SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 1

House Party / Krabby Road

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 03, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Good, but House Fancy has some problems.

    House Fancy/Krabby Road were good episodes. In House Fancy, Squidward becomes outraged when he sees his rival Squilliam Fancyson on a television show about... well, fancy homes. In the middle of the episode, SpongeBob appears near Squidward's window. Why was he there? To eavesdrop on Squidward to the point where he already knows about the House Fancy TV show.

    Now, this is where things get weird. SB & Squid are about to move a sofa, but SpongeBob decides to SMASH THE COUCH LEG ONTO SQUIDWARD'S FOOT, WHICH RIPS HIS TOENAIL OFF. Still not grossed out? SQUIDWARD'S NERVES ARE ATTACHED TO THE BLOODSTAINED TOENAIL. Squidward then SLIPS ON HIS BLOODY TOENAIL. However, on the bright side, Squidward's house is declared the best home at the end of the episode.

    The sister episode, Krabby Road, is good. It isn't a Band Geeks ripoff, despite popular belief. In Krabby Road, Plankton wants the Krabby Patty formula as usual, so he starts a band with SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward.
  • Something's Off

    I'll get this out of the way, I liked these episodes but I didn't love them. Compared to the other amazing season openers these episodes are a bit lacking and sadly the rest of the season followed. House Fancy was a cool episode with some nice artwork and good SpongeBob and Patrick, but the toenail scene, ouch. Krabby Road is disappointing but still good. Sadly there is no song and it has some bad moments but the plot makes for an entertaining Plankton episode and has some good funny gags. These aren't great but are fun, other season 6 episodes worth watching are Penny Foolish, Nautical Novice, Spongicus, Suction Cup Symphony, Not Normal, Gone, A Life in a Day, No Nose Knows, Patty Caper, Plankton's Regular, The Krabby Kronicle, The Slumber Party, Grooming Gary, Krusty Krushers, Ditchin', Professor Squidward, Komputer Overload, Grandpappy the Pirate, Gullible Pants, Overbooked, No Hat for Pat, Sand Castles in the Sand, Shell Shocked, Chum Bucket Supreme, Single Cell Anniversary & Chum Caverns. Not as good as previous seasons :(
  • funny

    "brush brush brush your teeth keep them nice and claen!" lol. but this is kinda a spinoff of band geeks in a way
  • Fair


    Plankton escapes from jail, and gets SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward in a band, so they could sing the Krabby Patty formula.Plankton escapes from jail, and gets SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward in a band, so they could sing the Krabby Patty formula.

    6 out of 10

  • Great, but the music was a bit too loud... :/


    I liked this episode and the plot was not bad. Although the plot is a little similar to Bucket Sweet Bucket because both of them involves Plankton helping SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward for something. I only made my score lower because the music was a bit loud and it was boring in a few parts. SpongeBob singing the Krabby Patty was funny. Patrick asking where boogers come from was very hilarious. Patrick wanting his shirt pink was funny as well. SpongeBob's part during the aduction was funny especially when he made a couple loud noise (when he wanted the song to sound like those) and when he was singing while Plankton looks for the Krabby Patty song. Squidward's part was very good and I'm glad he didn't make any mean comments to SB and Patrick. Only Plankton was a bit mean in this episode. The ending was meh, because it predictable as most Plankton episodes are. Overall, the plot for this episode was great, but a tad boring towards the end. 8.5/10

  • i know alot of people thought this episode wasnt that great but i liked it

    krabby road plankton tricks spongebob patrick and squidward into making a rocking band first of all i would like to say and i dont care if you disagree with me that i loved this episode but i have to say my favorite part in this episode was when plankton made uniforms and they all said plankton and the patty stealers those were hillarious the only part i didnt like and i agree with some people was when plankton went to jail just because of the kraby patty formula and we never saw that before but other than that i loved this episode grade 9.2/10 kingnicky1 out
  • I play a mean belly!

    This episode was great. I loved Plankton with rocker hair, and how he tricked everybody, even Squidward, to join his "Band". This one was good, though Band Geeks was a lot better. I loved Patrick playing the bully. I literally laughed out loud at that part. Spongebob was kinda weird and annoying, but funny. I loved when Plankton put that mind thing on Spongebob and his started singing what was on his mind. And then Patrick put it on his head and it exploded. I loved Squidward being all buff! This is a great, funny and clever episode. Everything a Spongebob episode should be.
  • Not good BUT also not bad either

    I thought this was an okay episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". The plot to this episode just really seemed to drag alot and it was also boring to me. Plankton escaping from prison and wearing fake hair in the beginning of the episode... What the heck?. Plankton forming a band so he can steal the krabby patty formula was just a boring plot to me. We all know that most of the Plankton episodes are just so old and tiring to watch. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton practicing for their band was probably like the loudest for me and I had to lower the volume on my television because it is was so loud. The joke about Plankton being inside SpongeBob's nose and Plankton looks like a booger was just a gross joke to me yet it was kind of funny. The parts I did find funny though was when SpongeBob was singing the krabby patty song and almost chops Plankton with an axe, Patrick telling SpongeBob of where boogers come from, Patrick asking Plankton if he can have the t-shirt in pink and then Patrick says "It looks like a tattoo", and when Squidward has huge muscles (although that part was kind of odd). Overall, this was an okay episode BUT the story just seemed to drag alot and it was just boring in most of the parts. 6/10
  • A rockin' band.

    Krabby Road: Plankton uses Squidward, Spongebob, and Patrick for his band. But this mostly talks about Plankton trying to steal the formula. One problem is that the gig Spongebob and the other two didn't happen! Also, why did Karen kick Plankton out of the Chum Bucket? Most importantly, the formula on that piece of paper? Now, a head start and the bottom line for this episode is that it has its moments and I don't get why some of the writers are a little in control of having the character's have hair. This episode wasn't very bad at least. Next up is where Patrick get's....whatever happens to him, but not for a while.

    Final Grade: C
  • Disapointment

    I Am A Rock N' Roll Fan And Was Eager Watch This Episode... I Was Disapointed
    "Planton And The Patty Stealers" Werd, And I like Weird, But Still A "Not so Good Name". I Really Wanted To Hear One Of Their Songs. But Planton Took A Shot At The Patty Formula To Quickly. Patrick Played A Mean Belly, But Could He Have played A mean Drums? We'll Never Know!
    And The Title "Krabby Road" Had Nothing To Do With Episode Besides The "Rock Band" Concept. Another Name Would've Been Fine.

    In Other Words, I Hated This Episode. So No One Think That I Liked it.
  • .........

    here there is. Another plankton episode. when is plankton just going to stop being so jelous of a burger and start and make a bussness or a company or somthing

    this episode was boring. Nothing happened it was just spongebob making a band. Then of cource plankton trying to steal the formula like in almost half of the episodes in this show. im just sick of this. im looking foward to an episode and then it gotta be a boring episode. this series was not bad in the eariler seasons. and im tired of plankton trying to steal the krabby patty. Whats so great about it?
  • Making a band....where did I hear that?

    This completely rips "Band Geeks" off.

    The plot is exactly like "Bucket Sweet Bucket",but that episode was actually enjoyable.This dookie was horrible!

    Plankton tries to get Spongebob to sing the Krabby Patty formula and the rest picks up.

    One thing that was stupid was Squidward playing the guitar.How stupid was that?Squidward's not the one to rock and roll.

    Also,do you notice something about this?This was the first out of two song episodes (or at least music involving).And was Plankton in jail?He's only gone to jail once,and that was for taking over Bikini Bottom in the movie,and why was he in a normal jail?He could easily get out.Also,why was Spongebob,Patrick,and Squidward in jail with him?They did nothing at all to deserve going there.

    Ah who cares,all the new episodes suck anyway.
  • I didn't really like this one.

    My 11th review

    Yeah, I didn't really like this one, because it was just another Plankton. Seriosly when is Plankton going to stop stealing the fromula. He always loses and there's no doubt that he's gonna lose. Plankton should just do something else like learned to make hamburger or get a new job or somthing else that he likes. And when was Plankton in jail? He tried to steal patties for more than 25 years! Maybe Mr. Krab finally got his sences and called 911 and arrested Plankton.

    The plot was just about Plankton escaping, Spongebob saw him with a guitar and they start a band. Plankton got a idea to steal the formala. One night they did practicing and Plankton stole it but it turn out it failed for the 100th time. Really I think the writer should be creative on Season 6's episodes, not just do Plankton episode all the time.

    Today I'm still figuring out why Spongebob went downhill a bit. was it that Nick fired Stephen Hillenburg? or did they hired new writer or director. Well whater it is, it's still a mystery.

    NUMBER SCORE: 2.1/10
  • I seem to be the only person who likes this episode.

    This was the long awaited season six premire. Before I saw this episode, I thought it was going to be awful, just like all the other episodes have been. But, in my opinion, I was wrong! You see, in this episode, Plankton makes a band in order to get the Krabby Patty secret formula. What confused me was why was Plankton in jail in the first place? He tried to steal the formula, like, a hundred times but he was never in jail before. Anyway, I liked the Krabby Patty song SpongeBob sang, and when he almost chopped up Plankton in half. That cracked me up. I also liked it when Patrick told SpongeBob he found out where boogers come from. And then, when Plankton was searching through SpongeBob's head, that made me laugh. The ending was funny too. Grade: A-.
  • Just like the classification says, and the episode they redid was also bad. Also, if some of you thought that SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward were in jail at the end, they weren't. Karen also kicked Plankton out for a reason, read and I'll tell you why.

    This episode was a ripoff of Bucket Sweet Bucket, which was also a very bad episode. It's about SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward getting tricked by Plankton into making a band in order to get the Krabby Patty formula, now does that sound fimilar to Bucket Sweet Bucket at all? To me, it mostly does. Once again, SpongeBob and Squidward were too dumb to realize they were helping their rival. I don't understand what the writers were thinking for both of those episodes, but I was expecting something better than this painful 11 minutes. At the end, if some of you are puzzled, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward were NOT in jail. They were just visiting to practice with Plankton for their next gig. Also, Karen kicked Plankton out in the beginning since you can get in big trouble for escaping jail. But still, this episode was a bad season opener.

  • Yes, the band idea has been used before in SpongeBob, but I still think the shows getting better (even though not many people like this episode). This was funny, and a definite improvement. It reminds me of the good Season 4 episodes.

    Plankton escapes from prison (he was arrested for attempting to stealing the patty formula if you're wondering) and hears SpongeBob singing the Patty formula. He thinks that if he makes a band he will be able to get SpongeBob to sing the patty formula to Plankton. Squidward and Patrick also join, and Plankton thinks he's finally won. But, of course something goes wrong and he ends up not getting the formula. Want to know what it is? Well, I'm not telling you! Wait until you see it (if you haven't already!)

    This episode is really good and has some old humor in it (as well as the music from Hall Monitor!).

    Final Grade: A
  • this episode is good but there is lots of episodes were plankton tries to steal the krabby patty formula and fails.

    theres reasons why i like this episode and theres reasons why i dont like it. first of all its one of those episodes were plankton tries to steal the krabby patty formula and always gets caught which there is like 50 of them. but i like it because the way it is plotted. and its quite funny because at the begining that guys monstash falls off because of plankton. that made me laugh. and when plankton thinks back to when he made that band with his teddys made me laugh because a cup of coffee was playin the drums lol and its weird how squidward gets them huge muscles and in the other episodes they just go back to normal.

    but i think this is quite a good episode and a good start to season 6
  • A rocking band!

    This was a good episode of spongebob. Plankton was in jail. I dont think this took place after the movie though. Plankton went to jail many times. Plankton starts a rocking band, and tricks spongebob, patrick, and squidward into joining the band. He doesnt really want to rock. He wants to steal the krabby patty formula. I like the beginning of the episode were plankton was in jail. He escaped very easily. It was like the beginning of an action movie, were a bad guy escapes from jail. This episode was very funny. I seriously dont get why you hate this episode. This episode was great! Final grade: B
  • IMO, a truly hilarious episode.

    Very well done episode. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was probably that Plankton was in jail, because he's tried to steal the formula before and Mr. Krabs has never done anything about it, so I have no idea what's up with that. But anyway, I want to talk about why I loved this episode so much; In my opinion it was funny when SpongeBob was singing the formula out loud and almost cut Plankton in half yes I laughed out loud at that. And when Patrick had learned where boogers come from was funny too. Also when Plankton was searching through SpongeBob's brain and he started singing those songs was freakin hilarious! The rest of the episode was kinda dull, but not dull enough to make the episode bad. Anyway this episode started out season 6 of SpongeBob and I think it was a huge turn around from season five, at least in my opinion!
  • Good, could have been better, but ROCK STARS! xD

    The season 6 premiere got me very excited, and even though I didn't know the plot before hand like in most premiere cases, I ended up liking the episode but it has some flaws. The humor on it turns a little childish at parts, like Patrick's line "I found out where boogers come from" or "I once looked for my inner feelings, all I found was this" and he takes out an organ, yuck, nothing of that makes me laugh. But nevertheless, I do enjoy some parts. Specially Plankton's hair, which was actually some guard's mustache, and SpongeBob's afro, very funny details. Also, Squidward wanting to have a perfect body was funny. But the episode lacked some "oomph!" maybe a song would have been perfect, since the episode is about a band, that was disappointing. Another thing that confused me was that Plankton was in jail at the beginning, and the only time he have ever been in jail was on the movie, so, does this episode takes place after the movie? We may never know. Overall, average episode, good at parts but I'd watch it any time. Final grade B-
  • Average.

    This episode certainly wasn't the best of the week- long marathon, but it was still good. I liked the plot of Plankton making a band, and there were some funny parts, like Patrick saying he found out where boogers came from, and the scene where Plankton escapes from prison. However, I didn't understand why Plankton was in jail, and Karen was out of character. I also didn't understand why Squidward wanted to play the guitar, I thought he was going to play the clarinet. The beginning was kind of slow too, and I thought the episode really needed more good jokes.

    Overall, this episode was decent, but could've been much better.
  • An ok start to a wonderful season...

    This episode was alright, but it wasn't great. I didn't think it offered many laughs, and it was another episode that revolved around Plankton trying to steal the krabby patty formula. There were a couple parts I thought were funny, like the coffee cup being the drummer in Plankton's old band (I'm a drummer and I love coffee, btw, so maybe that has something to do with why I loved that part), Sponge almost chopping Plankton up with the ax, and the cop telling Sponge to keep his nose clean. Other than those things, this episode was kind of dull, but not as bad as some people claim. I would even go so far as to say it's underrated severely. Marebear2009, out!
  • Mehhh!

    It just didn't have that much going for it!
    The plot as the main thing that I found was lacking!
    I mean, why is Plankton in prison?
    When did he start growing hair?
    Why does Squidward want to be ripped for a band that he joined for a ramdon reason?
    Why did it ended that way?
    Why does Karen care about Plankton be a jail bird?

    None of that made any sense to me, but I should really judge a Spongebob episode by it's plot alone!

    Jokes wise, it wasn't all that great (Keep your nose clean?)
    Though, I did giggle every now and then, it just didn't make me laugh like I know Spongebob can!
  • SpongeBob and Plankton are in a band.

    Okay, a new tactic of Plankton trying to steal the formula. Making SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward be in a band and have a gig at the Krusty Krab. But Squidward couldn't join the band until he had his " Dream Body " . So anyway, I like the episode sort of even though it was kind of boring. I wouldn't say it was terrible but it was kind of boring though original. Man, I'm running out of things to say, so, not too bad episode and good way to start off the season of 6 . . . . .
  • makes no sense

    the episode made absolutley no sense. i mean, come on your gonna bring back a old epiosde that wasn't even that good (bucket sweet bucket). by the way how did plankton go to jail for trying to steal the formula when he's tried 50 times. the title to, "Krabby road" that title has nothing in general to do with the plotline. i mean, don't get me wrong the episode had it's moments like the patrick tatoo gag but overall... it was really nothing special get out of your seat wahats gonna happen episode. everyone knew... plankton would once again be unsuccesful in his attempts.

    Grade: C-
  • This episode was un-nessisary.

    This was a episode that felt not worth watching. My trouble with this one was that it had a simular plot to "Bucket Sweet Bucket". You know what I mean, Plankton tricked SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward to do somthing so Plankton can get his hands on the Krabby Patty formula. Other misteps I fond. How can Plankton go to jail because of trying to steal the Krabby Patty formula? Karen was out of character in this episode. It doesn't seem right to reveal that Plankton was once in a band (kinda). Shouldn't Squidward be playing the clarinet insteed of a gutair? One more thing. Was SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward in jail at the end of this episode?! Yes, this episode did had its moments, but the episode was like a waste of time. Don't waste your time with this episode. The other new episodes better do better.