SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 1 Episode 9

Nature Pants / Opposite Day

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 11, 1999 on Nickelodeon

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  • im squid ward im squid ward im squid ward!

    these episodes aer really good and i loved watching them. i laughed and laughed and i laughed so hard i slaped my face and i cried. but it was funny

    nature pants:funny episode but also kinda sad when patrick was crying for spongeboband when spongebob went home. if i was him i would be so sad id cry all day and night. boo hoo wah

    opposite day:not a sad episode but its very funny with all of its jokes and when the lady saw the many squid wards my belly hurt i was laughing hard

    these episodes are so good and i like opposite day nature pants is good but its sad and opposite day is not sad so i like that one more
  • Another classic episode

    Aired today.
  • dark and very funny

    Nature Pants:This episode have great humor and a very good storyline but i'm sure many people

    didn't reliaze i'ts one of the most dark episodes in the entire series, the episode start with

    (who else) spongebob imagining himshelf being a Jellyfish causing a fire to the kitchen but thanks to the firefighter (And spongebob) the fire is gone then spongebob quit's and he go home,outside of the pinaple he give to squidward his can opener (leaving an explanation why he dosen't have one in fools

    in april) he also give to patrick mayonnaise,some old phone books and spongebob most importand

    item:ol reliample,he then leaves to the jellyfish fields to start a new life.

    What makes this episode dark is the scene where patrick chase spongebob so he can put him in

    the best friend jar and in order to do that he must kill spongebob also the whole chase is very funny.

    Another dark element is that spongebob leave gary alone at his house and that mean's i'ts gonna starve to death.

    Anyway the episode is very good is have very good humor and also i have an altarnate ending

    for this episode this time spongebob enter his house and he finds gary dead then he go to the

    kitchen and he stamps himself with a knife the episode ends with a text sayning:GOODBYE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.

    I give to this episode 8 out of 10 for great storyline and humor.
  • Nature Pants was underrated and Opposite Day was perfect.

    Nature Pants: When SpongeBob daydreams about him being a jellyfish at the Krusty Krab, he decides to make that a reality, but it doesn't turn out like he hoped. I can understand why people would complain about the plot, but it wasn't a problem for me. It still had a lot of funny parts including that breaking the fourth wall joke Squidward makes. Also the impact this episode had on me as a kid is still with me today. I thought this was underrated like most season one episodes. 10/10

    Opposite Day: When Squidward wants to move he introduces SpongeBob to opposite day so he can actually get his house sold. Even though I love Nature Pants, I still think this episode is better. It was funny when SpongeBob and Patrick pose as Squidward and when the real estate agent calls herself Squidward when she starts to lose it. Overall, it was a perfect episode.
  • Spongebob becomes a jellyfish and Squidward thinks it Opposite Day

    Nature Pants: I liked/laughed at SpongeBob day dreaming, SpongeBob acting like a jellyfish, Patrick trying to eat the Krabby Patty, Patrick catching SpongeBob, and the very ending. I didn't laugh very much in this episode but the plot is just decent. Overall score 7/10.

    Opposite Day: I liked/laughed SpongeBob and Patrick thinking it's Squidward's birthday, Squidward thinking it's Opposite Day, Gary acting like a dog, SpongeBob hating Patrick,SpongeBob and Patrick doing the opposite, SpongeBob and Patrick as Squidward, the realtor leaving after there's 3 Squidwards, and the last part. Overall score 10/10
  • Nature Pants: Superb Opposite Day: Perfect


    Nature Pants:
    SpongeBob decides to leave his civilized life in Bikini Bottom, and go live uninhibited and free, among a pack of wild jellyfish. During this time, Sandy and Patrick are trying to come up with plans to try to get SpongeBob back.

    9 out of 10

    Opposite Day:
    Squidward wants to sell his house and move away, but he knows that no one will buy it if they see rambunctious SpongeBob around. So Squidward decides to tell SpongeBob that today is "Opposite Day," in hopes that he will behave around the real estate agent.

    10 out of 10

  • nature pants

    Nature Pants- Spongebob wants to roam with the jellyfish and be free in the wild, but will he end up being bored and coming back to Bikini Bottom with Sandy, Patrick and the rest of his friends? Or is he staying in the wild forever?

    Opposite Day- Squidward convinces Spongebob it is opposite day because he wants to try and sell his house. Will he be able to?

    Good episodes. Opposite Day is hilarious- the ending, with Spongebob and Patrick pretending to be Squidward, the lady revealing HER name is Squidward, and Gary going "Meow" in Squidward's voice is one of my favorite scenes in the show. That right there gets this episode a B+/A- as a final grade. Would be an A+ but Nature Pants is kind of boring I think
  • I have nothing against the Oppisite thing but Nature Pants was HORRIBLE!!!!!

    I really hated Nature Pants, it was stupid. I mean, come on, Spongebob decides to be one with the jellyfish. A little stupid, don't ya think. I didn't like the whole story overall. I didn't like it. I wish it was never made because its really bad. A big thumbs down for ya Spongebob. But they got better. Well come on this was in 99' They will improve. But I have no clue how they could of messed up on this episode. It was horrible. I hope they don't make a mistake again like this. This was the WORST episode of the whole Spongebob Squarepants Series.

  • "Nature Pants" was superb BUT I thought "Opposite Day" was perfect

    Nature Pants: I thought that this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". This wasn't my favorite episode but it was overall superb. The storyline just seemed kind of weird to me when SpongeBob just wanted to be a jellyfish all of a sudden. It was funny when SpongeBob's grill was on fire and then SpongeBob threw the fire extinguisher at the grill. I felt bad for Patrick because I know that he really misses SpongeBob. It was funny but kind of weird when SpongeBob took off his pants. SpongeBob living life as a jellyfish was pretty funny... kind of nasty when he ate the grass. Patrick acting like a psycho and trying to catch SpongeBob was very funny. The ending was also great when SpongeBob came home and then all of his friends threw him a "Welcome Home" party. It was also funny when everyone got itchy after they gave SpongeBob a group hug (which was very nice to see). The storyline could have been a tad better and kind of didn't like when Squidward was happy that SpongeBob was gone. Overall, a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9/10

    Opposite Day: I thought that this was a perfect episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" and it had me laughing all the way through. It was hilarious when SpongeBob and Patrick gave Squidward a birthday party (which by the way wasn't Squidward's birthday). Squidward telling SpongeBob that it was opposite day was funny. It was funny when Gary barked like a dog. It was funny when SpongeBob said the opposite by telling Patrick that he doesn't want to see him again and then Patrick cries (awww, poor Patrick). Patrick turning purple was hilarious. SpongeBob showing Patrick how opposite day goes was very funny. It was very funny when SpongeBob and Patrick pretended to be Squidward and that sales woman comes in and SpongeBob and Patrick are doing the opposite which is chasing her away. The quick brief scene with Gary pretending to be Squidward was also hilarious. The ending was also hilarious when Squidward is riding on a bulldozer chasing SpongeBob and Patrick. Overall, a hilarious episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10
  • Both were OK.

    Nature Pants
    It has some OK jokes and Spongebob in the nude for most of the episode was sort of funny.
    But it just seems to out of character for him and Patrick isn't mush better.
    Below average. Opposite Day
    Oh,where to start.
    This one this better then "Nature Pants".
    It takes the ridiculousness to a new level and maybe a little to far.
    But that's mostly because it doesn't really get the laughs it should for the price it paid with the abuse that Squidward had to endower.
    Still,it has some laughs and answers a the question,Why doesn't Squidward just move away from Spongebob and Patrick.
  • Nature Pants is pretty good, but the second one is great.

    Nature Pants:This episode is decent. Like a lot of Spongebob episodes, it had its good moments,like Patrick trying to capture Spongebob, Spongebob trying to sleep in the wild, and the ending. I didn't like the way Spongebob acted towards everyone though. Opposite Day: This episode is better. Squidward wants to sell his house and move away from Spongebob and Patrick, but he can't because the woman selling his house will only do it if the neighborhood doesn't have any bad neighbors. Squidward decides to trick Spongebob and Patrick into believing that it's "Opposite Day", a time of the year where you act different so that the saleswoman will think they're decent people. I loved the scenes with Spongebob and Patrick acting out opposites and pretending to be Squidward. Also,the ending was hilarious. Overall, this is a good first season pairing.
  • Superb

    Nature Pants- Spongebob is tired of living a civilized life, so he abandons it to live a life with the Jellyfish. He soon learns that it's not so easy like he thought. This was a pretty good episode, a little weird to see SB acting like a Jellyfish, but good nonetheless. 9/10 A-

    Opposites Day- Squidward is trying to sell his house, so he makes Spongebob and Patrick act opposite of what they usually act. Unfortunately, it has it's consequences. Very funny, another legend from season 1. 10/10 A+

    Both are great, but Opposites Day was legendary at best. 9.5/10 A
  • Nature pants dropped the score.

    Nature pants:
    Okay,Tarzan spoof can't be bad,but this is just wrong.First,this episode was very boring.Second,it was awfully disturbing to see SB naked for almost the entire episode.Third,how can fleas possibly get to Sandy if she's in her suit.I only liked Squidward's fourth wall breaking(I will give him eleven minutes).This is not the best,but it IS worst.

    Opposite day:
    Now,this one was fantastic.Patrick's Squidward impersonation was hilarious as well Gary's(who barked in this episode).Backwards message had no point at all,but that's why it's good.This episode would be eleventh on my 20 favorites list,too bad there aren't more of them like this one,too bad...
  • Wow....

    OK, Nature Pants is about Spongebob wanting to see what living life of a jellyfish is like so he wanders off from Bikini Bottom into Jellyfish Fields and pretends to be a jellyfish by acting like one. Spongebob spent one night in the fields then goes back home because he misses his friends. This episode had really made the score drop a whole bunch. If Opposite Day was not paired with this one, the score would've been a lot higher. I have to say that this is my least favorite episode from Season 1.

    Score: 4/10

    However, Opposite Day was great. It had a lot of comedy put into it. When I was little, I took the Opposite Day thing too seriously. It's about Squidward having enough from Spongebob and wanting some peace and quiet by telling him that it's opposite day so he wants to be Squidward too instead of himself. But this episode was great. I can't get enough of it!

    Score: 8/10
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob . he wants to go live with the wild jellyfish when he goes jelly fising and thing is he does and leaves allfriends behide thing is his friends miss him alot and want him to come back so they think of ways for him to come back. and the second part squidward tells spongebob its opposite day thinking he will act more civilized till he sells his house but it get ruined when spongebob pretends to be squidward and so does patrick and it was hilrious at some parts of the ep and it was good ep
  • Nature Pants was alright, but Opposite Day was incredibly hilarious.

    Nature Pants: An episode that almost defines the word average. It's neither good nor bad. Just OK. It had two funny moments, in my opinion. One is when they're guessing how long SpongeBob will be gone and Squidward says "I'll give him 11 minutes", referencing the episode's length. The other is the ending. Very average, but not bad.

    Score: B- 8.0/10

    Opposite Day: REALLY good. One of Season 1's greatests. The beginning with the birthday was great. The middle featured some really good moments like Gary saying "meow" like Squidward or Patrick's "I'm Squidward! I'm Squidward!" dance. The ending was hillarious, "do you ever think Squidward likes us TOO much?" Everything is awesome! One of the all-time greats. Score: A+ 9.5/10
  • both eps were equally good=)...

    Nature Pants: This ep's pretty funny. I liked the part where Patrick was trying to catch Spongebob. I also liked the part where Sandy & Squidward were betting on how long it'd be before Spongebob came home:P Personally, I thought 'Nature Pants' was well written. final grade: B

    Opposite Day: Out of the two, I'd have to say that I like this ep better. It was well written & had some hilarious moments, like where Spongebob & Patrick pretended to be Squidward:lol: I also loved it when the real estate agent was like "I wouldn't sell a house for you if you were the last Squidward on Earth!!" final grade: A
  • A classic and a bored paired together.

    Nature Pants: This episode is what brings the score I'm giving this review down. To be honest, it's my least favorite from season 1 because I found it rather boring. I don't have too much to say about it. The ending was funny, though. Final Grade: C

    Opposite Day: Now here's a classic! I love, love, love this episode! The plot is very funny and original, love Squidward on this episode, you kind of feel sorry for the guy for having such idiot neighbors, but hey, this is what makes this show special! I particularly liked the little montage of SpongeBob and Patrick acting opposite, specially when they're talking backwards, thanks to the magic of YouTube, I later discovered what they actually said! Lol, and Gary barked on this episode! Haha. SpongeBob did a killer Squidward impersonation, in other words, Tom Kenny does a great Squidward voice. I even liked the real estate agent, she should come back! Overall, this episode is a time-les classic. Final grade: A+
  • Squidward tries to make Spongebob into a good neighbor, and Spongebob tries to live a more natural life! :!:

    It's never easy to tell which cartoon series will become a hit, but "Spongebob Squarepants" had star appeal written all over it since day one. But I feel it was this episode that first made me see just how wacky this show could be. In "Opposite Day," Squidward gets angry when Spongebob and Patrick celebrate his birthday when it's Not his birthday (which is something pretty stupid to get upset about!) :roll: In any case, Squidward wants to move away from Bikini Bottom, but he can only sell his house is if its not located next to bad neighbors! So Squidward decides to come up with a plan to convince Spongebob its Opposite Day, where the usual becomes the unusual and vice-versa. But Spongebob takes the meaning too literally, and in order to be a good neighbor, Spongebob ends up being a bad neighbor! Squidward knows with Spongebob and Patrick trying to do good by doing bad, they're actually being bad! But Squidward's attempts to correct their behavior only convince Spongebob and Patrick that they must become Squidward to be opposite! Needless to say, this confuses and ultimately infuriates the female sales-fish to the point where she honestly says she'll Never sell a house for the real Squidward even if he was the last Squidward on Earth! Maybe next time Squidward will think twice before deceiving Spongebob and Patrick! :idea: The really good episode segment though, is "Nature Pants." Spongebob thinks if a jellyfish lives a free life, then freedom equals happiness, and happiness equals bliss. So Spongebob decides to cast aside his material possessions, and live as a nudist among the jellyfish! Spongebob has fun being naked at first, but Spongebob finds out the hard way the grass isn't greener on the other side, and freedom can cut both ways. Spongebob eventually accepts defeat, and thinks even though he's returning home, his friends have surely abandoned him. But Spongebob finds out his friends will never abandon him no matter what he does! Although it would've been funnier if Spongebob remained naked! :lol: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • I dont really like nature pants, but I like opposite day.

    Nature pants:
    Um, I did not really like this one. I saw it a million times, and it started to get boring. This episode is way too appreciated. I dont like this one. Not my favorite episode. It was too boring and mediocre. Final grade: C-

    Opposite day:
    I liked this one. In this episode, squidward wants to move away because spongebob has crossed the line. So, too make spongebob leave him alone, he tells spongebob it is opposite day. I thought this was funny indeed. If you dont like it, your loss. Final grade: A-

    Final grade: B-. Not the best season 1 episode pairing ever.
  • I also liked these episodes!

    Nature Pants is when SpongeBob wants to become part fo the wild and run around in freedom along with all of his wild jellyfish friends! I thought it was funny how SpongeBob was day-dreaming at work one day and the stove caught on fire! And once the fireman sprays him with water! SpongeBob shrinks into a burnt shriveled up little patty! Once SpongeBob runs around jellyfish fields, Patrick tries to capture him and make him into a trophy! After jellyfish stingings and poison sea urchins, SpongeBob learns that home is where he belongs! Great ending with a welcome back party at his house too! Opposite Day, not much to say about this one, but it was funny seeing Squidward in a wig! Squidward finally tries to get his house sold so he can move away from his annoying neighbors! It was also funny seeing SpongeBob and Patrick do all sorts of fun things on Opposite Day! Epseically when they imitated Squidward! The ending wasn't that great but ah I guess that needed to happen for the continuity of the episodes showing Squidward still hanging around the neighborhood and some more funny stuff happening with the SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward Trio!
  • Why does everyone hate Nature Pants?

    Seriously, Nature Pants was hillarious! It got a bit boring at times, and Patirck "catching" SpongeBob was stupid, but this episode had a lot of funny parts! Squidward made a quite witty reference, and the ending was funny. It was like Fungus Among Us, only without the puke chunks.

    Opposite Day was great too. The beginning was really funny. :P It also a lot of great moments, and features the only time in the entire I laughed at Gary (well in 120 episodes he's only said 4 words, so it's not much of a competion). Series classic!

    Yup, another underrated episode.
  • I really liked both of these episodes. Read my review for more.

    I liked both of these episodes. Let's brake it down.

    Nature Pants: A

    I liked this episode. It was funny at some parts, and it had some non-funny good parts. This is a very good season 1 episode. I liked when Spongebob gave everyone the itch. That was funny! I liked to watch this episode.

    Opposite Day: A

    This episode was a little better than the other one. This also was funny, and Squidward got his revenge later on. My favorite part is when Gary dresse as Squidward. That was funny and cool. I likied watching this episode, too.

    Total: A

    I really liked this epsiode. I liked Opposite Day, more, but both were great.
  • 2 hillarious episodes!

    I don't see why so many people hated Nature Pants! In my opinion it was the better of the 2! But anyways, they were both good, and well written episodes. I can see why people find Nature Pants boring though, since nothing much happened, and the whole naked thing sort of disturbed me.

    In Nature Pants, SpongeBob goes to live in the wild with the jellyfish, but soon misses his old life. That's basically all that happened. Still, it was a good episode.

    And in Opposite Day, Squidward needs to sell his house, so he gets SpongeBob to be sensible all day so he doesn't seem like he has bad neighbors. So he declares it Opposite Day, and SpongeBob and Patrick become their opposite: Squidward. They scare the real estate lady, and she ends up leaving. Poor Squidward. However, this wasn't as bad as the torture in Good Neighbor.
  • In nature pants spongebob wants to live with the jellyfish. In opposite day squidward wants to sell his house

    Nature pants was DUMB! but Opposite day was pretty good. I just don't know why spongebob would want to live with the jellyfish! It's just so stupid! I mean, picking jellyfish over your friends? That's just not right! And another thing that was dumb about the episode, patrick acts all crazy near spongebob, which of course will make him want to run from him. So why was patrick so upset? Plain simple: Nature pants is one of the worst episodes! And i think Nickelodian should of done better than that! It was just a dissapointment. And it wasn't even that funny!
  • Wow. Just. Wow.

    In this episode, Spongebob wants to live in the jellyfish. In Nature Pants. He has a garage and gives away everything. When he does leave, Patrick goes to find him and capture him. Spongebob evades and by the end of the episode, he is back in his pineapple. In Opposite Day, Spongebob and Patrick act like Squidward. Squidward acts like Spongebob and Squidward calls a home retailer person to try and move his house. When Squidward's attempt fails, he gets angry and almost runs Spongebob with a bulldozer. Overall, very good episode. Overall, I give this episode a very good 9.4.
  • Ok episode.

    I thought this episode was an average episode and Nature Pants needed some work. The episode, Oppisite Day, in my opinion, started out slow in the beggining and ended great. I think this might be one of the episodes that people can either like or hate. I saw some 5's and 10's so this episode was one of them. One thing I saw in Nature Pants was the episode's slowness. I think that episode had no humor and was just kind of boring. An episode needs to have a good plot, or the ratings won't look good. Nature Pants Score: C- Oppisite Day Score: A- Final Score: B-
  • well this episode

    this episode was just pretty bad the animation was awful and they repeat this episode too much!! i see this episode like 10 times every day if it was a rare episode i will love it nature pants was not that bad but opposite day was bad its just not my favorite storyline the first ever episode of spongebob was better then this episode when i first saw this episode i loved this episode and i even thought i was going to get thiese episode in dvd thats how muched i loved it but now i could just see it on tv every day since they always give it i give this episode a 5.8/10
  • This episode was bad...

    In this episode, SpongeBob quits his job and sells all the stuff in his house because he wants to live in the wild with the Jellyfish. Nothing much happens after that. Patrick tries to get Spongebob to come back home because he misses him and later tries to capture him. At the end, Spongebob comes home to a big party. Than everyone gets itchy from Spongebob being outside and that's the end.

    In opposite day, Squidward tries to sell his house. He tells Spongebob that it's opposite day so he can act like Squidward and not bother him. But it gets out of hand when Spongebob starts destroying things instead. Squidward tries to put things right, while Spongebob goes with the sales lady and annoys her so bad that she never wants to hear the name Squidward ever again. It ends with Squidward chasing Spongebob and Patrick away while they are saying, "I didn't know Squidward liked us this much!".

    I didn't like the plot of these episodes. And it didn't come with much comedy. Most of the main characters were only in it for a few seconds, if that, and the other episode was just set around Spongebob and Patrick being stupid. I wouldn't recommend this episode at all.
  • 9th episode

    Nature Pants: Spongebob leaves the civilized society behind to join the jellyfish. Patrick and Sandy try to get him back. This is a pretty good episode - particularly at the beginning and the end but the the middle was pretty much filler. On the other hand, Opposite Day is one my favourites. I couldn't stop laughing especially when Sponge, Pat, Gary and Squidward keep irritating the realtor on which is the real Squidward. SpongeBob does this episode justice. It proves that he doesn't want Squidward to leave. Who knew the house contains a man-eating clam in the backyard. In other words, Squid wants to move houses so he tells Sponge and Pat its Opposite Day where they become boring and dull and he becomes silly and spontaneous.
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