SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 9

Little Yellow Book

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Mar 02, 2013 on Nickelodeon
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Little Yellow Book

Squidward reads SpongeBob's diary to everyone in the Krusty Krab.

  • Flawed.

    So Squidward goes along and finds out that SpongeBob has a diary that he uses at work. While there, he steals the diary and decides to go ahead and read it. This attracts some of the customer's attention and they laugh along with Squidward as he does some embarrassing things to SpongeBob such as making him cluck when he sees plaid, revealing SpongeBob's spatula's name (FiFi), and making him strip when the city anthem comes on. Knowing what's going on, SpongeBob goes into yet another crying frenzy and Squidward doesn't give two shakes of a fish's tailfin. All of a sudden, the townsfolk go all anti on him and refuse to give him rides, remove his house, and have him chained in the middle of the city and thrown tomatoes at. There he sees SpongeBob with a smile on his face. It turns out that was just his "work diary" and his personal diary is with him. He turns his back and finds Squidward reading that one too. Then he goes into yet another crying frenzy and Squidward has tomatoes thrown at him.

    I may have worded this review terribly but that's what happened. I can't say that this episode is bad, it's fine. It has some good elements in it. But then I realized that this episode made me sympathize with nobody. Squidward is supposed to be the protagonist in this episode, but he ends up becoming the antagonist of the antagonists. The so called "antagonists" AKA the citizens, end up being unlikable too, because they go completely out of there way to make sure Squidward has the most miserable life possible. And SpongeBob doesn't help out at all because of his insane stupidity. Why didn't he keep his diary in a more special or secret place? None of this would've happened if such a thing happened. I know for a fact that Squidward got his house back. How did it happen? Why? What? Who? Where? Why? This review sucks, but that's all I gotta say. 6/10.moreless
  • I understand the ratings,but...

    Squidward has suffered too much. I mean,look at all the squidward torture porns. House Fancy,even though squidward won,was still able to count. And who can forget boat smarts (Some can). This episode gives Squidward a decent chance to fight though you feel bad for spongebob,so is my answer. So? Who cares,he's the guy that tortures people.

    I'm going to give a decent point,and you can hate,but let me tell. you. How would you feel if you're squidward,being constantly tortured by two assfarts,getting you're clarinet runned over,all because you want to live you're own,peaceful life?moreless
  • oh come on

    little yellow book is a great episode it was funny i give it a five star rating and a 100/10 rating and two thumbs way up.
  • Congratulations, you made us hate one of the few likable characters left.

    Seriously writers, Squidward is the spirit animal of every college kid you can imagine, but this episode just makes us hate him. I know he's done stuff like this before, but he learned his lesson. Here he never says sorry and never even shows it. I can understand Squidward's pain from just about everything that has happened to him in recent years. I mean to this day there are so many Squidward torture porns that you'd feel sorry for him. However, what he did was cruel and inexcusable in this episode. You're reading someone's secrets in front of everyone, and humiliating the same person in the process. In the end you take his other diary and you don't even regret it. What happened after April fools day, or Christmas who? You said sorry, and tried to make up for it as much as possible Squidward. But what really baffles me is the law in bikini bottom. He's denied a taxi, almost arrested and is left homeless, all for reading a diary? Since when is spilling secrets against the law? I'm not defending Squidward's actions in any way shape or form but come on. In addition, the people of Bikini bottom are hypocrites, they read that diary too. Now this isn't the worst episode, but it is up there as one of the worst.moreless
  • Almost as bad as Spongebob Your'e Fired. ALMOST!

    Hated this episode alot. Squidward was a complete jerk.

    1 out of 10.

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