SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 3

License to Milkshake

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Sep 07, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • You said it charlesguy11!

    I have also noticed how overrated these new episodes are. Also, the title of this episode makes no sense. Is it supposed to be a reference to License to KILL? I mean, WHY would they reference THAT on A KIDS' SHOW? That does not make any sense whatsoever. Just like how in Disney Channel's Austin & Ally, they gave Austin the middle name Monica! I mean seriously?! Are they THAT desperate for a laugh? Were his parents expecting a girl? The worst part of it is how they ALWAYS make it into a MUCH overused running gag. I mean, it wasn't even funny the first time! More like annoying. OK, sorry for digressing, but it HAD to be said. Also, I agree with you too Soccerbri. Some of these new episodes are so bad, they should be taken out of rotation. Pet or Pests is a perfect example. That episode was so gross, it SHOULD be taken out of rotation. Even my dad says that about that episode. And he found that one part where Patrick pretended to be a doctor in The Splinter to be funny (it WAS funny when he said, "Oh I'm sorry, did YOU go to medical school?", even though Patrick never did.

    0.5/10, because it's better than SOME new episodes, and the animation looked good. The plot was pointless however, just like almost all the new episodes.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (originally posted last year on September 29): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.
  • why do people give these new episodes such high ratings?

    this, along with every other new episode of spongebob is stupid and OVERRATED, no one over 4 can enjoy this crap
  • great episode. keep it up spongebob

    great episode. spongebob liscence to milkshake expires? XD u need a liscence. another weird thing that makes this show great. funny episode, great quest voice. keep it up guys!
  • It Should Have Never aired...

    A license to milkshake expires? Anyone can make milkshakes and why in the world would his trainer get his hand stuck in the blender?This epiosde was terribly dissappionting. Has anyone noticed the epsiodes are going down hill alot since 2005? They will cancel this show, and I don't care if they do because why in I care since all these shows on nick are falling apart! I think this should have never been aired, and they might as well not air it again because this is one of the worst epsiodes they have made.
  • Right now the best season 9 episode

    SpongeBob discovers that his milkshake license has expired so he returns to the milkshake academy. This was an awesome episode of SpongeBob. This episode was even better than Extreme Spots (another episode with a guest star). It has an unique storyline so I really enjoyed it. It does make me want to drink a milkshake after seeing this episode. There wasn't a lot of funny moments in this episode. There were some funny lines as well. Features the beginning, SpongeBob trying make a milkshake but he kept messing it, the montage of the episode (with rock music which felt like I was watching Regular Show), and a few more. Overall, one of my favorites, but not the funniest episodes though. 10/10
  • Wow.......Just Wow! Amazing episode for season 9! Better than alot of episodes!

    I truly loved this one alot. I came back from school and watched it and I was amazed by this episode. I feel like everything was great from this episode except that it lacked the jokes but I barley minded that because this was a well written episode so I enjoyed it alot! At this point it's the best of season 9! Keep those great season 9 episodes coming! Hopefully season 10 will be the same, maybe better!
  • Nice/Decent

    Like the title says. I liked the slo-mo on SpongeBob when he was swishing that milkshake on him. What a waste of a milkshake! I like when they played the song "Milkshake" when they showed SB doing it on the commercial. Lol. Of course, the instructor was strict. There were other things I thought about as well.
  • SpongeBob must go to the milkshake academy when his milkshake license has expired 7 years ago. Michael McKean guest-voices in this episode as Captain Frostymug

    SpongeBob discovers that his milkshake license has expired so he returns to the milkshake academy. I thought that this was a perfect Season 9 episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It's definitely better than "Squid Baby" and "The Good Krabby Name". Although, this episode isn't quite as funny as "The Good Krabby Name" though. There were some pretty funny moments but there weren't too many but I'm honestly okay with that because this episode was freakin' awesome. My favorite episode of Season 9 so far and I love it slightly more than "Extreme Spots" and "Squirrel Record". Michael McKean also did an excellent job guest-voicing in this episode as the Milkshake Academy instructor Captain Frostymug and his character was funny. The parts that made me laugh were Captain Frostymug's line "All my years of teaching in the academy, I have never had such an unteachable moron" (that cracked me up), SpongeBob's final line "If only it were this easy to get a boating license", some of the moments in the montage, and I think more. The montage in this episode was so awesome as hell... the greatest montage to ever be in this show.... it was pretty funny but it was mostly awesome. I also loved how we got to see Captain Frostymug's past from 20 years ago. It was also great to see SpongeBob gets his milkshake license in the end and that the customers enjoy his milkshakes now. I just loved this episode to death, I recorded it in my DVR and I already saw it like 3 times today. That's how much I loved it and I'll definitely be re-watching it in the future. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Granted, it wasn't the funniest episode ever but it has one of the most well written and creative storylines that the writers brought to us so keep up the good work for the writers. Overall, this was a perfect episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" and I definitely recommend it. 10/10