SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 24

Krusty Dogs / The Wreck of the Mauna Loa

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Oct 09, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Krusty Dogs: When SpongeBob creates a wiener out of leftover ingredients, both Mr. Krabs and the customers see it, try it, and end up liking it! Soon the hot dogs become the Krusty Krab's new best seller, but SpongeBob soon regrets coming up with the Krusty Dog as it threatens the very existence of the Krabby Patty from being on the menu of the Krusty Krab! The Wreck of the Mauna Loa: SpongeBob and Patrick discover a wrecked pirate treasure ship that had been lost underground for many years. SpongeBob takes great lengths to keep this new secret hideout a secret, but Patrick's loose lips may soon reveal the whole secret of the sunken ship to a greedy Mr. Krabs and the entire population of Bikini Bottom!moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • terrible episodes


    very boring episode which only tries to be funny by the word weiner being repeated like 20 times. it was very predictable that krabby patties were going to be replaced by krusty dogs and the scene where spongebob was with the paramedics dragged for too long because yes we know hes sad but you dont have to exaggerate it! when mr krabs and the paramedics were laughing at spongebob it was very mean spirited and when the boy and the mum kicked squidward for no reason at all that was just terrible!!! 0/10


    what a terrible and pointless episode (again). sponge and pat find a secret hideout and after a lot of boring filler and jokes mr krabs finds out about this and no surprise ruins sponge and pats hideout for money! oh boy... this cant be good. yep... it wasnt... he nearly killed innocent people with the unsafe ride and didnt say sorry and wasnt happy about the police arriving!!!! HE NEARLY KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE FOR MONEY!?!? 0/10

  • didn't see mana loa, but krusty dogs sucked

    krusty dogs was boring and unfunny

    The krusty dogs episode is badly written (we all know was ok.
  • I did'nt really like ether of them....

    Krusty Dogs-A badidea from the start. Listen I think hotdogs would be better than hamburgers. Also it's terribly written. Also it's border-line dirty languague. They say "wiener" at least 12 times.. Not a good episode

    The Wreck Of Mauna Loa- A decent episode. Better than Krusty Dogs at least. Nice idea. Mr.Krab's curiosity ruins it. Patrick and Spongebob make the episode funny. Not Mr.Krabs trying to but in and steal what they've been doing by them-selvesmoreless
  • Krusty Dogs: Spongebob invents Krusty Dogs but when they become more popular than the patties are they doomed forever. The Wreak of the Mauna Loa: When Spongebob and Patrick find a ship wreak they try and keep there hideout a secret but notmoreless

    Krusty Dogs

    When I first watched this episode I found it to be pretty dull. After a re watch I found it to be much better. The plot was pretty good and I loved some of the jokes. Everyone was in character and the episode turned out to be very good. Even though the plot kind of mirrored "Patty Hype" they still managed to vary it a bit.

    Score for Krusty Dogs: B, 3.5/5, 7.5/10, Great

    The Wreak of Mauna Loa

    A great episode. I loved the plot (Again) and it had some great jokes (Again) I found it to be quite boring at times but it was still great. The ending was hilarious which raised my score from 7.5 to 8.0. I'd say it was on level with "Buried in Time" which was great.

    Score for The Wreak of the Mauna Loa: B+, 4/5, 8/10, Excellentmoreless

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    • SpongeBob: That was awesome!
      Patrick: Yeah! Totally realistic!
      Tyler: Realistic? That realism nearly cost us our lives!
      Abigail: Mr. Krabs put all our lives in danger with this killest contraption!
      Nazz: What were you thinking? Our little boy could've been hurt on your disaster of a ride!
      Mr. Krabs: Okay, people, let's not do anything we might regret!
      Officer Fish: Too late for that, Krabs. (handcuffs him)
      Mr. Krabs: What—what—what are you talking about? You can't take me to the pokey! I--
      Officer Fish: For operating a danger to public safety, I can and I will. Honestly, I think he'll be safer in prison.

    • Old Lady: And that's when I said it don't smell that bad, but it tastes...SpongeBob: Shut up, old lady!

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    • Episode Title
      The title may be a parody of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" that sank in Lake Superior in 1975.

    • Mauna Loa
      In real life, Mauna Loa is actually the largest volcano in the world. There was also an actual ship called the S.S. Mauna Loa which sunk.