SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 11

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III / Squirrel Jokes

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 27, 2000 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Scooter appears in "Squirrel Jokes," but he died in "Bubble Buddy," and he's a different color.

    • In this episode, Manray became not evil and the tickle belt is taken off. But in other episodes, he's still evil and the belt is still on.

    • When SpongeBob said "Actually, Manray, only your head is free", he did not mention that the fingers are free.

    • In "Squirrel Jokes," SpongeBob talks about how he has no bones, and yet there are dozens of episodes which show him with bones.

    • The fish who says "Get on with the squirrel jokes!" was in the back, but in the next scene, he's in the front.

    • When the fish who says "Oh brother, THIS GUY STINKS!" says "WHY?!", his voice completely changes.

    • At the top of the stage, "comedy" is spelled with a "K" just like the Krusty Krab.

    • When SpongeBob said, "No more squirrel jokes" he was on the stage with bandages. When he twisted himself to tell the crowd that he had no bones, in the next shot, his bandages disappear till the end.

    • When SpongeBob is tubified at Sandy's, he says, "No more squirrel jokes...", his mouth doesn't move.

    • SpongeBob says that Mermaid Man used the tickle belt as some sort of weapon in the TV series and later frees him from it, but in later episodes, it's part of his normal costume.

    • At the beginning of Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy III, it says John Rhys Davies plays Manray. But on the credits, it says Guy Siner plays Manray (at least on the DVD)

    • When SpongeBob says, "Not so fast, ManRay!", Patrick's hat is blue.

    • In Jellyfishing when Patrick and SpongeBob slid down the rope, they got ropeburn. But in Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy III, when they slid down the rope, they didn't get ropeburn.

    • In "Tea At The Treedome" it took Spongebob two minutes to dry up. But in "Squirrel Jokes" he drys up in five seconds.

    • This episode is later after TSB/BG and a few more.

    • When everyone's yelling "Squirrel jokes! Squirrel jokes!" look closely. Sandy's rooting for the squirrel jokes too!

    • When SpongeBob and Patrick turn on the orb of confusion the second time, it sends rays to a small radius. But later, ManRay after an attempted robbery scheme which failed, he walks right into the rays and remains unharmed.

  • Quotes

    • Patrick: Well, I guess he's reconstipated.
      SpongeBob: (whispers) Rehabilitated.
      Patrick: Gesundheit.

    • SpongeBob: Next to the Dirty Bubble, Man Ray is the second arch-nemesis of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. I have so many questions to ask him!

    • Man Ray: I'm free!
      SpongeBob: Actually, Man Ray, only your head is free.

    • Spongebob: Seriously folks, the only thing dumber than a squirrel is a sponge. I mean we're so dumb, that we don't even have a vertebrate. Look at me, I got no bones!

    • SpongeBob: Have you ever noticed how big squirrels teeth are? I mean you can land a plane on those things! (crowd laughs).

    • Man Ray: The only thing I'm good at is being evil!

    • SpongeBob: Goodness lesson number two: you see someone struggling with a heavy package, what do you do?
      Patrick: (struggles with a heavy package)
      Man Ray: Hello, friend. Do you want some help?
      Patrick: (drops the package on Man Ray's foot)
      Man Ray: OW!
      Patrick: Sorry, can I start over?
      Man Ray: I noticed you were... OW!
      Patrick: Sorry, gotta start again.
      Man Ray: I noticed you were... OW!
      Patrick: Sorry, gotta start again.
      Man Ray: I noticed you were... OW! Grr... you butterfinger, pink thing! What's in that box anyhow?!
      Patrick: My wallets.
      Man Ray: (grabs Patrick by the head and swings him back and forth)

    • SpongeBob: (singing) Lalalalalalalalala, squirrelly, squirrelly, squirrelly, squirrelly, squirrrrel. (whispers) Because they're stupid. Because they're stupid.

    • SpongeBob: Krabs, they're so cheap, they can't even pay attention!
      (the crowd cheers and Mr. Krabs laughs heartily backstage)
      Mr. Krab: That´s right, I´m cheap!

    • SpongeBob: Let's give a big hand to Sandy, but remember, clap slow; she a squirrel!

    • Mr. Krabs: I'm makin' you my new headliner boy!
      SpongeBob: Wow, I never thought that I could be a headliner...whatever that is.
      Mr. Krabs: The "headliner" is the one that cleans up after the show!

    • SpongeBob: Tomatoes; what's the deal with those things?

    • Spongebob: Mansponge
      Patrick: and Boypatrick
      Both: Reporting for duty.
      BarnacleBoy: Yeah yeah, follow me.
      Patrick and Spongebob: Up up and away.
      MermaidMan: EVIL!!

    • SpongeBob: And don't get me started on StarFish!

    • Patrick:: Ma-ma-ma ma-ma-ma ma-ma-ma.
      Spongebob:What is it trusted sidekick
      Patrick:Ma-ma-ma ma-ma-ma ma-ma-ma.
      SpongeBob and Patrick: Ma-ma-ma ma-ma-ma ma-ma-ma! Ma-ma-ma ma-ma-ma ma-ma-ma!
      Both: MAN RAY!!! (SCREAM)
      Patrick:Hey spongebob how come he's not chasing us?
      Spongebob:Looks like he's frozen or something.

    • SpongeBob: Okay, goodness lesson number three.. okay, um...
      Patrick: I've got one! I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100, what is it?
      Manray: Um.. 62?
      Patrick: WRONG! (presses button)

    • SpongeBob: ManRay!
      ManRay: No need to be alarmed SpongeBob. Your teachings have transformed me. Besides, I have checks with little poodles on them.

    • Man Ray: Level rising... (laughs) ... can't.. take it! (laughs) Tickling my DNA!! (laughs even harder)

    • ManRay: Get me out of here or suffer dire consequences!
      SpongeBob: Works for me.

    • SpongeBob: You got to learn to laugh at yourself. I do all the time! (holds a mirror to his face and laughs)

    • Scooter: Hey look! Its the stupid squirrel!
      Fish: I know, let's try and communicate with it.
      All together: DUHHH!

    • SpongeBob: Patrick? Patrick? (looks at Orb of Confusion) You do know that thing is turned off, right, Patrick? Patrick? Whoo-hoo! Patrick?
      Patrick: (makes stupid sounds throughout the scene)

    • Sandy: Hmm, deodorant, let's see, uh...Roll on or stick?
      Fish: I think she should get both...hahaha.

    • Fish: Hey, Hey Funny guy. I got a joke for you! What smells rotten and puts people to sleep?
      Spongebob: Um.. Noxious gas?
      Fish: No.. YOUR ACT!

    • Patrick: Spongebob, five minutes. Oh...Hell-oo, San-dy, Me, Pat-rick...Do, you under-stand? ...Squirrels...

    • Spongebob: Goodness lesson number one. You see someone drop their wallet. Patrick, drop the wallet. (Patrick drops a wallet) Now, what do you do?
      Manray: (Holding the wallet) Excuse me, sir, but I do believe you've dropped your wallet.
      Patrick: Doesn't look familiar.
      Manray: What? I just saw you drop it. Here.
      Patrick: Nope, it's not mine.
      Manray: It isn't? I am trying to be a good person and return it to you.
      Patrick: Return what to who?
      Manray: (Slaps his face, then takes out ID) Aren't you Patrick Star?
      Patrick: Yep.
      Manray: And this is your ID?
      Patrick: Yep.
      Manray: I found this ID in this wallet, and if that's the case, this must be your wallet.
      Patrick: Makes sense to me.
      Manray: Then take it.
      Patrick: It's not my wallet.

    • ManRay: The belt is gone but I still feel its tickle!

    • (SpongeBob drops the microphone and walks through the curtains)
      Crowd: Huh?
      SpongeBob: (suddenly jumps onto the stage with big, fake buck teeth) HOWDY, YALL!

    • Spongebob: A fan Letter?
      In Spongebob's head: You were right Spongebob, those jokes are funny. Come on over to the Treedome tommorow and celebrate. Sandy
      Spongebob: You did it Spongebob. You get to keep your career and your friends.
      The Next Day, spongebob goes to the Treedome
      Spongebob: Ahh. I'm glad that Sandy can finally see the genius of my comedy.
      Spongebob: Good morning, Sandy. (Lookes at sandy, awestruck)
      Sandy: Well, hooowday!
      Spongebob: Sandy, are you...feeling alright?
      Sandy: I'm just bein' my o-naturally squirrley self (licks teeth)
      Spongebob: (nervously laughs)
      Sandy: Well Come on in! Y'all must be tired from tellin' them funny jokes all the time! Why don't you take a load off! (Pushes Spongebob on log with glue)
      Spongebob: Uh, Sandy, I think there's somthing wrong with this seat!
      Sandy: Naw, I just done puttin glue on it so ya wouldn't fall off. (Gasps) Are them flowers for me? You even done brought me a vase! (Takes water helmet off Spongebob)
      Spongebob:Uh, Sandy, that-that's not a-
      Sandy: Ain't that purdy?
      Spongebob: (beginning to dry out, voise raspy and cracking) Sandy, I need wa- (tries to get Sandy's attention)
      Sandy: Oh, that's right! You's a sea critter! Now what was that thing sea critters need? Um, Uh let's see, sea critters need, uhh...
      Spongebob: Wa-(mouth gets closed by Sandy)
      Sandy: No wait! Don't tell me. I know this one!
      Spongebob: Waaa-
      Sandy: A Waalet? A watch? Waffles?
      Spongebob (hoarsley) Sandy! Water!

    • SpongeBob: To the Invisible Boatmobile! Wait! I don't have a license.
      Patrick: Well.. This is an invisible boat, so you need an invisible license.

    • SpongeBob: Did you hear about the goldfish that went bankrupt? Now he's a bronzefish!
      Crowd: ...What? What did he say?
      SpongeBob: I.. guess you heard that one already,
      Sandy: I haven't heard it! Good one, SpongeBob!
      SpongeBob: Thank you, you're too kind.

    • Sandy: Hello little critter, what's your name?
      Mom: Don't stand too close to a squirrel, Billy, you'll catch its stupid.
      Billy: Okay, mom.
      Sandy: Stupidity isn't a virus, but it sure is spreading like one!

    • Spongebob: Why does it take more than one squirrel to change a light bulb?
      Audience: Why?
      Spongebob: Because! They're so darn stupid!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Name: Doggie Williams

      This might be a parody of Katt Williams or Robin Williams.

    • SpongeBob: (doing jokes on opposite species)
      SpongeBob is being like the beloved black comedian, Richard Pryor, who often did jokes on different races.

    • The tickle belt (that was activated at the push of a button) in this episode is similar to the shock device that was used on Stockman's brain when it was in a tank in the ninja turtles episode rogue in the house parts 1 and 2 both were used as a form of coercion.

    • Man Ray: Parody
      Man Ray is most likely a parody of Evil/Black Manta (Aquaman's arch nemesis).

    • Squirrel jokes:
      The high request of Squirrel Jokes is a reference of the movie Good Morning Vietnam, where the US soldiers were requesting more political jokes dj Adrian Cronauer, played by Robin Williams.

    • Music
      The music from the site StretchFilms.com when it is loading is briefly heard in "Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy III."

    • Man Ray:
      The real Man Ray was an American artist, photographer, and author in the early to mid 20th Century.