SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 11

Mermaid Man Begins / Plankton's Good Eye

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Sep 23, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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Mermaid Man Begins: We learn the origin story of the underwater superhero Mermaid Man and his sidekick Barnacle Boy.

Plankton's Good Eye: Plankton steals SpongeBob's DNA so he can grow a second eye, but Plankton having a second eye means that his personality changes.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Both were good


    Mermaidman Begins: This was a great episode. It was creative, funny, and to top it all off, the acting was good. However, there were a few bad parts, as the story dragged a LOT in the beginning, and some parts of it felt a LITLLE unnessecary, but... It's an Okay episode.

    8.5/10 B

    Plankton's Good Eye: WHOA. This episode was absolutely AMAZING! The story was great, the Visuals were just SUPERB (A few scenes were sketchy, but that's it), and BUBBLE BASS, from Season 1, returned. That ALONE could've made my day, but.... I don't wanna be a bad reviewer, so I'll list out the bad things as well.

    * Like I said before, sometimes the visuals were a little sketchy...

    * A few scenes were either freaky or just unnecessary.

    However, besides that, this episode was pure comedic gold, although I was a Tiny bit skeptical about Plankton's good side.... Oh well.

    9.5/10 A

    Final Result:

    9/10 A-moreless

    *** to MMB and WO***WWWWWW TO PGE
  • A great possible last perfomance of Ernest Borgnine

    As far as I know, this was the voice of Mermaidman's last episode aired. There's an upcoming episode that features Plankton joining Manray, so it's hard to say if they have voice recordings of him or not, but this episode was funny. The best part was the insane true story on how Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy got their powers. It made no sense and made fun of about every possible cliche that caused a character to get super powers like in Marvel comics and such. It's sad that Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's story was more believable and would've been a more interesting truth, but the ending was still funny,moreless
  • Good paired with not so good

    Mermaid Man Begins: Best Season 8 episode so far.

    SPOILER: Johnny: (the Mermalair's large TV suddenly turns on) And now, without any further delays, the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Origin Episode.

    SpongeBob: (standing up excitedly) Oh, this is it!

    Johnny: The story of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy all started here. (The TV zooms in on a series of red apartment buildings.)

    Tim: (Barnacle Boy is now a young adult dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans, in front of the television sitting on a couch.) Come on, Ernie! The movie's about to start... Where's the popcorn?

    Ernie: (Mermaid Man is now a young adult dressed in a striped shirt and khakis. He is waiting next to the microwave in the kitchen.) It's in the microwave, Tim.

    Johnny: (talking very rapidly as the scene he is describing unfolds as he is talking) At that very moment in the apartment directly above, a rogue scientist doing tests on radioactive ants knocks over a jar of his infected specimens, one of which, without any hesitation, crawls down one floor and miraculously lands undetected. It viciously bites our soon-to-be superhero. He screams in pain, (Ernie: "Ahh!") stumbling backwards. (Tim: "What on earth?") In a split-second, both men find themselves in a freefall that sends them squarely through the roof of a vats of acid factory, and into a vat of acid that is tipped over by an errant alien spaceship, carrying the two blindly on a wave of acid during a solar eclipse on a leap year, precariously careening onto a bomb-testing site, where a cataclysmic explosion exposes our heroes in waiting to highly toxic radium gases. Then, as fate would have it, magical storm clouds move in, zapping both men with a neon-plaid lightning bolt and raining radioactive ooze, which, through centrifugal and electromagnetic turbulence, causes a powerful earthquake deep in the jungle two-thousand miles away, consequently unearthing a magical crystal with wings that flies to Ernie and Tim's exact location, and, powered by super gamma energy currents, pilots them to open skies until, not paying attention, the crystal clips the top of a billboard, flinging the two back to their apartment miraculously unharmed, when... (microwave beeps)

    Ernie: Hey, the popcorn's ready!

    Johnny: ...they proceed with movie night and eat slightly overcooked popcorn.

    Tim: Mmmm... I think you overcooked this a little.

    Johnny: Suddenly, an amazing reaction to the overcooked popcorn hits them with a jolt of cosmic super-energy, metamorphasizing Ernie into an incredibly strong sea-star-wearing superhero, and Tim, into a slightly less strong but also super sailor-looking guy.

    Tim: I have the sudden and incredibly urge to breathe water instead of air.

    Ernie: As do I.

    Johnny: And that is how they became the superheroes we have come to know as... (the heroes dive into the ocean from a dock and pose) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: Defenders of the Deep! (The End graphic appears on the TV)

    9.8 A+

    Plankton's Good Eye: Not as good as the first one.

    6.2 D+moreless
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