SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 13

No Nose Knows

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Aug 04, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Patrick is a jerk

    Patrick gets a new nose and he loves it. Too bad he has to be a jerk about it. He goes around smelling peoples food. Then when he discovers bad smells, it gets really bad. The episode gets kind of gross, and Patrick goes around stealing and throwing away things that smell bad. He also puts a bunch of scented candles in the Krusty Krab so all the customers leave. In the end, his nose dies, but he gets ears. Great, he's probably going to throw away loud things.
  • One of my favorite Season 6 episodes!

    This episode starts off with Patrick being upset after all his friends have noses but not him. Spongebob tries to cheer him up by showing him everybody in Bikini Bottom and that most of them have no noses. Then he sees a nose doctor and grows a nose, he enjoys smelling things until he then discovers bad smells, he tries to stop all smells in bikini bottom which annoys lots of people, such as destroying Squidward's cheese and spraying Sandy. They all get angry at Patrick and try to get rid of Patrick's Nose by creating a big ball with everything in bikini bottom that smells terrible. Patrick then loses his nose and its burried. That's a little childish though since its just a nose. Then after Squidward was happy about Patrick leaving them alone with "Moron" in the sentence he has big ears! Looks like Dumbo has a rival! I loved this episode, my only problem with this episode was Patrick, he was being such a jerk to everybody in bikini bottom, get over it Patrick, smelling bad odors is life. But it can be funny at times when Patrick is being a jerk, that's because he's an idiot, who is funny. Like I said, it was hilarious at the end when Patrick grew ears instead, since not only does he have no nose, but no ears either. And they were huge, wonder if Patrick can fly with ears that big, that would be hilarious. Alright back to this episode not Dumbo. Overall a great episode! Overall Grade: (8.9/10) A
  • Great episode.

    I liked this episode because it's very funny and outrageous at the same time, an episode with a good humor. Patrick is sad that he can't smell things, because he doesn't have a nose. He asks why all the people besides him have noses. But because of Spongebob's help, he brought him into a surgeon clinic, to have a nose of his own. Patrick is very happy about the good scents that he smells, the food, the roses, and perfumes! But when he smelled a bad odor going around, he went crazy about smelly things! He can smell everything bad in Bikini Bottom! So Patrick thought to get rid of those odors around, but as he solves the problem, a disaster for the other people! Really funny when Patrick had his own breakdown on those odors. Good episode! It's really nice to see Patrick acting neat for the first time.
  • This episode was decent

    Patrick has been wanting a nose, and finally, he gets one for the first time, which gives him the sense of smells. But knowing how bad some smells are, Patricks vows to eliminate the foul stenches, and goes too far in doing it, annoying his friends and other people.

    The first part was very funny.

    Grade: 7.5/10 B
  • a good episode but a bit boring at some parts...

    when i heard about this episode i thought it was going to be quite boring, u got to admit when u first hear about this it does sound plain and boring, like what could happen. but when i saw it it was better than i expected but still quite boring. i even admit it was halairous when he was calling sandy a flea bag and when he stuffed his nose in them peoples food and that guy sounded really weird. the bad parts of this episode were boring, not terrible, just plain. like, the whole episode was patrick going around making it smell nice thats is basicly it. overall it was a pretty good episode
  • Perfect


    Patrick has been wanting a nose, and finally, he gets one for the first time, which gives him the sense of smells. But knowing how bad some smells are, Patricks vows to eliminate the foul stenches, and goes too far in doing it, annoying his friends and other people.

    10 out of 10

  • It was kinda gross, but still watchable


    Patrick has been wanting a nose, and finally, he gets one for the first time, which gives him the sense of smells. But knowing how bad some smells are, Patricks vows to eliminate the foul stenches, and goes too far in doing it, annoying his friends and other people. It was a good episode of SpongeBob. It wasn't my favorite episode and it was kinda gross in a couple scenes. Patrick was kinda being a jerk in this episode which kinda lowers my score a bit. It was funny that SpongeBob was in Squidward's flower. Squidward trying Patrick to catch a nose (which turns out to be a hermet crab) was funny. Patrick taking off the wrapped thing with that cutter was funny as well. Patrick smelling thedonutswas super funny. It weird that fish has a child voice. Patrick smelling Squidward'sflowerswas super funny as well. The next few scenes were a bit boring. I did liked the ending where Patrick got huge ears and said "I hear that!" Overall, it was a great episode. 8/10

  • Patrick gets a nose and explores of what it is like to smell the good things and possibly the bad things

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". I don't know why Patrick didn't realize he had no nose until now in this episode but it was a pretty funny idea when Patrick wanted to get a nose stitched onto his face so he can explore the wonders of smelling the good things and possibly the bad things. SpongeBob being in Squidward's flowers in the beginning of the episode was unexpected and funny. Patrick realizing that he has no nose in the beginning of the episode was also hilarious. Patrick having a hermit crab on his nose was also funny. Patrick uncarefully removing the bandages off his nose was hilarious. Patrick smelling everything that is good all around Bikini Bottom was very funny that was until he discovered that there was also bad smells. Patrick getting rid of Squidward's imported cheese was absolutely hilarious. SpongeBob, Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs creating that ball of gross stuff to get rid of Patrick's nose was interesting. The ending was also hilarious with Patrick's giant ears. My score was a little low because I thought Patrick was kind of being a jerk about the smells. Overall, this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9.5/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.
  • PU!

    I thoght Season 6 was gonna improve after House Fancy, but no, now it's up to bad episodes again. This episode has an issue I've wanted to know about, Patrick having a nose. Well, he got one, but it doesn't go very well. Patrick loves smells, that it untill he reilzes smells that stink. He tries to stop smells that stink buy goes to far. The ending was a bit confusing. After Patrick smelled the stinkball his nose starts to dissapre because it can't handle the smell, but then there was a funurul for Patrick's nose, and then Patrick gets ears?! What's that all about? The episode had an interesting consecpt, but it was mostly predictible, and as a reslut, it gets boring. This explains that Season 6 needs to get out of the dark side.

  • It might have taken a bad turn, but it was still hilarious and one of my favorites of the season.

    I loved this episode! Even though it took a turn for the worse, it was still the best episode of Bikini Bottom Confidential (besides Boating Buddies) because of its numerous hilarious and unexpected jokes such as Squidward finding Spongebob in his flowers, Patrick thinking the hermit crab was his nose, Patrick "carefully" removing the bandages, and the very end when he had big ears! Let's also not forget Patrick smashing his face in the pastries and Fred saying "Well, I guess I won't be eating those!" Hahahahahahaha! The reason I say this episode took a turn for the worse is because there were disgusting details late in the episode like when the garbage Patrick had in his house was shown and the thing with the big ball of gross stuff that caused Pat's nose to disintegrate. Also, I didn't like how Patrick turned into a jerk just because of his new ability to smell. Overall, though, I loved this episode, and it's one of my favorites of season 6! Marebear2009, out!
  • This episode was pretty good.

    Cool, Patrick gets a nose, great episode idea and nicely done! Some mighty funny parts in this episode, too. I have to say, though, it was really funny at the end even though it was gross when Patrick 's nose got shriveled up because of the giant stink ball. I also thought it was funny at the very end when Patrick got ears, "I heard that!" funny stuff. Poor Patrick didn't know Onion rings smelled bad. I feel for him, I really do. ha ha. Any way, this episode is good and it is really cool to see Patrick with a nose.
  • man it was funny

    One great super cool episode of season six. I mean it was harrious for me. It was about Patrick getting
    his nose and learns about smelling but when he starts to smell disgusting,horroble smell he cause big trouble like destroying Squidward's cheese and making Spongebob stop doing exersize. He also ruin
    the Krusty Krab and spray perfume at Sandy beacause
    she smells.So they got a stink ball and Patrick's nose died. It was funny when Patrick got ears and when Patrick sprayed pefume at Sandy.It was strange that Patrick got ears in this episode but the next episode he does not have his big pink ears
  • Could have been better.

    Summary: Patrick has been wanting a nose, and finally, he gets one for the first time, which gives him the sense of smells. But knowing how bad some smells are, Patricks vows to eliminate the foul stenches, and goes too far in doing it, annoying his friends and other people. This was a good episode but it could have been better. The one part that was really funny was when he was getting annoyed by all the smells, that made me laugh. But then there was parts that were kindof boring but atleast it didn't ruin the whole episode

    Overall B 8.5/10
  • Meh. This could have been better.

    This episode was okay, but trust me, it could have been a whole lot better. There are several painstakingly obvious setbacks in this episode that have me downgrading it to a 7.

    1) The plot. Now, I know writing, and exaggeration can an occassion be very good and entertaining. But this is yet another example of how these new writers exaggerate exaggeration. So...bad smells. Um...yeah. Ok, people encounter those EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now I know the plot is that Patrick has never had a nose, but even then you think he would be smart enough to realize that when you have a nose, there are going to be some bad smells. I mean, maybe nobody came out and told him about that, but doesn't that seem like something he could have inferred himself? I mean, I think he'd have the ability to do that.

    2) Too similar to "The Splinter." What, with all these smells acting like monsters, and what with the big ball of garbage and all, and the nose just withering up into a pile of dust and disappearing into thin air, some aspects of this seemed Splinterish.

    3) The appearance. I don't know about you, but I just hated the way Patrick looked with a nose. It seemed ugly, in my opinion. He isn't meant to have one in the first place and the animators obviously tried to work one in in desperation, and it came out in a very unattractive manner.

    So, gathering these points together, and combining these with the positive aspects of this episode, this gets a 7 on the RedSoxFan-o-Meter.
  • Finally! I can review again!

    Patrick really wants a nose. Really really badly! So, he desides to get one untel he smells something bad. So, he desides to get rid of it. Untel everything bad he smells is gone. So, Spongebob, Squidward, Sandy and, Mr. Krabs deside to team up to get rid of his nose. But, he's just a stupid moron I tell you! So, they got this really big pile of something stinky and, his nose desinagrates so, he gets something else. Ears. But, he can hear just fine! And, he had a nose and a nostil in prevoius episodes! ???

    Final Grade: C+, 7
  • This episode was OK, but could of been WAY better.

    You know, when you see a perfectly good storyline in this show, the Writers screw it up. The beginning was good and the episode seemed to be cool until Patrick went and smelled stuff. That was a complete waste of almost 5 minutes of the episode. Also, why did that blue fish guy talk like a girl?! That was weird, but mildly funny. I think the writers have a bunch of good ideas, but don't know how to put them into a show like this. What happened to the random jokes and stuff? Just take a few seconds out of each minute to do something funny, like they did in the old episodes. That was why this show became one of the best cartoons ever.

  • This episode was good at first, but then became very bad.

    In this episode, Squidward is irritated by Patrick's complaints of not having a nose. Squidward then says he got it and threw it out of the window. I laughed when Patrick thought the hermit krab was his nose. Patrick is upset since he still wants a nose as since all of his friends have one, so he decides to get a nose job. I laughed when Patrick "carefully" got the bandages off, it was also funny to see him with a nose! Now here's when the episode goes bad, Patrick's scent gets into everyone's personal life, especially when Patrick discovers bad scent. He soon enough irritates Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs and the rest of Bikini Bottom. So when SpongeBob realizes that this is Patrick's nose's fault, not Patrick. The four have a plan to get rid of the nose. This part really needed work, SpongeBob, Sandy, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs use a giant disgusting garbage ball and Patrick's nose ends up rotting out. In the end, the four put a grave for the nose. And when Squidward thinks this is idodic, Patrick with oversized ears said "I heard that." That was the only funny thing at the end. This episode was good at first, but became very terrible. I'm ashamed at the writers on how they took advantage of Squidward again (Patrick ruined his flowers twice, broke his wall, and threw away his imported cheese).

  • Patrick getting a nose? Sounds unoriginal, right? well, think again! Because this was hilarious!

    I have to admit that I had very low expectations for this episode, since the plot sounded stupid and unoriginal. Well, this episode was the prove that you shouldn't judge an episode just by it's description.

    First of all, Patrick made a point that we all have realized, but it have never been talked in the show: Most of the main characters have noses, except for Patrick, and Plankton of course, but Patrick was clear when he said: "All my friends have noses. You (refering to Spongebob)Sandy, Squidward, and even Mr. Krabs!" So that leads to the surgeon scene that was pretty funny and with hints of pop culture (which is rare on this show)but was truly funny.
    So after Patrick discovers delightful smells with his new nose he faces the ugly side of having a nose, which is the disgusting odors. So he goes on a mission to make everything clean and good smelly. This bothers his friends, specially Squidward, Sandy and Mr. Krabs. After the gang decides that they should get rid of Patrick's nose, they bury it and this leads to one of the funniest endings of Spongebob history: Squidward: Well, at least we got rid of that moron Patrick.
    Patrick: (Appears with huge ears on ) I heard that!

    That was so unexpectable and simply outrageous. It had me laughing for hours! I am very glad that there are actually some fine selections on this season. Good for Spongebob.
  • Finally, a half-way decent "Spongebob Squarepants" finally airs again! :idea:

    Ever since half-way into season 4, "Spongebob Squarepants" has mostly become forgettable at best, and shark-jumping at its worst! But thankfully, this show contains more vintage Spongebob humor than in episodes past and is really enjoyable like a real episode of this show should be. Patrick finally comes to the shocking realization that he doesn't have a nose! And it hurts him to not be able to enjoy what all his friends enjoy. But when he learns that he can get an artificial nose attached that will let him smell things, he of course wants to go get the procedure! At first, his life is bliss as he's enjoying all of the great smells he's never been able to smell before. Un-fortunately, nobody told him that bad smells existed and/or how to deal with them. And because of this, Patrick over-reacts to disgusting smelling stinks. And it affects everyone from Squidward, to Spongebob, to Mr. Krabs, and even Sandy! Three of them want to give Patrick such a thrashing for all of his smell-related destruction! But Spongebob realizes that this is a time for him to be a man and stand up for Patrick! Spongebob points out that its not Patrick exactly that's causing all of the trouble, its his nose which is driving Patrick to do the things he's doing! The solution: get something So foul and so vile, that his nose can't possibly stand it! And the smell is so bad, it causes Patrick's nose to shrink and wither away into dust! Now life can return to normal...at least until Patrick gets giant ears! :lol: This is a funny episode segment, and I sincerely hope for this trend to continue. :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Patrick gets a nose!

    No Nose Knows: When I heard about this episode, I thought of Squidward, but for the point, this episode is so far the best of this week, Patrick feels bad that his friends have noses. So Patrick decides to get a nose and gain the sense of smell, but vows to eliminate foul odors in Bikini Bottom. Yay! Patrick goes with the friendship moments! But he better not be out of character in another episode, I bet. Patrick got his character. Spongebob, Sandy, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs plan to eliminate Patrick's nose! The foul, stinky, and stenchy odorless ball of bad smells grossed me out though. This episode was entertaining and had great character development.

    Episode Grade: C+