SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 9

Krusty Towers / Mrs. Puff, You're Fired

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Apr 01, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Krusty Towers: After Mr. Krab's gets a huge hotel bill he decides that he can make a profit from opening his own. When Patrick decides to visit the hotel Mr. Krabs demands Squidward to never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request, but after Patrick frustrates Squidward so badly he quits his job. Then he decides to check into the Krusty Towers.

Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: Mrs. Puff gets fired from her boating school job due to her lack of passing Spongebob. Instead, a more-intense new instructor takes her place.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Krusty Towers is the best Post movie season ever!

    Its one of the best episodes to be made since all season 1-3 episodes
  • Best season 4 pair ever

    Before I get on with the episodes, I'd have to explain some off topic stuffs. These two are definitely the best pairs for the post movie era (probably...but I got a few more...Chum Bucket Supreme/Single Cell Anniversary, Yours, Mine, and Ours/Kracked Krabs, and a couple ion season 8). Season 4 was a great season, but it lacked perfect pair and this is pretty much the only perfect pairs.

    Krusty Towers: One of the best episodes of the whole series. This deserves to be in the top 10 during the Best Day Ever (wish it was number 1...but I forgot what the episode was ranked at). I liked the idea of the episode (Krabs turning his restaurant into a hotel). I laughed at most of the parts here liked the story on how Mr. Krabs got the idea of turning the Krusty Krab into a hotel, all of Patrick's parts here (like when he drew the King Kong like picture, and kept asking Squidward, who quits), Squidward as a nicer person (after he got fed up of Patrick), which he kept asking Mr. Krabs some stuffs, like getting cookies from his mom (funniest part), and the last few minutes. Overall, one of the show's best. 10/10

    Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: Another perfect episode but I didn't really enjoyed this one as much as Krusty Towers, but it is still funny. I laughed at SpongeBob actually failing more than 38 times that he did back in the first Boating School episode, SpongeBob failing once again (and later), which let Mrs. Puff fired of the job, the new teacher (a grumpy shark) appearing and making the strict rules, the new teacher teaching SpongeBob to do some stuffs like make a rocket, SpongeBob going off control, he ran into the town (and Patrick, he actually his underwear), etc. Overall, another excellent and funny episode. I hope to see more perfect pairs like these again. 10/10moreless
  • Both of these episodes are hilarious

    Krusty Towers: I thought the idea of Mr. Krabs turning the Krusty Krab into the Krusty Towers was a great idea. I thought it was hilarious when Patrick says "I didn't study" but all he had to do was sign his name and it was hilarious when Patrick drew a "King Kong" picture. It was also hilarious when Patrick has a suitcase full of rocks. It was hilarious when Patrick gave Squidward a rock and gave SpongeBob a tip. Patrick taking advantage of Squidward at the hotel was very funny. It was also hilarious when Squidward became the hotel guest and takes advantage of Mr. Krabs at the hotel since Squidward is on vacation. It was also funny when Mr. Krabs eats a krabby patty with toenails and then SpongeBob said "Sorry Mr. Krabs, we were all out of cheese" and then Patrick shouts "Hooray" because the cheese is all over the room. It was also nice to see the introduction of Squidward's mother. Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick being in the bathtub was also funny. It was also hilarious when the guys ended up at the hospital at the end of the episode. Overall, a hilarious episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10

    Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: Just like "Krusty Towers", this was also a hilarious episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". SpongeBob has failed the boating test a bunch of times so Mrs. Puff gives SpongeBob one more test and if he fails the test that Mr. Fitz would replace Mrs. Puff. Mrs. Puff gets fired and is replaced. That new driving instructor comes in the class and everyone is scared of him. Everyone in class runs off except for SpongeBob. The new driving instructor teaches SpongeBob everything about learning how to drive a boat. That new driving instructor training SpongeBob how to drive was hilarious. It was very funny when SpongeBob turned the boat into a rocket. It was hilarious that SpongeBob can only drive the boat with the blindfold on. It was hilarious when SpongeBob was driving around town and destroying town and runs into Mrs. Puff on the way. It was hilarious when SpongeBob has Patrick's shorts on his head and then Patrick says "my pants". It was funny that Mrs. Puff was hired again at the end of the episode which we all know would happen. Overall, a hilarious episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10moreless
  • this wouldve gotten a ten if it wasnt for mrs puff you;re fired

    krusty towers an awesome episode that goes everywhere i think this is my second favorite season 4 episode next to patrick smartpants this was a great episode if only most of the other season 4 episodes could be as good as this one grade 11/10 A+ mrs puff youre fired bad exeample for Spongebob this episode should be history of season 4 because it was not that funny i didnt laugh once not even when spongebob stole patrick;s pants this was one of the worst season 4 episodes grade 5.6/10 D- final grade 8.0/10 B- this episode got good at the begining but got preety bad at the end its still good though kingnicky1 outmoreless
  • Another Season 4 classic.

    Krusty Towers: After Mr. Krab's gets a huge hotel bill he decides that he can make a profit from opening his own. When Patrick decides to visit the hotel Mr. Krabs demands Squidward to never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request, but after Patrick frustrates Squidward so badly he quits his job. Then he decides to check into the Krusty Towers. Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: Mrs. Puff gets fired from her boating school job due to her lack of passing Spongebob. Instead, a more-intense new instructor takes her place.

    10 out of 10moreless
Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke

Patrick Star

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Mr. Eugene H. Krabs

Mary Jo Catlett

Mary Jo Catlett

Mrs. Puff/Mrs. SquarePants

Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Squidward Tentacles

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

SpongeBob SquarePants/Gary/Mr. SquarePants/Narrator/Various Others

Robin Sachs

Robin Sachs

Sergeant Roderick

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Mr. Fitz

Guest Star

Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Mrs. Tentacles

Recurring Role

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (33)

    • Squidward: And I'd like to order room service. I'd like a Krabby Patty with cheese, toenail clippings and nose hairs.
      Mr. Krabs: (gasps) You've got to be kidding me.
      Squidward: And I want it here in 5 seconds.
      SpongeBob: Yes, sir! (runs off and comes back with a krabby patty in less than 2 seconds) Here you are, sir.
      Mr. Krabs: Well, you've got your stinky sandwich. Now eat it.
      Squidward: Oh, I'm not going to eat this. You are.
      Mr. Krabs: What? You're out of your mind if you think I'm going to eat that.
      SpongeBob: Psst, that's not really a Krabby Patty with cheese, toenails and nose hairs.
      Mr. Krabs: (laughs) Now I get ya, boy. Alright, Squidward. (eats Krabby Patty then spits it out. Squidward laughs) SpongeBob!
      SpongeBob: Sorry, Mr. Krabs. We were all out of cheese.
      Patrick: (room is covered in cheese) Hooray!

    • SpongeBob: (clicks fingers) Now I know this course forward, backward and sideways. Am I ready to get behind the wheel?
      Driving Instructor: Not quite. Now do it blindfolded.

    • Driving Instructor: Here. (hands SpongeBob a screwdriver) Go take that boat apart. (he does so) I'm impressed, son. PUT IT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!
      SpongeBob: Oh, that'll be easy!
      Driving Instructor: Are you sure?

    • Mrs. Puff: It's okay. Mr. Fits gave me my teaching certificate back. And your OCA was destroyed in the explosion, so it's as if you never failed.

    • Instructor: The brake, son!

    • Instructor: I'm ashamed of you, cadet. Tripped up by a weak pebble. What are you suppose to be learning in my class?
      SpongeBob: How to drive, sir?

    • Patrick: I'll need some help with my bags.
      Squidward: How can you have bags? You just found out this was a hotel!
      Patrick: This is a hotel?

    • Patrick: Wow! An indoor pool? Oh, this place is fancy!

    • Driving Instructor: Looks like you're the man, sponge.
      SpongeBob: I am?

    • Driving Instructor: First rule: no talking.
      Yellow Fish: Does that mean- (Driving Instructor tosses fish through second closed door)
      Driving Instructor: Second rule: no eating. Would anyone care for a bon bon? (Pause, then)
      Orange Fish Kid: Uh, I'll eat one. (Class gasps, Fish goes up to front of class)
      Driving Instructor: Pick your favorite. (Fish gets bon bon and eats it) How's it taste?
      Orange Fish Kid: It's a delightful taste sensation and-
      Driving Instructor: NO EATING IN MY CLASS! (Throws kid through third closed door)

    • Driving Teacher: If I don't stop this boat, tell my wife that I love her!

    • Patrick: (running) My pants!
      (Patrick's pants cover SpongeBob's eyes on boat)
      SpongeBob: (driving) Hey! I can't see! (starts avoiding all obstacles on the road)

    • Driving Teacher: What? You can't drive a boat with a blindfold on. That's illegal!
      SpongeBob: But I... can't do it without a blindfold.

    • (Squidward walks in the lobby and the phone rings while Mr. Krabs answers it)
      Mr. Krabs: Hold on. Squidward! Patrick needs your help!
      Squidward: What? Why didn't he ask me before I walked all the way downstairs?
      Mr. Krabs: He said he didn't want to bother you, but he got over it!

    • Patrick: (walks up to front desk) I'll like a Krabby Patty, please
      Squidward: This is a hotel now. If you want a Krabby Patty, you'll have to get a room and order room service.
      Patrick: Okay, one Krabby Patty and one room with cheese. Oh, and can I get cheese on the Krabby Patty too?
      Squidward: Patrick, you only live four hundred yards away. Why do you want to check into a hotel?
      Patrick: Sometimes I just need to get away from it all. (rings bell) Wow! This hotel has everything.
      Squidward: (grabs the bell away) Give me that! Now sign the register. (he pushes the sign in book towards Patrick)
      Patrick: I didn't know there would be a test! (starts crying) I didn't study!
      Squidward: Patrick! All you have to do is write your name.
      Patrick: Oh, okay. (grabs the sign in book and starts writing; looks at Squidward) Do you mind?! (continues writing) Don't look! Done! (then shows Squidward the book, which has a picture of a giant starfish that is surrounded by airplanes)
      Squidward: Close enough.

    • SpongeBob: Did I pass?
      Mr. Fitz: Well, if there was a "destroy the city" part on the test, you would have passed.

    • SpongeBob: So how'd I do?
      Driving Teacher: How'd you do? Why don't you ask the shattered remains of this pedestrian HOW YOU DID?!

    • Driving Teacher: No one's ever failed my class, that's lived through it!

    • Mrs. Puff: What's the first thing to do when driving a boat?
      Spongebob: (Snaps fingers) Oh, Seatbelt-a-roonie!

    • Mr. Krabs: Anything else stupid and unreasonable you want?
      Squidward: Nope. That's it.
      Mr. Krabs: You don't need me to chew your food for you? Or make you a backscratcher out of me own spine? Or maybe, extinguish the sun so THE LIGHT DON'T GET IN YOUR EYES!!

    • Mr. Krabs: We shall never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request.

    • Squidward: What's in these bags, rocks? (The suitcase opens, revealing its contents) These are rocks! Why is your suitcase full of rocks? Patrick: Well, I don't tell you how to live your life!

    • Squidward: Why would any one stay in a hotel in Bikini Bottom? It's in the middle of scenic nowhere. There's nothing to do but get stung by jellyfish! (gets stung) Oww! See?

    • Patrick: Can you do one more thing for me?
      Squidward: Why don't you ask SpongeBob?
      Patrick: Good idea, Squidward.
      SpongeBob: How may I serve you, sir?
      Patrick: I need you to eat these Krabby Patties with me!

    • Mr. Krabs: If you want a Krabby Patty, you have to rent a room and order room service.
      Fish: Oh, I've only got an hour to lunch... (Fish walks away)
      Squidward: Boy, you reeled that one in like a pro.

    • Mr.Krabs: If they could charge that much for a lousy hamburger, imagine how much money I could charge for a lousy Krabby Patty!

    • Mr.Krabs: Twenty-five dollars for a hamburger?!?

    • Mr. Krabs: Everything was perfect, until I got the bill.

    • SpongeBob: Why did you build a hotel, Mr.Krabs?
      Mr.Krabs: I'm glad you asked, son. Remember when I went to that fast food convention, and I stayed in that fancy hotel? I had a beautiful room... The employees were so friendly. (Mr.Krabs snatches the employee's change and walks away)

    • SpongeBob: So I was all ready to drain the fries, but I cooked the fries slightly too long! So...
      Squidward: SpongeBob...
      SpongeBob: This is where the bizarre twist comes in-
      Squidward: SpongeBob...
      SpongeBob: They weren't overcooked at all!

    • Mr. Krabs: Ohh! That hotel was a bad idea from the start!
      That was a hotel?

    • Mr. Krabs: (seeing his hospital bill) $15,000?!
      Squidward: You're not gonna have a heart attack, are you?
      Mr. Krabs: Not at these prices! Forget hotels; this hospital stuff rack is where the money is!
      Patrick: This is a hospital?
      Mr. Krabs: Pack your bags, boys! You're going to medical school!
      SpongeBob & Patrick: Hooray!
      Squidward: Oh, boy.

    • Squidward: (taking a bite of a cookie) I'm impressed. These are just like mother used to make. I just wish mom was a better cook.

  • NOTES (36)


    • The hotel Krusty Towers may be a reference to Fawlty Towers, where both hotels experience troubles of great scale.

    • When Squidward got a pool in his room in "Krusty Towers" Spongebob had water-wings. This is because we learn that he can't swim in "Spongeguard on Duty"