SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 1 Episode 4

Naughty Nautical Neighbors / Boating School

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Aug 07, 1999 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Naughty Nautical Neighbors:
At the beginning of the episode, Squidward is sitting in a lawn chair on an island. The camera changes showing that Squidward was just a decoration on top of a soufflé that Squidward made. Squidward cleans himself and dresses formally. As Squidward is about to eat his soufflé, he hears Spongebob laugh. He attempts to eat it again until he hears Patrick laugh. Squidward starts to get annoyed. Spongebob laughs again. Squidward goes over to his back window to see what Spongebob and Patrick are doing. Spongebob and Patrick are communicating by blowing bubbles. Squidward gets an idea to shut them up by playing their own game. Squidward pours a fluid from under his soufflé into a teacup. He then takes a fork and blows bubbles from it to Spongebob and Patrick containing bad messages. Patrick blows a bubble to Spongebob saying "Do you really think that Spongebob?" Spongebob blows a bubble and responds "Of course, Patrick. Anyone with eyes can see that." Patrick believes him and responds by blowing bubbles with insults. Spongebob questions Patrick by blowing a bubble saying, "Patrick, what are you talking about?" Squidward tricks them again by blowing another bubble with an insult to Spongebob in Patrick's voice. Spongebob gasps. Squidward blows a bubble to Patrick in Spongebob's voice with another insult.
Spongebob and Patrick both fall for it and insult each other with their normal communication while Squidward is sitting on his lawn chair laughing at them while eating his soufflé. They then walk angrily into their homes. Squidward continues to laugh until the fork goes down his throat and he chokes. Patrick sees Squidward choking and comes over to help him. He blows Squidward up like a balloon and Squidward deflates and eventually spits the fork out. Squidward thanks Patrick for saving his life and they become friends. Squidward asks Patrick to go inside so he will listen to his clarinet solo. While inside, when Squidward plays one note, Patrick falls into a deep sleep. While Squidward is trying to pull sleeping Patrick out of the house, Squidward throws out his back. Spongebob tries to cure Squidward's back pain by jumping off a diving board and aiming for Squidward's back. After Spongebob hits his back, the pain is gone and thanks Spongebob. Squidward accidentally became friends with Spongebob. While inside, Spongebob plays the bassinet poorly for Squidward until Patrick shows up and interrupts Spongebob's song. Spongebob became angry and destroyed Squidward's bassinet. Squidward throws Spongebob out of the house. While Squidward starts to take his bath, he sees Patrick warming up the bathtub for him. Spongebob asks what is the matter with Squidward when he sees Patrick in the bathtub. Spongebob becomes enraged and argues with Patrick. Squidward freaks out and runs out of his house. He tries to come up with a plan to get Spongebob and Patrick together. Scene cuts to Spongebob's house. Spongebob gets a mail message from Squidward inviting him to a dinner party. As Spongebob walks into Squidward's house, he becomes enraged to see Patrick in the house. Squidward offers them soda. They drink so much soda that they run out of soda and get fat. While Squidward goes out to get another bottle of soda, Spongebob hiccups a bubble. Patrick then laughs, releasing several bubbles out. Sponge bob starts to laugh too, also releasing out bubbles. They laugh so much that they return to their normal weight. When Squidward returns, he discovers his house has been destroyed. Spongebob and Patrick have become friends again.
Boating School:
This episode begins when Spongebob wakes up in his bedroom. He is excited to go to his boating school exam. He walks out of his house chanting, "I'm ready! I'm ready!" He continues to chant into when he walks by his soon to be driving instructor, Mrs. Puff. Says, "I'm not ready." Spongebob walks up to Mrs. Puff and tells her that he's ready. Spongebob takes the oral exam. He asks a bunch of different questions and succeeds. Then he takes the driving part of the exam. He floors it and knocks into a building structure. This causes Mrs. Puff to inflate under stress. Spongebob is in his bedroom talking to Gary when Patrick calls him on his walkie-talkie. He calls him to the closet for a corny riddle. After Patrick tells Spongebob the riddle, he tells Patrick that he can't pass his boating exam. Patrick advises Spongebob to put a walkie-talkie in his head and give him the answers while he takes his exam.
While Spongebob is at his exam, Patrick tells him the answers and he does it exactly right, until at the finish line, when Spongebob and Mrs. Puff were kidding about Spongebob having a walkie-talkie in his head. When Mrs. Puff said "Yes, but that would be cheating," it dawns on Spongebob that he was cheating. So Spongebob goes crazy and crashes into the same building structure he knocked into earlier. Mrs. Puff inflates again and is taken away by an ambulance.
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