excellent episode, too. The bun wrestling seen was my favorite part, but some of the other events were good too. The writers good creative when making events for the games. So all together, these were two very good episodes that do not come along every day.
  • doing what spongebob likes best

    in jelly hunter spongebob makes a jelly kraby patty and gives it to a random fish to try an the fish makes a musical trubute to how good it tastes which was something to sing allong to. then mister crabs tries to make tyhe quick buck and starts to manipulate the jellyfish to take there jelly but not untill the blue jellyfish shows spongebob of mr crabs selfish ways. this was a very funny episode to whatch and i would whatch it over and over. the other episode is when pearl whats some fancy boots but mr crabs gets her some cheep rubber ones that she does not like so mr crabs gives them to spongbob. the boots start to drive mr crab crazy and he ends up eating them. this episode was a classic that everyone will remember.
  • This is a great episode and a very good one.

    This episode starts out with SpongeBob jellyfishing. He catches a jellyfish and names it twelvey. Then he sees no name. He tries to catch no name, but he can't. Then you see SpongeBob working at the Krusty Krab and he takes a lunchbreak that is one more minute than yesterday. He makes a Krabby Patty and puts jellyfish jelly on it. The person sitting next to him asks what is that and SpongeBob starts telling the guy next to him about what he is. The guy says, "Not you, the sandwich." SpongeBob says just a Krabby Patty with jellyfish jelly. The guy asks if he can have a bite and SpongeBob says sure. He takes a bite and goes into song. When the song is over Mr. Krabs comes and asks SpongeBob who's playing Squidward's old records again. SpongeBob says that that's a customer singing about a Krabby Patty with jellyfish jelly. Mr. Krabs overhears the customer saying that he'll come here for lunch everyday for the rest of his life and Mr. Krabs gets dollar signs in his eyes and gets dizzy. Mr. Krabs then goes nuts and you see him telling SpongeBob to get more and more jellyfish. You then see SpongeBob catching jellyfish in various ways. Soon it's nighttime and all the jellyfish are gone because SpongeBob caught them all.
    In the other episode SpongeBob and Patrick compete in the Fry Cook Games and they lose their frienship and they start competing. In the end of the episode no one wins and they go from the stadium.
  • Bad Mr Krabs - Spongebob vs Patrick

    In Jellyfish Hunters, Spongebob brings in a krabby patty with jellyfish jelly to the Krusty Krab. With one preppy fish, he spreads the news throughout the Krusty Krab. This makes Mr Krabs want to have the jellyfish jelly added to the menu. So, Spongebob collects all he can, but Mr Krabs... needed jellyfish jelly for evil doings. But then, ol' no name knows about Mr Krabs. So he kidnaps Spongebob so he can show him the evil factory. Tsk tsk, ol' Krabs.

    In The Fry Cook Games, there are fry cook games hosting the Krusty Krab vs the Chum Bucket - but this time, there are representitives. The Krusty Krab presents... Spongebob Squarepants! And The Chum Bucket presents... RATS KCIRTAP! - I'm sorry, Patrick Star! Of course, they compete in series of multiple events and fry cook contests. Of course, who comes out the winner... nobody! Yippie...