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SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 6

Nautical Novice / Spongicus

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Mar 29, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Nautical Novice / Spongicus
Nautical Novice:
SpongeBob tries to memorize the entire history of boating in one night for his boating school field trip.

To attract customers, Plankton demolishes the Chum Bucket to create the Imperial Chum Coliseum, where he holds a gladiator show.

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  • 100th vote! Naucitcal Novice could have been great, but at the last minute, that possibility is out the window. The other episode is just gay.

    Nautical Novice was honestly going to be the best episode EVER, no joke, but that possibility is SMASHED into many pieces at the very end of the episode. The ending could have been so COOL if it wasn't for that stupid twist. Thus making Season 6 fail once again.

    And Spongicus was just horrible, like many of the newer episodes. Enough said.

    So Nautical Novice WAS going to have an A+, but then that stupid horrible twist ending came along, thus ruining the whole episode and turning the A+ into an F-. Spongicus also gets an F-. 0/10moreless
  • NN: superb; Spongicus okay

    Natuical Novice: This episode was really enjoyable. Writing debut from longtime SBSP crew Derek Iversen. I really enjoyed his episodes because he handled the characters very well expect for Mrs. Puff (in the later episodes). She was likable here expect for the last minute. I liked much of the stuffs in the episode such as the beginning where no one isn;'t paying attention, SpongeBob reading the book all night, SpongeBob trying to know all the boats, and at least two more parts. The last minute dropped the score because it turns out SpongeBob didn't actually drove the boat (same barnacle will happen again in Bumper to Bumper) causing Mrs. Puff to rip it up and the sudden ending. Overall aside from that, it was an awesome boating school episode. 9.5/10

    Spongicus: I thought this was an okay episode to me. I don't get why this is so hated. I mean, this isn't the writer's best episode ever, but it could have been better and a tad funnier. Parts like the beginning, Plankton saying "Krabs will be the pathetic one, stuck with a computer for a wife" then Karen shuts down, Patrick's appearance in the episode, and the last part (expect for another sudden ending). Very similar to Funny Pants since they laugh and stopped. IMO, this episode was okay but I don't really get its reception here. It should have use more exciting parts. 6/10moreless
  • First episode was a bit cruel; second episode was a bit pointless

    "Nautical Novice" summary: Mrs. Puff takes SpongeBob and the rest of her boating school class on a field trip to a boating museum.

    Yes, it's another one of those "SpongeBob trying to get his boating license" episodes. However, unlike most of these episodes, where there is at least a somewhat feasible obstacle that SpongeBob tries (and fails) to overcome to get said license, there is none to speak of in this episode. Most of the episode builds up with SpongeBob saving Bikini Bottom by successfully driving the boat museum and stopping it from destroying the town. He displayed vast knowledge of boating and surprising competence behind the wheel. Mrs. Puff is genuinely impressed by the act and actually gives SpongeBob his license. But then it's revealed that SpongeBob was never actually driving. Instead...this guy in a tugboat had been towing the museum the whole time. Even in shots where he should have appeared, but he didn't. In other words, this was just a cheap tactic by the writers to ensure the status quo. And of course, at the end of the episode, SpongeBob loses all the boating knowledge he had displayed just minutes before. Duh-huh.

    "Spongicus" summary: Plankton builds a colosseum in an attempt to attract customers.

    Basically, this episode was a lot longer than it should have been. At least it didn't have Plankton actively trying to steal the Krabby Patty formula, but even that couldn't save this episode. First of all, all the townspeople were acting like savages, not caring that Plankton was throwing Patrick to a savage lion fish that could have easily mauled him, with everyone up to Mr. Krabs' mother calling out for "body parts." Yeah, society has really come a long way, hasn't it? Second, when SpongeBob went down to save Patrick from the lion fish, they didn't realize until the near-end of the episode that the lion fish wasn't chasing them, but the sausages around Patricks neck...which had been there since near the beginning of the episode. Well...isn't that obvious? They would have had to be blind not to see the sausages! Also, it didn't help that during the realization, SpongeBob describes the sausages like..."another sausage," if you know what I mean. Third, the ending was just stupid. Simple as that.

    So, yeah, both these episodes fall flat on their face. Thumbs-down.moreless
  • mediocre

    Nautical Novice: SpongeBob tries to memorize the entire history of boating in one night for his boating school field trip. Spongicus: To attract customers, Plankton demolishes the Chum Bucket to create the Imperial Chum Coliseum, where he holds a gladiator show.

    5.5 out of 10
  • First one was much better.

    This episodes were okay, but Nautical Novice was much better.

    Nautical Novice: this is a very funny episode. I love how Spongebob's brain collapsed from taking too many notes. I also love the part where Mrs. Puff gives him a shower in a can. Spongebob's best part was when he "drove" the boat, and he had a hardy seaman's laugh. "HA,HA,HA!" 94% A-

    Spongicus: i don't really care for this episode. Patrick was way too stupid. and Spongebob was so annoying. As was Mr. krabs. There was a funny part though, when Plankton said "they'll be attracted to me like mold on a shower curtain." lol! but the ending was stupid. They all just laugh for a minute and the lion roars. It's like the writers just needed more time and couldn't think of anything. C/\moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In "Nautical Novice," if SpongeBob really knew everything about boating, he would have known that A/C stands for air conditioner.

    • Instead of panicking and running around, why didn't Patrick just take off the sausage necklace, and throw it to the sea lion? Patrick wasn't smart enough to realize it since people consider him dumb, plus, he loves the sausage too.

    • At the end of "Nautical Novice", the fish said he was driving the boat to stop it from hitting downtown, but the vehicle he was in was never visible until the museum stopped.

    • After Plankton says, "Let the mauling begin!" you can see Scooter not to far from SpongeBob.

    • Mama Krabs makes two cameos in the episode.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Plankton: Here you are. I'm sure I've made a satisfied customer of you already.

    • SpongeBob: No time for chit chat, get in! (SpongeBob pulls Patrick in the chariot) Hurry up nelly!

    • Mrs. Puff: Oh, sweet Poseidon! Move aside! I've gotta stop this ship before it plows into Bikini Bottom. Uhh, let's see, the first thing to turn off is... Oh, dear Neptune, I've never driven anything this advanced before. SpongeBob, I hope you knew what you were talking about, because it's up to you now!

    • Plankton: Brought to you by yours truly. So without further-ado, let the mauling begin.

    • SpongeBob: Why, I bet they reel in up to 50 clams a day.

    • Mrs. Puff: This, class, is the Lady Scallion...
      SpongeBob: ...named after the captain's strict diet of scallions. Of which the crew complained, and the captain's odors strongly resembled. For 4 years, this brigesteen explored distant lands, discovering places unknown to anyone, except the people who all ready lived there. (Mrs. Puff is very angry) Are you ready to give me that license yet, Mrs. Puff?

    • Mrs. Puff: Here it is, class, the most extensive collection of sea fairing history ever assembled. From giant naval vessels, to more modest craft, like this clamming boat.
      SpongeBob: I'd say this baby can hold up to ten clam fishers.
      Mrs. Puff: Uhh... sure, SpongeBob.

    • Mrs. Puff: Welcome, class, to the boating museum. This enormous vessel was once the largest in all the seas. But now that it's been converted into a museum, it no longer moves.
      SpongeBob: Actually, it get's taken to port once a year for maintenance.

    • Mrs. Puff: Remember, class, there is only one way to park a boat: the safe way. You now see the importance of proper steering, and a properly calibrated anchor. (no one is listening, except for SpongeBob, who is writing notes and putting them in his brain) Which brings us to the subject of rudder maintenance... (bell rings)
      SpongeBob: Barnacles! Just as we were getting to the nitty gritty.

    • SpongeBob: What is this, Gary? Why, it's the complete history of all boating ever. And i'm going to memorize it tonight for the big field trip tomorrow.
      Gary: Meow?
      SpongeBob: I'm perfectly capable of reading 7,400 pages, and still getting my required 8 hours of sleep, before the bus picks me up promptly at 8 A.M. tomorrow. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get started. (Gary goes away) All right, let's see what this little pamphlet is all about. (reading) Chapter 1: In the beginning, Neptune created the sail...

    • Porter: No one should be on board while i'm tugging the museum into port.
      Mrs. Puff: You mean he wasn't driving this thing at all?

    • SpongeBob: This. The H-N-S Pinifore. At 1 to 8,427 scale of course.
      Mrs. Puff: Thank you, SpongeBob.
      SpongeBob: Mrs. Puff?
      Mrs. Puff: Yes, SpongeBob?
      SpongeBob: Do you know how many rowers it takes to propel a tririne?

    • SpongeBob: Wow, looks like Plankton finally has some customers!
      Mr. Krabs: I agree, it's very suspicious. And he may have lured a few of our fair-weather customers in with some cheap entertainment, but our loyal customers know quality when they taste it! So let's get in there, and serve 'em up a burger they'll tell their grand-guppies about! (they walk into the Krusty Krab, and it's empty) Where's all me loyal customers?

    • Scooter: Stupid inflation.

    • Mama Krabs: Boring! I want to see some body parts!

    • Squidward: You call this fun? This is just cheap un-cultered lay sport.

    • Mr. Krabs: That lower life form can slender my name, and disecrate me mother's grave...
      Mama Krabs: I'm right here!

    • SpongeBob: (singing) How much chum could a sea slug chug if a sea slug could chug... (gasps, because he notices something outside. He then uses a pay phone to call Mr. Krabs in his office) Mr. Krabs, you gotta get out here! It's a code blue situation!

    • SpongeBob: I'm perfectly capable of reading 7,400 pages and still getting my required 8 hours of sleep before the bus picks me up at promptly 8 A.M tomorrow.

  • NOTES (13)


    • SpongeBob: How much chum could a sea slug chug?

      This is a spoof of the tongue twister, "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck".

    • SpongeBob: In the beginning, Neptune created the sail..

      This is a reference to the first words of the Bible, Book of Genesis: "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth."