SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 11

Mermaid Man Begins / Plankton's Good Eye

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 23, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Both were good


    Mermaidman Begins: This was a great episode. It was creative, funny, and to top it all off, the acting was good. However, there were a few bad parts, as the story dragged a LOT in the beginning, and some parts of it felt a LITLLE unnessecary, but... It's an Okay episode.

    8.5/10 B

    Plankton's Good Eye: WHOA. This episode was absolutely AMAZING! The story was great, the Visuals were just SUPERB (A few scenes were sketchy, but that's it), and BUBBLE BASS, from Season 1, returned. That ALONE could've made my day, but.... I don't wanna be a bad reviewer, so I'll list out the bad things as well.

    * Like I said before, sometimes the visuals were a little sketchy...

    * A few scenes were either freaky or just unnecessary.

    However, besides that, this episode was pure comedic gold, although I was a Tiny bit skeptical about Plankton's good side.... Oh well.

    9.5/10 A

    Final Result:

    9/10 A-

    *** to MMB and WO***WWWWWW TO PGE
  • A great possible last perfomance of Ernest Borgnine

    As far as I know, this was the voice of Mermaidman's last episode aired. There's an upcoming episode that features Plankton joining Manray, so it's hard to say if they have voice recordings of him or not, but this episode was funny. The best part was the insane true story on how Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy got their powers. It made no sense and made fun of about every possible cliche that caused a character to get super powers like in Marvel comics and such. It's sad that Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's story was more believable and would've been a more interesting truth, but the ending was still funny,
  • Good paired with not so good

    Mermaid Man Begins: Best Season 8 episode so far.

    SPOILER: Johnny: (the Mermalair's large TV suddenly turns on) And now, without any further delays, the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Origin Episode.

    SpongeBob: (standing up excitedly) Oh, this is it!

    Johnny: The story of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy all started here. (The TV zooms in on a series of red apartment buildings.)

    Tim: (Barnacle Boy is now a young adult dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans, in front of the television sitting on a couch.) Come on, Ernie! The movie's about to start... Where's the popcorn?

    Ernie: (Mermaid Man is now a young adult dressed in a striped shirt and khakis. He is waiting next to the microwave in the kitchen.) It's in the microwave, Tim.

    Johnny: (talking very rapidly as the scene he is describing unfolds as he is talking) At that very moment in the apartment directly above, a rogue scientist doing tests on radioactive ants knocks over a jar of his infected specimens, one of which, without any hesitation, crawls down one floor and miraculously lands undetected. It viciously bites our soon-to-be superhero. He screams in pain, (Ernie: "Ahh!") stumbling backwards. (Tim: "What on earth?") In a split-second, both men find themselves in a freefall that sends them squarely through the roof of a vats of acid factory, and into a vat of acid that is tipped over by an errant alien spaceship, carrying the two blindly on a wave of acid during a solar eclipse on a leap year, precariously careening onto a bomb-testing site, where a cataclysmic explosion exposes our heroes in waiting to highly toxic radium gases. Then, as fate would have it, magical storm clouds move in, zapping both men with a neon-plaid lightning bolt and raining radioactive ooze, which, through centrifugal and electromagnetic turbulence, causes a powerful earthquake deep in the jungle two-thousand miles away, consequently unearthing a magical crystal with wings that flies to Ernie and Tim's exact location, and, powered by super gamma energy currents, pilots them to open skies until, not paying attention, the crystal clips the top of a billboard, flinging the two back to their apartment miraculously unharmed, when... (microwave beeps)

    Ernie: Hey, the popcorn's ready!

    Johnny: ...they proceed with movie night and eat slightly overcooked popcorn.

    Tim: Mmmm... I think you overcooked this a little.

    Johnny: Suddenly, an amazing reaction to the overcooked popcorn hits them with a jolt of cosmic super-energy, metamorphasizing Ernie into an incredibly strong sea-star-wearing superhero, and Tim, into a slightly less strong but also super sailor-looking guy.

    Tim: I have the sudden and incredibly urge to breathe water instead of air.

    Ernie: As do I.

    Johnny: And that is how they became the superheroes we have come to know as... (the heroes dive into the ocean from a dock and pose) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: Defenders of the Deep! (The End graphic appears on the TV)

    9.8 A+

    Plankton's Good Eye: Not as good as the first one.

    6.2 D+
  • Thisepisode was ok


    I dont think thisepisode was good enough to geta perfect score. It wasn't that funny and good. This was definatly not one of my favorite episodes. I didnt like it at all maybe they could have made it better. It could have definatly been better. This was not that great. This was not that great.

  • Both episodes were equally good.:)


    Mermaid Man Begins: This was an excellent episode in my opinion. Usually storylines with Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy bore me a bit, but here I can make an exception. I thought the storyline here was actually very compelling, and figuring out that Mermaid Man's mask is actually a starfish was very interesting. Just like most episodes, this one also had some hilarious moments, like the beginning scene with Sponge and Pat preparing to watch the MM and BB marathon and asking Squidward to watch the marathon at his house and he responds "Why would I want to spend my evening watching grown men prance around on a stage?" or something close to that, and then we see the male ballet dancer on his TV! I also thought MM and BB's names actually being Ernie and Tim was hilarious and clever, since Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway do the voices of MM and BB, and the whole thing with the overcooked popcorn giving them their powers made me LOL, especially at the end when Sponge and Pat made overcooked popcorn.:) Overall, my final grade for this episode is an A. Plankton's Good Eye was also a great episode.:) Once again, the plot was clever and original, and it was hilarious. The beginning was funny when Spongebob actually points out to Mr. Krabs how money crazy he is and Mr. K tucks his money into bed and even pours it a glass of water. LOL:D Plankton getting a second eye that looked just like Spongebob's, although somewhat disturbing, literally had me laughing for two minutes straight, and the scene with Karen showing him the inkblots was pretty funny too. Spongebob and friends throwing Plankton a party was also pretty funny. It was also really cool to see Bubble Bass appear in this episode for the first time since F.U.N. I didn't think we'd ever see him again. The only thing in this episode that didn't make sense to me was Karen telling Plankton he needed to have a better attitude in the beginning and then getting mad when he turned nice, or "neevil", as she called it. Oh, well. I still thought this was a pretty great episode.:) Final grade: A-. Marebear2009, out!

  • Not amazing, but they're still great episodes!


    A week after two amazing episodes of SpongeBob, I was somewhatdisappointedwith these two new episodes. Never the less, they were still great. Let's take a look at them.

    Mermaid Man Begins- I didn't enjoy this one a lot, but there was a lot of humor to compensate for this. The beginning with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward was funny. The part where Mermaidman told the fake story about how they began was also pretty funny too. The part where in the flashback where Barnacle Boy did every thing and Mermaid Man did nothing was also funny too. The last part where SpongeBob and Patrick making the popcorn was also hilarious too. The only part I didn't like was that it was another rushed episode in the end, and the story's telling of how the superhero team began was sort of lazily done too. Nevertheless, it was great episode that is definitely worth watching.


    Plankton's Good Eye- I would've given this a ten, but it was kind of creepy, lowering the score down. It was still a great episode with limited flaws.The plot was that Plankton figures out the reason why failed on his last attempt for the formula was because he only has one eye. Then, he grows another eye due to SpongeBob's, but hisartificialstarts to take over, causing him to be nice. In the end, he gets his eye removed, and is back to being evil again. The experiments with plankton trying to grow another eye was funny. The beginning of the episode was also funny too. The joke where Plankton said how he can never win darts was also funny too. It was kind of lazily done, but it was funny too at the same time. The gimmick where Plankton made SpongeBob cry was sort of cruel, but was a funny scene. This was a great episode overall.


    All in all, these weren't the best episodes I've seen, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth watching.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10

  • We learn the epic past of mermaidman and also plankton finally gets a 2nd eye!!!


    Mermaid man begins!:So spongebon and patrick start to watch the secret origin of their favorite heros. then all of a sudden, a STORM! they then go to the mermilair and MM and BB tell them each a different version of how they meet then the TV was back on and gave the real version and the episode ends with spongebob and patrick trying to copy how MM and BB got their powers

    review:this was a FUNNY episode, very great with MM and BB i love those guys, the different versions were great but the TV secret origin was the FUNNIEST Vputting hero origin cliches or funny ways they became heroes to jus over cooked popcorn. this episode gets a 9 out of 10!

    Planktons good eye: So plankton gets the combination to the safe for the formula but it turns out his eye fooled em, so he tries to get another eye, decides then to steal DNA from spongebob(duh XD) and gets another eye(he looks weird) but then he starts doing good deeds and also we see bubble bass again! he was funny.plankton gets the formula but gives it back (he is good now) but thanks to spongebob and the gang and others giving plank a hug his other eye is gone and he is back to normal.

    review:this was a fantastic episode. kinda like a sitcom(getting something that changes ur life and u want it gone) in this case its a 2nd eye. loved seeing bubble bass again and everyone was funny in this episode this one gets a 9 out of 10

    in the end both these episodes were GREAT and i cant wait to se the rest of Season 8!

  • Both episodes were perfect and funny


    Mermaid Man Begins: It was funny that Squidward was watching a live action ballet dance on TV. Patrick saying Thankis for nothing was funny as well. Mermaid Man telling the false origin story was super hilarious. It was funny that Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's real names are after their voice actors. The true story was ver interesting. The ending was so funny that SpongeBob andPatrick heated the popcorn. Overall, a perfect, interesting, and funny episode of SpongeBob. Possibly the funniest and best MM & BB episode I ever seen. 10/10

    Plankton's Good Eye: Like MMB, it was perfect. Mr. Krabs putting his money to bed was possiblity the funniest part of this episode. The flashback where Sandy, Patrick, SpongeBob, and Mr. Krabs squashed Plankton was funny. Plankton growing lots of eyes was my second funniest part in this episode.It was funny that Plankton wanted to tell a sad story on SpongeBob and he cried. Then Plankton stole SB's tears and grows a second eye. It was creepy that Plankton's second eye is just SpongeBob's. The endiing was funny. Overall. this episode has a great plot. So far, Season 8 had been really perfect. 10/10

  • Not as great as the other episodes, but still funny


    Mermaid Man Begins: We learn the origin story of the underwater superhero Mermaid Man and his sidekick Barnacle Boy.

    Plankton's Good Eye: Plankton steals SpongeBob's DNA so he can grow a second eye, but Plankton having a second eye means that his personality changes.

    Both were pretty funny, but Plankton's Good Eye was better by a long shot

    8.5 / 10 B

  • Fantastic!!! :) They're both amazing and funny episodes even though "Plankton's Good Eye" was a little weird and disturbing to me.


    Mermaid Man Begins: This episode was fantastic just like last week's impressive NEW episode "Barnacle Face/Pet Sitter Pat". Darn, last week's episode "Barnacle Face/Pet Sitter Pat" was fantastic and now this week's episode "Mermaid Man Begins/Plankton's Good Eye". I loved that they got to learn the origin story of MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy and it was very funny along the way. Squidward's cameo appearance in the episode when he was watching a television with a man in a ballerina suit made me laugh hard. Patrick telling Squidward "Thanks for nothing" when his television got destroyed made me laugh as well. MermaidMan telling a false origin story made me laugh hard... literally couldn't stop laughing. The REAL origin story of how MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy began towards the end of the episode was clever and funny. The other thing that I thought was genius is that those two men were named Ernie and Tim. I found it to be clever because Ernie Borgnine voices as MermaidMan and Tim Conway voices as BarnacleBoy. The very end of the episode with SpongeBob and Patrick heating up popcorn so they can have superpowers is very funny as well. Overall, a very impressive and funny as heck episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10

    Plankton's Good Eye: Yet, we have another brilliant and funny episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". The storyline to this episode was fantastic and I really enjoyed it. This episode was a little weird and disturbing to me because the fact that Plankton's second eye was SpongeBob's eye and he was turning "Neevil" (which meant nice and evil together). Mr. Krabs tucking his money to bed and pouring a glass of water was so incredibly hilarious. All of the Plankton's second eye invention failing made me laugh pretty hard. Plankton having a nice personality after stealing SpongeBob's DNA and having SpongeBob's eye to be his second eye was hilarious. I also loved that Bubble Bass returned. That's right, if you were worried that Bubble Bass would never appear then you don't have to worry anymore. Man, it's been so long since we've seen Bubble Bass since the last episode we saw him was in the episode "F.U.N.". Karen going through the cards with Plankton and what he sees but Plankton sees nice things was hilarious. The very end of the episode when SpongeBob wanted to throw a party for all of Plankton's kindness. It turned out that Plankton's second eye would pop out if everyone hugged him. I also loved that Sandy Cheeks, Larry the Lobster, and Patrick Star had a cameo appearance at the very end of the episode, I just wish that they each had one line. Oh well, this episode was fantastic and the ending was pretty funny. Overall, last week's episode "Barnacle Face/Pet Sitter Pat" impressed me very much and now "Mermaid Man Begins/Plankton's Good Eye"... Season 8 really has been my favorite SpongeBob season ever and I look forward to next week's episode. 10/10

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