SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 45

Love That Squid / Tunnel of Glove

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Feb 12, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Love That Squid: When Squidward falls in love with a girl, SpongeBob assists him, and this is where the problems start.

Tunnel of Glove: SpongeBob and Pearl get stuck in the Tunnel of Glove, a romantic river ride at Glove World. Meanwhile, Patrick plays around in an electrical room for the Tunnel of Glove and makes matters worse for SpongeBob and Pearl.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Awesome

    Both episodes were funny in a Romantic way!
  • Love That Squid is the perfect Valentine's Day episode!

    Both episodes were great.
  • This is ONLY for 'Love That Squid'.

    This was the better one out of the pair in my opinion. There wasn't really anything bad about it, and I was laughing a lot of times in the episodes. It may be an over-used plot, but hey, It's a great episode. And let me say I didn't even think this would be a bad epiode. Now, let's jump into the conclusion.

    10/10 A+ It's a great episode. If you're looking for a Valentine's Day themed episode of Spongebob, Look no closer. Here it is plain as day, so I would reccomend this greatly for likers and haters alike.

    See you next time!

  • love episodes 6 and 7

    Love that Squid: A superb episode with an interesting plot. It was nice to see Squidward falls in love...that means the writers are still coming up with great ideas. I'll try hard to ignore these new episodes haters but unfourtanley there's a hater in one of the review for the episode. Anyway, this episode didn';t made me laugh that much, but I'll say that it was interesting. SpongeBob trying to assist Squidward was nice, but it got dragged and wasn't that amusing. Patrick's part made me though. I laughed like a couple as well. Overall an entertaining episode rather than funny and it was superb. 9/10

    Tunnel of Glove: Definitly the best season 7 episode I've seen. I'm glad some of the new episodes haters gave this episode a chance and they really love it. I'm so proud of them. Anyway, this episode was amazing and it features SpongeBob and Pearl going to a ride together and it was stuck thanks to Patrick. Speaking of Patrick, he was so hilarious here despite his stupidity. Pearl's friend thinking that SpongeBob is Pearl's girlfriend was super hilarious. The ride sequence was very funny. The ending was very funny as well. Overall, an awesome episode and I'm glad some of the post movie haters gave it a chance. 10/10moreless
  • This was another stupid episode of Spongebob. These new Sponegbob episodes are just so bad and insulting to the classic Spongebob.

    Both "Love That Squid" and "Tunnel of Glove" were retarded. I did not find either one of them to be entertaining or funny. I am concerned about this series because they keep making new episodes and they all suck. I remember when Spongebob was a good series. After the third season the series started going downhill until now it just isn't Spongebob. I really hope that Nickelodeon will one day realize that some fans have been driven away from the show by these ridiculous episodes of today. This episode was not as obnoxious and insulting as most of the newer episodes, but it was still insulting and obnoxious.moreless

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