SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 32

Karen 2.0

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Apr 13, 2012 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Karen : It's Plankton, he dumped me for a newer piece of hardware.(Karen is crying)
      Mr. Krabs : (to SpongeBob and slowly moves him toward Karen) Help me out here buddy
      SpongeBob : (to Karen) Hey there, dry those computer tears. I'm sure you two will get back together. Plankton just needs some time to realize how much he needs you, I mean you guys were made for each other. Well, you were made more for him and more specifically by him and now he's built some more modern features that's better in every way and ohh was my point again?
      Karen : (Karen continues to cry) You men are all alike (Karen walks out of Mr. Krabs' office)
      Mr. Krabs : (to Karen) Wait, where are you going? (to SpongeBob) Smooth SpongeBob, real smooth.