SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 5 Episode 5

New Digs / Krabs à la Mode

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jul 25, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

New Digs:
After he is late for work by one minute, SpongeBob is worried that it'll happen again, so he decides to move into the Krusty Krab. At first, Squidward completely enjoys the fact that SpongeBob's no longer living next to him, but Mr. Krabs is concerned when SpongeBob is taking up too much space in his office and, worst of all, scaring away his customers.

Krabs à la Mode:
Plankton freezes the Krusty Krab in an attempt to get rid of its customers. However, the restaurant still finds its success by turning into a popular ice skating and hockey rink.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • A great pair

    These episodes are among two of the few old newer episodes. That's about all I have to say about it.
  • SpongeBob moves to the Krusty Krab; Plankton freezes the Krust Krab

    New Digs: I thought this was a superb episode. It would have been my favorite for season 5 but I think a couple things ruined it. First, the parts that were hilarious are SpongeBob trying to get some sleep, then he try to get to the Krusty Krab (and got late), SpongeBob moving his stuffs to the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob getting in the way of work (like putting frozen stuffs on the cashier, the money on the pickle jars), SpongeBob moving back to his old home and plays with his drums which made Squidward annoyed that he moves to the Krusty Krab. OK, now the flaws here were the parts during around 7 to 9 mins were boring and I found Patrick's cameo unfunny. Seriously, showing a ugly view? Patrick is a funny character, but his cameo here was unneeded because the customers left. Score 9/10

    Krabs la Mode: Again, this is a superb episode of SBSP. Only one flaw here but this time it took off 10 points rather 2 flaws. My complaint of how Mr. Krabs acted about his thermostat especially when he went "WHO TOUCHED ME THERMOSTAT" in a mean way. Besides that, I laughed at the kids playing at Mr. Krabs' lawn, Plankton getting eaten by the old man (very funny), Plankton freezing the Krusty Krab which made it looks like a ice hockey place, the chase scene in the episode where everyone try to get Plankton, and the ending. Score 9/10moreless
  • Neither episode is very flattering

    These episodes aren't the worst episodes of "SpongeBob," but they're definitely not the best either.

    "New Digs" is another one of those episodes that once again shows just how unhealthy of an obsession SpongeBob has with the Krusty Krab. He ends up a minute late for work because he couldn't get to sleep the night before...because he just couldn't wait to go to work the next day. First of all, let's be honest...is anyone REALLY that excited to go to work? I mean, like if your job is one of those little deadbeat jobs that is impossible to enjoy? 'Cause I know I'm not. Anyway, in order to never be late again, SpongeBob decides to move into the Krusty Krab. He slowly takes over the place, putting his personal belongings in places like the freezer and the cash register and, in Mr. Krabs' own words, starts "taking the manliness out of [his] restaurant" by doing things such as putting fancy soap in the bathroom and knitting napkin holders. That right there brings about more unfortunate implications regarding SpongeBob which I don't feel the need to elaborate on. Overall, not a terrible episode, but pretty stupid.

    "Krabs a la Mode" wasn't too much better; it was a "Mr. Krabs is cheap" episode combined with a "Plankton" episode. Mr. Krabs was being unreasonable; yes, I will admit, heat costs money. But not allowing the heat to be turned up even a little bit is excessive. Especially if it was cold as it looked. Anyway, that night, Plankton sneaks in and freezes the Krusty Krab. However, Krabs manages to turn this around by creating an ice rink where everyone skates on frozen Krabby Patties. However, given Krabs' behavior in the newer episodes, especially towards Plankton, him deserving all that success could be arguable. Krabs even says in the episode that Plankton can do whatever he wants with Krabs' employees, and even the Krusty Krab, but NOBODY touches his thermostat. There you go; a thermostat is more important to Mr. Krabs than SpongeBob or Squidward, or even the Krusty Krab.

    So in conclusion, these episodes were just mediocre. Not terrible, but not too great either.moreless
  • I loved the first episode, but the second one I hated. Part of why I hate Mr. Krabs.

    New Digs:In this episode, SpongeBob doesn't want to be late for work, so he lives in the Krusty Krab, and things get out of hand. This episode was downright HILARIOUS, I loved the part where after SpongeBob's parents came, Mr. Krabs accidentally walked in on Mrs. SquarePants' shower, then he gets beaten up by Mr. SquarePants. Then Squidward got hair all over him! I especially loved the ending where after SpongeBob moves out of the KK, Squidward starts living in the Krusty Krab! XD My rating for this episode: 9/10

    Krabs a la Mode:In this episode, Plankton freezes the Krusty Krab so people will come to the Chum Bucket, but there ae some flaws. I didn't really like this episode because Mr. Krabs made it horrible. Mostly because if you move his thermostat by one degree, Mr. Krabs well barge out of his office and yell, "WHOOOO TOUCHED ME THERMOSTAAAAAATTTTTt!!!!@i(~!i(!#i$" Then everyone points at you. Also because this is one of those episodes where Plankton appears and that means it comes with a dumb plan. After Plankton freezes the Krusty Krab, Krabs doesn't even notice anything! Is he blind?? So then it's also because all that force that was being pushed against the KK doors with SpongeBob, a Clamboni, and several big hockey players, didn't even crack the doors, are they made of rubber? Then Mr. Krabs picks up Plankton and laughs like a retarded person, "AKAKAKAKAKAKAK!" My rating for this episode is 3/10moreless
  • Perfect

    New Digs: After he is late for work by one minute, SpongeBob is worried that it'll happen again, so he decides to move into the Krusty Krab. At first, Squidward completely enjoys the fact that SpongeBob's no longer living next to him, but Mr. Krabs is concerned when SpongeBob is taking up too much space in his office and, worst of all, scaring away his customers. Krabs à la Mode: Plankton freezes the Krusty Krab in an attempt to get rid of its customers. However, the restaurant still finds its success by turning into a popular ice skating and hockey rink.

    10 out of 10moreless
Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

SpongeBob SquarePants/Gary/Narrator

Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke

Patrick Star

Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Squidward Tentacles

Clancy Brown

Clancy Brown

Mr. Krabs

Jill Talley

Jill Talley


Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Sheldon Plankton

Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke

Customer #3/Hockey Player #1

Guest Star

Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Customer #2

Guest Star

Clancy Brown

Clancy Brown

Hockey Player #2

Guest Star

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

SpongeBob's Dad

Recurring Role

Sirena Irwin

Sirena Irwin

SpongeBob's Mom

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (27)

    • When Plankton was freezing everybody, he turned the thermostat a lot of times. However, when Mr. Krabs turned it, he only turned it once.

    • The night after SpongeBob reported for work late, Mr. Krabs left the Krusty Krab without locking the door. The next day he was seen unlocking the door with his keys.

    • When Mr. Krabs, Squidward and SpongeBob arrive to the frozen Krusty Krab, the old fish that was locked in suddenly vanishes, but when Squidward is struggling to hand out the food, he appears at a table again.

    • When Plankton changes the thermostat during the night, why doesn't the alarm that went off for Squidward go off?

    • When Plankton tries to steal a frozen Krabby Patty, a hockey player smacks him across the room with his hockey stick and the frozen patty lands on SpongeBob's nose with Plankton sitting on the patty. The frozen patty is seen flopping over SpongeBob's nose. How can this be if the temperature was -15 degrees Fahrenheit and it was sitting in the Krusty Krab all night while it was -15 degrees Fahrenheit?

    • In "New Digs," since when did the Krusty Krab have a doorbell?

    • When SpongeBob introduce his parents to Mr. Krab, shouldn't SpongeBob remember that his parents met Mr. Krab already when he saw them on stage from "Culture Shock"?

    • How could Squidward and Mr. Krabs survive in -15 degrees with no jackets?

    • In "Krabs á la Mode," Plankton sets the thermostat to freeze the customers, employees, and Mr. Krabs, but when Mr. Krabs sets the thermostat to freeze Plankton, shouldn't the the customers, SpongeBob, and Squidward, including Mr. Krabs be frozen, too?

    • In "Krabs á la Mode", Plankton is hiding in a cup which an old guy has. After Plankton gets sucked up through the straw into the man's body, he says that he should get out in 4-6 hours. Later, when the old guy is done going to the bathroom, it's locked from the outside and no one is there except for Plankton and the old guy, who disappears. Why didn't Plankton try and steal the Krabby Patty secret formula while he was the only one in the restaurant?

    • Look Closely: In "New Digs," when the customer is ordering, the menu says Gally Grub. A second later, it says Galley Grub.

    • In "New Digs," milk was considered as snail milk. But in "Have You Seen This Snail," milk was considered as seahorse milk.

    • When SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs entered the Krusty Krab which was frozen, the grill was seen frozen a few seconds later. After the Krusty Krab became special when SpongeBob was skating with two frozen Krabby Patties, a customer said that she wants SpongeBob to give her two frozen Krabby Patties, uncooked, but how can SpongeBob cook them if the grill was frozen, was it frozen the whole time?

    • When SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs entered the Krusty Krab which got frozen, you can see the register, a few seconds later, you can see the register frozen.

    • When SpongeBob realizes he is late for work, he runs to work, in one shoe. The other one was gone. When SpongeBob is frantic about telling Mr. Krabs that he was one minute late, there was a spill. SpongeBob then runs to the mess with a mop in hand wearing two shoes.

    • Look Closely: When SpongeBob is begging Mr. Krabs for forgiveness, the kitchen window was gone. A second later, it comes back.

    • In other episodes, the time puncher isn't there. Also when SpongeBob punches in his time, it cuts to a shot of SpongeBob, then a wide shot which does not have the time puncher anymore, but it is there the rest of the episode. It was also shown in "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler (where the time puncher was analog instead of a digital one in "New Digs")," so this is its second appearance.

    • As far as we know, the Krusty Krab doesn't serve breakfast, so why would people eat krabby patties at 9:00 when the Krusty Krab opens?

    • When SpongeBob arrives at work, it's 9:00am. But when Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to clean the salad bar, it's suddenly nighttime, even though it's only been a couple minutes.

    • When SpongeBob is late to work, he left one of his shoes at home, but after he goes into the kitchen and back out, it is back.

    • When Spongebob gives Mr. Krabs his order, he says:

      SpongeBob: Here is your lemonade and Krabby Patty, Mr. Krabs.

      Mr. Krabs does not take the patty for a weird reason.

    • In other episodes, the thermostat isn`t there at the Krusty Krab.

    • In "New Digs," SpongeBob goes to the Krusty Krab the opposite way from his house that he usually does, and the Krusty Krab seems to be in the same spot.

    • Patrick's tongue shouldn't be sticking to the pole in the Krusty Krab because the post is made of wood, not metal.

    • Squidward has suction cups at the bottom of his tentacles, so he wouldn't be sliding on the ice; he would be sticking to it.

    • When Mr. Krabs went to go into his office, he couldn't get in because SpongeBob's bed was in the way. But later on, SpongeBob's parents go in there, they opened the door fine and the bed was still there.

    • At times, this episode seems to have season 4 animation.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Squidward: How cold does Krabs keep this place. (looks at thermostat) 62 degrees? Oh, that cheapstake! I'm gonna start it to a toasty 63.
      (turns it to 63 but an alarm goes off. Mr. Krabs busts down his door)
      Mr. Krabs: (roaring in outrage) WHO TOUCHED ME THERMOSTAT?!?
      (everybody, including SpongeBob, points at Squidward)
      Squidward: Oh, thanks. (Mr. Krabs grabs him by the nose)
      SpongeBob: You're welcome, Squidward.
      Mr. Krabs: Squidward, you're always going on about your book club. Read this.
      Squidward: (reads sign) "Do Not Touch Thermostat, Ever!"
      Mr. Krabs: (putting the temperature back to 62 degrees) Heat costs money! There are two ways to get on me bad side, boys. I don't like kids playing in me yard, and nobody but me touches me thermostat.

    • Plankton: I'm touching the thermostat! I'm touching the thermostat! (laughs)

    • SpongeBob: (to Squidward) Mr.Krabs kicked me out, so we're neighbors again!

    • Patrick: If I could reach it, I could do it myself.

    • SpongeBob: Mom, dad, meet Mr. Krabs.

    • SpongeBob: Do you want to know where the mustard is?
      Gary: Meow. (mustard drips from his shell)
      Squidward & Mr. Krabs: Eew!

    • Mr. Krabs: Well, let's get ready for some customers, start scrubbing the grill.
      SpongeBob: Already done, sir!
      Mr. Krabs: Well, then start making some...
      SpongeBob: Done! (shows tons of Krabby Patties in the kitchen) All that, before we even open up, sir.
      Mr. Krabs: Well, then clean up. You're a mess. (points at SpongeBob`s dirty shirt)

    • SpongeBob: SpongeBob reporting for duty, sir!

    • Fish: Come on, my change!
      Squidward: Oh, here you go. (hands him SpongeBob`s underwear and socks)
      Fish: Oh, thank- (notices the underwear and socks) Real funny buddy, socks, and a pair of tidy whities!

    • Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob, how long have you been here.
      SpongeBob: All night, Mr. Krabs!

    • (SpongeBob jogs in place)
      SpongeBob: Oh, yeah! The buns are nice and toasty. (kneels down, and puts krabby patties on top of his pants)
      Squidward: I`m so glad I don`t eat here.

    • Squidward: SpongeBob, you look more comfier in here than in your old home.
      SpongeBob: Won't you miss me living next-door, Squidward?
      Squidward: (laughs) No!

    • Squidward: Man, how cold does Mr. Krabs keep this place? (looks at the thermometer) 62 Degrees!?

    • Plankton: Ha, ha, ha! Run, you fools!

    • Hockey Player #1: Wait! There`s the puck.
      Hockey Player #2: That yellow, square dude has it!
      Hockey Player #3: Get him!

    • Plankton: I'm not giving up yet, Krabs. I still have my secret weapon, the thermostat. It was I who froze the Krusty Krab.
      Mr. Krabs: That`s it! You`ve crossed the line. You can destroy me restaurant, pummel me employees, but no one messes with me thermostat!

    • (Mr. Krabs opens the key and walks to the Krusty Krab and he stops and looks at Squidward's stuff since Squidward had moved from his house which is surrounding the Krusty Krab)
      Mr. Krabs: Squidward!

    • Mr. Krabs: (to SpongeBob and Squidward) Heat costs money! There's two ways to get on me bad side, boys. I don't like kids playin' in me yard, and nobody but me touches the thermostat.
      Squidward: That's totally selfish!
      SpongeBob: Yeah, your yard is really fun. There are kids playing on it right now.
      Mr. Krabs: WHAT?!
      (shot to Mr. Krabs' house, where kids are playing in his yard)
      Mr. Krabs: Hey, you kids get off my lawn!

    • Squidward: It's even colder than yesterday.
      SpongeBob: That's why I wore mittens. (shows little mittens on each one of his eyelashes) Mmmmm! Toasty!
      Squidward: Haa, what happened to the Krusty Krab?

    • Squidward: I'm gonna go recover from hypothermia.
      SpongeBob: Hippo-what-ia? What does that mean?
      Mr. Krabs: It means he's a big, fat crybaby.

  • NOTES (18)


    • Patrick getting his tongue stuck on a pole is a reference to the "tongue on a flagpole" scene from "A Christmas Story".

    • Sesame Street
      When SpongeBob was explaining what was happening to all of his stuff when his laundry was in the cash register, this is a reference to the Ernie and Bert skit "Goldfish in the Cowboy Hat".

    • Clamboni
      The boat which Mr. Krabs gives rides in and Plankton takes is a parody of the car the Zamboni.

    • Cinderella
      When SpongeBob leaves his shoe behind, that is a parody of the famous Disney Cartoon movie, Cinderella.

    • A Christmas Story
      When Patrick stuck his tongue to the pole, it was a joke copied from A Christmas Story when Flick was triple dog-dared to stick his tongue to the pole.